tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGirlfriend Bound

Girlfriend Bound


My sister is on her knees and her hands are spreading her cheeks apart to give me easy access to the hole I am very familiar with. She has an athletic build throughout her body and that includes her toned cheeks, which is perfect for me as I am not a fan of a lot of junk in the trunk. Her long, blond hair is laying on either side of her and I can see her pale flesh peeking out between the strands.

I slowly enter my well-lubed dick into her asshole and she gives a slight hiss when entry is made. I slowly work my seven inches inside of her and she no longer notices my massive girth forcing her hole to open widely to take what I have for her. I have lost track of just how many times I have taken her ass and never get tired of the sensation of being buried deep inside her dark hole. Once I am buried as deep as I can get, her hands release her cheeks and I feel her fingertips brush my balls. Her fingers pull away and I know they are resting on her clit, then the soft sighs start to pleasure her pussy.

Once the sweet sound of her sighs starts to change to soft moans, I slowly move my massive dick back and forth as the pressure feels like a tight glove around my shaft. Her fingers start to quicken and she moans louder, which is the sign for me to increase my pace. I start to grunt from the pleasure coursing through my body and I have a very hard time maintaining control.

My grunts turn to moans and I struggle to move with purpose. I maintain my composure for a few thrusts deep inside of her asshole, then surrender myself to the moment. My pace becomes hard and fast and we are both moaning together. I grip her shoulders hard and force myself all the way inside to give her my release. Her fingers start to work in a state of being rushed since she wants to share the release with me.

I feel the wave ready to overtake my body and moan loudly. Her asshole starts to spasm as I release my cum deep inside of her. Every movement of our release feels like my body is blessed with fire and we are both moaning loudly together. The wave of pleasure subsides, but her spasming asshole brings the next one quickly. There is nothing better than having a simultaneous orgasm while buried deep inside of her asshole and I am able to give her far more of me this way.

Our orgasms subside and I pull out while I give her one last twitch. I feel my head leave and the cold against my flesh is far from pleasant. I adjust myself quickly so I am sitting comfortably with my legs spread out. Once she knows I am ready at this end of the bed, she turns around and takes my still mostly hard dick into her mouth in its entirety. It has taken her a long time to adjust her body to my dick, but the time is well worth what I am now feeling.

Melissa's blue eyes are aglow with the aftermath and her stretched lips are turned upward around my shaft. She starts to slowly move her head up and down in a search for the remnant of my cum and her ass. I start to soften in her mouth and feel her tongue try to keep me hard, but this never works. I wish I could get hard for her again, but the inevitable always happens. My dick softens entirely and she finally gives up her search by slowly releasing my shaft from between her lips.

She lays on her back and I move to join her so we can look into each others eyes. Her blue eyes are still aglow in the aftermath and I know she still feels some of the pleasure of her release as an echo. We are smiling at each in a very loving way and my fingers start to trace around one of her red nipples. Her fingers caress my stomach and we both remain quiet, since we want to enjoy this moment without ruining it with clumsy words.

After countless minutes, Melissa asks, "Have you told her about us?"

I shake my head and say, "Not yet. I'll Brenda soon. I promise, Melissa."

Her voice is filled with heart-breaking disappointment as she says, "You keep saying that, Brandon, but it isn't happening. If the two of you are getting serious, she has a right to know."

I look at her with every ounce of sincerity I can muster, then say, "I know, Melissa. You're right. She does have a right to know. I just don't know how I can tell her."

She smiles just a little and says, "I know it's not easy, but you can't keep putting it off. It's only going to get worse. I'm happy you are finally getting serious with her and I don't mind sharing you. But I am getting tired of sleeping alone when she spends the night."

I say, "Alright, Melissa. I'll tell her today."

She smiles wider and asks, "Really?"

I nod and say, "Really. I promise. I don't know how, but I will. Any suggestions?"

Her blue eyes move up as she tries to come up with a solution and my fingers start to work softly around her other red nipple, then she grins and says, "I've got it, Brandon."

I smile and say, "That was quick. What is it?"

