tagErotic HorrorGirlfriend in the Zombie Apocalypse Day 04

Girlfriend in the Zombie Apocalypse Day 04


Day Four:

It was something like late morning when we finally awoke, cold and shivering, naked on the mattress with only our mutual body heat to keep us warm. Luckily it was still summer.

I lit the fire and made tea.

The fire was a risk, the smoke from the chimney being visible to scavengers against the sky. However, warming us up was a priority. Tea was the easiest hot drink these days, foil wrapped tea bags were light weight and still easy to find in most households. And when you were cold and thirsty a lack of milk and sugar didn't matter at all. Hot, strong and black.

Coffee was possible but a glass jar or metal can were heavier and bulkier.

I heated up some tinned soup which Emily ate straight from a sauce pan I found downstairs. Some dried fruit in the pantry added a little extra sweetness after the soup. I wasn't hungry and the tea was enough for me.

As the soup was heating through, Emily nipped to the bathroom with some stream water to bathe and dress, so in the meantime I pulled the covers from the window and looked out.

That was when I estimated the time of day and that was also when I saw how heavily the rain was coming down. You could hear it on the roof of course, kind of calming and exhilarating at the same time, I always liked the sound of rain.

But I didn't particularly enjoying spending ten hours walking in it, which was the prospect for the day. However, we were only about a day or so from the coast by my map reading and guesswork.

Emily was adamant, by the time she came back upstairs and stared out of the window while she sipped her soup, she did not want to go anywhere while this rain was coming down as it was.

I tried to convince her that we were so close to our destination and that one last push and we'd be home free and the longer we stayed in one spot the more danger we were putting ourselves in. Especially if we kept the fire going, as we seemed to be doing.

She argued that the smoke would be lost against the gray skies and that scavengers would most likely be sheltering indoors too. Which, I had to admit, was probably true.

And then she downright manipulated me. Ensuring that she got her way.

"Let's hold up here for a few hours, at least until the rain stops. I'm sure we can think of something to do to pass the time." She said with a little sultry flush to her cheeks and the tiniest of alluring smiles.

And she illustrated her intention by playfully running her palms down the sides of the gray cotton, low-cut, sleeveless top she was wearing. It hugged and lifted her small breasts and was an empire line design, the ruched and flared hem cascading down from under her bust.

She wore tight jeans that hugged and lifted her arse, making it look succulent and mouth-wateringly sexy.

My cock went up and my desire to go outside diminished simultaneously.


"Oh God you taste so good." Emily panted as we kissed.

She was licking at the sweat that trickled down my face, throat and then my chest and abdomen, between mutually hungry French kisses.

"I don't know what it is! Your tongue, your sweat, even your breath is sweet like honey. I can't get enough!" She moaned hotly.

She was slaking me with her tongue all over my mouth and face.

I was happy enough, even though it was a bit weird of her. I had my hands down the inside of her unzipped jeans, clutching and squeezing her firm, pliant arse cheeks while I chased her tongue with my lips, catching and sucking on it, before I let her go back to chasing down more rivulets of my sweat. I had already gulped down two Viagra and my cock was like a solid iron bar in my combat pants.

"You really like my arse don't you!?" She laughed breathily.

"Sexually, it's your best feature." I replied honestly. Squeezing and fondling her buttocks.

"Dean always liked my arse." She muttered.

I spotted the momentary misty, far away look in her eyes and her excitement waned, for a moment as grief and guilt reared their ugly heads. But then she visibly shook her head, freeing herself from the funk and the fire returned to her eyes.

Satisfied, I kissed a quick half-hearted path down to her tits and then spent a few moments sucking on her nipples and laying my tongue all over the perky orbs of her not quite handful tits.

She panted and stroked my hair, enjoying my attentions on her tits and ass and I felt the little quivers running through her body. Those annoying tingles started up against in my fingers and toes, well actually they were crawling right through the palms on my hands and the balls of my feet now. I didn't let it distract me though and went to town with my lips, tongue and teeth on her nipples and areolae.

She lowered herself a little and I felt her hand, at long last, press against my bulging cock. She let out a little moaning breath.

"You're so fucking big, Jay." She moaned, hungry for me which made me ten times more horny for her, "I want it up my arse again."

