tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGirls Camp! Day 03

Girls Camp! Day 03


All characters in this story are over 18. Please read Day 1 and Day 2 of the Girls Camp! series before this one.


With little sleep the night before, I woke up long after everybody else had left. I enjoyed a bit of alone time after being smothered by girl after girl the previous two days, and just relaxed with a book on the grass. However, big dark clouds started to cover the blue sky overhead and it looked like it could be a shitstorm. I called one of the teachers and she said they were still half an hour away. I told them to hurry because it was very unsafe to be outside during a storm in this region.

I began to move things inside, and within ten minutes the rain had started, and it did not start with spitting. It was raining, and within another ten minutes, pouring. Thunder began to sound and I was still bringing things inside from out on the grass. I also had to bring the canoes away from the river which would be raging later in the day. When the first crack of lightning appeared, Emma appeared with the girls in screaming pursuit. They were all running for their rooms, their see-through wet tops showing their bouncing titties. I had to pause for a moment.

Then I was back to it. I just had to bring in the barbeque into the shed, which was further away from the cabins. Just as I was nearing the shed, a small tree fell over and I heard a scream. Mike and one girl were still coming back, and were almost taken out by the tree. I called them over to the shed, the nearest safe house. They ran over and I shut the door behind them.

The girl was the one who yesterday had pushed another off the jumping rock to her injury, and didn't mention a word of sorry. She was a pretty blonde girl who emanated superiority. I had already grown to dislike her. Now not only was I stuck with the selfish man, Mike, but also with the pompous girl-bitch, Sam. She looked in the reflection of a window to fix her make up.

"This fucking bitch of a girl made me stop and wait for her to finish her lunch, almost leading to my death!!" Mike was raging in his self-centred way. "Oh yeah! You were the one that couldn't keep up with me you fat old bastard!" she retorted. This wasn't going to be pleasant. I stepped between them to stop the man from slapping her. "Oh, so now you think you're mister tough guy, mediator and mr nice, huh?" she started having a go at me, "This is fucking great. I'm stuck in here with the two biggest losers on the planet. One useless maths teacher, one nature man. Whooppee!" her sarcasm was provoking. "I bet my dad earns more than both you ever will in a single year."

This girl really thought she was untouchable, and soon I was the one that might've needed holding back. I bet she got her dad to pay for those nice big fake tits, her bra clearly visible through her expensive white blouse. Her silky shorts stuck to her skin due to the wet, a cameltoe appearing in all it's glory. One could not deny the physical allure she had going for her. She probably used and abused guys like me, a real man-eater. That's probably what gave her the idea that she was top of the world.

I took my shirt off, trying to ignore her so as not to go and hurt her. Mike did the same and we went to sit on the other side of the shed. "Look at you two, all the way on the other side of the room like big cowards. You've probably never even talked to a girl like me." Her breasts and tummy heaved in and out from her recent running. "Shut it you little bitch!" I couldn't hold back.

She said more quietly as though to herself. "I bet you're just dreaming about fucking me. You wish!" With that, Mike was pumped. He got up from his chair and stormed over to her, dodging the tools and benches. I got up as well, and watched as he grabbed her around the shoulders, his beer belly bumping into her and knocking her forwards. He grabbed her arms behind her back, sat on a nearby haystack and threw her over his knees. She yelped in complaint, "Let go of me you idiot!"

I was in no way willing to help the stuck-up bitch, so just wandered over to watch. Mike held her wrists in one of his hands and yanked down her shorts and underwear with the other. Her tight wet bum was on show for both of us as she let out a girlish scream, and just as she went to call him something, he smacked her solidly on her rump. It made a stinging sound and turned her skin from a golden tan to a pinkish colour. She screamed again and he lifted his hand. His beer belly wobbled as he brought it down quickly onto her bum over and over. His rage was being vented through his arm as he humiliated this girl like she deserved.

I too had anger built up against her and was missing out on the action, so I went over, stood the girl up, temporarily saving her from her punishment. I grabbed her wrists and led her with her shorts around her knees to a rope hanging from the ceiling. I signalled Mike over and he helped tie the teen's hands up to the ceiling. Facing the girl face to face, I looked into her eyes, which still looked down on me like a peasant. This fuelled my anger and I grabbed the expensive material that made up the collar of her top, pulling my arms apart as hard as I could. The material ripped loudly followed by a thunderous crash of thunder outside. The top did not rip completely through, but rather just enough to expose her intricate fancy lingerie. I tore this apart too and her full breasts flopped into view.

