tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGirls' Fight Club Ch. 03

Girls' Fight Club Ch. 03


I dedicate this story to my cyber friend Jim across the ocean in the Motherland. Jim, if you are reading this, I wrote this story just for you. Christ, you nagged me enough to write another Girls' Fight Club, so here it is (lol).


The crowd booed and jeered them. They wanted to see the girls stripped naked. They wanted to see the women lying prone on the mat with their legs up and spread with every part of their bodies exposed to their leering eyes. They wanted a wild clothes ripping, knock down, dragged-out, cat fight. They were hot to see tits, nipples, asses, and pussies. This is what Girls' Fight Club is all about. It is about women fighting, owning, and humiliating one another for the lustful viewing pleasure of horny men.

Whereas men fight for their machismo, women fight to humiliate. Men know when to stop. Women are just mean and nasty. Just as there are more men than women at a boxing match, there are more men than there are women at Girls' Fight Club. Sure, there are lots of women in the audience but they are there because their men want them there and because it excites their men to have their women there with them viewing the fights while witnessing what they believe is sexy and erotic action.

The men think that it excites their woman to watch other women fight and maybe it does to some degree and for some women but not usually. The men think that they will have wild sex with their woman after witnessing Girls' Fight Club. Can you imagine the pillow talk once they are home alone and in bed? On the other hand, the women figure that their men will be all hot and horny from watching the fight and, once they get home and are alone, then they will give them a good fucking.

"What do you think, Honey? I can just see you standing there in the middle of the ring. Wouldn't you like to be a contestant at Girls' Fight Club?"

What? He didn't ask me what I think he asked me. Is he serious? Is he drunk? Is he on drugs? Is he crazy? He wants to see me brutalized and then stripped naked? He wants me exposing my naked body to strangers and to all those perverted and deranged men in the audience? Over your dead body, Freddie, she thought to herself.

"Me? Fight at Girls' Fight Club? I'd be afraid of getting hurt, Sweetie," she said batting her eyelashes and smiling coyly while stroking his cock with her right hand. "Besides, I wouldn't want to break a nail," she said looking at her freshly manicured nails on her left hand. "Furthermore, I don't want those two awful and nasty lesbians, Ruthie and Jana, throwing me to the mat and ripping off whatever clothing and dignity that I managed to save, that is if I was to win the fight. And I would be sick if they made me do stuff."

"Do stuff?"

"You know, lesbian stuff, when they force you to suck their pussy or tits while they are groping every part of you."

"C'mon, Brenda, it will be hot fun to watch you and your sexy best friend, Andrea, fight in the ring."

"Andrea? Oh, now I get it. So she is the real reason that you want to see me fight at Girls' Fight Club. You just want to watch me strip Andrea naked so that you can ogle her hot body. You just want to see her tits, ass, and pussy?" Brenda shot Freddie an icy look that made his cock swivel. "You are such a pig."

"A pig? I'm just a normal, average, horny guy and yeah, well, that's part of it, I suppose, watching you fight and stripping another woman. But, wouldn't it turn you on to have Andrea strip you naked and have all those men ogling your naked body, too? Wouldn't it turn you on to have her forcefully touch you like that?"

"Turn me on? Are you drunk? Are you crazy? What part of that violence would turn me on? There's nothing sexy or erotic about being knocked around in a boxing ring while your cothes are stripped away. My body is only for your eyes, Freddie." She looked at him like he has lost his mind. "I'm not an exhibitionist. I'm not a whore. I'm your girlfriend for Christ sakes." She stuck a fingernail in his chest, "And you had better give me more respect than this, Buster. I don't do Girls' Fight Club. Besides, I only went there because you begged me to go and dragged me there."

"Geez, c'mon, baby. What if we arranged a fight between you and your sister or you and your mother or you and your sister and mother or you and Andrea with your mother and your sister all in the ring?"

"Okay, okay, that's enough, Freddie. I can't listen to you anymore about this shit. It's very distasteful to me. Calm down. You are getting overly excited over something that will never happen in your lifetime because I will kill you first." She removed her hand from his cock and sat up in bed looking in the mirror at her hair. "This conversation is way too weird for me to participate in it any further. Besides, you are making me ill? Now, you want to see my sister naked and my 48-year-old mother naked, too? What is wrong with you? This Girls' Fight Club has made you crazy."

