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Girlfriend at Play


It was mid last year when my girlfriend moved into my house that I became to realize just how much she loved sex. Our sex life was always hot and steamy since she found out I like to wear women’s lingerie. It seemed to turn her on which was wonderful for me as many of my previous girlfriends weren’t so keen. Most lacked imagination both in and out of bed.

My girlfriend has a number of vibrators and dildos which she is not shy about using when she is horny. I was laying on the lounge watching Rove around 10.30 one evening when she came in after having just had a shower. She said she was off to bed to read. My girlfriend loves to download sex stories off the internet which we often read together while in bed. She kissed me goodnight and wandered off into the bedroom. She partly closed the door of our room which made me a little suspicious about what she might be up to.

I waited for a few minutes turned the lounge light off and crept to the door and peaked in to see her laying naked on the bed with her smooth gold vibrator laying on the be next to her I could not see her head but she was obviously engrossed in what she was reading and hadn’t heard me at the door. My cock was starting to stir in my red lacey panties that I was wearing, I gently massaged it through my jeans.

I watched quietly from my perfect viewing point and I didn’t have to wait long. With her spare hand she reached down and picked up the vibe. I moved away so I could remove my jeans and The were way to restrictive. My cock was as hard as a rock now. When I crept back she was sliding the vibe over her wonderful clitty and pussy lips which were glistening from their wetness. I started rubbing my self through her red panties as I watched her playing totally unaware that she was being watched.

The scene in front of me was so hot I could have cum there and then in my panties however I wanted to prolong the pleasure so I slowed my rubbing. I watched in amazement as she slid the vibe into her wet pussy while she read. She closed her legs on the vibe to keep it in place. She continued to read while the vibe was doing its job inside her and I was doing myself at the door. She put her hand back on the vibe and slit it out it glistened with her juices. She was working he clitty with it now as my stroked became more urgent. Her legs were clamped around her vibe now with her hips making little upward thrusts off the bed. My hard cock was leaking pre cum all over the front of my sexy red panties as I stroked in anticipation of he orgasm.

She moved the vibe a little in and effort to get a better contact with hard clitty. Her body began to twitch then she shook uncontrollable as her body was engulfed by her orgasm. I pumped hard my knees going weak as I released my load all over the inside of her sexy panties. She removed and turned of her vibe placing it on the bed and kept reading. I quietly crept back to the lounge and laid down to recover from what I had just seen and done. Not thinking to put my jeans back on as she was in bed.

All of a sudden the bedroom door opened and my girlfriend came out wearing her nightie, I thought I had been caught out. Here I was laying on the lounge in her red lace panties soaked in my cum. Luckily she went to get a drink from the kitchen. She came back in and bent down to kiss me again said goodnight and went back to bed. Lucky the lounge light was out or she would have noticed my soaked panties.

I laid the for the next 30 minutes thinking about what had happened gently stroking myself through her soaked panties. She was so hot and horny I just wanted to go in and attack her but I didn’t want to spoil my chances of a repeat performance so I didn’t mention it. When I could hear that she was asleep I crept into bed still wearing a very wet pair of panties. As I got comfortable I could feel her vibe under the pillow so I slipped it out and gave it a good cleaning with my tongue. This made me hard so I started stroking myself again only lasting about 30 seconds before I unloaded again into her panties. I slipped the vibe back under the pillow and turned over put my arm around her and snuggled up to her back soaked panties and all. I slept like a baby.

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