tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersGirl with Something Extra Ch. 06

Girl with Something Extra Ch. 06


Author's note; There is no sex in this chapter. I hope that's OK.


Hello readers, this is your humble omniscient narrator with another episode in the life of Daisy; The girl with something extra.

When Daisy Elaine Maye was a fourteen year old boy named David, her hairless body began to develop curves and breasts. Over the next four years she developed into a woman, mentally, physically, and emotionally. When she turned eighteen, she began her transition.

During the next few years her body became completely feminine looking and fine. She also cleaned up well, and so she was a pretty girl when she put her face on.

At that time in her life she liked to go out and party a lot, which brought her in contact with young men who hit on her. Unfortunately she'd caught a couple of ass-whippings from guys who accused her of tricking them; after they found out she wasn't a CIS woman.

For the next few years after those incidents, she only dressed as a woman when she was at home, or in the relative safety of the LGBT community.

She lived her life that way until a couple years ago, when she decided to stop living in fear of letting the world see the woman she is. Her feelings about her womanhood continued to evolve though she didn't tell anyone, and now she was ready to take the final step in her transition.


Daisy and Chandra were at the Barcelona Wine Bar at Atlantic Station.

A half hour or so after arriving, they'd gotten a couple glasses of wine into them. Chandra was opening up about her thoughts and feelings. She was in the middle of saying, "Daisy you remember I told you I've never really had a real relationship with anybody, right? I also told you that everyone always thought I was gay, but I've always been sexually attracted to women.

"The thing for me was, I felt like I was a woman with a dick that I didn't want to use. I didn't hate it but I didn't have any use for it, even though I would masturbate sometimes."

"That was all before I started HRT, last summer. Since then I've noticed that I'm more emotional, I'm OK with that I guess. The thing I wasn't expecting though is how it's made me feel about my penis. I've started to feel dysphoria when I see it hanging down there."

"I asked Rebecca about it, and she said she's heard the same thing from other Trans patient's of hers, but I've never heard you mention feeling that way."

Note: 'Doctor Rebecca Lowe works at a clinic that provides Hormone Replacement Therapy.'

Daisy had been staring at Chandra without moving a muscle, while listening to every word she said. So much of what she was saying rang true for her, but she had to stop her when she mentioned dysphoria. She said, "Are you about to say you're going to get rid of your dick?"

Chandra looked at Daisy's expression for a second before she responded, she said, "No, that's not where I'm going with this, well not exactly. I mean that's not even an option for me right now. I haven't been transitioning long enough to be able to get the surgery even if I wanted it."

Then she asked Daisy a question with her eyes before she spoke. She said, "Haven't you ever thought about it? You are a woman in every way a woman is a woman, except you have a penis. Why do you still have it?"

Daisy thought about it for a second before she responded, and then she said, "If you're attracted to women, why don't you want your dick?"

Daisy's answer caught Chandra by surprise, and she sat there thinking for a moment before she spoke, and then she said, "I wouldn't say I want to get rid of it, but the more I start to look and feel like a woman, the more out of place it looks on me. As far as me being attracted to women, I've never wanted to use my dick with one of them."

And then she paused for a second before she continued, she said, "I just wondered why you still had your cock since you've been a woman for such a long time. I hope I didn't say anything wrong."

After closing her eyes and taking a couple deep breaths to compose herself Daisy looked at her watch and said, "I chose not to have it because I didn't have dysphoria, and also because I felt like the worst thing I could do, would be to cut my dick off so to speak."

Chandra's eyebrows were furrowed when she said, "It's not like you'd literally be getting it cut off."

Daisy didn't respond, she just couldn't get into her feelings any deeper with Chandra at the moment, but in her mind she knew what she wanted to do.


A few weeks later Daisy was in Doctor Rebecca Lowe's office.

Daisy first met Rebecca at the clinic where she worked about twelve years ago; they were twenty five and twenty eight respectively. Rebecca was a resident and she was stealth at the time Daisy clocked her. However, to her chagrin Rebecca wasn't able to return the favor, and she didn't know who Daisy was until she told her.

