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Girls, Interrupted


Beth opened the door to her dorm room and dropped her bag of cheerleading gear on the floor, next to the door. She let out a sigh of relief - it had been a long practice and she was beat.

"Hey Jenn," she said.

Jennifer was sitting at her desk, buried in her biology textbooks, as usual. She brushed her soft, chestnut coloured hair away from her face and took her glasses off with one hand, rubbing her eye with the other.

"Hi Beth, how was practice?"

"Not bad. I need a shower though. I got so sweaty."

"Ew," said Jennifer, wrinkling her nose.

Beth kicked off her shoes and pulled her one piece cheerleading outfit over her head. It got caught in her hair, so after she tossed her clothes in the hamper, she undid her ponytail and let her fine blonde hair tumble loose around her shoulders. She ruffled her hand through her hair, then reached behind her back with both hands, fumbling.

Jennifer was still looking at her.

"What?" Beth asked, bemused.

"Oh nothing."

"Hey, come help me undo this catch, it's kind of stuck."

Jennifer smiled and rolled her eyes. "Sure, like I'm not busy or anything."

Nonetheless, she put on her glasses and got up, gesturing to Beth to turn around. She brushed Beth's hair aside to get at the catch of her bra - Beth put her hands on her hips as she waited. Curiously, she heard Jennifer breathe deeply as her nimble fingers struggled to undo her bra. Jennifer was close - a little too close.

"What's wrong?" Beth asked.

"Yeah, you've bent it somehow. Wait. Got it."

Beth's breasts tumbled free as her bra fell to the floor. She kicked it towards the base of the laundry hamper. Turning around she smiled.

"Thanks Jenn."

"No problem," said Jennifer as she returned to her desk.

Beth stretched and then walked over to the bed in her corner of the room. She sat on the edge, clad only in her white cotton panties. She yawned, eyes closed, like a cat, and leaned forward, breasts brushing against her arms, knees pressed together and feet splayed to the sides. She scrunched her toes into the soft white strands of the fake sheep skin rug at the side of her bed. That had been a great weekend in first year, when she and Jennifer had driven out to that seaside town half an hour east of campus. They had found this crazy odds and ends shop, packed floor to ceiling with mid-century kitsch. Jennifer had bought her this great faux sheepskin rug as a joke because Beth was such a ridiculously pious vegetarian at the time (she wasn't anymore). Good times - despite only meeting as roommates during first year, they had become such good friends.

She'd have to shower soon, but Beth was so tired she just hopped onto the bed and plopped herself back against the pillows piled against the wall, in the corner. She flopped her arms at her side and sighed again, closing her eyes.

After a minute, she heard the sounds of stirring from Jennifer's direction. The chair was softly eased away from the desk, and she could hear Jennifer's socked feet pad across the room towards her. Beth waited a few seconds before opening her eyes.


Jennifer kept looking at her, conflicted.

"Is something wrong?"

Slowly but purposefully, Jennifer placed her knee on Beth's bed and drew herself to sprawl at her side, facing her, about an arm's length away. She looked deep into Beth's bright blue eyes. It was as if Jennifer were listening for something. Beth didn't know how to react - but she'd never felt so naked.

"No, nothing's wrong," started Jennifer, before she paused. She brushed her hair away from her face. "Have you ever wondered..."

She looked away quickly, then back at Beth, holding her gaze. Suddenly, Jennifer drew in and kissed her on the lips. Beth flinched initially, but then relented as Jenn's lips pressed firmly against hers. She felt Jenn's tongue flit out across her lips, and surprising herself, she flicked her own out and their tongues touched breifly. Jennifer pulled away with a little gasp.

"I'm sorry, I..."

"Shh..." said Beth, surprising both of them as she reached behind Jennifer's head and pulled her back in. Their mouths locked again, this time more hungry, exploring. Beth darted her tongue into Jenn's mouth and was countered with a firm thrust back into her own. Jennifer shifted closer - oh so much closer - and caressed Beth's arm, drifting down to her side, and then back up towards her underarm, tracing Beth's soft curves. Her hand ended up underneath Beth's right breast, and she cupped it gently, softly pressing the nipple between her thumb and index finger, feeling it get harder with her touch. Jennifer probed gently into Beth's mouth, and ran her tongue over Beth's neat little teeth. As Jennifer pulled away, Beth gently bit down on her retreating lower lip, before letting go.

