tagTransgender & CrossdressersGirl with Something Extra Ch. 07

Girl with Something Extra Ch. 07


Hello readers, this is your humble omniscient narrator with an episode in the life of Daisy Elaine Maye; The girl with something extra.

She was born in a boy's body and his name was David. When he turned eighteen, he began his transition to becoming Daisy. During the next few years her appearance became completely feminized, and fine. She was also a pretty girl when she put her face on.

She lived most of her life in the relative safety of the LGBT community, until a couple years ago, when she decided to fulfill her dream of becoming a complete woman.

A few months ago she had sex reassignment surgery, and now her dick has been made into her pussy. This is the way it always should have been.

After her recovery, it was time for a new beginning, where no one knew her as the girl with something extra, and therefore she would be seen as the woman she is now. That was her intention, but she was quickly reminded that life isn't a fairytale, and just because you have a pussy doesn't mean you won't get clocked.


One of the great things Daisy discovered about living in a megalopolis is its size. That's obvious, right? Of course it is, size always matters, and thanks to the size of the city Daisy loves, she was able to get a fresh start simply by moving to a different part of the metropolis.

After driving around in areas she never knew existed, she found the community of Oakhurst in a rundown part of town that was being restored to its former beauty. There were quaint old bungalows that had fallen into ruin, after the money moved to the suburbs a generation ago.

In the latest incarnation of the neighborhood there were all ages, races, genders, sexual persuasions, and thanks to an initiative by the city there would continue to be socioeconomic diversity as well. If all that wasn't good enough, the house Daisy bought was across the street from a police officer's place, and that made her feel safe.

Her home was beautifully decorated with her mother's help. Surprisingly she wasn't bossy and let Daisy choose whatever she wanted, but the thing that made Daisy cry was when her father payed for everything she bought.

After all the furniture was moved in, and everything else was sorted, Daisy stood back and said, "This is the cutest place, if I must say so myself."

However, her mom and dad didn't let her move in, until after she'd gone to see her doctor in Philadelphia for her three months checkup.

Even after that they stayed with her for a couple of days until they were satisfied she would be OK.

She hugged them both, and shed a tear when they were ready to go back home.


She was three months into her recovery, and healed enough to run if she wanted to, but she preferred to take a daily walk and greet everyone she saw along the way. She had to remind herself to tone down the smiling before someone thought she was weird for being so happy. While she was pleased with her life, the happiness and joy she was feeling came from looks she got from both women and men. Everyone looked at her like she was just another woman getting her walk on.

No-one saw a tranny, or a sissy, or a cross dresser, and that's the way she wanted it. She didn't think of herself as being stealth, and she had no intention of ever making a friendship or a relationship decision based on her transition, unless she encountered a bigot or a homophobe.

So far the only concern she had was figuring out which of the men who smiled and waved to her were single and available. As she explored the different streets in the neighborhood she counted at least half dozen men she considered fuck worthy, at least based on looks. She knew she'd have to be careful about fucking men who lived too close to her, but it didn't mean she couldn't do it.

It had only been twelve weeks since her surgery so she wouldn't be fucking anybody in the near future but what could it hurt to let the cute guy she spoke to on Elm street talk to her.


Claire Mont and Decatur DC Rhodes were power walkers and everyday they'd speed past Daisy as she strolled. The third day when they were about to pass by her, they stopped to chat for a moment. They were super nice and Daisy liked them instantly. She said, "Hey, I'm Daisy. It's good to meet you."

Both of them returned her smile, and then Claire said, "I'm Claire, and she's Decatur, and you're new to the neighborhood, right?"

Daisy still had a cheerful look on her face when she said, "Yeah, I am. I moved in a few days ago." And then she pointed to her house.

This time Decatur spoke saying, "Oh yeah, I looked inside when the crew was fixing it up. It's really cute."

After looking at her home, and then looking at Claire and Decatur, Daisy said, "I'd love to show you what it looks like inside now, anytime you'd like to see it."

Decatur smiled again before saying, "I thought you'd never ask." And then she giggled.

