tagLoving WivesGirlfriend Brings Home Yoga Teacher

Girlfriend Brings Home Yoga Teacher


My girlfriend was getting ready to do a month-long yoga teacher training seminar in Montreal. She was really excited, as it was supposed to be the oldest ashram in the western hemisphere. I was glad for her, even proud of her. We were both a year away from graduating college. I was going to stick around and work some construction job to save some money, while her dad paid for her to do this yoga retreat in Canada –I'm pretty sure he was hoping it would drive us further apart. I wasn't his least favorite person in the world, but I am pretty sure he did not think I was worthy of Denise.

Denise is a sexy, outdoorsy college girl in her last year of school, she looks a little like reese witherspoon but with brunette hair and blue eyes. She is kind of conflicted about sex with me, and I can't tell why. She is very sexual and quite expressive of it, from leading me in automobile-born jerkoff sessions on road trips to oral play and fantasizing together. We have some great sex and we have a lot of intimate fun, but only once in a while do we actually fuck. Almost every time we do there is some kind of emotional baggage she says is making it hard for her. She says she has had a crazy past that makes it hard to get intimate with her boyfriends, whatever that means. I guess she has trust issues.

She's really into yoga, and is learning to be a teacher now at a yoga school with a male teacher, and I guess a heavy load of male students in the class. She says a lot of the class is couples for some partners work they do in the sessions, but that there were a few single guys she and a couple of the other single girls worked with.

When she first described this to me I was like, "so when you say 'single', does that mean like, you are... ...What does that mean, exactly?"

Denise looked at me sarcastically, and a little defensive. "It means we aren't there with significant others and we are available for partners bodywork and stuff."

She'd been doing yoga for some time before we'd met. It seemed for the most part to be really good for her. Once in a while she would grab me in the morning and take me through some simple sun salutations, but for the most part it was her thing. I had music and art, so I wasn't about to begrudge her any passions of her own.

She talked about her yoga teacher quite a lot. He was about 36 and, as far as I understood, had done little in his life other than pursue spiritual bliss, liberated from the grind by a substantial inheritance in his 20s. Denise went on and on about Alex. I wasn't surprised – he was a successful entrepreneur, an older man, and from what I'd seen of him, in pretty unbelievable physical shape. I knew she had to be sexually attracted to him on some level. I mean, I was horny for all sorts of women I went to college with, or saw at my regular haunts. We were pretty open and realistic about our sex life with each other, and I thought we had a pretty good understanding. I knew there had to be more than a couple guys at her yoga class getting more than an eyeful of my girl but I trusted her. Besides, I knew that she was so frigid and complicated with me a stranger would have no chance. Well, or that's what I thought at that point anyway.

This morning, the day before we would leave for Oregon, Denise and I went through her daily morning sun salutation together, and afterwards she asked me to help her with some contact yoga.

"You'll just help me maximize my stretch by holding parts of me in place –" she said. I'd never heard her describe this kind of yoga before, "–while I try to stretch as much as possible."

"Ok, sure," I said. I had nowhere to be. This was fun. "Where do you want me?

"Ok," she said, "Now stand behind me like this," she guided me to stand behind her. "Now grab my hips in your hand like this," She pulled my hands up to either side of her. Her hair smelled fresh from the shower.

"Alright," I said, "Now this is my kinda yoga,,," She smiled at me sexily.

"Ok," she said, "Now I'm going to bend over into down dog, and you pull on my hips as I stretch, so I can stretch my lower back out the best."

"Ok," I held her loosely at the hips as she bent forward, placing her hands on the floor over her head. "Like this?"

"Mmmm-hmmmm," she said, "but pull more."

I pulled her more firmly toward me. "Better?"

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..." she groaned as she ground against me

I thought about the view these guys in her yoga class were getting of her in these clingy stretch pants, bending over everywhere and showing off the shape of her ass and pussymound for anyone interested to see.

"yeah, but REALly pull. Pull me into you" she was kind of beginning to seem finicky, so I exaggerated this time. I pulled her ass up against my cock, which was reasonably stiff. I loved to look at her ass in her stretch pants. I thought she would think I was goofing off, but she surprised me.

"Just like that," she said. "You can even pull harder." I was kind of disappointed by her nonreaction but I did what she said. She sort of rocked against me in place while she tried to get the most extension she could. "Ohhhhh yeahhhhh..." she sighed. "This is bar none my favorite one to do."

