tagLesbian SexGirlfriend Ch. 04

Girlfriend Ch. 04


Edited by Rozezwild

“May I come in?” Toni stood with her shoulders squared. Her jaws flexed and eyes narrowed.

“Of course,” Zeta moved aside letting her boyfriend’s mother in her apartment. She was glad that Krista wasn’t there. She knew that this unexpected visit would be confrontational. “Would you like something to drink?” Zeta pour herself a Vodka straight up.

“I’m going to get right to the point.” She sat her purse and sunglasses down, and then stepped towards Zeta. “For some reason my son likes you…”

“And you came to warn me away?” Zeta took a step towards Toni sitting down her drink.

“Nothing so dramatic. I don’t care what side of the tracks you come from, but if you are going to be with my son, then you will need to learn how to dress and act in social settings.”

“And you are going to help me? Why would you do that? I remember the way you looked at me when you opened the door. Like I was shit.” Zeta was almost tit to tit with Toni.

“Look, just because I’m not from the streets don’t think I won’t bust you up side your head.” Toni bumped her breast against Zeta’s.

“Oh yeah?” Zeta pushed Toni back.

Toni leaped at Zeta knocking the young girl back onto the sofa. Zeta twisted around on top of Toni. Toni put her foot in Zeta’s stomach and kicked the young woman back over the coffee table. Toni dove at Zeta. Zeta caught Toni’s arms and flipped Toni head over heels over the loveseat. Toni held onto Zeta’s top and ripped it completely off. Zeta’s jiggled as she reached grabbing Toni’s top and ripping it into several strips. Toni pushed Zeta back over the loveseat pulled on Zeta’s shorts yanking them until the came off. Zeta kicked free then came back diving on top of Toni. Zeta pulled and tugged on Toni’s skirt as the rolled around on the floor. Zeta got Toni’s skirt and panties off. Toni caught Zeta’s head between her thighs. Zeta tried to wiggle free then closed Toni’s head between her strong thighs. Toni slapped Zeta’s butt-cheeks hard and got hers slapped in return.


Neither one of the women would give. Zeta’s face was forced against Toni’s crotch. She tried to move but Toni grip was too strong. She felt Toni’s hot mouth on her cunt. She wanted to get loose, but then Toni would have the advantage.


Toni slapped Zeta’s butt-cheeks repeatedly. The young woman’s mouth on her cunt was draining her strength. In an act of desperation, Toni spread Zeta’s butt-cheeks and thrust her middle finger into the young woman’s asshole.


Zeta cried into Toni’s wet pussy at the sudden intrusion. She slapped Toni’s butt-cheeks harder with her open palm trying to get some relief from the strong thighs.


Toni burrowed her mouth down on Zeta’s cunt feeling the young woman buck and wiggle, but still hold her head tight.

Zeta found a candle in her struggle. She found Toni’s anus with her finger and impelled the waxed dildo up the canal.


Toni thrust her legs out in shock and panic. Zeta quickly rolled over on top of Toni and pulled her boyfriend mother’s legs up and apart as sat up.

Toni found herself on her shoulders, her legs in the air, and her face between Zeta’s butt-cheeks.

“You want to get freaky with me, huh?” Zeta locked Toni’s legs with arms and brought her mouth down on Toni’s spread cunt. Zeta pumped the candle in and out of Toni’s asshole with the speed of a jack hammer. As much as Toni’s muffled cries vibrated her
aching pussy, she would not stop.

Toni gave up the fight. The young woman had her in a hold she could not get out of, neither could she get away from the probe in her butt and greedy mouth on her cunt. She tilted her head back pushing her mouth on Zeta wet pussy.

Zeta could feel that Toni’s tongue was not aggressive. She lower Toni back down on the floor but kept a tight hold on the woman’s legs. She cautiously brought her mouth down on Toni’s clit and sucked on the little bud.

Toni relaxed her legs. “Mmmmmm!” She gave into the sensation. She rubbed her hands over the red marks left from the spanking she had given. She raised her head and licked at Zeta’s youthful wet pussy.

Zeta released the hold on Toni’s leg and flicked her tongue in and out of the well managed mature pussy. “Mmmmmm.” She slipped two fingers inside the wet hole as she lower her own cunt down on Toni’s face.

Toni returned the favor, pumping fingers in and out of Zeta pussy. She humped up to Zeta’s mouth as the intensity of the battle erupted into a massive orgasm.

Zeta rolled over and sat propped up on her arms. “Look, I don’t like to be bossed around or intimidated. I really like Lemmi and I intend on being with him, and I’m not going to let anyone get in my way.”

“You sure have got some spunk, but I only wanted to tell you that I wanted to get to know you.” Toni felt the sting of her swollen lip.

“Oh gosh! I’m sorry,” Zeta said sitting up cross legged.

“Don’t be sorry. It’s good to know that you are willing to fight for my son.” Toni felt the ache when she attempt to laugh. “I also see you like a little girl play.”

“I’m open to a lot of things, but you know your way around a girl yourself,” Zeta chuckled.

“And a few other places.” Toni struggled a bit getting up from the floor and got a little help from Zeta.


Zeta got a good soapy lather and began moving her hands over Toni’s tits as her own were measured by Toni’s skillful hands.

“You seemed to handle Eric okay out on the beach.”

“He’s charming.”

“Yes, and flirty.” Toni moved her hand down to Zeta’s pussy moving her fingers through the folds and rubbing gently on her clit. “I give Eric all the latitude a man can ask for and he is completely loyal to me. I think that a man should be free to explore and experience different things, as should a woman, and sometimes a man and a woman can experience some things together.”

Zeta slid two fingers up Toni’s cunt. “I agree with that. Some times people say things, but when it comes down to it, they are full of regret. I intend to show Lemmi what kind of woman I am, and I’m hoping that he will be pleased with me.”

“Mmmmmm. I hope he does.” Toni leaned back against the shower wall as the younger woman finger fucked her into another orgasm.

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