At that point Claire said, "Oh, Decatur, honestly you're so nosy. C'mon let's get going. Daisy would you like to power-walk with us? Or we can stroll with you if you prefer."

Claire and Decatur's friendliness felt good to Daisy, and she really wanted to join them. She wasn't sure if she could keep up, but her doctor had said she was doing well, and so she decided to take the training wheels off.

She took off with long powerful strides, leaving the two of them in her dust. A few minutes later, both Claire and Decatur were trying to catch their breath, as she sped ahead of them.

A half hour or so later, they had power walked several blocks, and worked up a good sweat. When they were back at Daisy's, they agreed to meet back there once everyone had showered.


Over the next few days she got to know the two women's personalities in a way she'd never done with any of her girlfriends before. She felt liberated now that she no longer had a secret, and therefore she practically became a chatterbox.

It wasn't very long before the three of them were talking about the goings on in the neighborhood, and both Clair and Decatur were all too happy to dish about women, men and sex.

Claire said, "This really is a nice place to live, and everybody seems to get along, but there's some primetime soap opera action going on here too. Isn't there Decatur?"

Decatur giggled and her expression looked mischievous, when she looked at Claire and said, "You're a fine one to talk." And then she said, "What Claire is hinting at is, there's a lot of fucking going on in our hood.

"Don't get me wrong, as far as I know the married folks and the older people are behaving themselves," then she looked at Claire and grinned. "But well, if you're ever interested in anybody we'll be glad to dish on them." And then she giggled again.

Daisy was happy about being treated like one of the girls, but her pussy was off limits for the foreseeable future, so she didn't think she'd need any information anytime soon.


Her pussy had a different plan for herself, and so later that night Daisy was lying in bed, trying to think about anything other than the pressure she was feeling between her legs. She'd been diligent about her rehab and her recovery had gone very well, but she still had a hands-off policy when it came to messing with her pussy.

However the arousal that had been growing for a few days now had become too strong to ignore, so she hesitantly slid her hand down over her mound, and touched her womanhood in a sexual way for the first time.

When she began to experiment with giving herself pleasure, it felt strange to feel around down there and not find a cock and balls, but rubbing her pussy lips and clit felt like she was touching her package. Even though she still didn't have full sensation down there yet, rubbing her clit felt good. After playing around there for a while she began to figure out how to give herself pleasure, but touching her button wasn't getting her there.

She just couldn't cum. In her head it felt like she still had a cock, and it felt like she should be jacking it right now. That's when the thought of finding out what it'd feel like to have something inside her pussy occurred to her.

She really didn't want to use a dilator, they just weren't sexy, but just when she was about to give up in frustration she remembered The Bandit Realistic Dildo that Cindy had gifted her. It was still in its original container sitting on the top shelf in her closet. It was similar in size to her largest dilator, so she knew she could handle it.

She told herself she wasn't going to overdo it, or put it in very deep, but when she rubbed the head of the rubber cock along her pussy lips, it felt so good to her. Then she started slowly stroking that cock in and out of the entrance to her pussy, and her brain told her she was touching the base of her dick. When she began to insert it further into her vagina, the sensation was totally different from dilating. The stretching felt good, and the friction along the walls of her vagina felt like her cock was being stroked gently.

At that moment she knew for certain she was going to love it when a man fucked her well. She hadn't intended to do it when she started, but as she continued to fuck her pussy, she pushed that rubber cock a little deeper every thrust or two until she finally bottomed out. For the next few minutes she had a rhythm, but as good as that rubber dick was making her feel, she still needed something more to make herself cum, and so she began to use her thumb and forefinger to Jack her clit off.

It only took a moment or two longer to get the job done. She'd had her first orgasm as a woman.


Daisy knew she was getting her groove back, and she knew who she wanted to see. But first she called Decatur to ask her what he was about.

Daisy waited until his normal time to jog, before she went for her walk along Elm Street, and just as she'd expected when her crush went jogging past her he said, "Beep beep, passing on the left. Move over slow poke." She didn't move to her right, instead she moved to her left to block his path.

