tagNon-EroticGirl with Something Extra Ch. 05

Girl with Something Extra Ch. 05


Hello readers, this is your humble omniscient narrator with another episode in the life of Daisy; The girl with something extra.

When Daisy Elaine Maye was a fourteen year old boy named David, her hairless body began to develop curves and breasts. Over the next four years she developed into a woman, mentally, physically, and emotionally. When she turned eighteen, she began her transition.

That all happened many years ago, now-a-days she is a pretty transgender woman, who passes easily.


This story recounts a few days in the life of Daisy. No big whoop.

Daisy's back at home

Cindy was sitting at the table drinking a glass of wine, and watching TV when Daisy walked into the kitchen and saw her. "When did your ass get here? And why are you drinking wine at ten o'clock in the morning?"

Then both women squealed with happiness, before hugging each other two or three times.

They hadn't seen much of each other the last couple of months, because Cindy had been spending a lot of time at her sister's house. "My sister is feeling better now, so I thought I'd come sleep in my own bed for a few days," said Cindy.

Daisy breathed a sigh of relief before she asked for a few details. A few minutes later Daisy hugged Cindy again, and promised to keep both of them in her prayers.

When they broke the hug, Cindy wiped away a tear and then she smiled and said, "You know what will cheer me up? "Hearing all about my girlfriend Daisy's summer, I want to know everything you've done, don't leave anything out."

"I know what that means, you really want to know everything I've done with a man." responded Daisy. "And you know you don't meet to be drinking that hooch this early."

"Ahhhhh. What. Ever. Just tell me what I want to know. Cindy insisted.

She is a hardcore voyeur, who loves man on man sex. She thinks of Daisy as a man, but she's completely accepting of her as a Trans woman as well. It's complicated, but regardless their relationship is long lasting and secure.

"To be honest I got most of my sex from Dana," Daisy confessed. "That girl is freaky, and I'll give her credit. She's been good about going places and doing things with me. She even got into it with her roommate for saying hateful things about me."

"I'm not surprised that somebody would say something mean, but that's really nice of her for defending you," Cindy sighed, before she continued. "So she's a little freak, huh? Tell me what's little Missy into?"

"To be honest, she was curious about hooking up with a girl when she introduced herself to me," Daisy admitted honestly, half smiling. "She thought I was a boyish looking girl."

"Once she found out what was up she rolled with it. After getting to know her I don't think she would have been happy with a woman. She likes dick too much, and the bigger the better." Then she laughed.

"I think she ended up with the right type of person for her though. She likes both my titties and my dick." Then she laughed.

"On a serious tip, she does like how feminine I am. She even helped me feel more comfortable in dresses."

"I was wondering why you were wearing a dress," said Cindy. "How do you feel about dressing as a woman full-time so far?"

"It's thrilling, but kinda scary," responded Daisy, pausing to think for a second before she explained her feelings, you know how I am. I'm always worried about somebody accusing me of trying to fool them. And so I'm still a little self conscious, but I just live being a girl."

"Hunni, you can't help that you do make a cute girl," Cindy said with a smile. "As long as you're up front and honest with people, it should be all good."

"Now tell me what little miss nasty likes to do with you."

"That's the Cindy I know, and love," said Daisy, laughing before telling Cindy what she wanted to know. "The main thing is she's dominant. You don't expect that from the looks of her, but she is.

"And she'll do almost anything. She's sucked my dick, had my nuts in her mouth, and licked my asshole.

"She even has one up on you, she'll swallow cum."

"Good for her," Cindy smirked and waved her hand, before she said, "I ain't swallowing no cum." Then she smirked again.

"I keep telling you it's good for your skin," Daisy laughed, and then said, Look at my complexion."

After frowning and shaking her head, Cindy said, "Tell me about the dick you sucked, and who you let in your back door."

"There's not much to tell on my part. I sucked this guy named JT's dick when we were in France, and I might have swallowed his cum," said Daisy, hiding her face behind her hand.

"You're over in another country sucking dick," Cindy teased her. "Well?"

Well what?" Daisy asked, pretending to be at a loss.

"You know," said Cindy.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot," responded Daisy, raising both eyebrows. "His dick was long and thick."

"OK, and?" said Cindy, cocking her head to one side.

