tagNovels and NovellasGirlfriend, Mother, and More Ch. 02

Girlfriend, Mother, and More Ch. 02


Chapter Two: More Fun & Games

John Warne met with his client Tracey Devine who turned out to be a very smart woman in her early thirties, they enjoyed a light lunch nicely complimented with a glass of white wine. The deal was concluded with a handshake shortly after three. They walked to the car park together he noticed no wedding ring that surprised him for a very attractive woman of her age. They arrived at his car first, said goodbye and he had the pleasure of watching her arse as she walked to her car a short distance away. Worth shag he thought to himself, in fact he had a slight hard on thinking about it as she pulled away.

He considered returning to the office, Sarah the draw in doing so, or should he say Sarah's tits. The second option was home and get ready to meet Nikki later. Sarah would be there tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future, his cock twitched again. Home it was. He drove slowly the traffic quite heavy for that time of day. He was sat at the traffic lights when he wondered, just wondered if Amanda George would be at home? Five minutes later he parked up and made a call.

"Hi Amanda."

"Hello John, thought you would have called earlier," Amanda George sounded disappointed he hadn't called first thing that day.

"Busy morning," his mind flashed to Sarah sitting on his lap, and the phone call from Nikki."Free now for a couple of hours if you fancy," he paused before adding," sharing a bottle of wine."

Amanda replied quickly "Sure come on over." He hung up without another word, John smiled knowingly.

Arriving at her the Georges he parked in the drive and walked into the kitchen. Amanda George walked out of the lounge carrying two wine glasses. He nearly dropped the bottle she looked so good. She placed the glasses on the breakfast bar as he uncorked the wine and poured two glasses, and handed her one.

"Cheers" she raised her glass a wicked smile crossed her face, "Shall we drink this somewhere more comfortable?"

"Lead the way," he agreed.

Amanda walked into the hallway towards the stairs has she took the first two stair her dress slipped to the floor. Revealing a black Basque complete with suspenders, black stockings a black silk thong to complimented. She knew he couldn't take his eyes off her arse as she walked slowly tantalisingly up to the bedroom. Stopping on the top step she glanced back "Come on big boy don't keep me waiting."

She lay on the bed invitingly. He placed his glass next to hers on the bedside table before slipping out of his suit and joining her on the bed wearing only his boxers, his cock was semi hard , and rising rapidly.

"Pleased to see me eh?" the old cliché.

He didn't bother to reply with words just rolled over and kissed her, before moving slowly down her body. Kissing her breasts in passing down to her thong covered crotch. He could smell her lust before he lifted her legs, opening them wide he sank his head between her thighs. The musk of her pussy gave him a huge hard on, his tongue lashed over her silk covered quim, he pulled her thong to one side and attacked he shaven cunt. Rasping her swollen clit, and then licking down to her arsehole. Amanda squealed her delight and pleasure at his oral expertise. Her climax arrived swiftly, she grabbed his head and thrust her pussy onto his tongue. Before her orgasm had completely subsided he turned her over onto all fours. Pulling his boxers down her drove his cock up her to the hilt causing her to scream in protest, he drove into her again, her screams of protest soon became screams of ecstasy. She was soon thrusting back to meet his every thrust. He fucked her hard, his balls slapping against her swollen clit, her second orgasm soon followed. Again expertly just before she was totally finished he withdrew, always leave em wanting more. He lay on his back dragging her on top of him. She willingly reached between her legs and guided his huge tool into her dripping fanny. She sank down balls deep on her first stroke, she sat still enjoying his size filling her pussy completely. Slowly she began to ride him, faster and faster towards another orgasm. Richard was going to let her have her way and achieve the fulfilment she desired. It took Amanda almost ten minutes to satisfy her desires, she collapsed beside him, sweat glistening on her orgasm wracked body. It was a few minutes before he offered her a drink, she raised herself up on one elbow to accept her glass only to be distracted by his cock still standing very stiff and proud.

"Oh, oooooh." She realised she had neglected him in her desire for sexual satisfaction, "Sorry."

"No worries," he handed her a glass, "Have a drink before you suck me off."