When he made the beep sound again, she looked over her shoulder for a second and said, "Slow down. I hope you don't do everything as fast as you run." And she smiled while biting her bottom lip and her eyes sparkled.

With that he slowed to a walk and said, "I'll take the fifth," and then said, "Do you do everything as slow and easy as you walk?" And then he raised an eyebrow at her.

After suppressing a smile she said, "I'd better get going. I can't talk and get my cardio at the same time." She said it, but she didn't mean it. She'd asked Claire about him, and she had given him her highest recommendation. She said, "He can fix stuff, and he has a big dick." And so, she was hoping he wouldn't let her leave.

She got her wish when he didn't let her off the hook that easy, and came back at her saying, "Now look who's in a hurry. I'll take your non answer as a yes."

Now the grin broke through, and she said, "Listen to how you're talking to me, and you don't even know my name. I can only imagine what you'd say or do if you knew me."

He'd been waiting for the signal from her he'd just received, and he didn't hesitate to pounce. He extended his hand to her as if to shake hers, but when she returned the gesture, he held her hand in his until he'd finished saying, "I'm Smithfield Groves, and most people call me Smitty. You can call me anytime."

Somehow Daisy maintained her poker face even though she was thrilled by his touch, and when he was done she said, "It's nice to meet you Smitty. My name is Daisy Elaine Maye." Then she pulled her hand away.

Smitty knew he had her attention by the way she was looking at him, and so he said her full name when he repeated his question. He said, "Daisy Elaine Maye, do you do everything slow and easy like you walk?"

His smooth voice saying her name made her pussy quiver for the first time since she got it, but she cleared her throat and pushed her arousal down. She was thrilled with her new vagina's response but she needed to put him in his place, and so she peered into his eyes and said, "Only my daddy gets to call me by my full name. Daisy will do fine for you."

When she chastised him for saying her full government name, he retorted saying, "I usually don't say a woman's full name until after she's called me daddy."

That comment had elicited and evil eyed smirk from her before she said, "Mr. Groves, don't you need to finish your run?" And then she began to stroll down the street again.

He stood there for a moment and watched her fine ass gliding along his street; he was sure she felt his eyes on her by the way she was making her hips sway from side to side. Now that he'd finally made contact with her, she was as sassy and sexy as he'd hoped she was, and he was sure that pussy was his.


Smithfield Groves was a divorced forty two year old who'd bought one of the rundown bungalows on Elm Street a few years earlier, when they were still dirt cheap. He had it remodeled and then rented it out. It just happened to be sitting empty when his wife asked him to leave their palatial three bedrooms, two and a half bathroom house in the burbs.

That was over two years ago. When he bought his place he'd hoped the community would eventually be restored to its former beauty, instead of being torn down.

As a result of the city's initiative, he'd watched the neighborhood transformed from an urban hellscape to a modernized version of the former stylish community. It was now inhabited by and eclectic mix of people. One of the under publicized consequences of the city selling the abandoned properties so cheap, was the number of single women who could now afford the houses.

Soon many of the tiny yards were filled with flowers, and women tending to them. Many ladies also walked their dogs and ran.

It didn't take the handful of eligible single men who lived in the area long to discover the many benefits of jogging. It was a great way to become familiar with their surroundings and scope out their new neighbors, and Smitty certainly did plenty of that.

In his case, he was thankful so few women knew where to find their GFCI reset when they lost power to an outlet. Another common malfunction was an extinguished pilot light on their central gas heat. Word of mouth is the best advertisement, and so once one woman recommended him to another one, he'd gotten into more of his neighbors panties than he'd care to admit.


Daisy had an extra bounce in her step as she headed home. She'd felt a sensation in her pussy, that told her it wanted to be fucked. Considering that some post-op girls on videos she'd watched, claimed it took them up to a year before they felt anything down there, she was eight months ahead of schedule.

She still wasn't out to fuck anybody, but after the arousal she'd felt the night before, and again that day, she was now confident she will feel pleasure when the time comes.