Meanwhile, Mike took up a position behind Sam, feeling up her tight behind. A few more smacks before he pulled out his cock. He told me, "You know why Emma loves me? Not cos I'm the nicest or funniest guy around, but cos I've got a big dick. I tore my eyes away from the bobbing teen breasts before me to glance at his dick, which to be honest was a decent size, larger than average, but not as big as mine. I laughed softly and again looked into Sam's eyes. They now looked a bit more fearful, as she continued an onslaught of insults and derogatory comments to us. While Mike shoved his dick roughly into her twat, I tore a piece of her top off and made a make-shift gag. "This will shut you up!" I glared at her.

As she moaned in anger at what was taking place, I found a stepladder nearby and pulled it up in front of her. I stepped up one wrung and lowered my soaking trousers. Lightning flashed outside to accompany the thunderous noise of rain against the tin roof as both Mike and Sam looked up to see my cock. Both went silent for a moment. I enjoyed that moment immensely. I gripped her warm tits between my hands and shoved my cock between. It had always been a fantasy of mine to titty fuck a girl, and one of such pompous nature, a bonus!

As Mike resumed his back and forth into her pussy without any consideration for how the girl felt, and I man handled the girls breasts, Sam continued a struggling and moaning, but to no avail. Her make-up clad face looked so very pretty, and with it right in front of me, I couldn't resist the urge of ungagging her for a moment. She began a tirade of how uncouth we were, but I stopped that by plugging her noisiest of holes with my fat erection. I instead covered her eyes with the cloth, and proceeded to face-fuck the probable prom queen.

The rain and sex continued for some time in this manner until her puffy cheeks were stained with some tear lines. I signalled Mike to exit as Sam convulsed in her first orgasm, and I lifted her legs off the ground. Now her whole weight was supported by the ropes holding her wrists. I pushed her legs up and tested her flexibility as her ankles came into contact with her arms. Again I got Mike to help tie her and soon she was completely suspended in the air, her rear hanging there begging to be taken.

Mike found a small tennis ball on the ground and forced it into her mouth. It only just fit, meaning she could neither spit it out nor speak a word. "Perfect, mate!" I commended him before implanting my tool into her tight hole. Mike had done little to stretch it enough for me and I found the same difficulty as Mike did as he forced his way into her tighter hole. We fucked all the pompous snobby attitude out of her as we double penetrated the girl half Mike's age. Perhaps if we could see her eyes we would be able to see the emotion of joy overriding that of pain as her sounds of protest audibly changed to ones of pleasure.

I heard a sound from my pants on the floor and took a break to pick up my phone. Mike moved around to replace me in her cunt, while I received the call, unknowingly answering Emma's call. I assured her we were alright and safe for the time being in the shed. While she asked questions and I answered, I entered Sam's bumhole with some force. Maybe Emma heard the moan of a teen girl, but she suddenly asked to speak to Mike.

Before passing the phone to her husband, I told her, "We're enjoying some down time with Sam, she's a delightful girl when she tries," and I thrust powerfully into her rear. Mike picked up the phone and chatted in a strained voice to his wife. He was barely concealing the fact that he was about to spray his load, and when he did, had to pass the phone back to me.

"Your husband is just unloading some of his troubles he had inside of him, and Sam is proving to be great at taking it all in," I justified. "He's saying he will talk to you later, as soon as we can meet you." She hung up the phone in haste, a little disgruntled by her husbands' lack of conversation. Mike had pulled out and cum dripped from the girls pussy. I pumped her hard as her body rocked back and forward with the momentum from hanging, but as Mike removed the ball from her mouth, she told us she wanted to fuck us, but it was beginning to hurt badly. I continued for another minute or so before letting her down.

I continued anal raping her in a doggy position with her hands tied and Mike's cock in her mouth, but she was now clearly enjoying the experience. "I knew you were a slut!" I taunted. I shouted out slander at the girl each time I thumped into her beautifully formed body, making myself heard over the rain. "You're my dirty little slut! My dirty little slut!! Tell me what you are bitch!"