Her grin widens and asks, "You said Brenda is willing to try new things, right?"

I nod and say, "Right. What do you have in mind?"

Her grin turns wicked as she asks, "You know how mom used to like getting tied up and blindfolded by dad?"

My parents, before they passed, used to really be into the whole bondage thing. They thought they were doing a good job with secrecy, but curious children tend to find out things they shouldn't. When my parents passed, we never threw anything out and everything they used in the bedroom is still packed neatly away in a box. Neither of us ever had any interest in using anything from my parents collection, but there is a first time for everything.

I grin back and ask, "You want me to tie you up and bring her in to see how she reacts?"

She shakes her head and says, "Not me. I want you to tie her up and blindfold her. Then I can sneak in and start going down on her."

I'm taken back a little and say, "You mean you'll." She nods, then I continue, "But you're not exactly bi."

She has a serious look on her face and says, "Just goes to show how much I love you, Brandon. Besides, for this to work I have to, which means I will. Then you kiss her, which will make it real clear it isn't just you in the room. You take off the blindfold and see what happens."

I frown a little and say, "She's going to leave me if I do anything like that. There's got to be another way."

She says, "Anything you say today may cause her to leave you. That's a risk you have to take anyway. If I do a good job going down on her, she may decide she really likes being with us and be willing to share the bed."

I think for a moment, then say, "Damn, Melissa, you're right. I can't think of anything else that has a chance in hell of working. Might as well go all out with your idea. Guess we should get the box out and get things ready. She's going to be here soon and we both need to take a shower."

It is a quick search to find the box and open it for the first time since packing it away. We set it on the bed and start to remove the contents to find the specific items we are searching for. Once all the items are laid out, we start to go over them and make a quick selection of black restraints and a black blindfold. The rest of the items are placed carefully back in the box, then hidden away once more.

We take them to my room and start to tie the restraints to the headboard. Since neither of us have any experience with this sort of thing, my sister lays on my bed and places her hands to be bound by me. She brings her legs up and I secure the thigh restraints and smile at my sister lying in a hopeless state. Her tightly trimmed pussy is almost invisible against her pale flesh and her holes are both clearly visible to me.

She tries several times to free herself of the bindings, but nothing comes close to working. I am tempted to leave her there, since her legs being held back this way makes for a wonderful view. I stare at both holes for a few moments, but there is not enough time to really enjoy ourselves. I quickly loosen the restraints and we jump in the shower together, then take pleasure in cleaning each others bodies very thoroughly.

The doorbell rings just as we are stepping out of the bathroom in a full state of dress and neither of us show any sign that anything is amiss. We are used to hiding a big secret from her, which means we can easily conceal what we are planning. My sister grabs her purse and walks with great purpose to the door. She turns and gives me a playful wink, then opens it for Melissa.

Brenda looks at my sister's purse in hand and asks, "Going out?"

Melissa nods and says, "Emergency came up. I'm going to be gone for a couple of days. Now get inside. Brandon's waiting for you."

Brenda gets a look of worry, then asks, "An emergency? Is everything OK?"

My sister nods and says, "Everything is just fine. Now you two have fun. I have to go."

Brenda steps out of the way for Melissa to pass and enters the house with a smile. She closes the door behind her, then locks it tight. It doesn't matter how secure the locks, since my sister has the key with her. She rushes to me and puts her arms around me, then we hold each other tight. My lips reach down to hers and they press together in great passion. My tongue moves between her teeth with ease and soon starts to play with hers.

The embrace breaks quickly as she pulls away and says, "I can't believe we have the house to ourselves for a couple of days. I may never leave."

I smile and say, "You won't get any argument from me. How about we get out of these damn clothes and have some fun?"

With no further words of encouragement needed, we both start to remove our clothing in a great rush. Her green eyes are alight with excitement, even if they are doing everything they can to hide behind her red bangs. My eyes focus on her small tits and she shakes them for my enjoyment. Her brown nipples are very hard and stand out easily against her pale flesh. My eyes move down to her tightly trimmed bush and the patch of red looks really amazing against her pale flesh.