And then there was her first interaction with a man as a full woman. The entire time she was talking with Smitty she was saying to herself, "Girl he wants you, and now you have a pussy to give to him, but there's no way he's getting any." She was giggling as she remembered her thoughts.


She was so lost in her fantasy world until she hadn't heard her neighbor calling out to her. When she turned her head she saw a lady cop walking in her direction, and offering her hand as she greeted her, saying, "Hello neighbor, I'm Kim Jones."

Daisy was smiling at the lady cop as she said, Hello Officer Jones. I'm Daisy. It's so nice to meet you."

The lady cop took Daisy's hand into hers while returning her smile and then she said, "It's Kim, and I'm sorry I haven't welcomed you to the neighborhood sooner, but I keep such crazy hours."

Daisy was looking at her expression and mannerisms, with her Gaydar turned up to full power. Unless she'd lost her skills when her balls were removed, she read Kim as a switch hitter. She was a beautiful woman, but the neutral hairstyle, muscled physique, and the way she looked at her, all pinged for Daisy.


Nope, Daisy hadn't lost her gift when she gave up her nuts. Kim Jones loved dick but preferred pussy, but it could just as easily been the other way around.

As an unofficial ambassador for the city, she was very visible in the community. As a result, she'd found out first hand that many of her neighbors, both male and female were turned on by a woman in uniform. She'd sucked several dicks and eaten more supposedly straight women's pussy than you'd think.

She'd even clocked a transgender woman on Popular Street. That's why Kim's antenna was fully engaged since the first time she saw Daisy. "She certainly looks like a girl, but her shoulder width to hip width ratio is sketchy, and from closer up her hands and feet are kind of big."She could be either or," Kim thought.

Before she turned to go back across the street she said, "We have to get together sometime." She finished her thought in her head saying, "So you can show me how big your cock is, and how good you can use it."

Daisy was still smiling sweetly, but she was having other thoughts. "So you think you've clocked me don't you heifer, well I've got a surprise for you," she said to herself.

From then on every time she went for a walk, she wore something form-fitting that not only showed her figure, but it also showed the lack of a bulge.

Of course that didn't prove anything to Kim, in fact Daisy's little show only made her more convinced that she was tucking.


Daisy didn't let Kim's suspicions steal her joy. She was having too much fun with Smitty. She'd kept him arms length in public because she didn't want to discourage other men in the neighborhood from hitting on her. She'd gone out with him for a bite to eat, and he'd had an adult beverage.

Now she'd driven his car back to his place and then he'd walked her home. When they arrived at her place she was thinking that he'd put in two weeks bonding with her like she'd always dreamed a man would, and she wanted to give him something.

She also knew from her own experience that men talk, and so if she told him something about her business down there perhaps he pass it on to the other fellas. When they walked up on her porch, he waited for her to unlock her door and followed her inside. As soon as she closed the door behind them, he reached for her and threw a pound of tongue down her throat.

As she stood there devouring every ounce, she could feel his hard cock pressing against her. After she'd gotten her fill of his tongue, and she took her time getting there. She stood there in the dim light, with his arms still around her, and looked into his eyes for a moment, and then she said, "Smitty I have something to tell you." For a moment she had flashbacks to times in the past when she'd made a confession that started off like that, but this time it was different, and she felt relaxed.

But the words that came out of Smitty's mouth startled her, when he said, "You're not about to tell me you're a man and you have a dick, are you?" And he was looking serious.

After staring into his eyes for a long moment, she pressed her lips together and then said, "No. I was about to tell you that I'd really like to give you some pussy, but I can't right now." And then she paused again before licking her lips and saying, "What made you think that I have a dick, or that I'm not a woman.

When he said, "Well you have an athletic body, with broad shoulders for a woman, and your voice is a little deep. That kind of had me wondering, but when you gave me that I have something to tell you speech. Well you know, that really got me to thinking."

Daisy listened closely before she decided if his explanation rang true; it if in fact he'd clocked her, and then she said, "What if I'd said yes, I have a dick. What would you have done?"

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