tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGirls' Fight Club Ch. 02

Girls' Fight Club Ch. 02


Well, the response was enough to motivate me to write the Girls' Fight Club, part 2. Thank you to all those who took the time to read, vote, and/or comment on my story. Actually, it was my intention to write it all along and I posted it a few days after I posted the first part of Girls' Fight Club. I was only looking for a bit of dramatic effect, sort of like a drum roll, as a buildup to the sexual excitement of cat fighting women.

This story, part two of Girls' Fight Club, is about what happened on the first Girls' Fight Club night, which was a sellout success. Even though the Girls' Fight Club was advertised in the daily newspapers and talk radio, no one knew what to expect but all who were in attendance hoped for a hot time and they were not disappointed. Many of those who attended had seen catfights before but nothing like this and/or as organized. This was a first and after witnessing the extent of hot erotic action, they knew that it would not be the last.

The first up was a couple of housewives who were feuding neighbors. They had heard about the girls' fight club advertised and with the encouragement of their husbands, the fight was on. The women figured that this was a relatively safe way to finally settle their differences. They figured it a fun way to get out their anger and get on with being neighbors, again. Neither one wanted to injure the other. They were out to make their point by beating one another down and forcing them to publicly submit, that's all. Conversely, the men knew that it was a way for them to see one another's wife stripped naked and, knowing that their wives would never agree to fight if they knew that they were going to be stripped naked, they did not tell their wives about what was to happen either.

It was all very serious and professional. There was a promoter, a manager, (the same two managers for every fighter), who acted as trainer and cut man, a ring announcer, ring referee, judges, scorekeepers, ring doctor, and even a bell.

"Ding! Ding! Ding!"

The scorekeeper rang the bell at the cue of the announcer to get the attention of the crowd.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to our very first and hopefully not our last, Girls' Fight Night."

Wild with anticipation for the fights to begin, the crowd cheered.

"Allow me to introduce our judges," said the announcer and each judge stood and turned to wave to the crowd behind them, "Billy Ryan, Dom Pello, and Joe Nace. Our referee Johnny Lark and our scorekeeper is Vinnie Sands. Doctor at ringside is Dr. Mario Marco." The referee gave a quick nod of acknowledgement to the crowd and the scorekeeper and doctor stood and waved.

From the ladies room emerged the first two of tonight's combatants. Everything was done much like a real fight night, only the boxers wore their regular street clothes without shoes, or in this case, of cat fighting women at Girls' Fight Night, short dresses or skirts and low cut tops. The crowd was on their feet cheering, whistling, and clapping as the women made their way down the center aisle towards the ring. Both fighters were in their early thirties.

Tina was about 5'4" and had shoulder length blonde hair. She was pretty. She wore a flared skirt, which came to about mid thigh and a clingy pullover top that stretched across her 34 B's. She was thin lipped and by the way that she kept her head down and did not look at or acknowledge the crowd or wave to anyone in the audience, she appeared bitchy and unfriendly. Maybe, she was just nervous. As soon as she stepped over the bottom rope and squatted beneath the middle rope to climb in the ring, despite her best attempts at modesty, she flashed white panties to the audience. The crowd cheered at the site of her panties.

Maureen was a big girl, 5'8" with short brown hair and wore her fight face; she looked angry. She wore a wrap around skirt that came to her knee with a white blouse that buttoned over her 40 D's. The way she played off the crowd, waving and blowing kisses, she appeared friendly and approachable. Yet, once she returned her focus back to the fight, she displayed her fight face, again. In the looks department, it was apparent that she has seen better days. She stepped over the middle rope giving the crowd a generous flash of her pale blue granny panties.

"Ding! Ding! Ding!" The scorekeeper rang the bell to quiet the crowd and to get their attention.

Tonight's card has Tina, in the corner to my right, at 5'4". She is a 130 pound housewife from Cambridge. Maureen, in the corner to my left, at 5'8", is the 180 pound, next door neighbor of Tina. The dispute is over Maureen's barking Rottweiler who craps on Tina's front lawn along with the issue of the dog's incessant barking," said the announcer laughing with the crowd. "The winner of the bout is the decreed winner of the disagreement with the feud over and done." Girls' Fight Night worked much like Judge Judy's courtroom only with punches instead of reprimands.

