Girl Scout Leader Training Ch. 00


"That's good." I said as I got up off the stair I was sitting on and headed into the cabin behind her, ducking down to get through the extremely low door. The girls were all dressed and the huge gray packs that would hold our gear for the trip were half packed in the middle of the one room cabin. It only took me a few minutes to gather the last of my stuff, one extra pair of zip-off pants, one under armor shirt, five pairs of very skimpy synthetic underwear, three pairs of synthetic boot socks, one hooded sweat shirt and one pair of synthetic running shorts. Not much to wear for a whole week, but it would be more than enough. Getting the girls to trim down to such a light load... that was the difficult part. I stuffed my sleeping bag and thermarest mattress into the pack with my clothes bag and then laid my bright yellow tent bag on top of the pack that would hold two of the other tents. With my gear packed I stuffed the remaining items I had into the duffel waiting on the floor and headed to the parking lot to toss it into the suburban on the way to the office.

It took nearly half an hour to sign the final paperwork and have them pull the canoes and gear for our trip. By that time all the girls and leaders were packed and waiting down by the water with the six big gray packs and the smaller but heavier food and cook packs.

"All set?" I asked as I walked down the last of the gravel path toward them. I was met with twelve resounding yeses.

We carefully loaded the packs into the canoes, each of the five canoes holding either two people and two packs or three people and a pack, with the exception of my canoe which somehow got the extra pack. My one deviation from the no-extra rule I had imposed was two fishing rods and a small container of lures to catch some fresh fish while we were out. That would be a treat for the girls and also allow us to stretch our food supply some if we managed to catch enough.

We pushed off for our five day adventure and spent the next several hours making the long paddle up Moose, Newfound and Sucker lakes before stopping for lunch on a small island that straddled the US and Canadian border. We planned on making our first camp just after a couple short portages on Birch Lake, just a few more miles ahead.

We had a leisurely lunch, after which we headed back out toward our first portage.

We pulled into the landing area at the portage site, and stepped out into the cold water. Each girl was assigned a pack or canoe to carry. With a little disorganization we finally got everyone loaded with a pack or canoe and then set out on the several hundred yard portage around the small water fall. This first portage was really going to be the test of what the girls could handle, and I was proud to find that they each carried their load the whole way without complaint or problem. We dropped, gently, the canoes into the water, unloaded the packs into them and then set out once again toward the campsite we had selected, hoping no one had already claimed it for the night.

Camp sites were typically first come first served, and a small group would usually share a larger site with another group, but with the size of our group I doubted that we would be so fortunate and hoped to get off the water early enough to have our pick of sites. Fortunately there was no one camping in the site we had chosen when we pulled in.

It took a while to make camp, the girls learning how to set gear and tents, how to set the rain fly and most of all, where the rather unique bathroom facilities were. The bathroom here consisted of a two foot diameter tube sticking out of the ground with a toilet seat mounted on the top. No walls, no plumbing, no roof and oh yes... bring your own toilet paper. We quickly decided that a red rag we had in the cook box would serve as our "occupied" sign to prevent any accidental walk-ins to either them or myself.

With the tents and rain fly up and ready for the quickly changing weather, it was time for me to get my one man tent out and set up. That was where the problems started. No matter how much I looked, my tent did not appear to be in the pack it was supposed to be, or for that matter, any other pack.

"Has anyone seen my tent?" I asked the girls milling around the camp. "The yellow nylon bag about this big around and so long." I said, holding up my hands to describe the size.

"Yellow and black?" Vanessa, one of the girls from the troop piped up.

"Yeah." I answered, glad that she had seen it.

"Ummm." She said looking down at the ground. "I think it's in the car. I saw it lying on the floor and took it to the car with my suitcase." She said quietly.

"Oh. I see... Well stuff happens. It's not your fault." I told her as I sat down on the ground to try and work out what my next step was.

"You can have my spot. I'll share with Suzie and Mandy." Vanessa said with a pleading look, hopeful that I wasn't angry with her."

"Thanks for the offer, but I don't think that will work. I'll just sleep under the rain fly." I answered, realizing that there was no way I was going to even think about sleeping in a tent with the girls.