Since that time, whenever they tell the story of how they met, Daisy always teases Rebecca by telling anyone who's listening, "She was too pretty back then to have been a CIS woman, that's how I clocked her."

And Rebecca would get back at her by telling them, "Daisy wasn't exactly stealth back then, she didn't know what she was. She looked like a cross between a tomboy and a gay man. She was an ugly duckling who became the beautiful swan she is now."

Inevitably Daisy would laugh and say, "At that time in my life I was fine as cat hair, and I was pretty when I put my face on. The problem was, I caught a few ass-whippings from some guys who accused me of tricking them after they'd hit on me. I guess in their eyes, my dick made me a man."

She would laugh it off, but she's never gotten over it. As a result she'd changed how she looked, and how she lived her life for a long time afterwards.


When Daisy walked into Rebecca's office, she said, "Come in and sit down sweetie, how you doing?"

Her soothing voice caused Daisy to relax right away. She smiled and said, "You sound happy. I must have caught you in a good mood."

Rebecca laughed sweetly, and then said, "Girl I'm always in a good mood. I get to be me every day. Anyways, are you ready to answer a few questions?"

Daisy said, "Sure, if we're actually able to have a serious interview."

Rebecca dismissed whatever doubt there was by making a poof sound before she said, "I'm a doctor, I got this. Ok, so the first thing I'll need from you is your promise you won't get pregnant." And then she laughed out loud.

Daisy's head jerked and she laughed out loud too, before she said, "What the hell? Girl have you been sipping? Just sign the paper so I can get this doctor to turn my dick into a pussy?" And then she raised one eyebrow.


For the next hour they had a typical doctor, patient conversation. They talked about what it would be like once Daisy no longer had something extra down there.

When Rebecca listened to Daisy's feelings about being a woman and about her cock, she was strong in explaining how big a deal SRS is. So she tried to do her best to rattle her.

All the things Rebecca said really hit home with Daisy and she took a long pause before she responded to her. When she finally did, the concern in her voice was evident, she said, "Rebecca my biggest worry is some day I might want my penis back. I use to think how cool it would be if I could have a penis some days, and a vagina on other days. But this isn't make believe, once you do this for me, I'm going to have a pussy forever."

Daisy went on to say, "I admit I'm not one hundred about it, but the one thing I do know is, fucking a woman doesn't leave me fulfilled emotionally.

"It's been getting more and more like this for a while, and now sex only feels right to me when I'm with a man. I love being a bottom, but I want to know what it feels like to have a dick going in and out of my pussy. I want to get both the good feeling and the emotional fulfillment when I'm being fucked. I'm hoping that's how it will be with my vagina."

Rebecca had-had her own SRS, that's one of the reasons Daisy chose her. She took a moment to consider how to say what it feels like to her, before she said, "Obviously it's going to be different for everyone, OK. Um, for me, physically it's sorta like having anal as a bottom, but different.

"Emotionally the fulfillment I get from having a man fuck me comes from different things, and I don't feel all of them every time. I like getting undressed for him, now that I look completely like a woman. I like having a man between my legs and feeling his weight on me. I like his dick in me, and there's nothing that makes me feel more like a woman, than when I can tell my pussy feels good to him, and he can't get enough of me. But you know, um, you'll have a whole new part down there, and you'll have to experience it for yourself."

"The main thing is you're a woman in your head. I'm sure everything will feel complete once your body matches your brain."

That was the good news about having her pussy, next she told Daisy about some of the negative things she'd dealt with, she said, "My cock has been gone for twenty years, but there are still times when I have to remind myself that I'm a woman. They are few and far between, but they happen. Those times aren't traumatic for me because I never felt emotionally connected with my penis, so if you still have any feelings for your little guy, then you need to get over them."

Daisy was sure it was the right time for her. Her only concern was her father. He preferred to think of her as being gay, but he hated it when she called herself a girl. And worst of all, he said SRS meant she was getting her penis cut off, but she was no longer concerned with that.

She was certain that straight men were the only ones who fulfilled her both physically and emotionally. She'd made her decision after fucking Dana and Bud. Being fucked by Bud was so much more fulfilling than fucking Dana had been.

