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Girlfriends Fantasy


Please bear with me as this is my first story. This story is mainly fictional, but has some fact to it. My girlfriend, at the time, shared this fantasy with me, but when it was suppose to be fulfilled, things just didn't work out. Hope you enjoy.

My girlfriend (I will call her Chelsea), had learned about my panty fetish and had gone with it better than I ever thought. She even started to enjoy my fetish, to the point were she described a fantasy she kept having. She told it to me and promised it would come true one day. So about three months later, it had settled in the back of my mind, I decided to take her out to a nice dinner. This is that fantasy....

Chelsea and I had arrived at the Cheese Cake Factory and were seated right away. There wasn't a big crowd since it was a weekday. We were seated at a booth at the request of Chelsea. She sat down and asked if I would like to sit next to her tonight. I agreed because I love being around her. Plus she was looking hot tonight.

Chelsea is about 5'4" 110-120lbs and has a great body. Her breasts are quite lovely; a 36C and her ass is unbelievable. She was wearing a sundress that went to her mid thigh and she wasn't wearing a bra. I didn't know what panties she was wearing but I couldn't wait to get home and see.

We ordered our drinks and started looking at our menus. While we were looking Chelsea grabbed me and gave me a long passionate kiss. She knows when she kisses me like that I can't help but get hard. And like always I started getting hard. She finished the kiss and we went back to are menus.

She then leaned over and started kissing my neck slowly. She would lightly lick and kiss one part then move on. She continued doing this until she got to my ear. She then started to slowly lick the bottom of my ear, and ever so slowly sucked on the lobe. She stopped only to place a hand on top of my lap to feel how hard I had become.

I was fully erect, for me that would be about 7 1/2 inches and I'm quite thick. I had worn silk boxer this night and she new it. She slowly started rubbing my erection through my pants. This was making me even hornier. She quickly stopped and went back to her menu.

Just then the waiter walked up and took our orders. After the waiter had left she placed my hand on her leg, I gently caressed her smooth thigh. She slowly slid my hand up her thigh making me even hotter. I could see she was enjoying herself and I could tell her nipples were fully erect through the thin dress. She continued to pull my hand farther and farther up her leg. I couldn't wait to rub her pussy through her panties. She let my hand go right before I got to her panties giving me free reign.

I slid my hand up her dress and was shocked but pleasantly surprised to find she wasn't wearing any panties. She was quite wet from this ordeal. I hadn't noticed her pull her dress up so she was sitting bare bottomed on the seat. I slowly messaged her lips, feeling her wetness grow. As I slowly entered a finger in between her warm lips I felt a hand on my zipper.

Chelsea slowly eased my zipper down and slid her hand inside my pants. She gently caressed my penis, as she used the pre-cum that was oozing out to help slide smoothly over my shaft. I eased one finger in and out of her and rubbed her clit with my thumb. I could hear her quietly moan, which made me even harder.

She had undone my belt and pulled my pants down a little so she could get at me better. With one quick glance around the room, seeing it was clear she quickly leaned over and took me in her mouth. She sucked me better than she had ever. She took me all in and just sat there, then pulled me out licking the rest of the pre-cum off and fixed my pants up. I continue to finger her until she came. She fixed herself and took my fingers and licked them clean. She just lay back and relaxed.

Our meal came and I ate faster than I have ever. I paid and we left. We got to the car and I pushed her up against it and started in the deepest kiss ever. I was already hard again and was slowly grinding between her legs. She stopped the kiss and said she was tired and really wanted to get home so we could go to sleep. Frustrated I helped her in the car and drove home.

We got home and she apologized for not continuing our fun, but that she was tired. I let her know it was ok and that we could continue another night. She kissed me and went to the bathroom. I took this time to get ready for bed. I sleep naked so it was quite easy; I removed all of my clothes and got into bed. I was about ready to close my eyes and pass out when the bathroom door opened.

There was Chelsea in some of the sexiest lingerie I have ever seen. A sexy pink corset covered in lace trim with satin pink bikini panties (satin bikini my favorite) to match. She started to do a little strip tease for me, slowly rubbing her hands over her breasts and in between her legs. She slowly removed the corset letting her beautiful breasts swing free.

Chelsea came over to the bed, pulled the covers away and got on top of me. She told me no hands; this was her fantasy and it was almost fulfilled. She put my penis between her lips and started sliding over my shaft. She let me feel the satin panties as they became wetter and wetter. When they were soaked she pulled them aside and took me in her hand, guiding me to her warm inviting lips.

She slowly slid me all the way in her and then let out a sexy moan of approval. She eased me in and out of her slowly at first then gradually increased her speed. She put her hands on my chest and just dug in. She was riding me like she was on a bucking bull. She had teased me all night long and I had the biggest erection of my life. I had never been this horny.

Within moments I was cumming in her. As I did I felt her clench around my shaft, she broke into a huge orgasm, digging her nails into my chest, which made me drive my shaft into her harder. All I could hear was her screaming in ecstasy. We regained our composure and I took control.

I got on top of her and slowly slid her panties, which were completely soaked as if they had been put in water, off. I watched as my cum leaked out of her soaked pussy. It just made me get hard again. I laid the panties on her stomach so I could look at them as we made love. I entered her slowly. As I did she arched her back and closed her eyes.

I pulled her legs up so they were around my neck and started easing my way in and out of her, just teasing her. She would grab me and try to make me go faster, but I resisted. I continued this, as she got hotter and wetter. And finally once I new she couldn't take it any more I increased my speed.

My thrusts became faster and harder with each stroke. Her moans became more intense, and she started messaging her breasts. I felt myself already getting ready to cum. I kept pounding and pounding her beautiful pussy. I felt her start to orgasm, which drove me over the top. With one last trust it was too much for me; I pulled out and came all over her. With each wave of my orgasm came even more cum. I came all over her stomach, the panties, her breasts, and even some got on her face. She just started rubbing it all over her self.

She was dazed from her orgasm, and just sat there rubbing her body. She finally opened her eyes and I kissed her. I told her I loved her and thanked her for the night. She said the same and thanked me for helping with her fantasy. She said that me cumming all over her was the real ending she wanted, but didn't tell because she thought I would think it was nasty. We were both to exhausted to move so we just fell asleep still covered in cum.

This is my first story and I hope it was all right; any comments are welcome and encouraged good or bad.

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