The referee called the women together in the center of the ring.

"Ladies, this is a fight of three, 3-minute rounds. You will have a clean fight with no kicking, head butting, eye gouging, and hair pulling. Tearing one another's clothes off and stripping your opponent naked is perfectly acceptable," he said with a wink to Maureen.

Tina shot the referee a panicked look and then appealed to Maureen with pleading look, as if to say; please do not strip me naked. She turned looking for her husband in the crowd with a look of panicked desperation. He waved and cheered. Maureen turned and looked for her husband in the crowd and gave him the thumbs up sign.

"Protect yourself at all times and never turn your back to your opponent. You will return to your neutral corner at my command, stop fighting at the sound of the bell, and come out from your corners and begin fighting at the sound of the bell. Good luck to both of you. Now, touch gloves, return to your corners, and come out fighting when the bell rings."

The women touched gloves and returned to their corners waiting for the bell to ring.


They both met in the middle of the squared circle with a half hearted jog. Immediately, Maureen hit Tina with two quick jabs to her head protector that knocked her head back each time and the back of her skirt jumped up flashing her white panties to the ringside spectators. Tina threw a haymaker, but Maureen ducked down and the blow sailed over her head. Again, Tina's short skirt hopped up enough for all to see her pretty whites. They danced around the ring with Tina staying out of reach of Maureen's fists. Maureen continued stalking Tina and when Tina stepped inside to try to hit her with a jab, Maureen let go a left uppercut that knocked Tina off her feet and on her ass. With her skirt now around her waist and her panties visible for all to see, Tina struggled to get up gradually climbing to her knees with her ass in the air. The referee started his slow count but Tina was on her feet by a five count.

Red faced angry, Tina ran across the ring and threw a wild punch that made her lunge past Maureen where she fell forward leaning against the ropes with her back to the mat practically falling over the top rope. Now, leaning over the top rope and bent at the waist, she showed plenty of panty flashing shots to the crowd. The crowd cheered every time Tina flashed her panties. Once again, Maureen had avoided Tina's wild punch and the punch sailed harmlessly over her head. She turned laughing and waving to crowd and the crowd cheered at the antics of the fighter and at the expense of Tina.

When Tina regained her balance and composure and turned to face Maureen, she was met with a hard blow to the stomach. She doubled over in pain and Maureen grabbed at her top from the back pulling it up and over her head. The back and the sides of her bra were now exposed to the audience. Then, she reached around Tina and quickly and deftly unsnapped her bra. By the time Tina knew what hit her; Maureen reached around the front of her and in a quick swipe, pulled the front of her top up, along with her bra, and over her head exposing her tits. Now, Tina stood in the ring topless. Maybe from the exertion and the excitement of the fight, Tina's nipples were totally erect. Maureen waved Tina's blouse and bra over her head and threw them both out to the crowd. The crowd cheered.

The crowd was wild with people out of their chairs cheering and yelling. With her tits out on public display, Tina tried desperately to climb out of the ring but without removing her hands from her tits. As Tina stepped over the bottom rope, with one foot on the mat and the other on the ring apron, in a quick tug, Maureen pulled at Tina's skirt ripping it off and pulling Tina back in the ring. Busy trying to cover her bare tits with her arms, before Tina could react, Maureen had Tina's panties pulled down around her ankles exposing her trimmed bush and ass to the crowd. Maureen pulled Tina's panties off and threw them out to the crowd, as well. Within a matter of minutes in the first round, Tina was already stripped naked and totally defeated.

Tina squatted down in the middle of the ring, hysterically crying and screaming for her husband to rescue her. He did not budge. He was in the audience cheering with the rest of the fans. Finally, she ran from the ring and down the main aisle to the ladies room.

The referee declared the first bout over and raised Maureen's hand. She was joyous in her defeat of Tina and appeared oblivious to the chant of the crowd at first.

"Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie!"

The chant sounded like the rumble of a freight train.

"Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie!"

