tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGirls' Fight Club Ch. 01

Girls' Fight Club Ch. 01


Note: This is the first part of a two part (true) story. The first part was necessary to set up the background. The second part contains all of X-rated action, the real hot stuff. If you like the premise of the first part, you will definitely love the action in the second part. I will release the second part, which is, without doubt, sexier, hotter, and way more sexually explicit than the first part if I receive a good response to this first part.

Seriously, I had to take two cold showers after reading the second part (and I wrote it) and attacked my girlfriend, as soon as she came home from work. We wrestled around the living room floor stripping one another naked before having hot sex.

So, depending upon the response that I receive, score, votes, and comments, if I receive a good response, then I will post part 2, otherwise, I will busy myself on another story that you may enjoy more. So, it is up to you, the reader, if you want to read the next installment of Girls' Fight Club, part 2, vote and make a comment. That is the only way that I will know.

Girls' Fight Club, part 1

Jana and Ruthie were lovers on and off whenever there was a shortage of available men, more so when they were locked away in prison where there were no men. Prison is where they met and where our story begins.

They served time together in the same cell for assault. Jana smashed a beer bottle in a pretty girl's face when she caught the girl flirting with her then boyfriend. Then, she humiliated her by stripping her naked in front of a bar full of cheering men. Innocently enough, Jana would have stopped when she beat the girl down, but the men in the bar encourage her to undress the woman. Button by button, snap by zipper, she continued egged on by the crowd of men who circled the women.

"Jana! Jana! Jana! Jana!" They cheered daring her to continue.

First, she unbuttoned the struggling woman's blouse exposing a lace C cup bra. Then, she unzipped and pulled down her skirt exposing a matching pair of bikini panties. Next, she turned her over, removed her blouse, unsnapped her bra, and in a tug, a struggle, and a pull, her bra was off and with a swipe, so were her panties, too.

"Jana! Jana! Jana! Jana!" The echoes of their chants were intoxicating. So, enthralled was she in reaping the rewards of her actions by basking in the cheers of the crowd that she stayed and did not flee, as the police pulled up, entered the bar, and arrested her.

Ruthie was arrested for nearly beating a girl to death when the girl called her a butch dike. Probably, Ruthie was a butch dike but, not fully out of the closet yet, did not want to be called a butch dike in a bar full of people. Like Jana, Ruthie was a fan of humiliating her victim, too, by stripping off her clothes, or more the case, with Ruthie, ripping off her clothes. Only, with Ruthie, she took it a step further, she fondled, licked, and sucked all the appropriate places, once she had her struggling victim in a vulnerable and compromising position.

Ruthie's style of stripping and humiliation was different from that of Jana's. Ruthie had hands like a man and was able to pull off a woman's blouse, skirt, panty, and/or bra with one quick pull. Ruthie wasted no time in stripping her opponent. She wanted to see her victim naked just as much as the men that surrounded her did. Those who had seen Ruthie fight before knew what was in store for her defeated opponent.

"Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie!" She needed no encouragement. With a quick pull here and a hard thug there, her defeated victim was naked before she could struggle to keep her dignity.

Call it destiny, kismet or fate but for two women who never met one another until thrown together in a prison cell, they had so much in common and they enjoyed sharing their exploits with one another laughing at the expense of their beaten and humiliated victims. They both liked to fight and they were good at it, too, and they both enjoyed humiliating their victims by stripping them naked. Jana stripping her victims more slowly by respecting their clothes, unbuttoning and unzipping, whereas, Ruthie, had no respect for the clothes or for her victims and would rip and tear at the fabric to quickly reveal her victim in the nude. When they were done, they owned their victims.

Soon after they became friends, after meeting one another in jail and spending time together in a six by nine foot cell, they became lovers. Yet, once Jana was free of jail, having sex with a woman was the last thing on her mind. She liked men, lots and lots of men. Ruthie's attitude was different. If she was with a man, she would do him, if she was with a woman, she would do her, and if she was with a man and a woman, she would do them both.

They were a couple of tough girls from the inner city but they were smart enough to know that jail was not in their future ever again. Jana was tall with long legs and auburn hair that she always wore in a ponytail and was never without her short, flared skirt. She loved wearing flared skirts because when in a fight, it gave her the mobility to move around, to kick, and an excuse to flash her great ass and shaved pussy lips to anyone looking and everyone was looking at Jana's ass and pussy lips. Jana enjoyed giving a guy who interested her, a show of the goods. She had a nice ass and was never shy about showing her thong.

Ruthie had short blonde hair and was shorter than Jana by a few inches and stockier than Jana by 30 pounds. Her trademark was peasant blouses. She believed that a peasant blouse made her already big tits look even bigger and, in contrast, made her waist appear slimmer. She had peasant blouses in all colors and prints. Besides, Ruthie liked showing her tits, and peasant blouses were easy for her opponent to pull down and/or rip off when in a fight. Moreover, once her tits were exposed, she enjoyed sticking and rubbing her big tits in the loser's face. Definitely, Jana was the prettier and sexier of the two with Ruthie being a bit of a wild butch type. Just don't tell that to her face, unless you are ready for some fisticuffs.

In jail, they swore their loyalties to one another and that is where they established the Girls' Fight Club. Growing up on the mean city streets, Jana in Detroit and Ruthie in New York, and both having brief occupations as hookers, they already knew how to fight, but jail is where they mastered their skills in pugilism and perfected their idea for the Girl's Fight Club. Other women incarcerated with them, gave them a wide berth whenever they walked together down the corridors of cellblock D. They had already proven themselves in a dozen scraps in prison and the Warden was eager to release them on the pretense of good behavior, just to get them out of the prison population and his overcrowded jail. Their brawls took too much of the time and energy of his guards and the patience of him.

