Girl with Something Extra Ch. 06


He waited on her hand and foot, and they bonded as dad and daughter. For the first time ever, he tried to understand why she'd wanted to be a woman. She told him being a woman hadn't been her choice, she was born that way. Instead of calling b-s as he'd done in the past, he began to call her his girl.

He asked her about her life the past twenty years. When she told him about some of the hateful treatment she'd put up with, as well as being punched and hit by men, he sat on her bed and held her to his chest.

She'd waited for him to embrace her since she was fourteen, and in an instant all the pain she felt for all those years melted away.


A month after her surgery Daisy was beginning to come back to herself, she was lying on her back dilating her vagina. What dilating was-was a fancy name for fucking herself with various sized dildos. While she was tending to her kitty, she was talking with her mother about her new business, she said, "Momma look, the swelling has gone down a lot. The doctor did a really good job of making mine look like yours."

After taking a closer look her mother gave a little smirk, and then said, "It sure does, and don't you dare tell anybody. And I still don't like having to give the doctor a picture of my cookie."

Daisy flipped her hand dismissively, "Girl that man's seen a million pussies." And then she groaned as she put the largest dilator into her. Once she had it all in, she said, "I don't think I'm ever gonna give anybody my pussy. As sore as it is, I can't imagine letting someone stick their dick in me."

Her mother laughed out loud, as did your humble narrator. And then she said, "Now you know how I felt after the first time I had sex. Don't worry it'll get better, you'll be back to your old self sooner than you think."

"I hope so," said Daisy, and then she sighed. "I only have a few more weeks before I go back to work."


During the next weeks she laid around at her parents' house, she had lots of time to think about what was next for her. The nurses at the surgery center had warned that she would likely be on an emotional rollercoaster for a while. She had dismissed their warnings, thinking it wouldn't happen to her, but if she were honest she'd have to admit it, they were right.

What was surprising to her was how attached she was feeling to her parents. When she spoke with her girlfriends, she didn't feel as close to them, or interested in the lifestyle she had lived the last few years. After trying to self diagnose and failing, she called Rebecca to ask her what was going on? Why was she feeling this way?

When Rebecca's cell phone chimed and she saw Daisy's name she said, "Hey pumpkin, how are you?"

Something about the sound of her voice immediately brightened Daisy's mood, and made her smile a tiny bit before she said, "Hey Rebecca. Um, physically I'm doing really well. In fact I've surprised myself with how well I've recovered. The only complaint I have is the discomfort I feel when I go to the bathroom. That was a sensitive subject for a minute." And she exhaled loudly.

The emphasis she put on exhaling made Rebecca laugh before she said, "Yeah, even after all the years that have passed, I still remember the struggle that was. Thankfully it gets better. If that's your worst complaint you're doing alright." But Rebecca knew well enough that physical recovery was in some ways the easy part. When she asked Daisy how she was doing emotionally, at first there was no response, and then Daisy said, "I feel guilty, that's the main thing I feel."

Her answer hadn't been what Rebecca expected. Typically people talk about feeling like they don't know what's next for them once they've reached their goal of having SRS, or their hormones are all crazy and clouding their thinking. And so she asked Daisy to explain her feelings.

Daisy sighed heavily, basically because she hated to say it, but she did, saying, "I feel bad about leaving my friends who've supported me, but the thing is I feel like a different person now. I don't really understand why, well maybe I do, but I don't see why I would all of a sudden not like my friends as much anymore."

Rebecca listened closely to what she said, and what she heard actually made her smile and respond to Daisy cheerfully, when she said, "Girl what you're feeling is normal. You're starting your life over again, and so the girl you are now isn't the same one who did the things you've done, and knew the people you knew when you were the girl with something extra.

"You may or may not go back to the same lifestyle and the same friends you had before. Do you feel me?"

Rebecca had sorted Daisy's feelings really well and put them into words for her. But that didn't necessarily make her feel better. She responded saying, "You know, I'm sure you're right, and I'm also sure that this version of me is going to do some things differently than the other version did."

A short time later she thanked Rebecca for her help and told her she'd talk with her later.


The Friday night before she was moving back to the city, she went out to dinner with her parents. They ran into people who had known her as a male, and by that time most people who knew her were aware she'd had SRS. It wasn't the way they treated her that got her attention; it was the way she felt about herself that she didn't recognize. When she greeted people and chatted with them, the stress she'd always felt was gone. She was no longer a woman in a man's body. She was a woman in a man's body that had been adjusted into the woman's body it always should have been.


The next day she drove the hour or so back to the city. She'd arranged to work half days, and then drive back to her parent's home for the weekends. When she arrived at Cindy's house there were cars in the driveway and on the street. Before she opened her car's door Daisy said a little prayer.

A moment later she walked into the living room filled with many of the people who've been in her life the last few years. Cindy was the first to hug her, and to say something outrageous. She squeezed Daisy tight, and then she took a couple steps backwards and said, "Show us your pussy."

If anybody else had said that it would have been shocking, but if Cindy hadn't said it, the people in the room might have been more shocked.

The old Daisy would have said, "Bitch please, or something like that, but this Daisy covered her face with her hands and blushed genuinely, before she said, "Oh my god, hush!"