"But the bugs will eat you alive!" One of the girls responded.

"Well, that's what bug repellent is for." I said with a wry grin. "I'll be fine. Now, let's get to dinner. Who has water detail?"

"I do!" Suzie called, walking over.

"Ok well, let's go get some water and purify it." I said as I got up.

The next two hours went by quickly, reminding the girls how to purify water and showing them how to put the food pack up in a tree to avoid bears. With that all done we could sit and relax a bit before bed. It was amazing how bright it still was at nine at night.

"Mike." I heard Diane, one of the leaders from the other troop say from behind me. I turned around to find all four ladies standing expectantly behind me.

"What's up? I asked curiously.

"We, all the girls and the four of us, decided that it wasn't fair for you to have to sleep outside. And since you can't share a tent with the girls they all decided that we, the leaders, should make room for you in one of our two tents. The girls decided to triple up in one tent to make some room for one of us and you get the spot in the leader's tent." Samantha said quietly.

"I see. First off, it sets a bad example for the girls, and second, I'm not sure my wife would approve." I replied honestly.

"The girls understand that this isn't a normal thing and we promise that whoever you end up with will behave. It's really the only fair solution." Diane answered.

I looked at them and then back to the girls who were all sitting around the fire trying hard to look but not look like they were. "Ok. So who do I end up with?" I asked with a sigh.

"The girls thought that the best way was for us to draw straws." Julie said, holding out her hand with three short sticks and one longer one. "You hold, we draw."

"Ok." I said, taking the sticks from them and arranging them in my hand so that they were all sticking out the same amount. Each of them stepped up and pulled a stick from my hand and then as a group held them up, Samantha's being the longest.

"Ok. I'll get my stuff and move into the girl's tent." Diane said with a shrug, trying to hide the disappointment I could hear in her voice.

"You don't have to." I said. "I really will sleep under the rain fly."

"I know. It'll be fine!" She said, forcing a smile to her face as she walked away.

"I'll go help." Samantha said, turning and running up the hill to catch Diane.

"I think she was hoping to get to share a tent with you. I know we both hoped we'd win the draw." Annette said.

"This isn't going to be some orgy!" I whispered sharply. "I'm agreeing to share a tent, not a sleeping bag."

"We'll see." Julie said as she got up from where she was kneeling on the ground in front of me. "It's a long week."

"If the girls even get a sniff of sexual activity it'd get back to my wife and I'd be dead meat. Don't count on anything happening...Period!" I said before she walked away.

With Diane's gear moved into a tent with Pamela and Ellie I went about spreading my air mattress and sleeping bag in the tent with Samantha's gear. The Eureka tents we were using were relatively spacious for two adults so I didn't have to worry about sleeping right on top of her. I tossed my bag of clothes into the tent and then zipped it closed to keep out the bugs as darkness finally started to close in around us. With the sleeping arrangements finally taken care of, I joined the girls around the campfire and listened to them chitchat about their first day. After about an hour I excused myself and headed to my tent to hit the sack, my brain and body tired from the day's travels.

I changed into my shorts and then flopped down on top of my sleeping bag, pulling my clothes bag under my head for a pillow. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep within minutes.

Being the light sleeper that I am, I wasn't surprised when the sound of the zipper and the rustle of another person in the tent woke me. I lay there quietly with my eyes closed trying to give Samantha as much privacy as I could for her to get herself ready for bed. It was surprising how loud the sound of her pants zipper was in the darkness and how hard it was to actually keep my eyes closed and not peek. I could hear her moving around in the tent and wiggling to get her clothes either off or on, my mind conjuring up all kinds of sexy images and making my cock quickly harden.

The suddenness of the impact and complete shock of the pain in my stomach caused me to not only open my eyes but practically jump into the air as I reacted to the completely unexpected punch in the stomach. As my body reacted, my arms, which were lying at my sides, clamped up to my stomach and chest, trapping her as it tried to deal with the sudden rush of pain. I'm sure she didn't mean it, in fact I am totally convinced it was just a silly accident, but with my eyes closed I simply had no warning as her elbow drove into my stomach when she lost her balance.