Once they came up with the idea for the Girls' Fight Club, they made a collect call to a mutual acquaintance, four hundred pound Fat Jimmy, the chef at the Big and Beefy Barbeque joint on Tremont Street in Boston. Jimmy had a thing for catfights, especially for those where the victor took the spoils of the battle by stripping her victim naked. Being a successful businessman, he had some dough to invest. The idea appealed to him on many levels. He could satisfy his sexual fantasy to watch catfights, have sex with women who loved to catfight and/or loved to watch catfights, and he could make some money.

He set Jana and Ruthie up with a club of sorts that was once a union hall, now hidden away within the rejuvenated Brownstones of the yuppies in the South End of Boston. There was a full bar that ran the perimeter of a very large one hundred foot square room, only broken up by the door to enter, the fire exit, the kitchen, and the corridor that led to the men's and ladies' restrooms. In front of the bar were small tables that seated four and more if you moved them together. They made sure that there was plenty of seating capacity for the crowd at the tables and/or at the bar.

Because of the city's fire law capacity, the only rule in the place was, if you were not sitting, you were not drinking, and if you were not drinking, you were out. The food was all you can eat buffet style with tables of food on all four walls. It was an art form to line up, grab your food, and sit before a bouncer bounced you out. There was no loitering in this place. People scurried to the restrooms racing back to their tables. Fortunately, there were cocktail waitresses filling drink orders. Therefore, anyone at the bar was sitting and drinking at the bar.

There, in the middle of the room was a boxing ring, only much smaller than a regulation size ring, a 12x12 square. The ring was held together by three pink ropes and four pink ring posts. The mat was pink with the logo in purple letters, GFC, confined within a big, red heart. Whoever were the combatants in the ring, there was little room to run but plenty of room for action. Because the ring was smaller, the room felt more intimate giving even those who sat by the bar, a good view of the action. Of course, illegal betting was discouraged but was a rite of passage, so long as Jimmy received some of the action.

Each post contained two wide angle video cameras, one posted near the mat and one posted chest high. All four posts were able to capture 360 degrees of images. Three more cameras shot the action from overhead. Jimmy sold the videos on the internet and to private clubs. He made more money with the videos than he did with the actual fight. Needless to say, everyone from valets, to the cocktail waitresses, to the bouncers, to Jana and Ruthie, to Jimmy, made a lot of money. And this was just the beginning. Jimmy was negotiating a reality television show, aptly named, Girls' Fight Club, to be sold on pay for view, along with a book and a movie in the works.

Open only one day a week, every Saturday was fight night. Jacket and tie for the gentlemen and dress or skirt for the ladies was required. No jeans, no t-shirts, and no sneakers. Coverage charge was $50.00 to get in and drinks were $10.00 a pop, no matter what you drank, beer or watered down whiskey, the price was the same. Most guys opted for the beer, served in aluminum cans to avoid nasty bar fights. Whiskey was served in plastic cups. The only thing that anyone could possibly throw at the fighters or at one another was ice cubes and there were plenty of those in their watered down drinks. Yet, once they got a load of the bouncers, surprisingly, except for the boisterous noise, it was a well behaved crowd.

Jimmy recruited the biggest men to work as bouncers and there were twelve of them, four posted conspicuously around the ring, two posted at the front door, two by the restrooms, and four making their presence known walking throughout the crowded room. All wore two-way radios like they do in the secret service. Oh, yeah, they were all off-duty cops, too, who could arrest you if you were drunk and/or disorderly. There was no way that Jimmy was going to lose his liquor license because of some guy getting drunk and being a jackass.

The main event was a woman challenging Jana or Ruthie. Sometimes, whenever available, Jana and Ruthie would fight two women together in the ring acting much like a wrestling tag team only switching partners but never leaving the ring. All fights ended with two, if only two were fighting or four, if four were fighting, naked women.

All women wore street clothes when fighting, namely, skirts or dresses. Other than a mouth piece, headgear, padded gloves over the knuckles with exposed fingers beneath the gloves to grab at clothes, hold onto, and to strip and rip, those were the only items offering protection.

Before the main event was several amateur night bouts where women who did not like one another, women who held a grudge against one another, or women who just wanted to expose their bodies to the crowd, would fight. Sometimes, boyfriends or husbands would not tell their women exactly what kind of place this was and would take them there volunteering their name to the scorecard. Those were the women up first. Those were the women who were humiliated and the crowd went wild and loved it when they were stripped naked and standing in the middle of the ring crying while trying to cover their nakedness with their hands and arms.

There were no fake fights here. Although some women were ready to square off and fight, other women were did not want to be stripped naked and struggled to maintain their modesty and dignity by trying to keep their clothes. All to no avail because if you stepped in that ring, you had be prepared to emerge naked because, even if you managed to beat your opponent and keep your clothes, Jana and Ruthie were there waiting at ringside to step in the ring and strip off your clothes.

Depending on who was to be stripped changed the cheer of the chanting crowd from Jana to Ruthie. If the woman was the delicate flower type, pretty, petite, and sexy, they would call for Jana because the crowd wanted to see her stripped slowly. If the woman was a brute, then they would call for Ruthie, who would strip her within seconds with a rip, a pull, and a thug.

The crowd cheered waiting for the expected.

"Jana! Jana! Jana! Jana! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie!"

Behind the unsuspecting woman stepped Jana and/or Ruthie grabbing a handful of hair and a handful of blouse or skirt. Rip, rip, strip, strip, the crowd always received their monies worth.

To be continued with...

Girls Fight Club, part 2

So...do you want to read what happened last Saturday night? Let me know.

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