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Girls From the Stars


It was an ordinary drinking night in the infamous Muleshoe Salloon, West Texas. All the regular biker rednecks were here: Joe Bob, and Jack the Crook, and of course Bubba and his brothers, Sam and Sonny. Real scum, they were. Woe unto whoever got on their bad side.

It was just after midnight when a strange, muffled engine sound shook the entire salloon, as if an aircraft carrier wrapped in towels were sailing by. "What the hell..." muttered Bubba and looked around the salloon. Everybody was as mystified as he was.

After another few seconds, Joe Bob decided to go outside and check up on his wheels. As he opened the door and looked outside, a blinding light engulfed his profile in the doorway, and he shouted, "Jeesus Hell Shit!" He was clearly seeing something through the light, and his beer-soaked fellows came up to see what it was.

Just outside the Muleshoe Salloon sat an honest-to-God flying saucer. An opening had appeared in it, from which intense light streamed out, although it was diminishing around now. Four small figures appeared in the saucer's doorway, and started descending the landing ramp.

"Mother of God!" said Bubba, as he realized, eyes wide, what they were. Not grey aliens, but - four blond girls, totally naked, about 18 years old, with small-ish breasts and fine blond pubic hairing. Saliva filled the mouths of every male onlooker.

"Greetings!" said the first girl in a youthful voice. "Peace and love to the people of this planet! We come from the planet Latytal, and we hope to strike up friendship with the people of Earth! As you can hear, we have already learned your language, and we are looking forward to learning a lot more about your culture and customs. If you want to learn our language, you can..."

That was as far as she got. Joe Bob grabbed the naked girl around the waist and ran off with her to the dark stable on the backside of the salloon. He sat her down in the hay and took off his belt and unbuttoned his pants, whipping out his already rigid penis. The girl was unshaken. "Thank you for sharing your customs with us. We are grateful..."

Joe Bob didn't bother stepping out of his pants. He knelt in front of the girl, spread her young legs with his massive hands, and pressed his loins down between them, shoving his hard member deep into the blond-haired pussy beneath him. He was surprised to find the young girl's vagina entirely wet and emanating an aromatic scent of arousal, and no less surprised to hear her moan in utter pleasure as he stabbed her forcefully with his blood-filled shaft. Her reaction increased his already savage excitement, and he presently convulsed in pleasure spasms as a fantastic orgasm conquered his body and filled the young girl with his white juices.

Out by the saucer, a similar fate had befallen the three other girls from the stars. Jack the Crook had absconded with one, so had Bubba, and Sam and Sonny had laid in dips on the last one.

Bubba dragged his quarry with him onto his motorcycle, and sprayed the unresisting girl across its seat, stomach down, buttocks strutted towards Bubba's loins. Loosening his pants, he released his bulging virility, and stroked on it with his hand for a couple of seconds. He then guided it up to the young girl's blond pussy, very visible between her thighs, and nuzzled his glans against her pubic hairing, just to savor the moment.

In fact, he thought, why not prolong it a bit more? He lowered his penis and instead put his mouth to the teenager's sparsely haired pussy, inserted his tongue and started licking the moist pussy lips and sniffing the odor of her sex. God, what a taste!! He drank of her bountiful crotch until he felt the girl climax with loud whimpers, which synchronically sat his own fireworks off. Dizzy with sensual overload and in an orgasmic haze, Bubba grabbed the girl by the hips and finally put his erection once again to her blond and saliva-wettened pussy, and hammered it inside. It slipped effortless in, all the way, and several heavenly minutes of from-behind intercourse ensued before an orgasm even greater than the first swept over Bubba, making his knees buckle, toppling the large man backwards onto the ground, but not until after his load was deposited deep inside the blond girl's vagina.

He lay there, exhausted, holding his head and thinking "Wow!!!", as the girl got back onto her feet, smiled at him and returned to the flying saucer.

Jack had taken his prize with him into his car. He scrambled to get out of his clothes while the blond girl thanked him for demonstrating these aspects of his culture. "Y'all don' look like no people from 'nother planet!" he told her. She calmly responded, while spreading her legs to improve Jack's view of her butter-colored pubic hairing and the sweet, young pussy lips it partially covered, "And do you know what people from other planets look like?"

Of course, Jack had to admit that he didn't. He thought no further of it, but proceeded to drive his highly excited manhood directly into the willing girl's pussy, finding it wet, spacy and silky, and more arousing than anything he'd ever experienced. "Ohhh - ooohh yes, baby, let daddy give it to ya! Arhhh, yer so soft and nice, girlie... Awwwwrrrhhhuunnghh!" Jack almost fainted from pleasure as he climaxed spasmodically, his liquid passion emptying into the pretty, little blond-haired girl writhing sensually beneath him, and moaning out her own pleasure into his ears.

Meanwhile, Sam and Sonny had yanked their girl with them into the salloon, shouting for anybody who was still in there to get out, which they had very promptly done. Now the naked girl was placed on a table, on her back, Sam holding her arms and Sonny holding her legs. She didn't resist in the least, but said, "Thank you for involving us in your customary mating ritual."

The brothers were too highly strung to listen, though. Sam said, blowing his beer breath in her cute face, "Yer parents shoon't let you out alone like dis!! Who knows what might happen - haw haw haw!"

Both brothers dropped their pants and lifted their pulsating rods of hard meat to the closest convenient orifice. As Sonny, positioned between the young girl's legs, pressed his swollen member through her blond pubic hairing and pussy lips, invading her heated and moisterized womb with a massive sigh, Sam synchronically forced his hard-on into the girl's mouth and was surprised to find her sucking him off as if she'd been trained by an expert. "Ahh yeah, that's it," he moaned, and almost forgot to fondle her young breasts.

Holding her hips, Sonny, too, was having quite a good time. He humped the blond girl in strong strokes, unrelentingly burying his member to the hilt in her wet and permissive vagina. The young girl did all she could to contribute to their frenzy, and both brothers shakily ejaculated inside their respective orifice as the beautiful, two-wayed girl arched her back and released an ecstatic, oscillating mmmm'ing from deep inside her youthful chest. She used the brothers' ensuing disorientation to get up and return to the saucer.

The three other girls joined her and they all went back into the luminous interior of the UFO, which lifted off immediately thereupon.

As the ship penetrated the blackness of space on its way back to Latytal, Dakr'da said to P'tiera, "The honor for the success of this mission goes entirely to you. Your plan to procure semen samples from the male apes of this primitive culture without abducting them couldn't have been more efficient. One of the agents even received two loads!"

"Oh, you're too kind," said P'tiera, all eight of its tentacles trembling with pride. "Actually, I've been employing variations on this theme on more than a hairful of planets." Latytalians had exactly 26 hairs on their body. "It's just a question of mammalian psychology. Once that's figured out, it's the simplest thing in the universe to build the appropriate type of android..."

P'tiera simultaneously flicked the left ear of each of the four girls, and they fell apart in their constituent components.

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