I whisper into her ear so she can feel my hot breath, "I have something special in the bedroom."

She reaches down and caresses my hard cock, then says, "Look like you have something special right here."

She grins widely and turns to walk to my bedroom, then purposefully moves her tight ass to bring about a greater sense of desire from within me. It isn't needed, since I enjoy looking at her body greatly. She walks into my bedroom and stops dead in her tracks. I start to caress her ass and wonder if it was the restraints or the blindfold she noticed first.

Her voice has a hint of confusion as she asks, "What the hell is all that, Brandon?"

I whisper into her ear and she lets out a pleasant sigh, as I say, "I told you I had something special in here. I thought we would try something a little different."

She shakes her head a little and says, "I wouldn't call that a little different. I don't know about this."

My hands move to caress her small tits and whisper, "You might like it."

Her defenses are weakening quickly, as she says, "I just don't think I'll enjoy something like that."

I breathe out to collapse her remaining defenses, then whisper, "Why don't we try it. If you don't like it, then we can stop whenever you want."

She lets out a deep sigh and says, "Alright, Brandon. I'll try it for you."

I guide her to the bed and move the black blindfold out of the way, then help her get into position. I concentrate on her wrists first and she puts up no resistance at all. Our lips press together and she struggles against her restraints to press her hands to the back of my head. I bring up one of her thighs and secure it in place. Then run my hand over her tits softly, which causes her to emit a soft moan. I secure her other thigh and walk to the end of the bed, then smile as both of her pink pussy and dark asshole are left unguarded. I hold up the black blindfold and walk to the side of the bed, then lovingly put it in place.

I whisper into her ear, "Do you want me to release you?"

She doesn't answer right away, but eventually says, "No, Brandon. I don't want you to release me until you want to. I can stay like this all day for you. I love you so much, Brandon. I want to make you happy."

I whisper, "I love you, Brenda."

I move so I am between her legs and ny fingers reach down to caress her inner thighs, then moves to her hard clit. She lets out a soft sigh of appreciation and my hands work along the outside of her pink pussy. I move my fingers away from her body and quietly walk to the hall. My sister has already let herself back inside and is completely naked. My eyes scan over her medium sized tits and red nipples for just a moment, then I nod for her to enter the room.

She looks at my helplessly bound girlfriend and places her head between her spread legs. Her tongue moves out from behind her lips and she is soon exploring a pussy for the first time. There is no sign of distaste that can be seen on her face and Brenda moans in appreciation for the work being done between her legs.

I watch my sister's tongue move to her clit and start to lick it with great zeal. My eyes move towards Brenda's face as I hear her moans increase in pleasure and carefully position myself. As she lets out another moan, I place my mouth to hers and start to kiss her with far more passion than I ever have before and she accepts my tongue easily. It takes a short time for her to realize I cannot have my tongue in two places at once and pulls her head back quickly once it dawns on her.

She is starting to struggle against the blindfold and demands, "What the fuck, Brandon? Is this some kind of sick joke. Tell your friend to stop. There is no way in hell either of you are putting your dicks in me. That's it. We're through. Get this damned thing off my face and let me go."

I say, "There's only one dick in this room, Brenda."

She starts to pull against the restraints with all her might, and screams out, "You brought a fucking whore in here. What the hell, Brandon? Tell your whore to get her tongue away from me. Now!"

I see her face is flush with anger and I am going to remove the blindfold shortly. I move my eyes to my sister's face and her eyes are aglow with the excitement of her newfound fun. Her tongue is moving with a great deal of purpose on her clit and she shows no sign of being insulted by being called a whore. Brenda starts to scream and tries to pull away from my sister, but the restraints make her movements meaningless.

My eyes move back up Brenda's body until I am looking at her red face and my hands move to start to pull the blindfold away from her eyes. She is glaring at me with more anger and hatred than I have ever seen before. There is no sign of love in her green eyes and I fear I have lost her forever.

She pulls against the restraints in an attempt to reach my face and screams, "Tell your fucking whore to stop and untie me now."