I suspect, Maureen thought the chants were for her with the noise being so loud it was difficult to discern what the crowd was chanting.

As soon as Ruthie stepped up on the ring apron behind the ropes and behind Maureen, the crowd went wild. By the reaction of Maureen, raising her hands, dancing in the ring with some fancy footwork that she did not have the time demonstrate before, Maureen thought the crowd cheered for her. She waved, flexed her arms showing off her biceps, and blew kisses to the crowd. The audience was wild with the anticipation of what was to come.

Ruthie leaned down and stepped between the top and middle ropes and now stood in the ring a foot behind Maureen. In a two handed quick grab, one hand going for the skirt and the other hand going for her panties, once the skirt was removed, Ruthie pulled off Maureen's skirt and swiped down her panties. Maureen stood in the middle of the ring naked from the waist down, her big ass and bushy pussy visible for all to see.

Making no attempt to cover her nakedness, Maureen turned to Ruthie and before she could react, in a quick pull down, Ruthie ripped her blouse wide open and pulled off her bra. Now, but for a ripped blouse, Maureen stood naked. She took a wild swipe at Ruthie and her big D cup tits jumped up and down and jiggle side to side. Ruthie sidestepped Maureen's wild, wide punch and stepped forward to bowl her over with a quick, hard straight arm to her chest. Maureen grabbed at Ruthie's peasant blouse ripping it completely off as she fell backwards with her legs in the air exposing her pussy for all to see.

The crowd went wild. First Tina was stripped naked, then Maureen was stripped naked but for some material that once was her blouse, and now Ruthie has had her blouse ripped off and is standing in the middle of the ring in her big bra. The first bout was a huge success. This action was way better than any Wrestle Mania bout when a bikini top was ripped off a female wrestler showing off her fake boobs. Girls' Fight Night had real women stripped naked and there was nothing staged about this fight.

People ordered more drinks and got up to grab more food at the buffet before the next bout was to start. The next bout was a fight between two sisters, twins, who have had it in for one another. They bickered and argued all the way from the ladies room, down the long aisle, and into the ring. Obviously, in hindsight and upon closer examination, this was a staged event but the crowd believed it, ate it up, and loved it.

They were young about 21-years-old with long, blonde hair and proud, round asses. They appeared to be 5'6" and about 115 pounds. They were very pretty and the crowd loved them. Both wore mini-dresses with skirts that moved with them. And when they climbed through the ropes, the crowd was rewarded with a quick flash of their thong covered asses. Debbie was in a blue low cut and Donna was in pink.

As soon as they climbed in the ring and the bell rang, their intentions were obvious. Not once did they hit one another, they only wanted to show their bodies to the spectators. They lunged for one another, grabbing hair, getting one another in a headlock, pushing the other down on the mat, and pulling off their clothes. It was only a minute before they stripped one another down to thongs and half-cup bras.

Once they were in their underwear, the women paraded around the ring, as if they were the ring girls holding up a round number card between rounds to remind everyone what round it was.

The crowd booed and jeered them. They wanted to see the girls stripped naked. They wanted to see the two women lying prone on the mat. They wanted a cat fight.

Suddenly, beginning from the back of the room like thunder and rippling to the front like a tsunami wave, the growing volume of the chant exploded throughout the room in a raucous roar.

"Jana! Jana! Jana! Jana! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie!"

The crowd stomped their feet increasing the volume of the chant to that of the sound of a huge machine getting ready to launch itself into high gear.

"Jana! Jana! Jana! Jana! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie!"

The crowd grew more mechanical in the rhythm of its chant and the stomping of their feet.

Jana and Ruthie appeared on the ring apron behind Debbie and Donna. Since the girls were sequestered away in the ladies room, they did not know what happened in the first bout between Tina and Maureen.

Debbie and Donna posed to the crowd as would Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan pose on the red carpet. Jana and Ruthie, their presence unheard by the noise of the chanting and stomping crowd, entered the ring behind the women unnoticed. They nodded to one another and in a quick movement, they each grabbed their victims lifting them high overhead and slamming them down hard to the mat.