"Oh lord! I'm sorry!" Samantha said as she half lay across me, her bare breasts pressed tightly to my chest as I squeezed her against me in reaction. Even in the dim light inside the tent, brightened somewhat by the campfire light playing across the large green side, I could tell she was almost completely naked as she lay with her top half across me, her chest pressed to mine and her head resting in the crook of my arm, her legs sticking out and tangled in her sleeping bag.

"Um. Yeah. It's ok." I said a little breathlessly as my body tried to recover and my mind slowly focused back to the current situation.

"You ok?" She asked in a soft, caring whisper.

"Yeah." I answered, loosening my grip on her slightly so she could try to get an arm under her to hold herself up.

"You don't have to let go if you don't want." She whispered, sliding her left arm around my neck and her right down and around my back instead of using it to hold herself up. I felt her roll her weight and press against me to force me to lie back down, which I did, while she rolled her hips, leaving her laying half on top of me, her tits pressing into my bare chest and her face inches from mine.

"Sorry." I whispered as I let my grip loosen on her.

"What do you have to be sorry for? I'm the one that fell on you." She whispered with a little giggle. "I'm sorry I fell on you... well mostly sorry. This is actually kind of nice."

"Um. Yeah, but probably not a good idea." I agreed, my mind drawn to the softness of her body against me. She was maybe forty years old with jet black hair that matched her oriental look and heritage. She had a nice round butt and breasts that were larger than your typical Asian woman. I was still busy thinking about the fact that she was half laying on me, completely naked by the feel of her bare ass in my hand, when she lowered her face to mine and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. Her kiss grew longer by the second, and more sensual as well, her breath mixing with mine and her tongue gently teasing into my mouth. My body was quickly responding to the tingles her kiss was generating with me, my cock growing harder and fatter with each passing moment.

"Mmmmmm" I moaned quietly into her mouth as her hand slipped inside my shorts and found my hard cock, wrapping around it and beginning to slowly stroke it. I lost track of how long we lay there, her lips pressed to mine, her hand down my shorts and my hands idly stroking up and down any inch of her bare skin they could reach, when she rolled her weight off of me, her lips still pressed to mine. She slowly lifted herself to her knees and swung one leg over mine, straddling my hips, her nipples gently grazing my chest as she reached between her legs and pushed my shorts down enough to expose my cock. Her mouth stifled another of my moans as I felt her grasp my cock and rub the head up and down between her sopping wet pussy lips. Ever so slowly she pushed herself back, forcing more pressure against the head of my cock until it suddenly slipped into her soft wet tunnel.

"Ohhhhhhhh." She moaned so softly as she broke the kiss for the first time, lifting her upper body, her hands on my chest for support as she slowly sank down on my cock, her pussy enveloping it inch by inch as she just sat there on it. I could feel her walls squeeze and loosen around my shaft, her body stroking and caressing it as it sank deeper into her.

"Oh god." I breathed quietly as the head of my cock pressed into the end of her tunnel, my whole body screaming at me to just fuck her with abandon. With effort I quelled my instincts and allowed her to set her pace, slowly sliding her trembling wet pussy up off my shaft, only my head remaining inside her, before starting back down in a long slow smooth motion.

"Yesssssss." She hissed breathlessly as she stroked up and down my shaft slowly, her riding making my cock grow fatter and longer the longer she rode me. I moved my hands from where they rested on her round ass, up her sides and finally cupping both of her soft mounds, letting my fingers tease and squeeze her rock hard nipples in time with her strokes.

Her pussy seemed to quiver more, clenching and unclenching around my shaft in fast little spasms, almost as if she were having one long drawn out orgasm. Sweat ran down her chest and dripped from her chin as she continued to ride me in the now stifling tent, the close confines heating up quickly from our bodies.

"Oh god cum for me." She whispered as she made yet another trip up and down my shaft. "I don't know how much longer I can take this."