"And nothing, he didn't fuck me." Daisy insisted. Then she shrugged her shoulders. "Honest."

She decided to keep the details of her last date with Bud Wiser to herself for the time being. She wasn't ready to share him yet.


"I'm going to put some makeup on. If a tall skinny blonde rings the doorbell, let her in. She's Chandra," said Daisy as she headed into her bedroom.

"Who's that?" Cindy called after her.

"She's a younger girl I've known for a minute. I met her at a quaint little bistro a couple months ago, when she was my server. She could use a friend."

"Now you're bringing home strays, huh." Cindy wisecracked.

"She's not a stray. She actually has her stuff together. As a matter of fact she's been hired by the clinic I work at. They're waiting for the beginning of the new fiscal year before she starts working." responded Daisy.

After you've met her, and love her right away, I'm gonna remind you what you just said," Daisy warned her.

"Mmhmm, whatever," Cindy responded dismissively.


A few minutes later the doorbell rang, and Cindy answered it. She looked at the tall slender girl who was standing on the porch, and eyeballed her from head to toe. Chandra stood about five feet and ten inches tall, and weighed a hundred and forty pounds. She had very little if any hips, and matching a-cup breasts. Her saving grace was the beginning of a bubble-butt, and a very pretty feminine face.

"You must be Chandra," said Cindy, speaking in a welcoming tone. "Come in, have a seat. Daisy is getting ready. I'm Cindy by the way."

Chandra managed a nervous smile, and spoke with a soft very feminine voice. She dealt with the public in her work, and felt at ease talking with them, but she was painfully shy in her private life. The truth of the matter was, the shyness was really insecurity about who she was.

"It's nice to meet you Cindy," she said.

Chandra's unease was obvious and Cindy's heart melted. She's never met an LGBT person she didn't like. Of course she's come to dislike a few after she's gotten to know them, but that's neither here nor there. "Can I get you anything? You look like you could use a sandwich, with your skinny little self.

"I don't know how y'all stay so small. I have to eat." she laughed.

A couple seconds later Daisy walked into the living room and looked at Cindy, with a big smirk on her face. She reached for Chandra, and gave her a friendly hug. "Don't listen to Cindy, you're fine just like you are.

"Besides Cindy, we're going for brunch as soon as Dana shows up. You're welcome to come with us."

"I just might do that," Cindy replied. "I'm gonna go put on a different top."


While Cindy was in her bedroom changing, Chandra whispered a question to Daisy, "How was your day at the resort?" she asked.

"Oh girl, I'll tell you all about it at brunch, except the part about Bud," replied Daisy, with a wink. "I'm not ready to tell Cindy, or Dana about it yet, but let me just say, he was good."

"K," said Chandra, then she quickly wiped away her smile, just as Cindy was walking back into the living room. A moment later they heard a car's horn blow. Daisy just shook her head. "That girl is so country," she said, causing Cindy and Chandra to laugh.

"Bitch she's your friend," cracked Cindy.

"Fuck you! You're my friend too," retorted Daisy

Chandra rightfully looked horrified at the two good friends and housemates hammering each other like that.


Everyone piled into Dana's Accord, and zoomed the three or so miles to the little mom and pop restaurant that has recently opened.

They were given a table on the patio, per both Daisy and Dana's request. "We're never eating inside a restaurant again after our experience in France,' said Dana."Right Daisy?"

"Absolutely, positively correct," replied Daisy , grinning. "We're part French now."

Cindy rolled her eyes, and then said, "So now you bitches are brand new, huh?" Then the three of them laughed.

Chandra however was the picture of confusion, with her mouth agape. This kind of teasing was different from anything she'd been around. In fact she was rarely included in groups of CIS women, who usually thought of her as a freak.

It was the same with the guys, who mostly thought she was gay.

The LGBT community accepted her, and it was good to find other people like her, but she just didn't feel like she belonged with them.

The thing was, she was a lesbian, who only liked girls. She knew Daisy was bisexual, but they clicked as friends from the beginning.

It didn't really show on her face, but she was happy Dana and Cindy had already made her feel like a part of their group. Now she had to adjust to their way of showing affection for one another.


She was lost in her thoughts, having tuned out Daisy, Dana, and Cindy. Her train of thought was broken when their server said, "Welcome to La Polla de Burro. My name is Gretchen." She sat a basket of corn chips, and salsa on the table.

