tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGirlfriend Becomes the Prize

Girlfriend Becomes the Prize


I love my girlfriend Moriah, she is the first girlfriend I have ever had that I felt this close to. She is also the only girl that I have ever liked to watch parade around in front of my other friends in skimpy outfits, or to see flash random strangers. She's a bombshell, 5'4, 108 pounds, has long natural dirty blond hair although it's now died a sort of mahogany red color. Her Breasts are a 32D cup and her ass is impeccable- definitely her greatest feature. She has a pair of legs that just don't quit.

Well, I've expressed my feelings to her about the idea of sharing her with other men. She's always been skeptical about fucking somebody else or even going further than anything other than flashing really. Well I'd finally convinced her to finally agree to me sharing her with someone else. She let me pick who and where and how. One thing about me is if we are going to do it, we are going to do it big. So I invited a few of my friends over to play a couple games of Halo together. I told them that whoever won would get a special prize.

So I told my girlfriend my plan: whoever won between the three of us guys would be given a blowjob by her for the rest of the next game. Every game the losers would have to remove an article of their own clothing. I told her who was coming over- one was her longtime friend Tom who was a taller man, dark brown hair and glasses. Moriah had met him in college. Hank was one of my long time work friends me and him were the best of pals during my time at my previous job. Sam was another one of my friends from college he is a very tall black man with a completely shaved head.

So when the guys all arrived I explained to them what the name of the game for the night would be. They all were in shock they couldn't believe that they would have a chance to have my beautiful girlfriend suck on their cocks for the night. I then added one last rule, whoever wins gets to take Moriah home for the entire night. All three of the men's jaws dropped. All of them were single with the exception of Hank who was married but his wife was away on a trip to Wyoming to visit family. When I turned around Moriah's face was in shock as well.

"So without any more ado how about we get ready, Moriah?" I said looking at my girlfriend. Moriah slowly started to remove the robe she was wearing revealing her naked body to all the guys in the room. Her perfect 32D tits left hanging out for all of the guys to ogle. You could have heard a pin drop in that room, everyone, including myself was staring at Moriah's naked body and I could tell everyone grew large bulges in their pants.

Once we were done drooling over Moriah we started to play our game. It was a free for all match whoever reached 25 kills first won and therefore got to have their cock sucked for the next round. The first match took the longest being that we were all out of practice at halo, but eventually Sam was the winner. So the rest of us removed our shirts. Moriah got into position kneeling in front of Sam who was sitting on the couch. She moved in-between his legs and unzipped his pants. She pulled down his boxers to reveal a huge black cock that almost smacked her in the face when she pulled it out.

He was huge-must have been at least 8 or 9 inches long, and Moriah was a little reluctant to put him in her mouth. She looked over at me one last time and waited for me to nod in approval to her. She finally lowered her head to his crotch and slowly parted her lips to envelop his long black cock in her mouth. She was only able to take about a ¼ of his size in her mouth. She gagged a couple of times before finally getting used to his size.

The rest of us were all focused on my girlfriend's nude body now sucking our friend's cock. Her head bobbing up and down. It was hard to focus on the next game, as everyone was distracted by my hot girlfriend's performance. Sam, however seemed to be doing extremely well. Her blowjob must have given him an adrenaline boost and he had no problem beating us down in the next round.

So once again all of us losers took off an article of clothing. Sam was still fully dressed and still had my girlfriend's head bobbing up and down on his cock. So we started another game, this time all of us were more focused determined to get Moriah working her talents on our own cocks. This time we got an advantage-Sam got close to cumming and was very distracted during this game making him an open target for us. This time Hank beat down the competition and forced me and Tom to strip completely naked. Sam lost his first piece of clothing, although he did get another prize. Towards the end of the game he finally finished to my girl's superior cock sucking skills. He came inside her mouth but she was unable to swallow all of it, so the rest flowed down her chin and onto her chest.

Moriah asked hank if she wanted her to wash off before she began to work his cock, but he couldn't tolerate another second of his cock aching for the warmth of her mouth. So Moriah quickly rubbed the leftover cum into her breasts, making them glisten in the light. Moriah quickly got back on her knees, this time between hank's legs. She pulled down his boxers and began to suck his cock as well.

Unfortunately, just then his phone started to ring; it was his wife Carla. Hank said he had to answer it because his wife was not the most trusting- and for good reason. He answered his phone, "Hi baby what's going on" he asked somewhat nervously into the phone. To everyone's surprise Moriah didn't stop sucking him. She just kept bobbing her head up and down on his cock, she was a good little cockwhore; even with me she never stopped for anything. After about 5 minutes of Hank talking to Carla and the rest of us playing with ourselves watching my girlfriend sucking Hank's dick, Hank finally hung up and we could continue our game.

Once again, it seemed as though the one getting his cock sucked somehow got a huge performance boost. He beat us down in the first few minutes until about halfway in the game when I made a great comeback and won the game. I decided to let my girlfriend keep working on Hank's cock, because I got her awesome blowjobs pretty often and I would rather see my friend get to enjoy her a little longer.

The next game was by far one of our quickest. Hank ended up cumming halfway through without warning, and it filled Moriah's throat and she gagged on it as it went down, but once again some of it ran down her chin. This time she wiped it up with her finger and sucked the rest of it off of her finger. Since she finished Hank before the next round, she decided to start helping me get off. She pulled down my boxers and started to work my cock.

