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Girls in Real Estate


You have to love the ladies who work real estate for a living. They work hard, you know it is, visiting those beautiful houses on the shore, having a few cocktails for lunch. All kidding aside, working weekends gets old and these ladies do whatever it takes to make a deal happen. I found out first hand how much they work firsthand.

My work truck had blown a head gasket, so I found myself under the hood early Saturday morning. The garage was cheap to rent. Professional offices were the norm in this building, the garage downstairs was perfect for me. I'm an electrician, I had three other people working for me. The garage had a small office attached to it. We had some wild parties when we got off from work. Drinking beers, barbeques, we did it all. And the best part, the girls who worked in the offices above us.

Jodi ran the real estate office. She had the best tits, that says it all. Her blonde hair shaped her beautiful face. She had a way about her, very upfront with people. Don't bullshit her, don't lie to her. Did I mention her ass, very nice. She would often wear the sexy outfits to work. Her boss didn't care, the other women wore sexy clothes too, so he was in his glory. Anytime I had an excuse to visit the office, I would. Jodi and I got very friendly, she was divorced, so was I. We had a lot in common. Did I mention those tits, anyway, spring and summer were the best seasons. The sexy clothes and the boots, the open toed sandals, I couldn't get enough.

So on this particular day I was up to my elbows in grease and dirt. The engine was easy to fix, but taking this old Ford apart took some coaxing. I saw Barbara pull up in her Porsche. She was a very classy lady, her long legs and beautiful smile just made her easier to look at. But the best thing about her was how easy she was to talk to. Never a loss for words, she would often come by the shop and talk to the boys and me. I really think she got off on how we all looked at her. She was in her 40's and could have any man she wanted. Her ex had paid dearly when she threw him out. She had the house on the river, right next to the yacht club and across the street from the golf course.

I looked up from under the hood and caught her looking at me. She smiled and asked me if I liked being such a dirty boy. I smiled back and asked her if she would like to find out for herself. Barbara winked and turned to walk away. She made damn sure I was watching her ass, she knew I loved that ass. The stairs to the back door were right next to the garage. I snuck a peek up the stairs and was rewarded with a wonderful sight. There I was looking up her skirt. Her white panties staring down at me, her stocking legs drove me nuts. I stood with my head turned towards the sky, I never saw the other three women walk in the garage.

Maggie, Marissa and Laura had all driven together to the office. The van was parked around the side of the building so I never saw it. One of them pinched my ass.

"Hey perv, looking up Barbara's skirt?" Maggie giggled as she tugged at my shirt.

"See anything you like." She was laughing, Barbara had nothing on her. Tall, built and looking fine, she was 42 and could pass for 30. Her ass was by far the best of all the girls who worked in the office, and she knew it. I flirted with her all the time, we had even gone out on two occasions. I was a good boy, letting her make the moves. We kissed and felt each other up. On the second date, we drank a lot of wine and found ourselves back in the office. She gave me one of the best blowjobs I had ever received. When I wanted to reciprocate, her mood changed. She stood up and left. I tried to get her to stay but she pulled away from my grip and bolted. We haven't really spoken about that time since. I still tease her and flirt with her, but that has the extent of our fun.

Marissa was a little older but she too held up well. At the Christmas party last year, she had drunk a lot of wine and began dancing around the bar. She was wearing a very sexy sweater dress with some very sexy stockings and boots. As she twirled around her dress spun up and I got the best view of her ass, minus underwear. You have to love it. She was sitting on my lap at one time, we were rubbing each other's thighs under the table and her hand had found my throbbing hard on. She rubbed it quite vigorously, then she must have realized we weren't sitting on her couch and quickly moved her hand. By that time my hand had brushed against her pussy, her clean-shaven pussy. She quickly removed my hand, all the while smiling and looking into my eyes.