She took a drink and smiled at him. Cocky young bugger she thought, secretly glad he wanted oral satisfaction. Her fanny was satisfied and again made quite sore by his size. She didn't need that big cock up her again that afternoon. She kissed down his body until she reached the tip of his beautiful manhood, She slowly ran her tongue around and over his helmet before kissing down the rear of his shaft to his balls. Taking each one in her mouth separately and sucking and licking them gently. He lay back in ecstasy watching her perform. She could only manage to get about half his cock in her mouth, which was disappointing to him. However she made up for this by using her tongue expertly, bringing him close on a few occasions. He decided to make her work hard to bring him off, she rose well to the challenge. He felt his spunk rising his cock thickened. Amanda knew he was cumming after all she had sucked a few guys off in her time. She didn't like men to cum in her mouth. She had perfected the ability to get a guy beyond the point of no return, she would use her hand to finish the job, usually over her tits. This was her plan for now, she felt his cock thicken and his hips rise up. She took what she thought was one last suck on his dick, her hand poised ready to take over.

John had other ideas. His hands locked together behind her head holding her firmly in place, his cock firmly at the back of her throat. He was in control, he moved her head up and down his shaft. He watched her eyes open wide as his first thick shot of cum erupted from his cock. She attempted to mumble something but her mouth was just to full of his cock. Her eyes opened even wider as the second and third huge wads of spunk gushed from his cock. He forced his cock deeper into her mouth, she hadn't swallowed yet but she knew she was going to have to. Another wad into her mouth and she just had to swallow. He relaxed his grip slightly on her head as he finished his orgasm with a couple of weaker shots. He felt her attempt to remove his dick from her mouth, again he held her firm. He was enjoying watching her squirm a little, he pumped her mouth a few more times as his cock softened. Finally he allowed her come off his cock, he saw his cum in the corners of her mouth.

"Bastard," she said licking around the corners of her mouth.

"Such a talented mouth seemed a shame to not reward its efforts properly," he replied.

Amanda grunted her disapproval and reached for her wine to refresh her mouth. Actually his seed didn't taste too bad, not bad at all actually. She decided not to tell him, and took a couple of sips of wine. She lay back on the bed a totally satisfied glow over her. She traced an imaginary pattern over his broad chest with her well manicured finger nail.

He admired her body, complimented wonderfully by her Basque and stockings, he let his hand drift to her breasts. He gently caressed them through her Basque feeling her nipples respond to his touch.

"Mmmmmm," Amanda purred, moving slightly to allow him better access.

They didn't speak for the next few minutes just enjoyed gently caressing one another both sexual satisfied.

John enetered the bar just before 6.30, got himself a beer and found a table in the corner and sat himself in one of the two big armchairs. He positioned himself so he could see the entrance door, the bar and also some of the car park. Ten minutes or so later Nikki George`s red sports car pulled into the car park. He watched her park, she checked her make up in the mirror, flicking her hair, obviously wanting to look her best. She was quite nervous about meeting John for the first time since the most embarrassing incident the previous Sunday. Has she put her phone into her handbag she realised the last thing he had seen of her was her naked arse bouncing up and down on his cock. Ah yes, that cock, she was dreaming.

She entered the bar, John noticed she was wearing a colourful wrap around skirt slashed almost to one thigh, with a nice jumper which extenuated her breasts nicely. She noticed John as she approached the bar to order a drink. Two lads sitting on bar stools said something to her, to which she replied. She got her drink and came over to John, she sat opposite him. She crossed her legs flashing her stocking top. It wasn't missed by John, hold ups he thought, very nice.

"Hello Nikki," he sensed she was finding this awkward and he wasn't going to let her off easily. She would be a better fuck later for a little teasing now.

"Hi John how are you?" she asked politely.

For a split second he thought about replying .All the better for shagging the arse off your mother and cumming in her mouth this afternoon. But perhaps not "Good, very good actually."

He knew she was hoping he would have replied all the better for seeing her, so he resisted.

"What did those guys say to you?" he asked not really caring just small talk.

"You wouldn`t believe the cheek of them. Asked me if I fancied being spit roasted," she coloured not believing what she had just admitted.

"Really," he didn't look as shocked as she hoped, "meeting them later?"

"Fuck off."