Everybody huddled around her and started kissing and hugging on her.

Moments later she was greeting everyone individually. When she looked at Dana she could read her mind, and that made her blush all over again. She said the her, "Oh my goodness girl, you are so nasty."

Dana laughed out loud before she said, "You promised to show me your pussy and I want to see it now." Then she laughed again, and then said, "You look so good. How are you?"

Daisy exhaled and smiled from relief. She was trying not to feel some kind of way about her girlfriends paying so much attention to her pussy. She smiled, and then frowned before she said, "To be honest my bottom hurts after that long drive."

Dana gave her one more hug, and a peck on the cheek.

Daisy continued to go around the room giving everyone a hug and saying thanks

When she finally got around to hugging Chandra, it was the first time she felt real emotion. Perhaps their personalities had more in common, or maybe it was the fact she was transgender, whatever the reason, Chandra hugged her excitedly two or three times. The two of them had talked quite a bit on the phone while Daisy recovered from her surgery, but they hadn't seen one another. After they'd hugged the last time Chandra took a step back while still holding Daisy's hands and said, "It seems like such a long time since I've seen you. Maybe it just me, but you look different somehow."

Daisy grinned happily and then glanced down at herself before she said, "You're right I do. I have more curves. Now that my nuts are gone, I don't have a testosterone factory down there trying to make me look like a man. I just hope my titties don't get any bigger."

Chandra laughed and said, "I wish I had that problem." And then was more serious when she said how's your bottom?"

Daisy sighed, rolled her eyes, shook her head, exhaled, and then said, "All of the above." And then she said, "Believe it or not dilating had been the worst part. I had such good drugs I slept through most of the horrible pain, and then I got off the hard stuff as soon as I could so I'd be able to go the bathroom.

"Speaking of which, that's been an ordeal of its own."

Chandra was cringing at Daisy spoke, and when she finished Chandra said, "Oh lord, I don't know if I can handle all that."

Daisy squeezed her hand and then said, "Don't think about it. When the time is right for you, just do it."

The party didn't last very much longer, mainly because Daisy needed to rest. She left Cindy to see everybody out, while she went into her bedroom and lay down. She was lying there looking around the room, thinking about where she was and the people she was just with. It didn't take long for her to decide that wasn't her home anymore.

Making the decision to move out and live alone was one more bridge she'd crossed. She knew Cindy would understand, considering the fact she was supposed to have stayed for a couple of months when she moved in the first place.

The next item on her to do list was to meet the boys, Bell, Biv and DeVoe. She was curious to see what her reaction to them would be, and also how they would respond to her.


The following day Daisy walked into the Socks and Jocks sports bar at 12:30pm. She was wearing her usual game-day outfit consisting of a football jersey, black slacks, toe-shoes, and a huge purse flung over her left shoulder. Her hair was longer now, and she was wearing more makeup than she used to.

When she looked toward the guy's usual table, Bell, Biv, and DeVoe were actually checking her out. She gave them a menacing look, but they didn't break their gaze.

As she strode the few feet from the entrance of the bar to where they were sitting, several other people she recognized looked at her for a second. They looked but quickly turned their eyes away.

It occurred to her that she was seeing herself differently now, but people who knew her still saw her as the woman with a cock.

She put that thought away for the time being so she could deal with the three guys she often called cavemen. She stood at their table for a moment exchanging glances with each of them. It was a classic stair down until Daisy finally spoke. "What's the matter y'all?" she asked.

Still they didn't move, and then she pressed her lips together and huffed to show her frustration. As soon as the saw they had gotten on her nerves they stood up and one by one gave her a hug.

Daisy glared at each one of them and then she pulled a cushion from her shoulder bag. When she saw the funny looks from the guys she'd expected, she said, "Momma's kitty is still tender. I'm not going to be able to stay for the whole game, but I'll hangout with y'all as long as I can stand to sit." And then she gave them a big toothy grin at her clever use of words.

After they'd settled down, none of her guy friends seemed to know what to say, so once again she spoke up. "It's not like y'all to be so quiet. What's up?" she asked, as she folded her arms and looked at each one of them again.

Finally Bell looked at Biv and said, "Go ahead and ask her."

At that point Daisy had a good idea of what was coming next, and so she put her hands in her lap and sat up straight while looking directly at Biv.

He looked out of the corner of his eye at Bell, who was also looking at him. He turned to look at DeVoe for a second before he focused on Daisy again and said, "Did you do it? Is your dick gone?"

Daisy didn't say anything for a moment as she thought about his questions, but more so the vibe she was getting. After biting her bottom lip she said, "If by 'it' you mean my surgery, the answer is yes, and no my dick isn't gone, it's now my pussy. That's the way it always should have been."

She didn't say it, but she was wondering if the guys had been more comfortable with her when she had her cock, and they thought of her as a pretty sissy.

During the game they were loud as usual, but Daisy didn't have much to say, and she knew it was time to go. When halftime came, she stood and told them her bottom had taken all the sitting it could take, and she was going to go home and lay down. Before she left she gave each of them a hug and thanked them for looking out for her. When she headed for the door she decided to not look back.

It was time for a new beginning, where no one knew the girl with something extra, and therefore she could be accepted for who she is now.

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