tagTransgender & CrossdressersGirlfriend with Testing Device Ch. 05

Girlfriend with Testing Device Ch. 05


Author's Note: This is part four of my smutty romantic comedy series. This chapter is the penultimate chapter of the Mall Arc, and, per popular demand, is a little smuttier than the previous one. Enjoy!


Warning: This chapter is rated a sexy R and includes (but is not limited to) boobs, flirtatious lesbians (?), clothing (slutty), tongue piercings, tongue swapping, people walking funny, people talking funny, girl-dick, confessions (comedic), confessions (dramatic), butts, swaps (both mental and physical), more boobs, people who really know how to flaunt what they've got, and a cute couple just trying to get by in a world gone mad.

- A Smutty Fanfiction, of Sorts -

= Part 5 -- Booty Language =

I never considered myself to be a particularly observant person, but it's amazing what kinds of subtleties you can pick up on when you hold the power to bend reality in your hand.

People - random strangers, at least - kind of stop being people. Suddenly they're just a collection of traits and hierarchies just waiting to be swapped. Everyone is a potential target. And when everyone is a potential target you start noticing the little things. How are they acting? How do they hold themselves? How is everyone else reacting to this person? That sort of thing. Sometimes swaps can be subtle and the little differences can make all the difference.

All day I'd been struggling with this kind of sense that something was wrong. I'd been doing my best to ignore it. I mean, I knew that there was something wrong, I was in the wrong body, right? But still, I couldn't shake the feeling that people were kind of looking at me funny. Logically, I knew they shouldn't see anything unusual about me, and yet everywhere we went I was getting the sidelong glances.

Like now, for example.

There was this trio of frat boys sitting on the bench outside of Stephan's when we arrived. They were ogling the girls inside and hitting on anyone exiting. They reminded me of the football players near the elevators from earlier. Was this just a thing that guys did? I couldn't help but feel a little offended... no one had ever hit on me like that.

Normally I'd have just ignored them and let them just drown out like the background noise that they were, but today, today I couldn't help but notice all kinds of subtleties. Like, it seemed obvious that there was a clear power dynamic at play here. The central one, who seemed a good bit more muscular and fastidious than his companions, was clearly the de facto leader of the group. He seemed to be the one judging which girls were hot enough to cat call, then getting the ball rolling while the other two joined in.

He did a double take when he saw Evan and I walk past. Forget sidelong glances, this guy couldn't seem to get his eyes off of our tits. Maybe people had just been checking me out all day? What a weird feeling. Honestly, I couldn't blame the guy. We were hot. If our situations were reversed I'm sure I'd have been just as flustered. Probably more actually. Evan alone was enough to get me drooling. I'm sure throwing my new sexy self into the mix was more than I'd be able to handle.

If I was still into guys I'd probably have put a little more wiggle into my walk, just to see how much I could blow his mind. Instead I put my hand around Evan's hips possessively and pulled him close, grabbing his butt. I was gloating really. He could look all he wanted, but this ass was mine.

As soon as we walked in Evan's attentions were immediately drawn to a rack of colorful tops. I'd hesitate to even really call them that, given how little fabric seemed to be on them, but that's apparently how they were intended to be worn. Like a kid in a candy store, he ran in and started holding one after another up to his chest. Even with how stretchy they looked, those things would be a tight fit. I supposed that was kind of the point though, wasn't it?

I had never set foot in the place before, so I had no idea how busy it normally was, but it seemed to be doing pretty well for itself. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. It made sense that there were lots of sexy here girls looking for a competitive edge for whatever parties were happening that weekend. A handful of them were flitting idly from aisle to aisle while the yummy looking cashier futzed about on her phone.

To my embarrassment, I was rather surprised to discover that Evan and I were the most scantily clad people here. Granted, it wasn't by much, but I had imagined the place as populated entirely with turbo-sluts so it still kind of struck me as ironic.

As Evan skipped giddily through the aisles, help but wonder what sequence of thoughts must have been going through Evan's head. I was just glad that he was enjoying himself. I honestly couldn't remember the last time I had seen him so enthusiastic about something and it did my heart good to see him so happy. You know what? I'd been kind of hard on myself about everything that had happened so far today, but maybe this was all for the best after all.