"Weird? Why? I'm just having fun thinking about you fighting at Girls' Fight Club." He knew that he had to think fast before Brenda thought that he was as bad as all of those perverts in the audience at Girls' Fight Club. "I just thought that if you were fighting your best friend, your sister, and/or your mother that it is a good way for you to control the fight while making sure no one got hurt by making it a play fight."

"A play fight?" She put her hand on her hip and turned to look at him. "A play fight? You know that once any woman steps in that ring, she is required to go at it toe to toe before stripping her opponent and/or being stripped. If the audience does not buy the action, just like what happened with that fight between the twin sisters, Ruthie and Jana will step through those ropes and pick up the action." She looked at her boyfriend. "No thank you. I don't want to be in a ring with those two ruffians. They'd kill me after they stripped me naked and made me do lesbian sex acts."

"It's all in fun, Brenda. It's just for a good time."

Suddenly, Freddie had an image of Ruthie forcing Brenda to suck her big tits or Jana forcing her to suck her pussy. He had to think of something to convince her. He had to say something that would change her mind. It was now or never. He'd never have this chance again to bring this up because once the moment was gone she would never discuss it ever again.

"Besides, Girls' Fight Club gives a lot of money to the orphanage. Think of the children you would help by raising money, as well as the libidos of men you would stroke."

"Think of the children? First of all, I don't care about any other man's libido but yours. Secondly, yeah, I know the fun you are having and it has more to do with seeing Andrea, my sister, my mother, and me naked while fighting in the ring at Girls' Fight Club. The last thing on your mind is orphans and an orphanage."

Fuck, he was losing her. There was no way that she would go for it now, now that she was checking her hair in the mirror and not listening to his reasoning anymore.

"Did you know that they pay their participants to fight now?" He said hoping that she would consider the financial reward of a $1,000 purse for fighting at Girls' Fight Club.

"Oh, yeah? How much?"

"They give you a grand for stepping in the ring and more if you are the winner and give the audience a good show. One of the women last year made $2,500 bucks for twenty minutes work."

She fluffed her hair and reached for the hairbrush.

"You could not pay me enough to step in that ring to have my clothes torn from my body unless..."

"Unless? Unless what, Baby? Anything. I would do anything to see you, Andrea, your sister, and your mother be stripped, er I mean, pretend fight."

He had her. Now, she was considering it. This was too good to be true. Visions of Andrea and Brenda's sister and mother naked filled his mind and made his cock suddenly grow harder.

"I will participate in the Girls' Fight Club. I will talk Andrea into Participating in the Girls' Fight Club. And I will even convince my mother and my sister to fight in the Girls' Fight Club if..."

"If? If what, Baby? Anything, Baby Doll, anything. You name it and I'll do it. You want some new clothes or a little bling bling bobble for your finger? Just tell me and it's done. Here's my credit card. It has a ten grand limit, go out and splurge. What? Just tell me what you want. I will do anything if you do this one little, teeny tiny thing for me. You tell me what you want and consider it done and—"

"A new Corvette."

"What? A new Corvette? Are you serious? You lost your mind." A panicked look drained the color from his face and from his penis, as it grew soft. "How about a new Honda Civic, an SI with the sports package? Those things are really cute and they even have—"

"A Corvette convertible, metallic orange with two-tone black and orange seats and a six speed manual transmission. You buy me a new Corvette convertible and I will give you a show with hot memories that will last you a lifetime." She leaned down and took his cock in her mouth. She stroked him to hardness while swirling his tongue around it.

"Geez, Bren, that's sixty grand for one fight." He looked down at her sucking his cock and felt the weight of her tit in his palm while fingering her nipple.

"Take it or leave it, buddy," she said removing his cock from his mouth and awaiting his answer before continuing with the blowjob.

Brenda was typical of the women who fought at Girls' Fight Club, women coerced to fight by their boyfriends or husbands, women who were rewarded for their overt exhibitionism with trips, jewels, money, and even new cars. You will never hear a bunch of women planning to go to the Girls' Fight Club to have a good time. They would rather go to an all male review to watch men voluntarily stripping themselves naked. To them, that is a good time.