The violent force of the slam knocked the wind out of them and they lay on the mat helplessly immobile. In a hard tug, Jana and Ruthie pulled off their bras and in a quick pull they removed their thongs. The twins, now naked and running around the ring looking for cover like a chicken looking for its head, drove the crowd even wilder than the match between Tina and Maureen. The room was alive with the sound of the wild screaming delight of the crowd.

Whenever one of the women tried to escape by running through the ropes, Jana or Ruthie grabbed her, pulled her back in the ring, and wrestle her down to the mat making sure to hold back her arms exposing her B cup tits and/or spreading her legs wide to expose her shaved pussy. They not only defeated the women, they humiliated them. They owned them and the crowd loved it.

After playing with the twins for several minutes, Jana and Ruthie allowed them to flee down the main aisle. Debbie and Donna ran for the protection of the ladies room while trying to cover their nakedness with their hands.

Suddenly, the lights in the room brightened and the announcer appeared in the center of the ring.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we welcome you to the first Girls' Fight Night. Normally, this is where we would have our main event but we were unable to secure suitable challengers for Ruthie and/or Jana. For those of you who return next Saturday Night, we are passing out free drink coupons at the door for redemption next week where we will have arranged suitable opponents for not only Ruthie but also for Jana. Please, before you leave, for those interested in participating in fight night, leave your name and telephone number at the door and we will contact you. Thank you for coming and drive home safely."

"You wait just one second," said a voice from the back of the room. The spotlight illuminated the appearance of the speaker. There quickly walking down the main aisle was a woman in her late thirties with another woman, looking to be her mother and in her early fifties. The two women quickly negotiated their way through the crowd that still milled around their seats getting ready to leave. They walked up the steps to the ring apron and the younger of the two women held up the middle rope for the older woman for her to enter the ring.

The younger woman grabbed the microphone from the announcer.

"You people humiliated my daughters, Debbie and Donna, and I am suing you bastards. Where's that fat fuck, Fat Jimmy. I want to give him a piece of my mind."

Then, it was the older woman's turn to talk.

"What is wrong with you people? Those two lesbians, Jana and Ruthie stripped my granddaughters naked. How dare they? If I had a mind and if they were in front of me now, I'd bopped them both one with my handbag."

Suddenly, like thunder rumbling in the distance, the crowd began their chant. "Jana! Ruthie!" The sound grew louder. "Jana! Ruthie!" The crowd stomped their feet in beat with their chant. "Jana! Ruthie!" Louder and louder until it reached a crescendo of screams, "Jana! Ruthie!" Then, behind the women appeared Jana and Ruthie on the ring apron. The crowd was wild with the anticipation of what was to come. Both Jana and Ruthie climbed through the ropes and into the ring at the same time approaching the two angry women, mother and grandmother.

The women turned to confront Jana and Ruthie.

"You listen here," said the mother.

In a quick lift, Jana put an arm between her legs and up her dress lifting her up off the ground and overhead slamming her down hard on the mat. Her landing with legs spread showed the crowd what they paid to see, panties.

"How dare you," said the grandmother lifting her big handbag and striking Ruthie across the forearm and shoulder.

"Ruthie put an arm between her legs and up beneath her dress and in a swoop, lifter her up off the ground and overhead slamming her down hard on the mat. Her landing, too, satisfied the voyeurism of the crowd with a great up skirt.

Both women tried getting up and only made it to their knees before Ruthie and Jana were all over them like flies at a picnic. First, in a quick rip, they pulled off their blouses, exposing their bras. Then, they pushed them back down on the mat and ripped off their skirts exposing their half lips and panties. Next, the slips were pulled down and the women cowered together in the center of the ring dressed only in their bras and panties. In a hard pull Jana and Ruthie pulled off their bras exposing the mother's C cup tits and the grandmother's B cup tits. In a quick swipe, they pulled down and off their panties exposing the mother's shaved bush and the grandmother's bushy pussy. The crowd was on their feet screaming their satisfaction, as this was the main bout of Girls' Fight Night.

If you think that the first Girls' Fight Night was an overwhelming success, stay tuned for part 3 of Girls' Fight Night where Ruthie and Jana enter the ring and meet their match.

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