Getting a closer look at it, the shop wasn't as bad as I had imagined. It was a clothing store, just like any other. I had in my mind kind of pictured it as either some kind of weird sex dungeon or like, just row after row of cheap little shirts with Easy Lay or Cheap Slut written on them. Honestly though, if it weren't for the provocatively dressed mannequins turned towards the window to show just how short some of their skirts were, the store wouldn't even really stand out.

Okay, scratch that, there was in fact a row of little shirts with Easy Lay written on them.

Finding something for myself was shaping up to be a challenge. Despite my newfound desire to show off my amazing new body, I was still... I don't know... hesitant to wear stuff like this. I wanted something flashier than what I had at home, but I wanted sexy and hot, not trashy and cheap. Didn't I? I certainly didn't want to end up wearing, uhg, that pair of booty shorts over there that said Free Parking on them, for example.

A few minutes of unhappy browsing later, I noticed that several of the girls in the store had stopped shopping entirely in favor of gawking at either Evan or myself. At that moment, every eye in the store seemed trained on Evan's plump ass. He must have tried to turn too fast or something, because across the aisle, his huge boobs had apparently knocked a handful of thongs off of one of the shelves, and now he was bent over at the waist to pick them all up. Damn, okay, again, I couldn't blame them. That ass was divine.

That's when one of the girls made her move. As Evan futzed to get the thongs back on the shelf, she sauntered over to him, a sexy blonde thing in a short pair of denim cutoff shorts and a white crop top. She had decided apparently that she was going to stand just a little too close to him for my comfort.

She was kind of a skinny girl, but she had what she needed where it counted. Her tits were kind of small, but that may have just been the contrast between her and Evan. She had some kanji tattooed on her shoulder in a lascivious script that I was sure said something incredibly basic.

"Hey, cutie." she said, her voice dripping with practiced seduction. "Do you come here often?" She gestured to the thong still in Evan's hands. "That's a good choice. It would look great on you."

I could just barely make out their conversation from where I was, but even I could tell that she was laying it on thick. Who the hell did she think she was?

Curiously, many of the other girls seemed to have gone back to shopping. I guess they figured the blonde had staked a claim? Or that they couldn't compete? While I was certainly noticing their unusual behavior, the social hierarchies of party girls was a topic beyond my comprehension.

"Oh." Evan said, looking at the thong in his hand as though he had just noticed it. "You're right! This would look great on me." He started pulling a few other thongs back off the shelf. "This is my first time in here actually. I don't know why. This place is great." He laughed. "I'm sort of getting a whole new wardrobe and I just wanted some stuff that shows off my body, you know?" He stood up straight and puffed his chest out as he said this, causing his tits to bounce proudly.

"Well," she eyed him over with an overly long stare, then very deliberately bit her lip. "With a body like that, I can't say I'm surprised. You must work out."

"Not as much as you'd think." Evan laughed. "But thanks! It is pretty great, isn't it?"

I could feel the blood rushing up to my face. It was one thing to have girls admiring Evan, but seeing this hussy actively hitting on him filled me with a kind of protective rage.

I looked around for a way to fix this. I mean, I suppose the responsible thing to do would be to not let it worry me. I knew that Evan only had eyes for me. He's the sort of guy who doesn't even turn his head when a giggling heard of half-naked sluts walk past on the way home from some pub crawl or another. I could trust him with my life. But... what if now that he's become all sexy, now that all the girls wanted him all the time, what if now he decides he likes the attention more than he likes me? I frowned at the thought.

Maybe making him hot to women was a bad idea. It wouldn't be too hard to undo that, would it? But, no... I'm sure he wouldn't like that, and that was cutting off the nose to spite the face, wasn't it? Maybe I could make her ugly? swap it so that he'd find this bitch less attractive? Gah, no. My brain was completely flooded with ugly hateful jealousy and I wasn't thinking clearly at all.

I needed to be better than this. I needed to accept the fact that Evan was an attractive person, that any girl would be lucky to have him, and that despite that, he chose me. I just needed to focus on the fact that our bond is strong enough to weather a little bit of idle flirtation from a passing floozy.