Moreover, never will you see men stripping one another naked after they have been declared victorious and announced as the winner of the fight. Yet, quite often, women take pleasure in stripping those they have defeated. It is their way of taking total control of their victim. By taking the clothes of the loser, the winner takes her dignity, too.

Some women will spank the bare ass of their losing opponents while others will take the opportunity to force the loser to participate in lesbian sex by having her suck her tits or pussy or by sucking her tits or pussy. They enjoy shaming the loser by exposing her breasts, ass, and pussy to the crowd of onlookers by standing her upright, holding back her arms, and leaning her up against the ropes. It is a barbarous way of totally owning the person that they have beaten into submission.

Yet, as you will see, it is a very exciting way to fight for the benefit of the men in the audience. Further, it is a guaranteed way of making money for the owners of Girls' Fight Club.

It was a sold out fight, the room was filled to capacity, and the noise of the people all talking at once was deafening. There was an electricity of anticipated excitement in the air. Tonight was the 3rd bout of the Girls' Fight Club after the city, by court order, temporarily shut the club down. Only, the owners of Girls' Fight Club had their day in court and they won their right to show their fights to the public with their live feed hooked up to pay-per-view. Now, they were back in business and ready to rumble.

It was an impatient crowd and they were eager to see the action of women with women begin. Suddenly, beginning from the back of the room like thunder building in the distance, slowly rippling across the room, and washing over all those in attendance like the howl of a great tsunami wave, the growing volume of the crowd's chant exploded throughout the room in a raucous, riotous roar.

"Jana! Jana! Jana! Jana! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie!"

The crowd stomped their feet while increasing the volume of their chant to that of the sound of a huge machine getting ready to launch itself into high gear. They would not quiet until they saw their heroines. They would not be silenced until Jana and Ruthie took center stage and addressed them. They were a mad mob of maniacal men.

"Jana! Jana! Jana! Jana! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie!"

The crowd grew more mechanical in the rhythm of its chant, clapping its hands and stomping their feet. Suddenly, with the sound of a thousand locomotives rumbling down the track with their final destination being this Girls' Fight Club, the crowd was one in their clamorous chant.

"Jana! Jana! Jana! Jana! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie!"

Louder and louder the chant grew in volume filled the room.

"Jana! Jana! Jana! Jana! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie!"

The crowd stomped their feet in beat with their chant while clapping their hands.

"Jana! Jana! Jana! Jana! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie!"

Even louder until it reached an unbearable crescendo of screams, when it felt like the roof was going to collapse.

"Jana! Jana! Jana! Jana! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie! Ruthie!"

The roar of the sound was not unlike the Zulu tribe of old on the African plain when they gathered to scare the wits out of their British occupiers or the French Foreign Legion. Although the sound of their chants was frightening, there was something musical about their chants at the same time. It was when they stopped chanting that you needed to worry.

As embracing as were the chants and the rhythmic beating of the drums of the Cleveland Indians baseball team of old, cohesive its unity of solidarity for their baseball team, so were the chants and the stomping of the crowd now in the audience for the participants of the Girls' Fight Club. They were not to be denied the action of a good girl fight that culminated in both participants being stripped naked. They hungered for the sight of it like lions on the prowl following their prey through the high grass. They had been teased with the first two venues of Girls' Fight Club and with nearly a year long legal battle between the City and Girls' Fight Club and now the fight were only moments away.

Then, spotlighted behind the ring and out from behind a curtain appeared Jana and Ruthie on the ring apron. As the spotlight followed their progress to the center of the ring, more and more people noticed them and the crowd roared to a frenzy fit. They were wild with the anticipation of what was to come.

Jana dressed in her uniform of a micro-mini skirt that showed plenty of panty, even when she stood still, and along with her micro-mini skirt, she wore a very low cut top that showed her areolas with her every movement. Ruthie wore jeans with her signature cut-off peasant blouse without a bra and that clearly showed her big nipples at full high-beam status. Every time Ruthie raised her arms, she gave the audience a nice show of the bottom of her tits. Both Jana and Ruthie climbed through the ropes and into the ring. Jana was first to grab the microphone.