Laura, what could I say about her. She was 5' tall, maybe 100 pounds. Tiny girl, killer legs. A gymnast in school, you could tell she was still in shape. She had another job, she worked for a condom manufacturer. Always one to give out free samples, she handed me a 12 pack one day and told me if I used them over the weekend, she could get me some more. I asked her out for a drink, we came back to the shop to retrieve her car and I fucked her on the desk. While we were at the bar she could not wait to help me use those condoms. We used 4 that night. I fucked her all weekend. The condoms got used and so did I. Her boyfriend was out of town that weekend. She had many partners when he was gone, and they all used a condom.

When I finally stopped blushing I turned to Maggie and rubbed her ass. She snarled at me but didn't make me take my hand off that beautiful ass. But I had forgotten one thing, I had been working on a dirty engine and now my handprint was one her ass. She didn't like that and she let me know it

"Hey douche bag, you ruined my fucking pants." I looked at my handprint, there was no denying it.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean..." Laura cut me off

"Who are you fucking kidding. You love her ass and you know it." I still had no reply, I just looked down to avoid any eye contact. Marissa was shaking her head.

"You owe her a new pair of pants big boy." They all knew I would make it up to her. I just nodded my head yes.

"Finish up and come upstairs to my office." Maggie had turned to walk away, my handprint was firmly planted on her ass. Laura and Marissa both hooted and hollered at her. This did nothing to take her mind off her dirty pants and she glared at me. Then all three of them walked towards the stairs. Laura looked over and shouted to make sure I look up. She had a skirt on and I knew she never wore any underwear.

I washed my hands and changed my shirt before heading upstairs. The bathroom in the real estate office had a shower. There were five girls in the office. I could smell the fresh coffee so I stopped to pour myself a cup. There was a large conference room off to the side. The sliding doors made it easy to close off from the main area. I walked in and sat down for a little conversation and a lot of ribbing. I wasn't disappointed in either.

Maggie spoke up first. "So what was wrong with the truck?" Her eyes made me melt. I stammered as I answered. "The truck blew a head gasket."

"So nice to be so handy." Laura added her two cents. She was this little spark plug, the energizer bunny. Marissa remained silent. She smiled at me, but didn't add her opinion. Jodi sat down next to me and put her arm around my shoulders.

"Your just a dirty mess , you need to take a shower." She rubbed my shoulders and continued. You can use the one up here." I began to thank my lucky stars.

"Thanks baby, I'll do that." I stood up to walk out of the conference room as Laura pulled the doors closed. This was getting interesting. The phone rang. Jodi muttered.

Marissa and Maggie were whispering in their little corner. Maggie spoke up, "You ruined my pants, you owe me." I knew I did, so I just said name it. Maggie said they all wanted to "watch" me take my shower, and that's what she wanted. I hesitated for 2 seconds before I began removing my shirt. The girls cheered me on. I removed my shoes and socks, then my pants. I got into it and teased the girls with a show. My excitement was growing, right before them. Maggie reached up and grabbed my waistband. She didn't hesitate and pulled my shorts down revealing a growing hard on. I took special care to make sure Marissa saw my dick up close, since she had been the only one who hadn't seen it before. I even stroked it inches from her mouth. She played along and stuck out her tongue. I stuck the head of my dick in her mouth. She didn't expect that, but she didn't stop me.

Jodi had left the room and returned before I knew she had gone. "We won't be disturbed again." Her eyes widened when she saw me standing naked in the room. Marissa had just taken her mouth off my dick. The glistening saliva dripped off the tip and onto the floor. She smacked my ass and told me to go shower before I made more of a mess. The bathroom was right off the conference room. I didn't close the door.

The water felt great and I scrubbed myself clean. The black water was a testament to how dirty I really was. The entire time I was expecting one of them to come on in and join me. No one ever did. I quickly toweled myself off and went out to the conference room to retrieve my clothes.

"So where are my pants and my shirt." I looked at them but no one answered.