After they'd all given Gretchen their order, the chatter among the group had stopped. Cindy was talking with Daisy while Dana was playing with her phone. Chandra was glancing around the room, and trying to look relaxed, but on the inside she was starting to feel kind of alone.

She'd just sighed silently when her cell buzzed with a text from Dana. When she picked up her phone to read it, the text said, "Is it as big as Daisy says it is?" Wink.

And then she felt fingernails graze lightly over her leggings and slide underneath her oversized top.

After turning a crimson shade of red, even though she tried her best to play it off, she responded texting, "It's pretty big." Then she sent a sad face emoticon.

"I think that's a good thing," Dana texted back. "I'd love to see it." Then she sent a big smile emoticon.

When Chandra hesitated before responding, Dana texted her again asking if she liked girls. Chandra smiled at her, and answered her with several subtle head bobs.

She could feel herself getting hard.


For the next while, Daisy told the story of her visits to the Buck Naked Naturist resort. She had everybody rolling when she told them about Jenn and Marge, she said, "These to ladies just starting middle age, looked as straight laced and conservative as could be, right. Well within five minutes of me talking with them Jenn had invited me to basically go dogging with her, and Marge had hit on me."

"Ain't that some shit," said Cindy laughing out loud. "Now how do we all get accused of not having morals and values, because we are open about our sexuality, while the so called pillars of society are just as nasty as we are,"

"Ain't that the damn truth," said Dana, now running the tips of her fingers over the top of Chandra's very large, tucked cock, for the last several minutes.

Daisy had guessed what Dana was doing, and nudged Cindy to alert her. She continued to tell them about the wide variety of naked bodies she'd seen at the resort. Everybody laughed again when Cindy said, "I don't care what some of them looked like. Nobody wants to see me naked; I can assure you of that."

"Oh, please girl," said Daisy waving her hand. "I've seen your ass naked plenty times, ain't nothing wrong with you."

"Nothing except I'm fat, and my titties hang down to here," she laughed, while pointing to her stomach. And the laughing continued. "If I was as fine as you it might be a different story, even if I had a dick."

By now Chandra was catching on to the game and starting to have fun, she said, " Y'all are crazy, but this is fun." You could see that she was more relaxed and beginning to let her guard down a little.

She even surprised herself when she said, "Oh my goodness Daisy, I agree with Cindy, I could never do that either." Her smiled was big, and her eyes twinkled.

Leave it up to Dana to know the right thing to say, and she did when she said, " Chandra girl, if I had what you have I'd walk around naked all the time..

Everyone at the table cracked up again, and Chandra's face turned crimson red. Dana hugged her from her right side, and Daisy hugged her from her left, while Cindy reached across the table to squeeze her hand. For the first time she could remember, she was the butt of a joke where everybody was laughing at her good fortune, instead of calling her a freak.

A moment later her tears began to flow from laughing, when she said to Dana, "If you like it so much, let's trade. I'll give you mine, if you'll give me yours." Now her laughter was causing her tears.

Never one to miss an opportunity to get some dick, Dana proposed an alternative, saying, "How about you keep yours and I keep mine, and we use them on each other?" And she definitely raised an eyebrow.

"On no you didn't," squealed Cindy, causing everyone on the patio who hadn't already been looking at them to turn and look their way.

A couple of women shushed them, and then Cindy lowered her voice and said, "Girl you a lil ho." Then she stifled her laugh as much as she could.

The women laughed, and somewhat ate their food, before they'd finally had enough of being shushed.

Daisy never did finish telling them about her trip to the resort.


Wednesday at a Quaint Little Bistro

"Good evening ladies," Chandra said to Daisy and Cindy. "Come over here where y'all won't be sitting close to anybody in case y'all get loud." Then she covered her mouth and giggled.

"Bitch please," responded Cindy, laughing at her own potty mouth.

"Oh my lord," laughed Chandra, you gonna get me fired.

"It's OK sweetie," Daisy assured her. "We're gonna behave. Aren't we Cynthia?" She was now giving her a chastising look.

Cindy looked at Chandra sheepishly and said, "I'm on my best behavior until you go on break then your butt is ours. We want to know what you and Dana been talking about."

After they'd ordered their meal without needing to look at the menu, they started chatting about Daisy's outing again. Believe it or not, even though they shared a house they didn't spend that much time together. So going out to dinner was like meeting up with a friend.