He laughed it had broken the ice between them, she could see the funny side and also laughed. For the next couple of hours they laughed and chatted as usual without getting to the inevitable point. They left the bar and got into her car. Her skirt rode up affording him a view of her stocking tops, she looked at him in her little sexy schoolgirl way. It always turned him on. She moved to kiss him, as their lips met he slide his hand up her skirt, her legs opened to allow him access to her pussy. His hand pasted her stocking tops and found she had discarded her panties somewhere, if she had been wearing any. He quickly slid a couple of fingers into her wet snatch. She raised her bum to allow him full access. Her hand reached for his cock.

A car door slammed close by and they broke their kiss, his fingers still working in her quim, she felt his beautiful big cock through his trousers, it responded, expanding to her touch.

"Your place or mine?" he asked.

"Across the bonnet if your game?" she panted, his fingers working their old magic.

"Mine after the last episode at yours I think," she blushed at the thought.

She started the engine; he removed his fingers from her wanton aching quim. He didn't rearrange her skirt so he had a wonderful view of her stocking tops and her wet pussy. She had kept herself completely shaven, since their first shag when he happened to mention he was not the greatest fan of a mass of pubic hair. He shifted in his seat to accommodate his erection more comfortably. The sight of Nikki`s sex, and thought of his afternoons activities with her mother, and what was about to follow kept him hard for the ten minute drive to his flat. . His flat was half a large house which had been sympathetically designed and fitted out to a high standard of luxury. The only downside was the owner was a widow, Margaret Deville. She lived in the other half of the building, chiefly the downstairs. Her two daughters were both away at university. She had taken to John and thought of him as a son she never had. The main drawback was she didn't approve of him entertaining girls in his flat. But it was his flat and he could do what he wished although he didn't abuse it, and as with Nikki usually went back to the girl's places for sex. Tonight however needs must, or Nikki`s needs must.

Nikki pulled the sports car into the car park outside his flat, he noticed another car unusually parked in his place. Perhaps Mrs Deville was entertaining. He always thought she would appreciate a good hard shagging. Nikki parked next to the new vehicle.

It was seconds rather than minutes after they had entered his apartment they embraced in a deep passionate kiss, she tore is clothes off his clothes. Her desire for his cock driving her forward. John removed her top and soon slipped her bra off, revealing her beautiful tits her nipples incredibly hard. He kicked his shoes off closely followed by his trousers, joining his shirt on the floor. Nikki removed his boxers with his trousers. She dropped to her knees taking his rampant cock into her throat. John had never known her so eager, so randy. He was sure she had never managed to get so much of his dick into her mouth as she was then. He cast his mind back to her mother's cocksucking earlier that afternoon, he smiled to himself `like mother, like daughter` he thought, as Nikki appeared to be attempting to deep throat him. He had a great urge to grab her head and force his cock deep down her throat, but resisted. He let her perform on him for a few minutes before lifting her head from his cock. Nikki stood, they kissed quickly before he turned her around, lifted her skirt to reveal her bare arse, he nudged his cock between her legs. It stuck out the front, she reached down to caress it. He cupped her breasts, tweaking her hard nipples. He bent her forward over the breakfast bar, placing his knob at the entrance to her sopping crotch, he rubbed it along her snatch, a moan came from deep within her. He rubbed his knob end along her pussy lips, feeling them open. He slid the tip of his cock into her easily. He knew she was going to push back onto him so he withdrew as she did so. Keeping his cockhead just inside her, she tried again to impale herself, again he pulled back.

"Bastard," she moaned "Fuck me you bastard. Fuck me hard," she was demanding, "Now."

He withdrew completely she screamed her frustration, pushing backwards attempting to fuck herself. He moved his cock up the crack of her arse much to her heightening frustration.

"Please John please," she pleaded, "God please fuck me, I need that big cock, please, please."

Again she begged almost shouting "John you bastard shag me with that horse cock, pleeeee,"

He drove his meat up her to the hilt taking the breath right out of her. He withdrew and drove in deep again

"Aaaaaaahhhh, Christ Ahhhhhhhhhhh," he drove into her again balls deep.