"Here you go." Maggie handed me some clothes but they weren't mine. Stockings, panties and a bra, these weren't mine.

"You owe me, baby." Maggie whispered into my ear. She reached out and stroked my hard on, I let out a moan.

"We just want to have a little fun baby, that's all. You want to play with some hot girls." When she put it like that, how could I refuse.

"Good boy. You're ours for the next three hours. We are going to do to you what we want, when we want. You are to obey our every wish and order. You are here for our pleasure, do you understand?" What was I going to say, no.

"Anything for you." My dick was getting ready to cum. I told her to stop. She did, she wanted that for later. Marissa had changed into a very tight leather outfit, complete with boots. The other girls were now arranging themselves around the table. I put the silky stockings on, the bra and the panties. They each took turns rubbing my dick through the material. They played with my nipples, fingered my ass and stroked my dick. I worked my way around the table like a pro. Jodi even took out dollar bills and stuck them down the front of my panties. She gave my hard on a stroke, then another. My panties were pulled to the ground. I then found my hands tied behind my back. A pair of panties was shoved into my mouth. A piece of duct tape was put over my mouth.

They sat me down with my panties down around my ankles. Each of them stripped naked, except Marissa. She sat off to the side, taking it all in. That's when I saw her stroking her strap on.

Maggie took a harness out of her bag and put it on. She then attached a dildo and she too began stroking it. Jodi got on her knees and began to suck on the dildo, Maggie moaned as it rubbed against her pussy. Jodi worked it like a pro, which she was. Laura had moved into the picture. She too was completely naked except for the dildo sticking out from her pussy.

I had no to blame but myself for what happened next. Seems the girls had shared all my dirty little secrets with each other. I didn't care and at this point I would do anything for them. Laura had me bend over the conference table. She began lubing up my ass. Her fingers were quickly replaced with the head of her dildo and she quickly rammed it home. The other girls were watching and moaning with delight. Laura moved her hips into me, faster and deeper. She loved the control.

"You like this sissy boy, don't you. You like it when I fuck your ass."

Maggie bent over the table next to me. Marissa soon worked her dildo into that shaven pussy. It sounded so wet, so hot. She was right next to my face and I looked her straight in the eye. Laura and Marissa were moving in unison. I was just trying to enjoy every moment. Barbara entered the room, closing the doors behind her. She had a friend with her, it was her boyfriend. She had a collar around his neck and on a dog chain. He was naked with his hands tied behind his back. She walked him right in front of me. I knew what she wanted. Jodi had joined her and stroked the new dick nice and hard. Barbara told her to remove the tape and panties from my mouth. She ripped it off in one swipe. It hurt like hell.

Barbara didn't say much. She positioned her boyfriend's dick in front of my open mouth and told me to lick his balls. I did, taking each one in my mouth. I licked up the shaft and took the head into my mouth. Laura was fucking me harder and she let out a scream when she came. She slowed her pace and worked the dildo out of my now well fucked hole. Barbara took her boyfriends dick from my mouth and walked him around behind me. She rubbed his dick into my asshole and plunged in. He started pumping my ass and working my dick with his other hand. The girls were all gathered round, cheering him on. Jodi was screaming and Maggie just continued to fuck her pussy. I could feel him getting ready to cum and then I felt a warm jet of sperm fill my ass. Marissa had found her way to my dick and took that into her mouth. She sucked me until I exploded into her mouth. I filled her mouth with hot, sticky cum, which she shared with me. I did get a special treat and saw each of hem take turns fucking each other. Barbara's boyfriend got fucked 5 different times. He never said a word. Needless to say, we all needed a shower and we took turns cleaning up I joined Marissa and Maggie in the shower. I really wanted to fuck Marissa and I got my chance. She stuck her ass up in the air and Maggie helped guide my dick into her wet pussy. I fucked her for 10 minutes and then filled her snatch with my hot cum. Maggie licked her box clean, she made me help too. This was a summer to remember.

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