Girls Camp! Day 02


For twenty minutes I experimented fucking the girl in all types of positions, spooning her from behind, having her stand with one leg up on the table the other down. Finally I had her suck me off and I unloaded a bucketful on her pretty little face. She would need to go re-do her mascara later.

Trying to get dressed, she went to put her panties on, but I told her of my collection and she was glad to give them to me. We exited the room back into the hall where some girls still sat. We tried to look inconspicuous, but the girls I had already dealt with gave knowing smiles. I was loving this week.

Group activities started to become more awkward as I had fucked six of the fifteen girls there, and didn't want to be found out. That night, Emma told the girls it was to be an early night, and early start, with a morning run starting at 6.30am. So the girls were to go to bed after dinner. As I was washing up some dishes, a pretty girl with short black hair came up to me and whispered in my ear, "You're screwed now." I turned to her, not knowing what she was talking about, and before quickly scanning the kitchen, she pulled out her phone and started a video of me pounding away at the girl in the first aid room. She smiled, turned and disappeared.

I worried like hell that I was going to lose my job, go to court, have to pay thousands or even go to jail. I was seriously sweating and had to find this girl. I didn't even know her name. As the two teachers left, I locked up the hall and went to the girls' cabins.

I knocked and entered three cabins without success, accidentally walking in on one of my swimming buddies getting changed. She invited me in but I wasn't in the mood. The next one I walked into there she was, sitting on her bed as though she was waiting for me. "Come on, you're late," she said.

She sounded like more of a teacher than a student, but her little blonde ponytail and barely formed boobs told me otherwise. She wore tight black tights that showed off her toned legs and a baggy t-shirt that was tied into a knot at her belly button. I asked her what she was going to do with it, and she laughed. "Oh, what I've already done with it!"

My face showed my worry. "Don't stress mister, only I've seen it... but that doesn't mean I haven't used it," she winked and giggled.

"So you're not going to show anyone?"

"I certainly plan to," her face went serious, "unless you don't want me to?" I paused, realising the sticky situation I was in. "What do I need to do to get you to delete it?"

"What are you willing to do?" she probed.

"Practically anything, you don't understand what that could do to me."

"Well, how about this?" she patted the bed beside her, about to spill her proposition. "Hurry up. Ok, from now until 6.30 tomorrow morning, you are my slave, to do whatever I tell you to do. No exceptions, no pulling out." I considered the deal, sceptical. "You won't have to hurt anyone and not even leave the girl's cabins..." she pushed, "Or... I will just turn this in to our teachers right now," she took away the question and made it a demand.

First she got me to strip out of my clothes, leaving me standing butt naked in the middle of her room. She took in my body for some time before telling me to go put on the clothes sitting on her chair. She watched as I looked at the clothes in astonishment. Firstly, I pulled on the black stretchy shorts, which were far too small. They clearly showed every inch of my penis and every contour of my ass. Next, there was a funny collar of a business shirt, without the shirt, and a tie hanging off it. It fit tightly around my neck. I pulled long grey socks on and clipped some red suspenders to my shorts. Finally, I put on a big pair of nerdy glasses, and her teacher fantasy was complete.

I expected her to tell me to go and do something to her, but rather, she got up, stroked my dick while she gave me my next instruction. "Take this spotlight, go around to all the girls rooms one by one and make sure they are asleep by entering their room and shining this on them. If they are not, or if they wake, tell them they have been very bad girls. Take their names, and go smack them once on their bare bottom. You will have to take their undies of if you need to. Then leave immediately, no fucking or kissing, OK?" The instructions, combined with her stroking, gave me a clearly visible erection, and I already knew the embarrassment I faced.

I was about to leave when she said, "And remember, Ill be watching everything," she pointed to a computer screen where a camera from my tie knot was showing a live feed.

Only two girls were asleep, meaning I smacked the bare ass of 12 girls in that round. The ones that I had already fucked got into it, thinking they were about to get another round. So too did the two I caught in the one bed naked, one of which was my massage girl. For these the hardest part was not kissing or fucking them. They really wanted it, but I had to tell them no.

The other girls were harder. Some were reluctant, others shouted, but I got in and out of there without too much drama, and the camp was seemingly put to sleep. I returned to a laughing master, fingering herself in front of her screen.

I thought this was going to be a long night, and when she brought out some handcuffs, I was scared. Luckily, it only led to her tying me to the bed and whipping me with another of her toys. She smacked my own ass before she rode me in her extra-slutty cheerleader uniform. At one point I came and she caught it in her mouth, carried it into another girls' room and let it dribble all over her face. It seemed like hours of being bossed around, fucking and licking her in all her holes, all positions in her room, and a few other girls rooms while they were sleeping, that we lay still for a moment. She freed me from all my ties and uniforms, and we spooned after a long session of sex. She pulled out her phone and after watching the scene one last time, deleted it in front of me. We then fucked once more and she said I was free to go. The time was 3 in the morning. Just as I was leaving though, I saw a camera on her bookshelf, facing directly at the bed. "It's just for me, don't worry," she said. "It better be" and I picked up a black latex panty from her floor.

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