I could feel the shape of her mound through her pants rubbing into my stiffening boner. "Wow, I hope you don't do this at yoga class."

"Why is that?" She sounded defensive.

"Uh, well, because it's a little weird to think of other guys getting off with you like this"

I could feel the shape of her cameltoe massage itself on my hardon, as she strained her ass against it. How could any guy not get a hardon doing this with her?

She breathed exasperatedly and said, "This is yoga, Sam.."

"So you do stretch like this with the guys in your class?"

"Uh, YEAH..." I was obviously a little tripped out. To think of that teacher of hers holding her like that, her rubbing against him so nonchalantly –honestly it seemed pretty much like dry-humping to me. But she was acting as if I was being unreasonable, prudish.

"And you're telling me that they don't sport wood when they do this with you?" I ask, point plank.

She cranes her neck around and twitches her ass around harder against me teasingly.

"Sport Wood? Nice, Sam," and then she gracefully bent up to a standing position from her waist.

She laughed as she reached into the waist of my sweatpants and took ahold of my dick, "Don't worry –It's okay. Alex says arousal is a part of the human condition, and that we shouldn't regard it as a negative. All the guys get hard-ons when we partner stretch. It's no big deal."

My erection lurched and surged to complete attention in her hand when she said this –My breath caught in spite of myself and she looked up at me with a blushing grin that seemed to understand something about me that I was still putting together. "Oh goodness!" she exclaimed as she tugged at it playfully, "Maybe Alex and I will have to give you a private demonstration some time!" I was a little shocked and threatened, and for some reason I laughed nervously.

Looking totally sympathetic and concerned Denise actual tells me, "Baby, you have to understand," she reaches down to cover her pussy mound with both hands and looks me in the eye, "just because I rub my pussy against a guy's cock doesn't mean I'm going to let him put it in me."

I was dumbfounded, and must have looked it. "So you're saying, ..."

"WHAT?!" she looks indignant for a minute, "I mean, we're wearing workout clothes..." she said.

"Well, I mean, do you like it?"

"like what?"

"do you like... rubbing your pussy against a guy's... cock. Through your workout clothes."

"Well honey, you already know I love yoga."

I flash her a look.

"Well, fine. Yes."

"Yes what?"

"Yes I like the way it feels when I rub my pussy against their hardons. Are you happy?" I am unable to answer her. I feel completely aroused, and I want to see her grind on a dude in front of me. I am harder than I've ever been, and what had been jealousy a moment ago thinking of her with someone else had turned into excitement.

"If it's any consolation, it's mostly Alex who I partner with."

"Great." I say sarcastically, "as long as there's no group stuff."

"--Well, I mean, some days we just go around in a circle so everyone gets to partner with everyone at least once."


"But a lot of days I just stay late with Alex and we do contact yoga together. He says I'm his favorite partner."

"Oh, I'll bet."

She looked genuinely offended and I felt horrible. "I would hope you could be proud of me, Sam." She let go of my waistband and walked away, straightening the sun room and putting away our mats.

"Oh, proud that my girlfriend spends three evenings of every week letting some old dude dry-hump her? That's supposed to make me proud?"

"He's not that old," She slumped to the ground and stretched some more. "My god, Sam. You are such a child sometimes. I hope you can get over it."

"I'm over it –whatever."

"Good," Denise said, reaching up to grab my chin as she kissed me playfully, "...because he's coming over for dinner tonight, and I want to deal with your jealousy of him once and for all."

"Alex is coming here? But we're leaving in the morning."

"We're in no hurry. Besides, Sam, don't you want to judge for yourself whether our yoga exercises are appropriate? I think we'll give you a demonstration of one of our private workouts, so you can see how pure and beautiful we are together."

"What do you mean?" I couldn't breathe for a brief moment. Did I hear that right? 'How pure and beautiful we are together?' –It was the same words she used to describe us when we got together. Unbelievable.

She looked supportive and understanding, took my hand in hers, "I mean..." Her hand brought mine to rest up against her inner thigh before slowly smooshing against me so that our hands could feel both her pussy mound and my swollen cock beneath my pants, "... I mean you can watch us together," she said, smiling up at me with the twinkling innocence that made me fall in love with her in the first place.