I didn't hear what they were saying, but the girl had put her hand on Evan's shoulder. Grr. Trust or not, I wanted this girl gone.

I looked around for another victim, someone who I could swap her out with. There had to be someone I coud - oh, of course. This would be easy. All I had to do was swap the girl's sexuality with that frat boy outside and I'd get her off of my boyfriend. And, as a plus, I'd save the mall from the hassle of at least one of those assholes. That was another Win-Win, right?

The device practically leapt into my hand and in no time at all I was listening to the reassuring zzzzttttt of reality rewriting itself to better suit my whims.

Glancing out at the frat boy, I could see that he was now ignoring a pack of passing hotties in favor or eyeing up a group of cute boys instead. It seemed as though he was still trying to hype his friends into ogling along with him. To my surprise, they went along with it, though they didn't seem particularly enthused about it.

To my frustration though, the girl continued to hit on Evan. I had lost track of the conversation, but every muscle in her body still seemed to be moving in such a way as to ooze as much sex appeal as possible. It was actually pretty artful. I'd be turned on if I wasn't so mad.

Crap. Why hadn't that worked?

Suddenly, Evan's smiling face turned to look in my direction. The girl turned her head to follow. I quickly looked away, desperate trying to not appear as horribly jealous as I was.

Wait, shit, were they talking about me?

I looked up, and then immediately down again. The girl was staring right at me, angrily. Jesus, she was cute. Her lips looked so moist and plump. A not-insignificant part of me wondered what they'd feel like wrapped around my dick. I shook my head. Now was hardly the time for that.

The girl turned and started walking towards me. I panicked and stuffed the device back into my bag as quickly as I could.

Damn. The way she moved was hypnotic. It seem like she cared more about showing off than she did actually getting anywhere. She moved her hips in a long, slow, graceful sway that took full advantage of her range of movement and didn't rush to counteract her momentum. It was practically theatrical, but she seemed so relaxed about it that I couldn't help but feel that for her it was the most natural thing in the world, even in those huge heels.


I almost jumped. She had a sexy voice too -- not as sexy as Evan's, but more than enough to give me chills. Or maybe that was just my continued lack of pants. Shit. I had to fumble around to hide the growing bulge in my skirt.

She smiled at me warmly. "Do you come often?"

I looked up at her and blinked.

What I had thought of earlier as her staring at me angrily, was, in fact, a perfectly calculated look of lust. Her brilliant baby blue eyes, stunningly framed from behind a smokey haze of eyeshadow, smouldered like an invitation. She stood in front of me, leaning forward just enough to give me a better glimpse down her top. Her neckline couldn't have been this low before could it? On closer inspection I'd say her tits were quite a bit bigger than I'd initially assumed. They were the upper end of average at least. I guess recently my sense of scale had shifted quite a bit. They were amazingly shaped, and, much like Evan's, they seemed to defy gravity given how that sweet soft flesh gently jiggled in time to her breathing. Wait, was she not wearing a bra? Oh god, I could make out her nipples poking through her shirt. They were easily the size of pencil erasers, and they were pierced.

"Hello?" she said again.

"What?" I snapped my head back up. I couldn't believe I had just done that. It was one thing with Evan, but this was a complete stranger.

She let out something halfway between a laugh and a giggle, her jugs jumping in time.

"I was just asking if you come here often?" she said, playing off my indiscretion as though it were the most natural thing in the world. I guess she must have been used to it, but still, it was bad form on my part.

"Oh um, n-no. " I stammered. "I was just um..." I was now making a concerted effort to look her in the eyes. Her face was really well made up. Where Evan's had been a simple, subtle thing, she was sultry personified. For the first time in my life I understood the appeal of bedroom eyes. "I was just shopping with my boyfriend." I looked over to Evan for help, but he had been distracted by something red and skimpy.

The girl smiled. She had the look of someone who had just been presented with a challenge.

"Oh!" she said, looking me over. "He's a very lucky guy."

"I um." I blushed "Thanks?"

Shit, I was not used to being flirted with, especially by girls. Hot girls. Hot slutty girls. Hot, slutty girls standing close enough that I could smell her. Strawberry? With vanilla... and something subtle and vaguely familiar underneath, something musky and primal that I couldn't quite identify.

