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Girlfriend Then Guy


When my girlfriend and I were in our last year of high school we did not always have access to a car. Even though I was 19 and she was 18 we still lived at home. Usually we could use one from my parents or hers, but sometimes, depending on which shifts our fathers were working we might not be able to get one. It wasn't a big problem in the summer time as I would hitch hike to her house and then we would walk up town and go to a movie.

At that time there were 3 movie houses in the downtown core of the city and we often went to one of them for the main part of the date. We made out a little in the theatres but there were also ushers and if people got too boisterous in what they were doing they were likely to get expelled.

If that was what we had done for the night we often walked back to her house by cutting through the back of her high school and while there we often went up to the school wall where there were a few spots indented from the rest of the wall. Leaning against the wall we were relatively hidden from anyone outside the school property. People who like us were cutting through the property could usually be seen or heard before they would see us.

We wouldn't actually screw there but necking and some feeling up was usually in order. On one of those dates we were there making out a bit while standing and leaning against the wall. This particular night was nice and warm and my girl had let me undo her blouse, loosen her bra and allow me to fondle her tits and suck on them a bit. A man walked through the property and we didn't notice him till he was right beside us. When we did notice him she covered up quickly but Im sure he got a good look at her tits before she recovered. He didn't say anything and just kept going towards the downtown core the opposite direction from where we were going.

After he had passed she got dressed up properly again and we continued on our way to her home. I kissed her goodnight and started back for my own home. I was horny as hell after our interrupted time behind the school.

I decided to head over by the Radio station garden. I knew from past experience that men hung out around there and the bridge right next to it to hook up for anonymous gay sex. I walked up to the place and down into the garden off the roadway. While approaching I had already seen a few men strolling in the area and so was pretty sure I'd be able to find some relief.

I was walking along one of the many paths in the garden when I saw a man standing right beside a small group of evergreen trees about halfway through the garden. When I got to the grove I stepped inside as it was one of the most secluded spots there. Once there I unzipped and took my cock out to take a piss. As I stopped I saw that another guy had come into the same space and as I tucked my cock back into my pants he said, "I'm surprised to see you here."

I was surprised and taking a good look at him I said, "Do I know you?"

"No", he said, "but the last time I saw you you were sucking on a blonde's tits behind the school."

I realized it was the guy who had walked past us and interrupted our make out session.

He asked me, "Did you get off with her after I left you?"

"No" I said, "If I had gotten off I wouldn't be here now still looking for some fun."

"Maybe I can help you with that', he said and then reached out to fondle my crotch through my jeans. I just started to undo my jeans and left him to stroke me some more through them. When he took his hand away for a moment I dropped my pants around my knees and he dropped down to his knees in front of me.

I leaned in closer to him and putting one hand on my hip he stroked my quickly stiffening cock with his other hand. As my cock came to full attention he leaned forward and started to lick the head of my cock. I sighed and he started to take my cock into his mouth while caressing my balls with his hand.

I started to push slowly in and out of his mouth and was rewarded by him sucking and licking my cock as I did. He started reaching around with one hand and squeezed and stroked my ass cheeks while still stroking my balls with his other hand. I was quickly approaching an orgasm as he worked over my cock with his mouth and between some groans I told him I was getting close. He took my cock out of his mouth for a moment and told me to shoot in his mouth when I wanted to.

He then sucked on his middle finger, took my cock back into his mouth and reaching between my legs he used his wet finger to tease my asshole. I started pushing in and out of his mouth again and every time I pulled back he worked his finger at my asshole. Just as I was about to explode He pushed his finger into my ass and that took me over the edge.

I started to shoot my load in his mouth He swallowed everything I shot. As my orgasm subsided I pulled back out of his mouth and he pulled out of my ass. I started to get my pants back in order and he just stayed kneeling where he was. I asked him if he wanted me to return the favour and he said no. As I turned to go I saw there was another man at the edge of the grove and he walked over to the kneeling guy who reached out and started stroking the front of his pants. At that I cleared out, climbed up out of the garden and made my way home.

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