"After a brief intermission..." The crowd cheered laughing. "The City in its infinite wisdom thought they could shut us down." Again, she waited for the crowd to voice their emotion, their negativity for the city's council and their support for the Girls' Fight Club. "The City thought they could deny you our entertainment. The City thought they could put us out of business." As she did before, she waited for the crowd to simmer down and stop cheering and applauding before continuing to address the full house. "As you may have read in the newspapers, our battery of lawyers was victorious in pleading our case and..." The crowd was wild with what she was to say next.

She passed the microphone to her partner, Ruthie.

"Are you ready to rumble?" The crowd went berserk with excitement.

"Are you ready to see women stripped naked?"

The cheers were deafening.

"Well, if you are, we are here for another season of Girls' Fight Club!"

She could not have excited that crowd anymore but she did. The crowd was on their feet jumping up and down and giving Jana and Ruthie a standing ovation.

The crowd went wild with the anticipation of what was to come. They heard rumors that this first match was going to be better than last year's first two matches combined. They could not imagine it getting any better than that. They remembered the neighbors fighting and being stripped naked in the ring. They remembered the twins fighting and being stripped naked in the ring. They remembered the twins' mother and grandmother complaining about the treatment of their precious daughters in the ring and being stripped naked.

It was all very serious and professional. There was a promoter, a manager, (the same two managers for every fighter), who acted as trainer and cut man, a ring announcer, ring referee, judges, scorekeepers, ring doctor, and even a bell.

Ruthie and Jana took their leave exiting the ring when the announcer, a tall, strikingly beautiful woman dressed in a blue, low-cut, strapless and sequined evening gown, stepped in the ring and reached up for the microphone that lowered itself down from the ceiling. She looked much like Loni Anderson with her bright blonde hair and big, double D tits overflowing her top. She gave a nod to the scorekeeper.

"Ding! Ding! Ding!"

The scorekeeper rang the bell at the announcer's cue to quiet the crowd and to get their attention. The feeling was electric.

"Ladies and gentlemen," she said and as soon as she started speaking, the crowd quieted to a hushed din. "We welcome you to our second year and hopefully not our last..." the crowd roared and clapped with cheers, "...of Girls' Fight Club!" The announcer held up the microphone as if it was a trophy and waited for the crowd to settle down, again. "I'm your host and announcer tonight, Dee Dee Morris."

Wild with anticipation for the fights to begin, the crowd cheered.

"Allow me to introduce our judges," said the announcer, as each judge stood and turned to wave to the crowd behind them, "Billy Ryan, Dom Pello, and Joe Nace. Stand up guys and take a bow. Our referee Johnny Lark and our scorekeeper is Vinnie Sands. Doctor at ringside is Dr. Mario Marco." The referee gave a quick nod of acknowledgement to the crowd and the scorekeeper and doctor stood and waved.

"We have an amazing card of fighters tonight. Matter of fact, we had so many women who, once they heard about this Girls' Fight Club continuing, wanted to participate, we had to turn them away." The crowd booed at the thought of so many potential naked women being turned away and not being given the chance to fight.

"Yet, do not fret fight fans, we signed them up to deliver you an uninterrupted..." the crowd went wild with cheering and applauding, "...year long..." the crowd clapped and cheered in a frenzy display of excitement "of red, hot fight scenes of women fighting women and women stripping women."

"That's what you are all here for, isn't it?" The announcer looked over the crowd. "That's what you want to see, right? This is what you want, is it not? You want to see women fighting. You want to see women touching one another. You want to see a good catfight. And you want to see women being stripped naked in the ring!"

The noise from the crowd was deafening. Everyone was cheering, whistling, and clapping. Now, everyone was back on their feet.

"Okay, okay, quiet down, settle down...quiet down, settle down...okay, okay, quiet down, settle down, so that I can introduce the fighters of our first fight."

She gave another nod to the scorekeeper.

"Ding! Ding! Ding!"

"In this corner, standing a petite 5'4" and weighing 110 pounds is the very pretty Mary Elizabeth." Mary Elizabeth took a step forward and waved to the crowd. She was wearing a short, simple, black cocktail dress with matching black boxing gloves. The announcer waited until after the crowd gave the fighter their warm reception.

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