And so with those thoughts in mind she made her closing argument to Rebecca, saying, "For all intents and purposes I transitioned years and years ago. I just wasn't ready to part with my dick. I still like it, but I no longer love my little guy as you called it, and I can live without him.

"I've been through all sorts of therapy. I've lived as a woman for years. I've had my ass beat too many times to count, by men when they found out I was Trans. I know what I'm doing."

Rebecca was pleased with her answer, after giving Daisy a look of approval, she signed on the dotted line, agreeing to recommend the surgery.


And now that she'd made her decision to take the final step in her transition, the desire to become a complete woman had taken over her life.

As much as she dreaded dealing with her father's reaction, she was going to do it whether he liked it or not. She was getting closer to forty, and she was not going to become an old woman while waiting for him to change his mind.

She was driving home from work one day, when she decided to tell her mother it was time to take care of business.

After she made it home, and got herself sorted she sucked it up and called her mother to ask her to start working on daddy. She said, "Momma it's time for me to complete my transition, and I really want to get daddy's blessing, but if he won't give it, I'll settle for him not disowning me."

Her mother's response to her proved once again how much of a stud she was. She'd never wavered in her support for Daisy no matter what anybody said, so it came as no surprise when she said, "I've just been waiting for you to tell me you were ready to do this. Don't worry, your father will accept your decision, and I'll come take care of you when the time comes."

Needless to say it felt like the weight of the world was taken off Daisy's shoulders. For the next hour she talked with her mother. She was either lying on her bed naked, or standing in front of her mirror with her cock tucked between her legs.

She'd never tucked because of the hang-up about cutting off her penis, her father had ingrained in her. And so this was the first time she'd allowed herself to imagine her body without a dick. She was fairly tall with large natural breast and curvy hips. It was amazing how much her body really did look like it belonged to a CIS woman.

She talked to her mother about the choices she had when it came to surgery, she said, "I can get a fully functioning vagina, or I can get one that's cosmetic. It won't be deep enough to be fully penetrated during sex, but it won't be as hard to recover after surgery as the normal vagina would."

Her mother's response surprised her and it also tickled your humble omniscient narrator. Even though she wasn't a prude, she didn't normally say things like she said that day. She said, "It doesn't make sense to sacrifice your Johnson and not get a real pussy in return, unless you're happy being a bottom."

Daisy literally laughed out loud before she said, "Thank you for that momma, and I'm certainly not gonna tell you anything about being a bottom. If I ever hear you talk like that again young lady, I'm going to wash your mouth out with soap. Now let's forget this conversation ever happened." She could hear her mother laughing before she ended the call. She had no idea her mom got down like that.


Daisy knew telling her girlfriends would be easy, in fact they would be excited for her, but telling her guy friends was another matter all together.

Cindy was Cindy when she told her what she'd decided to do, and she was somewhat less than eloquent when she said, "Oh hell no, there's no way you're doing that, you like to fuck and get your dick sucked too much! I don't believe you're gonna do it, but if you do, I want to see your pussy, and stick my finger in it."


Dana kind of surprised her with a fairly profound thought. Daisy could have done without hearing it, but what she said was true. In her own way she was trying to be supportive when she said, "Daisy when you have that surgery; that shits forever. You can't get your dick back. I know you think and feel like a woman, but you've been getting yourself some pussy for a long ass time. You've had that dick all your life, are you sure you'll be happy after it's gone? Girl you'd better make sure you have that shit sorted before you let them filet your meat."

And then she giggled before she said, "Tell me something, how big is your pussy gon be, cause girl you know there's some big dicks out there.

Leave it to Dana to ask that question even though it had been one of the first concerns Daisy had too. Her answer made Dana laugh, and offer her a high five, she said, "It's going to be similar to the size of my dick, so I'm gon have to handle those big boys the same way I do now, by letting them enter through my back door."

This tickled Dana, and then she said one last thing, "Girl, I know you gon let me see your pussy."

Daisy laughed and said, "You know I am. I'm gonna show it to everybody."