"Take it in your mouth first." I said, then had another idea. "D'you wanna sixty-nine for a bit?"

"Okay, but not in here..." She pouted, looking around the attic room with a heavy, exasperated look.

"...I'm bored being cooped up in here. Let's go downstairs. It's safe enough. You checked all the rooms for monsters didn't you."

"Okay." I agreed without much thought, following the insistence of my erection.


We found ourselves in the slightly musty smelling but light and roomy sitting room and at once occupied the large and deep window seat. I wondered about the centrally positioned sofa, it faced the chimney breast mounted television and was side on to the window, which was large and reached almost to the floor, but under it was the deep and well padded window seat and Emily wanted the light on us while we fucked so we went straight for the window. It looked out onto the front garden and beyond that a field to the left and woods to the right.

Of course, I wasn't interested in the room or the view. And neither, as it happens, was Emily. All we were interested in was each other's bodies.

We didn't waste any time in getting down to it on the deep and comfortable window seat.

I quickly settled down on the thickly padded cushions and pulled Emily up on top of me, head to toe with her thighs spread on either side of my chest and my fully fledged erection jutting straight up at her face.

We got straight to the mutual oral action, Emily going down on my shaft, all the way down, until I felt her tongue stabbing out to flick at my pubic hair while she worked my swollen crown deep in her throat. I, meanwhile, grabbed her arse cheeks in a tight two handed grip and spread them apart and then pulled her dripping pussy down onto my face.

I started with long, slow licks across and up and down her splayed lips, before burying my tongue between them and lapping at her vaginal orifice. I listened out for the rise in her appreciative moans and once she was really starting to pant and her juices were flowing properly, I pressed my lips over her clitoris and started sucking.

Her volume and mewling noises started to grow immediately and between sucks I started to ply the rough surface of my tongue to her engorged clit. And she started to go wild, all but forgetting about my erection in her thunderous sexual pleasure. I switched between the surface of my tongue, the firm tip of the organ and my suctioning lips over her clit and her wildness and noisiness only intensified.

Without stalling my oral attack, I slid two fingers into her vagina and started to finger her as well, thrusting very fast and deep and working my tongue faster and faster until fingers and tongue were practically synchronised.

She came with a loud squeal, rocking and gyrating against me, moaning and calling my name between the Ohhh's and the Yesss's.

I didn't let up for a second and her orgasm peaked and then leaped straight up into another even bigger one and this time she blasted juices over my face and fingers.

I was going to carry on and see if I could get her to cum a third time but my tongue was numb, my fingers were cramping and between the panting and breathy moans, she was pleading with me to stop. So I gave in. Against my better judgment I have to say.

I lay there underneath her, sucking the juice from my tingling fingers and enjoying the consistent pleasurable throbbing that emanated from my still surging erection. And then it was suddenly engulfed once again in the hot, damp, lush, cavern of Emily's mouth and throat.

She blew me like no one had ever done it before and I lay there in a glorious golden stupor. Floating in my erotic bliss and enjoying the throbbing heat and succulent constriction of the bloated crown of my shaft popping in and out of her throat over and over again. The hot wetness of her saliva coating and tricking down my shaft to pool in my matted pubic hair.

My fingers were gently stroking the lips of her pussy and the moist heat of the little mouth between them and I knew then and there where I wanted to be.

"Get up Em, it's time to fuck." I grunted with a new urgency.

I wanted to be inside her, before the desire to blast my load down her throat became too great.

I shuffled back off the window seat onto my haunches on the floor while Emily quickly rolled onto her back and spread her legs for me, grabbing the backs of her knees and pulling her legs up and back so her hips lifted up, elevating her ass and expectantly exposing her anus for me.

"Hurry..." She moaned, panting, practically begging for it.

But I was after some pussy action for a change and I ignored the offering of her ass hole.

I I leaned in, pressing myself between her thighs, grabbed my erection and quickly thrust it into her juiced up pussy, immediately starting a rapid, deep thrusting pace.

"Ohhhhh! Fuck!! ...No, Wait... Jay...! Oh God that feels good!!" She groaned loudly, arching her back and tossing her head as my cock speared her.

