tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersGirl With A Dick Ch. 02

Girl With A Dick Ch. 02


Author's Note: This story is intended in good fun, about a girl who dresses as a guy, and fucks other girls like a guy. It's pure fantasy and not meant to be very realistic.


Randy was making her usual rounds at a party, her rubber cock banging insistently against her thigh. There were plenty of girls hitting on her, thinking the pretty boy was very attractive, but for some reason none of them were calling her tonight.

Maybe she was in the mood to be a girl tonight? No... that didn't seem quite right. None of the guys were interesting her either.

Then, Randy froze as she saw him, her ex-boyfriend Phil with his arm around his giggling drunken new girlfriend Sheila. The girl that he'd cheated on her with. Randy scowled at the drunk couple, intending to leave the party when she was hit by a sudden thought... Sheila was a total slut, everyone knew it. She was definitely cheating on Phil, just as he had cheated on Randy... what if she was to get Phil back for cheating on her by sleeping with the very girl that he'd cheated on her with?!

She stalked her prey, waiting for them to get separated... it happened eventually. Phil was taken by his loud buddies to go play beer-pong and Sheila wandered off towards the music. Randy followed her, and when Sheila began to dance, she made sure to get behind the girl, grinding up against her. Drunk she might have been, but Sheila could feel the hard dick inside Randy's pants and she looked over her shoulder smiling at the attractive and slightly familiar young man that was sliding his hands up and down her stomach and thighs.

Then Sheila leaned over, really grinding her ass against Randy's crotch, and Randy realized that she could probably do Sheila right there while they were dancing, the girl's skirt was so short. She contemplated it, but she didn't really want everyone realizing that she wasn't actually a man. So she just teased Sheila's body as they danced, trailing fingers all over the other girl's erogenous zones, letting her lips rest on Sheila's neck and shoulders, biting gently.

Finally Sheila turned around and wrapped her arms around Randy's neck, pulling her in for a kiss. Sheila's breasts pressed against Randy's hard chest - made that way by the corset - as the two kissed deeply, Randy reached down to knead Sheila's firm ass with her hands.

Breaking away from the kiss breathlessly, Sheila asked, "You wanna go find a room?"

"Hell yeah," Randy growled, pitching her voice very low.

Smiling widely, Sheila took Randy by the hand and stumbled towards the steps. It was rather late in the night so the first few rooms they looked in were already taken, but they managed to find one that was just losing its first occupants. Sheila started pulling off her clothes as soon as they stepped through the door. Randy wasn't surprised to see that Sheila had a fantastic body.

Sheila climbed onto the bed on all fours and looked over her shoulder, wiggling her ass at Randy, "Come and get it big boy..."

Randy grinned, obviously Sheila had gotten a feel of her "dick" and had liked the size of it. Undoing her pants, Randy got behind Sheila in the doggy-style position and began to press her the dong into Sheila's waiting pussy. Moaning, Sheila pushed back against it, helping to work the dick into her very quickly.

Soon they were slamming back and forth, Randy was being absolutely vicious in her thrusts, taking out her old rage at Phil on Sheila's pussy... but the other girl was loving it. Somewhat frustrated, Randy began to spank Sheila with every thrust, making the slut squeal and toss her hair around as Randy rode her from behind.


Randy began spanking Sheila harder and harder, and she was absolutely astonished when Sheila started to cum. What a slut! No wonder the guys loved her so much, she was one kinky bitch. As Sheila writhed and thrashed with orgasm, Randy found herself getting closer as well... but she really wanted to do something different. Something... punishing.

And then, as she looked down to where her dick was buried in Sheila's pussy, she saw Sheila's winking brown asshole.

Pulling swiftly out of the girl's grasping pussy, Randy pressed her dick against the tighter hole... there was slight resistance... and then she was sliding in. She could tell it was MUCH tighter than Sheila's pussy.

Sheila gasped, "Slow down stud... slow down!!! Oh God.... I haven't had someone fuck my ass in such a long time! Ooooo, it hurts so gooood!"

Realizing that it was hurting even if Sheila was enjoying it, Randy slammed hard into the girl's body, burying the cock into her ass as Sheila shrieked. Then, grabbing a handfull of Sheila's hair, she used it to pull Sheila back as she began thrusting back and forth. Sheila bucked and howled, one hand between her thighs as she rubbed her pussy while Randy plugged away at her tight asshole, both of the humping back and forth with complete abandon.

Then, Sheila started to cum again, and Randy buried herself in Sheila's ass, rubbing up and down and making the cock bounce inside both of them. Randy pulled hard on Sheila's hair as she started to cum, gasping as her clit swelled and rubbed against the inside of the strap-on, her pussy clamping down on the dildo that was inside it.

When she was done, she let Sheila collapse on the bed, pulling out and gathering herself back together, leaving the other girl laying there. Stepping away, she looked to the doorway and saw Phil there, his face unbelieving. She couldn't tell that he didn't recognize her, he was apparently shocked that Sheila had cheated on him... Randy wanted to laugh in his face.

Instead she just walked by him in the doorway, saying, "Hey man, if you want a ride that one's a great fuck."

And she went back down to the party.

Later she heard that Phil and Sheila were still together, although they would end up breaking up three weeks later when Phil found Sheila in bed with not just one, but TWO other guys.

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