They were both breathing heavily. Jennifer gazed down at Beth's body, then reached down, down, down until her hand rested on the front of Beth's white panties. She reached down just a little more. Beth closed her eyes and lay her head back on the pillow ("Yes", she breathed), and Jennifer could feel her ease up against her hand. Jennifer leaned into Beth's exposed neck and kissed up it softly three times, lingering on the last kiss, darting her tongue out (salty) as she pressed down on Beth's damp panties. She spread her fingers and felt the shape of Beth's pussy through the thin fabric of her cotton panties.

"Uh huh," moaned Beth.

Jennifer leaned in even more, continuing to kiss her neck, sliding her left hand behind the small of Beth's arched, bare back. With her right hand she started massaging up and down, slowly but surely. The dampness soon became wetness. Finally, she slid her hand up and then down under Beth's panties, fingers dipping into velvet folds, groping her hot sex as Beth opened her eyes wide. She rubbed it one, two, three times slowly then eased herself away and sat up.

"That was nice... wait no!" said Beth.

Jennifer brought her fingers up to her mouth and slid them in, tasting Beth's juices. When she was done, she leaned over and hooked her fingers around the sides of her girlfriend's panties.

"These have to come off," she said.

Before Beth could protest, she started pulling them off as she got off the bed. Beth eased her butt up, and raised her legs, letting Jennifer pull the panties off her feet. Jennifer caught a glimpse of Beth's perfect little ass, and saw the pink of her pussy beneath a little tuft of curly blonde hair. She licked her lips, staring hungrily.

Quickly, Jennifer undid the buttons to her blouse and let it fall to the floor. She undid her jeans and pulled down the zipper, pausing, then hooked her thumbs on the sides of her pants and eased them down. She stepped out of her light blue socks and stood up to reveil a simple powder blue pair of French cut panties, with a flower embroidered on the front.

"I can't believe we're doing this," said Beth, softly.

Jennifer undid her bra and took it off, then hooked her thumbs on the stringy sides of her panties, stripping them down, and flicking them aside with her toe.

Jennifer crawled back onto the bed, and then swung her long legs over Beth, backwards. Beth was still propped up on her pillows, and suddenly found herself looking directly into Jenn's pussy, about 3 inches away. Her pink showed through slightly, and Beth took in a deep breath of Jennifer's fragrant aroma. It was absolutely hairless.

"Now I know why you spend so long in the washroom Saturday morning!" she laughed.

Beth's giggles were cut short with a gasp, as Jennifer drew her tongue over Beth's clit and then down gently into her wet, pink hole. She withdrew quickly and laughed with delight, propping herself on one arm to brush her soft, luxurious brown hair out of her face. She drew herself down again, nuzzling her nose into Beth's curly blonde tuft of pubic hair, breathing deeply and smiling. She felt Beth's hot breath on her bare pussy.

Beth reached around Jennifer's thighs and grabbed her ass with both palms. Raising her head forward slightly, she opened her mouth wide and covered Jenn's entire pussy, letting her tongue and saliva glide over the whole area. Jennifer pressed her nose harder into Beth's pubic hair and opened her mouth in silent ecstasy. Her toes tensed involuntarily on the pillows beside either side of Beth's head, as Beth closed her eyes and massaged her pussy with wet, rhythmic movements of her mouth.

Jennifer reached around Beth's legs and under her butt, and using the tips of her fingers, gently spread Beth's lips apart until she could see the hot, pink wetness of her inner vagina. Letting her hair fall all around her head and caress Beth's skin, she dove down, tongue first and started lapping deeply. Oh she tasted strong from her workout - sweet and musky. She stroked up and down with her tongue.

Beth tensed against Jenn's face and back down. Instinctively, she raised her legs into the air and bent her knees, giving Jennifer deeper access. She gripped Jennifer's ass tightly and thrust her face against her pussy with vigour and variety. Soon they fell into a rhythm - Jenn would press her lips down on Beth as Beth leaned her head forward, then Jennifer would press her pussy gently back against Beth's lips as she leaned back into the pillow. Their bodies, swaying slowly back and forth, soon faded into blind, red hot waves of seemingly endless pleasure. The room emptied of everything except the muffled sounds of hot tongue on wet pussy.

Beth felt it first, a slow tightening in her stomach. But the warmth was spreading like a slow flood through her body. She moaned as she pressed her tongue into the folds of Jenn's pussy.