My voice is very loving as I say, "I'm not untying you just yet, Brenda. I will, but not yet. I want you to hear me out first."

Her eyes lock onto my face with rage and she is refusing to look at the person between her legs. She screams out several times and struggles against the restraints in a vain attempt to free herself. She rests her arms and legs for a moment and I think she is starting to calm, but quickly starts to pull again.

She glares at me and says, "Fine, you fucker. I'll hear you out, but get your whore away from me."

I look over at my sister and wave her over to stand next to me. She nods and takes a few last licks of Brenda's clit, then stands up and starts to walk towards me. Brenda's face turns away and clearly doesn't care who owns the tongue. My sisters hands caress my back as she stands next to me in order to give me strength.

I look at her red hair and want to stroke it to bring her comfort, but don't want to take the chance on getting bitten, so I refrain and say, "Look at me, Brenda."

She shakes her head and says, "I'm not looking at your whore. Get her the fuck out of here."

I shake my head and say, "Alright, Brenda, don't look at me. Damn, Brenda, this is hard. There is no whore in this room. I would never bring anyone like that in here. It isn't just some random woman. Fact is, she is someone I have known for a very long time and she comforted me more than anyone when my parents died."

Brenda's voice is still filled with anger as she yells, "And you thought you'd introduce me to her by tying me up and going down on me."

I shake my head and say, "There's no need to introduce you. You already know her."

Brenda is still refusing to look at me and I want to pull her face towards mine. I want to kiss her and tell her everything is going to be alright. I want to free her from the restraints and embrace her, but none of that matters right now. Now is the time for complete openness with my girlfriend and the restraints must stay to prevent her from running away.

She sounds very angry as says, "I don't care who it is. Get her out of here. Now!"

I take a deep breath and say, "She's my sister."

Brenda takes a moment for my words to sink in and asks in a voice filled with confusion, "Your sister?"

Melissa's voice has a sense of calmness about it as she says, "That's right, Brenda."

Brenda turns and her green eyes move from me to my sister and angrily says, "So what, you're into girls and thought you'd have him tie me up."

Melissa's voice remains calm as she says, "I'm not into girls."

Brenda shouts, "Bullshit!"

Melissa shakes her head and says, "No, really. I'm not. Fact is, Brenda, that's the first time I've ever done anything like that."

Brenda's face loses some of the red out of confusion and asks, "If you're not a lesbian, why the hell would you do that to me?"

I have a hard time finding the right words and eventually say, "Because we love each other very much. I love her every bit as much as I love you."

She shakes her head and says, "I don't understand."

Melissa says, "We're intimate with each other. Very intimate."

Brenda's green eyes get very wide and says, "You mean the two of you are..."

She cannot bring herself to finish her words and I can't really blame her, so I nod and say, "Lovers. And have been for a very long time."

A look of revulsion crosses her face and she says, "That's just sick. What the fuck is wrong with you?"

My sister says, "I know it's hard to understand, but we really do love each other. And I know you both love each other just as deeply. I can't explain why these things happen, but they do. I am willing to share him with you, because you make him happy."

She scowls and says, "No need. You can have him."

Melissa frowns a little and says, "Brandon's happiness is very important to me. You're angry right now."

Brenda shouts out, "Angry! Angry doesn't even begin to cover it, you sick bitch."

Melissa ignores the insult and says, "Probably disgusted about finding out about us and a little confused. You need time to think things over."

Brenda shakes her head and says, "I don't need time. Now let me go!"

Melissa says, "Yes, Brenda, you do. And we're not going to untie you until you've had time to really think things through."

She pulls hard on her restraints and yells, "Let me go!"

Melissa shakes her head and says, "Not yet. First, we are going to show you the benefits of joining us in bed."

She shakes her head and says, "Don't you fucking touch me."

Melissa smiles and says, "We are going to touch you. Now just relax."

Brenda starts to scream out in defiance as my sister moves to the other side of the bed. My hands start to caress one of her tits, while my sister does the same. She tries to pull away, but we ignore her and take her nipples into our mouths. My sister and I are smiling at each other while our tongues work on her soft nipples.

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