When she talked with Chandra, as soon as the letters SRS came out of her mouth, Chandra hugged her, and said, "I'm so happy for you. You're so girly, I can't believe you waited this long to get it."

Daisy hugged her back, and told her, "Everybody's different. It just took a long time for me to get to this point."

Chandra looked sad and happy at the same time when she said, "It's a shame we have to go through this to become who we really are, but I'm glad for you, because you're a woman in every way except you have a penis, and soon you'll be a woman down there too."


Daisy saved the hardest conversation to have for last.

As she was thinking about telling Bell, Biv, and DeVoe about her decision, she closed her eyes and bowed her head to let the thought sink in. She had told them so many times she would never do it, now she was going to have to face them and tell them her dick was going to be gone, and replaced by a vagina. After she'd explained what was going to happen to her dick, she knew the next question would be can you have sex like a real woman. Yes those knuckleheads said, "Like a real woman."


At the tailgate party, before their favorite team's football game.

Daisy was sitting between Bell and Biv while DeVoe was at the tailgate next to them. He'd picked up the scent of one of the girls, and he was tracking her. Daisy was shaking her head and saying to Bell and Biv, "You guys are amazing. Do you ever get tired of chasing pussy?"

Biv ignored her, but Bell raised an eyebrow and then said, "You're gonna find out how much men live chasing pussy soon enough, just wait til after you cut your dick off."

After rolling her eyes and smacking her lips Daisy said, "What makes you think I don't know already? I get plenty men hitting on me and it's been like that a long time." Then she reached over and pinched Biv's ear before she said to him, "Isn't that right big head boy?"

Biv didn't say anything, and so Daisy finally gave in and said, "OK, tell me what's wrong. All y'all are acting brand new on me. I know it's about the surgery. We need to get this fixed between us now, because I won't be seeing y'all for a while.

"I'm going to be as high as a Georgia pine for the first few days after the surgery, and I probably won't know what's going on. So I'm having it during the team's bye week, that way I don't have to miss a game. Like I said, y'all probably won't see me again for a month or six weeks."

Bell exhaled and then said, "Its Biv and DeVoe who have the issue. I'm cool with it, until I see a reason not to be."

When he'd finished speaking, Biv finally had something to say, he said, "I just don't see how a man could cut his dick off. It just messes with my mind."

Daisy said, "Mmhmm, I figured as much. Y'all sound like my daddy. I ain't getting shit cut off. The doctor is just shaping it into the pu-nanny it should have been. I'll still have it sort of, and I'll be the same person. Now tell DeVoe to come back over here with us."

After taking a deep breath, Biv said, "I hear what you're saying, and I get it. It's gonna take a minute to get used to I guess.

At that point DeVoe was back from his hunt and standing near Daisy. His brow was furrowed as if he was confused or in doubt, but he didn't say anything, so once again Daisy tried to be reassuring, she said, "I know it doesn't even seem real that somebody you know is going to do what I'm gonna have done to my dick, but when y'all see me back on my feet, happy and healthy, y'all will feel different than you do now."

After her little speech they did look less tense, but not yet relaxed, so Daisy looked at Bell and said, "I know you gon want to see it. You can tell them what I'm working with." Her wisecrack brought them out of their funk, and they all chilled a little bit.

Later that day just as she'd predicted, Bell asked her if she was going to be able to give somebody some the same way a real woman can.

She decided to mess with him so she said, "Maybe I'll give you some." And then she started laughing.


Three weeks later Daisy was back at home with her parents. Her mother had spent two weeks in Philadelphia with her while she recovered from her surgery.

Everything had gone as expected, and she was dealing with the pain and discomfort as well as could be expected. She was sore and swollen down there, but she was in good spirits partly because of the great drugs she was taking, and partly due to the way her father was treating her.

He was treating her completely differently from the way he'd treated her the last twenty five years, and Daisy was eating it up, but she didn't understand why he was suddenly showing her so much love.

When she asked her mother what was going on with her father, her mother said, "He might be upset with you later, but you need him right now, and you're his baby no matter what you've done."

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