Jennifer felt Beth's moan like a little vibrator against her tender clit. She closed her eyes as she felt herself start to go over the edge as well. Their rhythm increased, ever so slightly, because that was enough. They could taste what was to come. Licking, slurping, pressing their lips and tongues deeper and harder, they felt the rising tide in each other as their as their waves of pleasure came closer in sync, and closer, and closer...

And then oh it was happening, and they were cumming, cumming so beautifully and wonderfully, and Beth felt hot sex flowing over her lips and chin, and Jennifer could taste a different flavour, hotter and a little sour, deep in Beth's pussy, and they spasmed again and again and the pleasure washed over them like a waterfall, and it seemed like it would never end.

And then slowly, gently it abated, and they lapped quietly at each other, and then Jennifer rolled onto her side, curled up, spent, for now.

Beth stared up at the ceiling, drawing the back of her hand across her face, wiping the wetness off her mouth, breathing deeply. Oh my.

The sun streamed in through the windows, and everything in the room seemed a different colour - everything had changed, suddenly and frighteningly, and deliciously. Murmuring with contentment, Beth slid down beside Jennifer, still upside down (or downside up) and caressed her. Jennifer raised her leg so that Beth could rest her head on her inner thigh, and laid her head on Beth's thigh in the same way. Beth reached around Jennifer and hugged her tightly.

"I love you Jennifer," she said.

Flutterings of joy filled Jennifer's chest. She had waited so long to hear those words, and now they had finally come. Soon they settled into lapping lazily at each others juices again, languishing in the comfort of their sideways sixty-nine.

The door opened.

And from between Beth's legs, Jennifer saw, standing in the doorway, mouth agape in astonishment, their third roommate - Ashley. Oh no. Sweet, innocent Ashley, standing there with her leather bookbag on her back, that wild, long red hair flowing over her shoulders. With one hand on the doorknob.

"I'm... I'm so sorry," was all she could manage, before backing out of the room and pulling the door hastily shut.

* * *

Ashley stood in the hallway, clutching the door frame with one hand, back against the wall, breathing heavily.

What had she just seen? She couldn't believe it - two months living with them and she hadn't suspected a thing. She had had reservations about being a first year assigned to room with two second years that already knew each other, but she had no idea it would come to this. She had no idea they were... they were...

Oh what should she do? She had to move out - she had to request a transfer. There was no way she would feel comfortable knowing that her roommates were lovers. It was too wierd, and more so than she had feared, it would always be two against one.

But then... what had she just seen? She couldn't - but she tried - she couldn't get the image out of her mind. It was so, much. They had just been laying there on Beth's bed, totally uncovered, naked and ... entwined. Just a horrible, fleshful tangle of smooth, inviting skin and long slender legs.

They had been... eating each other out. Faces buried between legs. And Jennifer had seen her, looked straight at her with those big brown eyes widening in shock, her tongue still retreating from Beth's... it was so pink. And Beth's bottom so, shapely and beckoning.

No, no, no. Ashley's mouth was dry and she swallowed. What were these thoughts going through her head? True she had been lonely. The boys certainly paid a lot of attention to her, but her good looks had made many girls aloof, standoffish. And she had always felt excluded by her two roommates who were certainly nice enough, friendly enough, but had always shared something.

And now she knew. But maybe... she couldn't. She couldn't just walk in there and confront them. It would be too much.

But she wanted to know. She wanted to see what they were doing.

Her hand reached out and her pale, slender fingers wrapped around the doorknob.

* * *

She shut the door quickly behind her. Beth and Jennifer turned to her in mid conversation. They had been sitting on the edge of the bed naked, talking in hushed tones about what had just happened. When Ashley came back into the room, Beth clutched a stray t-shirt to her chest in a feeble attempt to cover her breasts and started to stand up.

"Look, Ashley, we're sorry..."

"You don't have to be. It's just that... I didn't know. And I came back because we should talk about it."

Ashley stood there awkwardly in front of the door, trying to avert her eyes from the view of Jennifer's nude body. She fidgeted with the hem of her brown plaid skirt. Beth looked at Jennifer, questioningly.

"You just caught us at a bad moment," started Jennifer. "We've never done this before."

Ashley thought about this. "Well, anyway, this is probrably going to be awkward if you two are... involved I guess. I can just arrange to transfer to another room or something, it's okay I don't mind."