I guess swapping her sexuality with the guy outside had somehow made her into me instead of Evan. The alternative -- that the device had somehow malfunctioned -- was something I didn't even want to consider. My erection throbbed. I felt like my whole body was on fire.

But wait, hold on... I had swapped my attractiveness or whatever with a guy, right? Why was she...

"Hey." she put her hand on my shoulder. "Relax. I don't bite. "

I blinked. I didn't know if relaxing was something I was capable of right now. My heart was pounding so hard I could feel my own tits shaking.

I took a deep breath.

"I think it's really great," she said, "that you'd come shopping with your boyfriend to a place like this. Most girlfriend's don't like the idea of their boyfriends wearing this kind of stuff, you know? I think it's really cool of you. I can tell you've got an open mind. Even if you're clearly a bit nervous to be in here."

Oh my god, she had a tongue stud.

"Oh, um.," I managed to mumble out, "Thank you. We um, we've both decided, actually, that we need a new wardrobe and I, uh, I like this kind of stuff -- on him, I mean -- and I figure it's fine as long as I get to see him wear it, you know?"

"Oh, I totally do." She laughed. She must have been dialing it back, because this time the flash of her teeth hardly reminded me of a tiger at all. "He's a total hunk. You're both very lucky. It's so rare to see a couple that looks so good together. You know, this might sound crazy, but I'd love to see more of you."

I zoned out a bit at the image of me showing this girl exactly how much more of myself there was -- each and every aching inch. I just wanted to see her lying on the floor, writhing in need and want as I pressed my hard meat into her warm softness, laying into her again and again until she could take no more and cried out.

"You should come."

"What?" I snapped back to attention. Shit. I had to stop doing this. What was she saying?

"You should come." My hard-on throbbed as she slipped her hand into her bosom and withdrew a small slip of paper. "To the party this weekend. You should come."

She handed me the little note. It was warm. It had her name, Emma, and her phone number on it. There was a little heart in one corner with an arrow through it.

"Bring your boyfriend." She winked. "He can show off his new wardrobe, and maybe the three of us can have some... fun... together." She paused before adding, "Or if you'd prefer something a little quieter, we could make plans to stay in? or... eat out? I'm flexible."

Okay, she had to be doing that on purpose.

"Um. Sure." I answered before I realized quite what I was saying. "That sounds... yeah, fun."

"Great!" I think I caught a flash of actual happiness behind her catlike grin. "Look, I have to get this shopping done or I'm going to be late, but hopefully I'll be seeing a lot more of you this weekend. Call me, okay?"

She did another one of those giggle-laughs that set her boobs jiggling, then turned and sauntered away. I couldn't help but admire the way her voluptuous ass seemed to be all but bursting out of her tight little shorts.

I felt like a deer in headlights as my eyes followed the hypnotic sway of her hips. What the hell had just happened? That sort of stuff didn't normally just happen to people, did it? I mean, not even really sexy guys got hit on like that, did they? Not outside of a porno at least, and especially not by girls who look like that. Damn, I was breathing hard. My dick was on fire.

I looked down at the slip of paper in my hand. I didn't even see her writing this out. Did she just walk around with a bunch of these shoved down her shirt? That... I guess that wouldn't surprise me, actually. Survival of the fittest. Still, I was impressed. I had been staring at those boobs as hard as I could and I didn't notice the thing until she had pulled it out.

Still half in a daze, I found myself walking over to Evan. For once I kind of regretted being the taller one. Right then I really just needed somebody to lean on.

"She's cute." he said with a chuckle.


"She was cute." He said again. "Did you get a good look at her boobs? I don't think she was wearing a bra."

I nodded dumbly.

Wait. Oh god. I had just turned into a giant puddle of drool over this bimbo while my boyfriend was standing like, 10 feet away. Was this what it was like to be a guy? I had gotten so jealous watching this girl hit on Evan and then here I had been ready to rut with this woman after two lines of dialogue. Evan's a pretty laid back guy, but I could only imagine how bad that must make him feel.

"I thought you'd like her." He laughed.

I looked dumbfounded at him, confused and full of regrets.

"Baby, I..." I didn't know what to say. He didn't seem upset at all.

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