Tom finally claimed a win in our contest and that meant that it was a dead tie with only one game left. Whoever won next would get to take my girlfriend home and fuck her any way they wanted. Moriah seemed a little excited to suck Tom's cock, he was her type- tall, dark, and handsome; I kind of always figured she had a crush on him before we started dating although she denied it.

Moriah got on her knees in-between his legs and started to rub Tom's hard cock. She worked her hands up and down him and then she leaned down and slowly enveloped his hard cock in her mouth. She started to work him up and down sucking and licking his dick furiously. Moriah lost control- and we could tell. She was able to finish him before the first round was even over. But this time, learning her lesson from last time, she pulled him out of her mouth when he was ready and she let him blow his load all over her face and tits.

She started wiping up all of the cum and licking it off her fingers. After that she started sucking Tom's now flaccid cock. He hardened again pretty quickly in her mouth where she started sucking him again. Tom stood no chance in this round, and Moriah's pleasuring got the better of him and he didn't even score a single point.

Hank was the victor, putting him in the lead and giving him the victory for the night. Hank jumped up in excitement, his dick flopping as he did. Moriah stopped sucking tom's dick and walked over to hank, swinging her hips as she did. She looked absolutely stunning. Like a sex goddess in the flesh, her hips swaying as she walked, her breasts glistening from three different sets of cum on her body, a small droplet of Tom's cum glowing on her lips as she seductively licked it off. She walked over to Hank and gave him a long kiss and then pushed him on the couch.

I couldn't believe my eyes, my hot, innocent girlfriend crawling on top of my friend Hank's body lowering herself onto his pulsating cock. She forced him into her, and started to bounce up and down on Hank's throbbing member. The other guys looked at me and gave a sort of look of agreement. Tom climbed on top of Moriah and started to finger her tight ass. Sam positioned himself in front of her and started to poke Moriah in the face until she happily let his long black cock find its way into her mouth.

Tom had Moriah's ass nice and lubricated now, and he fed his dick into her tight little ass, a loud muffled moan escaped Moriah's cock filled throat. I was jealous of Tom, Moriah very rarely let me do anal. I wasn't quite sure what I should do, so I sat down on the lounge chair and started to stroke my own cock as I watch my girlfriend get violated in front of me.

Moriah was overwhelmed with sensations- every hole of her body was filled with a nice long hard dick. She started to moan uncontrollably, her moans soon turned into screams of ecstasy. She could feel both hank and tom start to really pound themselves into her lower half. Feeling their dicks separated by a thin membrane, the pleasure was intense.

Hank was the first to finish after he really started pounding away at her, his second load for the night finally burst into Moriah's pussy. Moriah felt her first orgasm come over her as well. Tom climbed off of her and helped her get onto the floor on her back. This time I decided to intervene I climbed on top of her and forced myself into her already well fucked pussy. Tom climbed in front of her and started to feed his dick into her wanting mouth. Sam and hank moved to either side of her and her hands found their way to their dicks. She started to stroke them as both men started to suck and squeeze at her breasts.

Never has Moriah ever felt this amount of pleasure before. Four very strong men all huddled over her taking turns fucking her and playing with her tits. Moriah reached her second orgasm pretty quickly as I fucked her and mine was not to long after. I thrusted myself into her and unleashed my load in her. I quickly got up and motioned Sam over, in exchange for his turn taking his place getting stroked by Moriah's free hand.

Sam climbed on her and stuck his long 8 inch dick into her pussy. Lust filled Moriah's eyes as they widened to the shock of the larger cock now fucking her pussy. Sam wasted no time getting to work. He pounded her, forcing her entire body to shake as he slid his dick in and out. Moriah had to let go of our cocks as she wrapped her arms around Sam and dug into his back with her nails. This only forced him to go faster and faster.

Anyone outside must have thought someone was being killed, given how loud she screamed.

Sam's fucking of my girlfriend was brutal, and her eyes filled with tears from the mix of pain and pleasure, but she begged him not to stop and he didn't. Moriah reached her climax three times during Sam's fucking of her pussy. Finally, Sam filled the deepest reaches of Moriah's pussy with his semen, thrusting a few more times before quitting. Moriah was exhausted and her body was abused and worn. She could barely sit up. The guys helped clean her off and set her up on the couch.

After a few hours, Moriah was back to normal, she had felt like a large amount of stress had been relieved from her body. As it would turn out she was in need of a good fucking. The guys hung around for a while and had some beers before we said goodnight. Moriah was ready to go home with Hank, to be his little whore for the night. I pulled her aside and asked her what she thought of tonight's little experiment. The only thing she replied with was next time, more men, she giggled. I bid her farewell for the night and Hank promised to keep her entertained.

The next day Moriah came back telling me stories of what she and hank had done. Moriah said she was sworn to secrecy on some of the stuff. But she did tell me that he used her the entire night they fucked for five hours switching from sex to blowjobs to hand jobs and then even some posing for some nude photos that he wanted to keep. And she got to fuck him while he was on the phone with his wife. She had no idea it was happening, it was a big rush of excitement for Moriah.

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