Her hands gripped the breakfast bar tightly. He began to shag her long slow strokes, she began to scream obscenities as her orgasm approached rapidly. He grabbed her hips and withdrew almost completely and held still. Nikki Warne was just about to start complaining turning her head to look-over her shoulder at him when he drove in to the hilt. She screamed as her orgasm thundered through her. He fucked her hard, very hard his balls slapping against her clit. Her second orgasm followed immediately with the pounding she was receiving she screamed louder than ever. Has her orgasm wained and her body returned to normal he slowed his pace but shagging her in long slow strokes. Each time he was fully embedded in her pussy she grunted loudly. He glanced down his cock glistening with her juices, he felt her need for another orgasm building she was pushing back against his thrusts again. He stood still held her by her hips and moved her back and forward. He increased the speed of movement this time her orgasm came long and slow, building to a crescendo. He felt her pussy walls grip is dick as she came, trying to drag the seed from his cock. God it was tempting to cum. He managed to withstand the urge, and as she came down for her cum he withdrew and let go of her hips. She almost fell to the floor her legs unsteady, he slipped his arm around her and led her to the bedroom. She sat on the bed her looked at her a vision of loveliness. Her hair was dishevelled and her face aglow. He stood in front of her, she needed no encouragement to wrap her hand around the base of his cock and guide him into her mouth. Lovingly she sucked on his cock, he knew she would do anything he wanted at that moment.

He removed his cock from her mouth, her big eyes looking up at him. He pushed her back onto the bed, her legs came up onto his arms to allow his cock access to her sex. She screamed again not for the first time that night as her entered deep into her. She closed her eyes, moaning loudly her head thrashing from side to side. His fucking of Nikki was now mercilessly, he pounded her sweet pussy harder than ever. He knew his own orgasm was a long way off and he could enjoy her for a while longer. Nikki meanwhile was beginning to suffer a little at the hard shafting her pussy was taking. Even so she had a mini orgasm a short while later biting her bottom lip as she enjoyed the pleasure deep within herself. He flipped her over and was pleased to see she raised her arse up to allow him full view and access to both her holes. He knew she was an anal virgin, he also knew she couldn't take his cock up her arse. He was harder and bigger than he had ever known himself. H e wondered at that moment if her mother had taken a cock up her arse, he was confident she had. He thrust deep into Nikki's very hot cunt, it almost felt as if it were scalding his cock. He wondered how many strokes she would need to cum again. He reckoned fifty given the shagging she had had may not be enough. He was wrong. He counted thirty seven, long, hard strokes when a scream of pure sexual ecstasy emitted from Nikki. She sobbed loudly into the pillow as yet another orgasm tore through her. He fucked her harder, and harder as one orgasm subsided another took her over the top again and again. He was relentless not easing the pace, another huge orgasm and she fell forward completely and utterly fucked too pieces, unable to take anymore cock. She murmured something about his wonderful cock.

He lay next to her and they must have dozed for a while. He awoke with a huge stiffy on, and certainly in need of satisfaction. His movement disturbed Nikki, he looked at her. There was a look of complete satisfaction on her face although her hair was a total mess. Her beautiful face had make up now not so perfect, and her mascara had run. He guided her hand to his swollen cock.

He was still watching her face, she opened her eyes slowly and looked down, not realising at first she was holding his cock. Her eyes widened, and her hand moved natural wanking him slowly. Her senses slowly returned and she felt her pussy begin to react. She kissed him and moved over him,sitting above him the tip of his cock against her pussy lips. She was still holding his dick and she rubbed it slowly along the outside of her pussy, soaking it with her juices. She did this for a few minutes until she thought she was ready to take him again.

She let out a grunt as she let the first couple of inches enter her. God he was thick, she had never been stretched like this. She moved forward and then down again groaning louder has she took more of his cock. Her pussy stretching again, she was so sore from the previous nights shagging but determined to satisfy him no matter how much her pussy complained. It took her a good five minutes before she could take him completely and was sitting upright, but quite still, totally stuffed full of cock.

He pulled her forward to kiss her, this of course caused his cock to slid half out of her wetness. They kissed passionately and he began to move her up and down his cock. She began to ride him quite gently, her pussy was still complaining. She was determined to satisfy him and began to gradually speed up her rhythm. After a few minutes they slowed and she kissed him again. She reached down between her legs and wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock. She confirmed what he pussy was telling her, her first experience of his morning hard on. She had never known him so big. Her fingers could only go just over half way around his girth. She could usually manage three quarters of the way, it always fascinated her how large around his cock was. All her previous lovers' cocks had not come anywhere close to his girth.

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