I looked at her tits and my hands squeezing them, one of my favorite sights, and allowed the sensations of her pussy to have their way. I felt my cock expand, the mushroom head growing even fatter inside her as she stroked up and down again and again, her motions smooth and totally silent except for a very slight squish at the end of each stroke. My body finally had all it could take and with a sudden jerk my hips drove my cock up into her, slapping against her bare ass as my dick squirted a long hot jet of my cum into her. Again and again my body jerked, emptying my pent up cum into her until it was finally spent, my cock softening inside her.

She gently lowered herself down onto me, stretching her legs out around mine and softly kissing my cheek. "Thank you. I can't remember ever cuming for so long or so hard." She whispered dreamily in my ear. "I just want to lay here now and feel you inside me."

"Ok." I whispered back, wrapping my arms around her body and holding her in place on my chest as I drifted off to sleep again.

Sometime during the night I woke and found that Samantha had rolled off of me, one arm and one leg still draped across my body as she lay with her head on my shoulder, her body gently moving in time with her gentle breathing. I gently disengaged her from around me and eased out of the tent, pulling my shorts back in place as I stood up. I grabbed my shoes and stepped into them as I zipped the tent closed. I wasted no time in trotting toward the toilet, trying to avoid getting eaten alive by the mosquitoes that attacked almost immediately. I quickly peed and ran back to the tent, unzipping and practically diving in to zip it closed behind me and keep the little blood suckers out.

"You're back." She whispered sleepily, holding her arms out toward me. I lay back down and she snuggled back against me, reaching for her sleeping bag and pulling it over the two of us as a blanket before falling back asleep, her naked body pressed against mine.

Morning came with the sun rising early over the trees and the birds waking from their nightly slumber with a cacophony of calls, tweets and squawks. Samantha was still sprawled across me so I gently slipped from under her and then carefully crawled across her. Kneeling on her air mattress, or as much of it as I could, I stripped off my shorts and reached for my bag. She rolled onto her back, exposing most of her body as she reached for my softened cock.

"Hi." She whispered as she gently played with me, starting me hardening.

"Not good." I whispered back as I dug into my small bag for a clean pair of underwear.

"It's ok." She whispered as she pushed the sleeping bag the rest of the way off, letting me see the neatly shaved tuft of black hair on her mound, her face lifting and gently engulfing my partially hardened cock. I froze in place, basically on my hands and knees across her, while she slowly sucked and licked my now quickly hardening cock. She spent several minutes working her mouth up and down my shaft, teasing my balls with her fingers.

"Uh." I grunted as she pushed her face toward me, driving my cock down her throat, which was a fit even tighter than her pussy had been the night before. "Keep that up and you're going to get a load." I warned.

Her only response was to suck me even harder, working a hand and her mouth up and down my long shaft. I could feel my orgasm inching closer, my balls pulling tight and the tingle in the base of my cock indicating its imminent release.

"Uhhhhhh." I grunted quietly as the first stream of cum lanced out into her mouth. She choked a single cough and then repositioned her face on my shaft to take the next shots without choking, sucking and swallowing each shot of my juice until she had milked me dry. Finally she pulled away and let go of me, a contented smile on her face.

"Thank you." She mouthed silently as she looked up at me.

I was still breathing hard as I pulled my pants and shirt on, my cock now covered in the small underwear I had brought. I stepped out and zipped the tent closed, cutting off my view of her naked body, her legs spread wide and her fingers teasing her pussy as she looked at me between her upraised knees. I gingerly stepped over the rocky ground to the fire ring and sat down to put on my socks and boots. Finally dressed I set about building a fire to cook breakfast on when the girls finally woke.

"Hey there. Sleep good?" Julie asked as she stepped over the log I was sitting on and sat down next to me.

"Yeah, slept like a rock." I replied, looking into the fire and hoping she didn't notice the lie.

"Something was like a rock." She whispered.

I turned and stared at her, suddenly worried that the girls had heard what was going on.

"Don't worry. I don't think the girls heard. I heard a moan while I was headed to the bathroom and the girls were all still around the fire. " She whispered back. "Sounded like someone was enjoying the night though."

I just sat and stared at her until she broke down laughing as if I had told a funny joke. "You should see your face." She whispered when she stopped laughing. "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me."

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