Daisy was saying, "Girl you need to drink yourself some brown liquor to get your nerve up, and come get naked with me at the resort."

"You know how much you like to look at dicks and titties."

"I'll think about it," responded Cindy. "Seriously I will."

A half hour later they sat outside with Chandra during her break. She was a little sentimental about this being her last week working at a Quaint Little Bistro. "I'm happy about my new job, the pay will definitely be better, but I have good memories here. It was a happy eight months."

Daisy and Cindy moaned, scooted close to her and gave her a hug, before devilish grins appeared on their faces, and both of them said the same thing, "What's going on with you and Dana?" This of course caused Chandra to turn red again.

"C'mon, spill it," commanded Daisy.

After covering her face with her hands and leaning forward, she said, "She sucked me."

"When, where, how," asked Cindy in rapid fire detective style.

Chandra looked at Cindy from behind her hands and said , "How?" Did you just ask me how she sucked me? With her mouth of course." And then she giggled.

"Girl you know what I'm talking about," Cindy insisted.

Daisy shushed her and said, "Cindy likes a blow by blow, lick by lick description of the action, if you know what I mean. Are you OK with doing that?"

"Oh, I see," responded Chandra. "Sure I can give you that." She said she was OK, but really she wasn't. She wasn't squeamish about talking about sex or anything like that. Having girlfriends or friends of any kind for that matter was just new to her. But her uncertainty was quickly erased when she saw the happiness and anticipation on Daisy and Cindy's faces.

Chandra smiled a joyous smile before she spoke happily, saying, "It was amazing. I mean she was amazing." She began, and then Cindy quickly interrupted her. "No, no sweetie. When, where, how? She reminded her." Now leaning in close and biting her bottom lip.

Daisy flashed a knowing look at Chandra that gave her the courage to roll with it, so she began to tell her story. She said, "You guys already know Dana was teasing me under the table at the restaurant, right. Well she was texting me too. Asking me different things, sexual stuff."

"And when we were leaving there, she asked me to follow her to her place, after she took y'all home. One thing led to another, and then we were making out in her bedroom."

"Hold up, hold up" said Cindy. "You left out some stuff. Who started it, you are her?" Her pervy side was on display now, and so Daisy had to talk her down. She said, "Cindy please, she has only fifteen minutes before she has to get back to work. Let her tell us what Dana did when she saw it.

"Go ahead Chandra,

"At that point Chandra was starting to think, what a perv that Cindy was, but she went on telling them what happened next. "She was on top of me, kissing me, feeling my breast, and grinding on me, you know. There."

After a momentary pause, she continued. "The look in her eyes when she pulled my leggings down gave me chills. No-one had ever looked at me like that before." When she heard that Daisy laughed out loud, and then said to Cindy, "See, I told you she loves a big dick."

Cindy laughed, and then said, "So do you." Her little jab was promptly met with a smirk from Daisy.

Chandra laughed too, and then stood up, saying, "I'll finish telling y'all later. I have to get back to work.


The next day Daisy gave Chandra a call, to apologize for Cindy being over the top. "She wanted to know too many details about your sexy time with Dana," said Daisy. "And I told her so later. Once you get to know her little bit better, you can just tell her to shut the hell up, when she starts asking too many questions.

That would probably be easier said than done for Chandra, but she appreciated Daisy, for caring enough to tell her how to respond the next time. She said, "Thanks. I'll keep that in mind, but I won't promise you I can say that to her."

After a moments pause Daisy said, "Now tell me what that little she devil Dana did to you. I know how bad she can be."

Chandra could only laugh for a moment, and then she said, "Oh my goodness. I don't really have any experience to compare it to, but I can't imagine other girls are like her. I mean she just took control. As soon as we were in her bedroom, she had me against the wall, kissing me and talking dirty.

When we were on her bed, she was always on top. I didn't even know I would like that, but I did. A lot. She undressed me, but she kept her clothes on. The way she looked at my body, it was like she was starving and I was a piece of steak. When she held it in her hand, it was almost like she didn't believe it was real. I held my breath because I was afraid she would make fun of me, but she didn't. She looked into my eyes and smiled, before she lowered her head and kissed the tip, and then she took the crown in her mouth.

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