"...Jay, wait. Not there. Stop a minute. Stop." She moaned.

I halted my thrusts, leaving my swollen shaft embedded all the way inside her succulent, snug, tropical heat. I looked at her confused and impatient.

"Not my pussy, Jay. It feels too nice, do my arse again. Hurt me Jay!"

I wasn't actually all that bothered. I was getting what I wanted and if she wanted it up her backdoor exclusively, who was I to argue? But all the same I asked the question.

"How come?"

She gave a long sigh and looked suddenly annoyed. She looked around, as if trying to make up her mind then lowered her eyes, as if she couldn't bare to look at me. She looked flustered and embarrassed.

"If you must know, I feel like I'm betraying my boyfriend and stomping on his memory, just so I can keep living in this shitty, good for nothing world. And I feel like I deserve to be punished, okay!? So... Just get on with it!" She wailed with exasperation.

I couldn't think of anything to say in response. As I said, I was getting exactly what I wanted and there was nothing I could do or say to make Emily feel better. Except do as she asked and stick my dick up her arse, which I did.

A little reluctantly, I withdrew from her tight, soaking pussy and pressed my well lubricated crown against her anal mouth.

She relaxed her ass in preparation for taking my thick cock, as I gripped the solid shaft just behind the crown and started to inch it into her, with slow but insistent and unrelenting pressure.

Emily winced and moaned and panted as my erect cock attempted to press open her anal mouth. And then with a heavy squelching sound, a deep exultant groan from me and a desperate squeal from Emily, my erection pushed into her anus.

I kept up the pressure and shoved the whole length into her arse, grinning at her responsive arched body and quivering tenseness on her pretty face. She actually bit at her bottom lip. The look on her face was just exquisite.

She pushed her bottom toward me and lifted her legs higher, stretching to grab her ankles while I gripped her around the waist and laid into her ass with my stone hard, fat, cock.

"Oh fuck! Yes Jay! That's it, fuck me hard! Hurt me!" She gasped in a near squeal.

It didn't last long. Her arse hole gripped my cock like a fist and I pounded it like it was my last fuck.

The sheer, ribald, sexuality etched on her lusty, flushed, creased up sex-face added another element of pleasure for me. And that combined with the fast, sensual thrusting and the seasoned taboo of years of fantasising about Emily's O'Brien's anus squeezing and baking my cock shaft, brought about a quick and glutinous orgasm.

Just like last night, I dumped the contents of my balls straight up her arse, white-washing her bowels in what I could only describe as a fire extinguisher going off inside her, my cock straining rhythmically, pumping and spurting up her backdoor over and over again.

Emily jolted against me, shoving herself back against the window seat as I blasted my searing spunk inside her ass, which incidentally pushed her hips harder against mine. Her mouth gaped in a silent scream and her eyes squeezed shut as she felt my hot climax uncoiling into her hot bowels.

"Oh fuck, that hurt!" She laughed to herself afterwards, confusing me a bit. "I came too, but it was a bit quick Jay. I could have gone for another ten or twenty minutes, Jay."

"Gimme a chance babe, that was my first fuck of the day." I protested, pretending to have taken offence. "It was never gonna last long, was it. Give me a few minutes and we'll go again and this time I'll fuck your arse for a solid hour, how's that?!"

"Mmmm..." She purred. "...Sounds good."


It was actually more than a few minutes before the second promised buggering got underway. I used a cotton doily from the back of a nearby armchair to wipe my cock down and then passed it to Emily so she could soak up the spunk trickling from her ass, I leaned back, naked, on the thickly carpeted floor with my back against an arm chair.

Emily leaned back and stretched lithely, it was enough to get my cock from resting to semi hard. But she suddenly wanted to chat.

"I've been thinking Jay." She began. "I've been having second thoughts about the plan, with Nan's farm on Heddaby."

"Okay... How come?"

"Well, to be honest, it was always just for me and Dean. The island, the farm. Peace and safety from zombies. I always pictured it being just the two of us, me and Dean. I never told him, you know how he felt about me having a kid with all the added dangers, but I even planned on us raising a family together on the Island..."

I could see where this was going. The plan had been Emily's from the start and it had been a good, sensible one. Dean had been talked into it once I sided with Emily, once I saw the logic and the potential for a good, long and safe life.

