Girl to Girl


Although LeeAnn continued to eat her pussy, Diane's body began to relax. She felt a need to kiss LeeAnn. She pulled LeeAnn to her face and began kissing her, tasting her own love juice in each kiss. She smelled herself on LeeAnn's face. Diane held her lover close and began to marvel at the excitement she had felt being with a woman for the first time.

As the two women lay together kissing, LeeAnn took one of her full breasts in her hand. She began rubbing her breast against Diane's. Diane felt the firm nipple rubbing against her hot breast. Diane's nipples swelled as the other nipple rubbed it. Diane took her breasts in her hands and began to rub them against LeeAnn. LeeAnn's pendulous globes hung down, nipples hard as Diane teased them with her own firm nipples. The women exchanged deep wet kisses.

LeeAnn moved her lips down to Diane's tits. She lay between Diane's legs, her pussy now rubbing against Diane's. As LeeAnn began kissing and sucking Diane's tits, she rubbed her pussy into Diane. Diane felt the grinding cunt pressing into her, she responded immediately. Diane moved one hand down to the joined pussies; she felt the beautiful bush of hair mashed against her. She worked her fingers in and began rubbing. She felt LeeAnn's clit and worked her finger against it. As she rubbed the clit, she pushed her own clit up. She could now rub both clits as the two women worked their passion.

LeeAnn pushed one leg under Diane's leg and swung the other leg over her leg. She sat up and pushed her crotch up against Diane's. Now the two pussies were rubbing labia to labia. The two pussies were warm and wet; the love juices seeped out and made the cunts slippery as LeeAnn ground her pussy into Diane's. Diane continued to finger LeeAnn's clit and her own. LeeAnn leaned back using her arms to support herself and to push her hot crotch into Diane. She looked down at the heart shaped pubic area grinding against her own tangled bush. The two women now moaned together as the pleasure of their pussies radiated through their bodies. Diane rubbed the two clits more rapidly as she felt herself building to a crescendo. LeeAnn responded with more vigor, knowing her partner was getting as close as she was to an orgasm. The thrill of rubbing her pussy against another pussy excited Diane immensely. Suddenly she reached that marvelous peak and felt the rush of energy as she came. The electric charge surged through her pussy and into LeeAnn, triggering a complementary burst of pleasure. The joined cunts flooded with warm cum as the two women screamed in joy.

Diane sat up, wrapped her arms around LeeAnn, and smothered her face with kisses. Their bodies slid against each other, slick with the perspiration of their blistering love making, slick with saliva from kissing and licking each other, slippery with the love juice from two very wet hot pussies.

- The End -

[If you enjoyed this story and would like to say thanks - then please do. I'd also be interested in your gender and age (20's 30's etc.). If you care to tell me what you enjoy it will help me decide what topics to work on in the future.]

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