She lifted her head and shouted, "I'M YOUR DIRTY LITTLE SLUT!" I smacked her ass and Mike thrust his prick down her throat. "Tell me again, whore!" "I'M YOUR DIRTY LITTLE SLUT! FUCK ME IN THE ASS LIKE THE SKANK I AM! AAAAHHHHH!!!" her scream was loud and vibrating as I thrashed her body with my own, bringing her to a shattering orgasm once again. Mine and Mike's closely followed as we filled her remaining two holes with out cum. Coming down from the frenzy of fucking the bitch, we untied her and admired her limp body in what was left of her torn clothes, lying weakly mangled on the dirty floor. She looked up at us and said, "Please, sir, may I have some more?" That storm lasted a couple of hours and we wasted very little of it.

Placing the two torn pieces of expensive lingerie in my room with the rest of them, I went for a shower and got ready for the evening events. After a long day spent indoors doing very little, the girls were ready to do something, but with the wet outside, the only option was a night in the hall. So Emma had spent the afternoon setting up the hall as a long table with formal table settings. All the girls were buzzing with the opportunity to dress up in more formal clothes, but I was lost. I went looking around the hall cupboards and to my surprise found a box that was covered in dust, which opened to reveal many mens clothes.

Amongst them I found an old-fashioned vest and trouser set which was an oak brown. I tried them on and it fit fairly well, a little loose around the waist, but it would do. I also found a crinkled white shirt, which was admittedly too tight for me. So after ironing my outfit out, I dressed up and was ready for the evening.

I went into the hall half an hour before the girls were scheduled to arrive and found Emma in a beautiful black dress that hugged her slim waist whilst showing off her great hips. I let her know she looked spectacular and she commented on how "roger" I looked in the vest. I laughed it off and went to set up the fireplace in the back corner of the hall. It was a great part of the hall, which was rarely ever used because it was closed off from the outside with a lack of windows. But on a night like tonight, the fireplace could be handy.

When the girls finally arrived I was dumbfounded at their clothes. They were only 18 and yet all of them had amazingly dressy outfits, which made them sexy as hell. High heels, short dresses, low cut tops, all were on show. Girls gave me mischievous looks after last nights spankings, and most commented on my outfit, if not to me than to their friends in whispers.

Dinner was a delicious roast cooked by Emma for most of the day, and the teachers allowed the girls some wine as a sign that they were maturing young ladies. One girl in particular caught my eye -- an exquisite young lady wearing a dress that hugged her ass tightly from the top of her thighs. The dress had a loop that hung around her neck, with the silky fabric falling loosely over her breasts. When she turned, I noticed her whole back down to the top of her delicious ass was on show, and even the sides of her breasts could be seen. It was a dress of dreams. In the mood lighting of dinner, her body demanded attention, and I thought of the undies she was wearing and how they would soon be in my collection. It was a fun night and one that I was not accustomed to out here in the nature.

However, things turned after dinner as the girls grew giddy off the wine that was taken advantage of. Music was started that had a heavy beat and the lights were turned down. The teachers allowed it as they too had a bit of wine, and Mike pulled me off my chair to go dance with the girls. All the teens were up moving their bodies in their skimpy dressed and skirts, usually pairing up with a friend to slide their lithe bodies over one another. I imagine that they do this at clubs to lure men into their realms of desire, as both Mike and I became increasingly horny.

Many of the girls I had slept with pulled me into their dancing, and I stood there swaying with them as they rubbed against me. They would grind on my upper body, exposed through the tightness of my shirt, and turn around to shove their bums into my groin. Was this dancing or seduction? Mike enjoyed himself as he too got the club treatment, grinding on all the girls he could get his hands on. Hands moved frequently over other peoples' bodies and I copped a good feel of many girls asses and breasts. I even snuck in a kiss or two when things got really heated and dark. However, my beautiful maiden of pursuit had disappeared and she was soon forgotten. Instead, I found myself entranced by my dancing partner who had a knockout body, moving her hips and ass like there was no tomorrow.

