tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGirlfriend and Kristen Bell

Girlfriend and Kristen Bell


My girlfriend tells me she has a present. A very special person is coming just for me. It's my birthday, and I have no fucking idea what she's talking about, so I just ignore it for now. Move on.

I'm at work, and the phone rings. I pick up, and guess whom. The girlfriend is telling me to ditch work and come home. Fuck it.

I'm in my car driving home. It's 2 PM on a Thursday, my boss is going to be pissed.

I get a text. It says, "Come nside. Blindfold urself on bed."

Fuck yes.

Fuck yes.

Fuck yes


My dick already hardens.

I get home, open the door. A blindfold lies on the ground at the entrance of our bedroom. I put it around my eyes and slowly walk over to my bed.

As I get there, I decide to do her a flavor. I strip my clothes completely off my body. I then fall onto the bed, roll over. My body facing up towards the ceiling. My eyes close behind the blindfold. My cock slightly erect already pointing to the sky.

Then a door closing somewhere in the house. Someone coming.

The door to our bedroom opens and closes. Footsteps.

I can hear the crease. Someone lying on the bed surrounding both my legs on right and on left. My cock stiffens erect. Hard and raging towards straight up.

Suddenly lips. Lips sliding slippery and seductively up against my firm cock. Wait. No. Two lips, two pairs of lips. I can feel them running blissfully spectacularly over my penis.

My mind just blows.

Don't cum.

Don't cum.

Do not cum.

Don't you fucking cum.

Sit back and enjoy this fucking thing. Two tongues, two lips, two girls licking you. Two girls sucking you. You're getting your junk sucked off by two mouths. It's hard not to cum at that thought.

I feel one tongue swirling around my balls and lower cock, making my balls tighten and hug tight to my body. Her lips surround my ball sack.

The other tongue, it's running over my dickhead, licking across the tip, flicking gently. Fuck, don't cum. She's tasting my pre-cum that's oozing out of my cock, licking it all up. I feel so fucking good.

I hear my girlfriend's voice, "Hunny, take it off."

I lift my hands to take the blindfold off, and from what I see, it's almost fucking a miracle I don't spray right there.

I'm staring down at the pink tongue of my girlfriend as she sucks lovingly on my balls. And beside her with long flowing hair, I see the wide, beautiful eyes, with my cockhead completely swallowed in her mouth, the youthful face of Kristen Bell.

I want to cum so hard right then and there. I want to shoot my cum right into her mouth. But I don't. I hold off. I want this bj to last longer. For ever even.

I sit back with my hands behind my head, as I watch these two feverish, sexy girls devour my cock. I hold both their heads as they suck along the edge of my cock and I move them up and down. Getting sucked on both the left and right of my cock feels so nice. Kristen crawls in between my legs and goes to work sucking at my balls so wet and sexy. And such enthusiasm. Her hot breath on my balls and ass warm me and make me buck my hips slightly into my girlfriend's mouth as she sucks my cock faster now.

Fast fast faster.

They switch.

Faster faster fast.

Kristen now working my cock taking it deep down her throat. I never knew this Veronica Mars could take it so deep. All my inches disappear down her mouth. She has my cock swallowed completely, her nose buried in my pubes. I buck my hips a bit and I feel the very back of her throat. She gags and pulls off my cock, spit everywhere. She goes back to work deep-throating my erection.

After some amazing sucking, she pulls off my cock, saliva dripping from her chin.

They both stick out their little tongues and flick as fast as they both can on the tip. Each of them has a fist wrapped tightly around my cock, and they start to beat it. They're jerking me off together in rhythm.

I lean up a bit to watch them both work their mouths and hands over me. I moan that I'm going to cum pretty soon.

About fucking time.

Fuck yes, I can't wait to cum.

Hearing my words, my girlfriend motions for Kristen to suck my cock. She grabs the back of Kristen's head and starts to slam her onto my cock. My girlfriend making Kristen face fuck my cock. She hardly has time to breath as her head is forced up and down all the way from tip to my pubes.

Up down up down.


She's not just fucking me with her mouth. She's so talented. She's still flicking her tongue all over the whole time and keeping a tight suction on my dick. Spectacular.

Suck it till I cum baby.

Suck it Kristen.

Suck it Veronica Mars.

Make me cum.

Make me pop.

With my cock halfway inside Kristen Bell's throat and my girlfriend's hand gripped firmly at the base of my cock and stroking me up and down. I just need to cum.

I stare at both of their sexy faces staring at my dick, sucking at my cock.

And I cum. I fucking explode, shooting my load inside Kristen's throat. The fucking hardest load I ever came.




So hard, my dick feels exhausted.

She pulls her mouth off of my wasted cock, cum dripping out the corner of her mouth and leaking down her chin. She swallows all that's in her mouth.

My girlfriend licks the cum that spilled out of her mouth and they make out in front of me as my cock softens.

Then they proceed to kiss and suck my semi-erect cock and give me the most wonderful post orgasm bj. They lick my cock clean, sucking up all the remaining cum. I lie in bed with two gorgeous women handling my cock, sucking it completely dry.





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