Off the coast of Croth, west of Glasgow, there is a small island called Heddaby. There's not much there, just a horseshoe of granite hillside that protects the rolling fields from the Atlantic. You could cross the island's length in maybe four hours on foot. The fields are lush grasses and Emily's seventy year old Nan lives there and has a sheep farm, She's the only occupant. And the farm is more like an independent project, like the 'Good Life'. Everything is grown and recycled, sheep dung used as fuel etc. Everything required to live a healthy, though not necessarily comfortable, life is readily available on that island. There's even a small forest and a fresh water brook that feeds a well on the farm's grounds.

And then Emily dropped the bomb shell.

"...I never saw you there with us Jay. It was just for me and Dean. And now, to be blunt, it feels wrong going there without him. It was our dream. Just ours. No one else's."

I sat there for a bit. Then shrugged and nodded. As long as I was with Emily and got to fuck her when I wanted, what did I care where we lived?

"Sorry, Jay. I know it seems unfair. I'm probably being a real bitch..."

I answered her with a smile and a censored version of my thought process.

"Em love, to be honest, as long as we're together I don't care where we are." I said with a smile.

"Thanks, Jay. You're sweet." She smiled at me and I could see the relief in her eyes.

I didn't really care, but in the back of my mind I felt down in the dumps. And a new weight made itself present in my gut. I wondered if, subconsciously, I had been putting a lot of hope into the Heddaby farm plan. More than I had realised.

What were we going to do now?

The answer was fuck. And that was the best answer I could think of.

Emily seemed to have thought of it first and she leaned forward and threw her arms apart for me, inviting me into her embrace again. I swallowed another couple of Viagra.


She didn't seem to be quite so excited about sucking me off without me having a proper wash the second time, so we just had a hurried, frantic, tongue heavy snog and an excited fumble, some mutual masturbation and then I pushed her down onto her back on the cushions, swung her legs wide apart and then shoved it in her backdoor again.

She was still slightly open from the previous sodomy and it was easier pushing my way up her, though not too easy that it was slack and a less than intense a grip on my solid erection.

I hooked my forearms around the backs of her knees and leaned in, pressing her knees to her shoulders and getting my mouth to her proud nipples and sucking firmly at them while I pistoned my hard cock in and out of her gripping, piping hot guts.

Emily gave in with abandon this time, making lots of noise. She filled the living room with heavy, breathy, throaty, gasps and moans, vocal panting and whimpers and an almost animalistic mewling.

She humped against me, timing her thrusts perfectly to shove herself hard onto my erection as I thrust into her volcanic depths. I licked and sucked at her small but animated breasts, coating her with saliva and my own dripping sweat.

When she wasn't throwing her head back and filling the room with her vocal pleasure, she was shoving her face against my flesh, my shoulder and upper arms, the crook of my neck, sucking and licking at my apparently sweet tasting sweat. It never occurred to me to wonder why my sweat was sweet and not salty, I was far too enveloped with my own passions the enjoyment of Emily's ripe, lusty body.

"Bite my nipples Jay, chew on them hard!" She groaned as she thrust her upper body back onto the seat cushions beneath her.

I followed her request to the letter, sucking them back into my mouth and then closing my teeth on their spongy firmness, gorging on them first with little light nips with my incisors, before turning my head slightly so I could get my blunter molars onto the erect buds to give them a good gnawing chew.

I didn't see them at first, just sensed a presence, which set my teeth on edge and threw my heart into my throat and I released her breast from my mouth and looked up through the large low window.

There were zombies outside. Lots of them.

It wasn't a horde but there were probably thirty or forty of them, all spread out across the field from the woods right up the the front of the house, a couple of them smearing their rotting detritus across the rain drenched window pane only a few inches from Emily and myself.

They all seemed to be walking in the same general direction right to left from my perspective, my orienteering expertise and the position of the sun, telling me they were going in a northerly direction.

I wasn't particularly worried, the sun was at such an angle that it was reflecting off the window and essentially making it one way glass, I could see out but they couldn't see in. And the vertical streams of rainfall that coated the outside of the glass added another layer of camouflage.

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