Her moves were practically emanating sex, and several times she moved her face close to mine breathing hot moans of pleasure. While she didn't have the prettiest of faces, I could not resist her sexual allure, and had to take her there. When she plunged her hand into my pants, I thought we might actually do it there, and began fingering her on the dance floor. But she began to moan and I whispered in her ear for her to follow me.

I walked quickly from the dance floor and into the female toilets. Close behind me, sex on legs waltzed in with hips still moving to the bass. I walked past two girls making out near the sink and into the cubicle. As soon as the girl followed in behind me, she turned to shut the door and I was on her. Youthful energy of the dancing and innuendo from outside filled me with a rush of hormones and I lifted her tight white dress up over her ass to her waist. She placed her hands on the door and I soon had my hard cock at the entrance to her cunt. No longer than 30 seconds had past since we entered the bathroom when I had my full length inside her and she was letting out loud yelps of passion.

We were hot for sex, and that was all. Neither cared about the place or person who with, but we were ready to fuck and that's what we did. I had my suit pants around my ankles when she turned to me and jumped onto me, wrapping her legs around my stomach. She sunk lower and I placed my shaft once again in line with her dripping hole. She sunk down completely and I pushed her back against the cubicle door. It wasn't locked or even completely closed, meaning that each hurried thrust I made banged the door loudly. It was a constant hammering that emanated our passionate quick-fuck. The girls on the other side no doubt knew what was going on, only made clearer with the screaming girl.

Only a few minutes later, she was screaming loudly in orgasm, and I jetted into her love canal. The deed was done and I pocketed her panties. She smiled and headed back to dancing. I guess that's what girls do these days.

When I re-entered the hall, the music stopped abruptly and Emma was standing on a table. She seemed angry and told the girls to go to bed immediately. Thanks for the night but it is now over, was her message. She then stormed out of the room grabbing her husbands' arm trailing behind her. Obviously she did not appreciate the moves he was pulling on their students.

I watched as all the girls filed out still excited by the night. After the last girl had left I went to put out the fire, but when I arrived there, I found an angel in a black dress reclined sleeping on the sofa by the fireplace.

I sat beside her and nudged her, picking up the book she had closed in her hands. She stirred and looked worriedly at me and then around. "You not much of a dancer are you?" I queried. She looked almost afraid, and shook her head. Her sleepiness only made her seem more attractive, as her mascara clad eyes glistened in the firelight. I waited for her to gather her bearings as she sat up in the seat, "Where did everyone go?" "You must have been asleep when Emma told you girls to go to bed." "Oh dear, I should be going," she went to rise, causing her to shiver away from the warmth of the sofa. I told her she could stay by the fire if she wanted and she slowly sat back down. I tried again, "So it appears you like Dickens?"

This started a lengthy discussion of novels, a topic which I could relate to with this shy girl. The fire had almost died down, and I mentioned to her, "I think you were the most beautiful girl here tonight." She blushed and looked into the fire. "You're cleaned up nicely yourself," she nodded at my vest, "Classical, I like it."

Perhaps it was a lucky find that suit. She began shivering again, and I pulled her closer to me. She was smaller than me and I could feel her cold temperature against me. The shirt I was wearing was beginning to itch due to it's tightness so I removed it while keeping my vest on, placing the shirt around the girls' shoulders. We talked about each other and how we came to be there, and I learnt that Claire's parents had forced her to join the cheerleading squad, and it was really not her interest at all. I showed sympathy for her and rubbed her beautiful cheek with the back of my hand.

She looked up at me with her deep amber eyes, and I moved my face to hers, stopping just inches away. It was important that she made the final move and she did so slowly, our lips touching ever so gently. I took control from there, pushing our lips together and eventually apart. I moved my hands to her neck and we made out with growing passion. She began to push harder back into the kiss, matching me and even leaning over me, until she tossed her leg over my own and she was sitting atop my lap.

My shirt had fallen off her shoulders and my big hands roamed over her delicate bare back. Soon the kiss had become more broken and sloppy, our tongues dancing and our lips moulding around each others. Her hands roamed over my chest and abs through my open vest as I pulled her dress from around her neck over her head. Our lips parted momentarily as her dress dropped, revealing her breasts for me to fondle.

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