"Do you want that, Sam?" she drew closer and whispered as she massaged my hard-on with one hand. "Do you want to see what Alex and I do together?" she breathed in my ear, still stroking me. "When we're all alone?"

"Oh God," I moaned, as she squeezed and rubbed the tip of my cock through my pants. All of a sudden she grabbed and tugged it hard, squeezing it like it was her prisoner.

"Say the words, Sam!" Denise demanded.

"Okay, okay – he can come over and show me your yoga workout."

We showered and got ready for the next day so that we could play the proper hosts to Alex, and also Naomi, his 'life partner', whom he brought with him. She was truly incredibly sexy and all-around exhilarating to be around. Honestly, so was Alex. We all drank a little wine and chatted about the neighborhood. I couldn't keep my eyes off of Naomi's cleavage, as she was wearing a supertight v-neck tee that showed off two inches of stomach and wanted to split at the seams to accommodate her awesome tits. The first time she caught me staring she smiled and blushed, and then her nipples poked out, big jumbo erasertips by the look of them.

Denise and Naomi were both wearing yoga stretch pants with the skin-tight butt and cameltoe, and the loose ankles. Naomi's were white, as was her top, whereas Denise's stretchpants were black, and she wore some kind of wrap blouse held up by a strap around her neck.

While I was chatting up Naomi after dinner I looked over and saw Alex chatting on a sofa with Denise. He reached up and rested his hand across her upper thigh like she was there for him to pet, and she responded unconsciously by opening her thighs, both accommodating him and sliding his fingertips closer to her cameltoe. It was so weird because as I noticed it he seemed to as well, and flicked it with his knuckles lightly and playfully. She made no response, just smiled him and watched.

"Hey weren't you going to show off those stretches for me?" I said loudly, to diffuse the situation"

"Alex can we do our special after-hours routine for Sam? He's trying to be understanding but I want him to see for himself how spiritual our connection is, so he doesn't have to worry whether we're fucking or something."

Alex chuckled and looked over at me. "Is that bothering you, Sam? Are you jealous of the connection between Denise and I?"

"I don't know" I told him honestly. "Denise is just so ambiguous when she explains it. But also suggestive..." the last part sounded like my confession.

"Okay" Denise announced to the room, "Alex, come here with me in front of my baby and let's show him how we workout together." She reached down and grabbed his hand, leading him into the center of the room.

"I am going to get into downward facing dog pose," she said calmly, " And Alex I want you to grab me by the hips and help me maximize my stretch, just like normal, okay?" She got on all fours and craned her neck to beam a smile up at him.

Alex approached her ass in the air, as she turned to look back in my eyes. She lifted up a hand to me. "Come here," she mouthed as she craned her finger. Alex spread his legs out into a strong wide stance before placing his hands familiarly on the smooth swells of her hips beneath her workout pants. I crawled over to Denise and kissed her on the lips before she said, "I want you to let go, and just allow yourself to enjoy this Sam. I love you." She looked both affectionate and apologetic as she told me she loved me.

"I love you too, babe," I told her.

"How's that, Denise," Alex asked as he pulled her ass up against his groin.

"Just a sec," she said, adjusting and wiggling her ass to stretch, "mmm... that's nice, Alex. Sam, come here and look between us now."

I obeyed without thinking and raised from the floor to approach their space, until I was looking down on the stretch pant-clad cushions of my girlfriend's asscheeks mooshed up against the groin of her teacher. I noticed his hands gripping and kneading the meat of her hips as she pulled and pushed against him.

"Alex, one of the things Sam was uncomfortable with was the possibility that you would become aroused when we worked out like this. Are you aroused now?"

"Oh yes," he told her matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, I could tell. Sam," she addressed me as she deepened her stretch to the ground, raising her ass higher against Alex's front. "Do you see where Alex has me rooted against him, babe?"

My mouth was dry. "Yes,"

"Look when I rock myself against him like this –can you see the shape of his cock?" she started undulating sexily against her teacher, and I could make out the ridge of his cock where her cameltoe slid up and down against it.

"I can... sort of see it, Denise," I said sheepishly.

"Well reach in there and grab it."

"Denise, what?"

"Sam don't be a faggot, just do it." Her language was so harsh I felt like I didn't know her for a second. Alex chuckled and Naomi approached me from behind. "Naomi, will you help my boyfriend please?" She grabbed my arm gently in both her hands, squeezing her luscious breasts up against me as she did it.

"See that's nice isn't it?" Naomi whispered in my ear. "Now, touch it" she said as she guided my hand between his crotch and my girlfriend's ass. I surrendered to the moment, I guess because Naomi's tits felt so good against me –I have to admit, though, the taboo of it, and the fact that I was being coerced into it, was getting me kind of hot all over. I felt Denise's mound and asscheeks brush firmly against my knuckles as the steel ridge of Alex's massive cock impressed itself firmly against my palm. My cock lurched in my pants, I can only assume at the novelty of the situation. I unconsciously squeezed it and felt it swell immediately in response.

"Very good, honey, now tell me about it."

"Wha-what do you mean, Denise?"

"Is it hard?"

I squeezed it again. "Yes."

"Is it warm?"

I felt extremely awkward. "Yes," My thumb unconsciously flicked up the length of his cock.

"Ok Sam now I want you to pull my pants down around my ankles."

"What?!" I pulled my hand off of Alex's cock and shrank back.

"Well, Sam you want to see us workout like normal, right?"

"But... You don't..." she looked up at me sympathetically.

"Baby, I'm sorry but yes. We do." My eyes must have been pained, as she said, "Sam don't worry, you just need to adjust to this. You'll like it, I promise. Now," she shook her ass in the air playfully, "Take them off!"

I peeled the stretchy material back to expose her tanned ass cheeks, and Alex and I both eyed her little cuntlips peeking out as I rolled the pants to her ankles and over her feet as she lifted them one by one.

"Very good. Now take off Alex's pants."

I couldn't believe it, and when I hesitated Naomi again came to help me, this time without encouragement by my girlfriend. Naomi squeezed up sexily behind me, mashing her tits in my back and wrapping her arms around my front to take my hands in hers.

"Come on, now, little cutie pie, let's do what the lady asks," She whispered in my ear as she rocked with me a little by a little, one hand stroking my chest and one snaking down to fondle my hard cock through my pants. She kept nudging us forward with her massive chest until she could reach my hands to alex's waistband, then put her knees in the backs of mine, which brought me to my knees on the floor. She knelt behind me and squeezed my cock and balls hard enough to hurt. "Do it!" she hissed in my ear with her luscious red lips.

I didn't know what else to do, I was so turned on I wanted the women to keep on and I didn't think they would if I didn't go along with them. I started pulling his pants down, and caught the cockhead in the waistband as I pulled, causing alex's shaft to bounce in front of my face tauntingly. I tried to avoid looking at it, and still felt weird after having touched it with my hand, but I couldn't avoid it and eventually just sat there staring at it. A bead of pre-cum swelled at the tip. The shaft was smooth and shiny and swollen in the center.

"Sam?" I heard Denise after a long pause and turned to see her smirking at me. "Are you going to share that cock with me or keep it all to yourself?" Alex and Naomi broke out laughing with her at this, and I kind of laughed embarrassedly, too. I stood up and backed away, taking in the view of Alex, now holding his big dick in hand, standing behind the love of my life, on all fours with her ass presented to him in the air. He spanked her cuntlips with it a couple times and looked at me.

"Sam, you've got to understand – Denise has some specific psychological and sexual needs which she must address if she wants to evolve further in her sexual freedom. I know you think she's been dishonest but I think if you consider it you would also realize that she NEEDS to be dishonest." He said this like a psychiatrist but all the while was licking his fingers and rubbing the saliva on her pussy and asshole. I watched her face react as she craned her neck and arched her back in response.

"Sam, Denise needs to be cheating to be turned on. That's why you've only had sex together a couple times, but she has sex with me after almost every yoga class."

"WHAT?!" I was dumbfounded "Are you KIDDING ME?!"

"Don't be so selfish Sam, geez," Denise said as Alex dipped an index finger into her asshole. Naomi looked disgusted with me and backed up in irritation.

"You guys I'm not trying to be a dick it's just—It's just a lot to take all at once."

"Sam do you want to watch us fuck or not?" Denise demanded. It was weird because I had no idea this was going to happen but now that it was I really did want to see her fuck his beautiful cock. The head of it was rubbing loosely against her inner thigh. He looked up at me, as if waiting for a response.

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