Jennifer nodded reluctantly but Ashley still wasn't looking directly at her. Poor Ashley, she thought. This was quite a shock for her. She looked so sweet, standing there nervously in her clean white blouse and smart little brown skirt. Her long, slender legs were clad in these great brown leather boots that reached up just below her delicate knees. Ashley shifted the toe of her left boot, pivoting around the almost-but-not-quite-naughty high heel. She still avoided Jennifer's gaze, until finally their eyes met for just a beat, and her eyes flashed in embarassment.

Ashley's cheeks flushed red. "I... I don't know why I came back, I should just come back after you're dressed."

"Wait," said Jennifer.

She stood up, and walked slowly across the room in her bare feet, slowing as she approached Ashley. She thought of a thousand possible things to say but ended up with, "You should take off your bag." Ashley slipped it off her shoulder without thinking, and Jennifer reached out and helped lower it to the floor. Naked and eager, she stood slightly to the side but very close to Ashley and looked directly at her.

Ashley's eyes darted wildly around the room, looking everywhere but at Jennifer. Her breathing grew shallow and quick. Finally she rested her gaze on Jenn's bare breasts - the nipples hardened perceptibly.

Jennifer reached up and lifted Ashley's chin. She leaned in, and Ashley closed her eyes, and their mouths were on each other, open, tasting searching. Ashley whimpered in a mixture of dismay and pleasure. They both heard the soft sound of Beth dropping the shirt she had clutched to her chest.

Ashley felt Jennifer's hands running up and down her sides and pressing, and hugged Jennifer tentatively in return, sliding her hands up to the side swell of her bare breasts, and then down and back around to hold her firm, round behind. They pressed their bodies together, and then Jennifer pulled away slightly. She smiled mischievously and began unbuttoning Ashley's blouse.

Ashley opened her mouth to protest, but suddenly Beth was there beside Jennifer, with a serious look of desire in her eyes. "Oh Ashley," was all she could manage, locking her lips passionately against Ashley's surprised but delighted lips. Beth leaned into her hard, tasting Ashley's sweet mouth. Jennifer finished undoing Ashley's blouse and pressed her back against the door.

Beth sank to the floor, squatting, until she was right in front of Ashley's skirt. She pressed her face against the crotch, and took a deep breath through the scratchy plaid fabric.

As Ashley gazed down, Jennifer drew close, and grabbed the cups of Ashley's bra. She flipped them down so that both Ashley's breasts spilled out. She touched her tongue to one of Ashley's small pink nipples, and Ashley felt little electric shocks go up and down her spine. "Oh!" Jennifer encircled the nipple with her lips and sucked on it gently, massaging it into a hard little nub with her tongue. Jennifer then started to knead and massage both breasts with her hands, applying her hot mouth to first one nipple, then the other... flicking, teasing, sucking.

Beth held up the front of Ashley's skirt in one hand, revealing her bikini style cotton panties. With her other hand, she slowly drew the panties to the side. Ashley's pussy lips were wet and protruding slightly - and Beth felt a flush of lust creep up her neck. She drew the very tip of her tongue lightly up and across the clit, feeling Ashley stiffen against the door. She leaned in with her tongue quivering and began to eat her out in earnest. Letting the skirt rest on her head, Beth reached behind and underneath herself and began to massage her own sopping wet pussy.

Feeling hot tongue on her pussy for the first time, Ashley reached out with a free hand, groping for something, anything - she curled her fingers around the doorknob and quickly it became the only thing keeping her from collapsing to the floor, as the sensations of Jennifer suckling her breasts and Beth eating out her pussy threatened to overwhelm her with ecstasy. She gasped for air (out and in with every shock of pleasure) as she fought to keep from moaning.

It had all happened so suddenly and surely - Ashley had never imagined that she could become so consumed with lust for women. But here it was. Certainly she had experienced a few passing fantasies on the few occasions she had seen her attractive roommates lounging in their underwear, but nothing had prepared her for the sensations of - oh, oh, oh Beth had driven her tongue quickly in and out of Ashley's hole.

Smiling, Beth backed her head out from underneath Ashley's skirt.

"Mmmmm... you taste nice, honey!".

Beth began fumbling with the zipper of Ashley's skirt. Jennifer kissed up from Ashley's breasts to her neck, and then reached behind and undid her bra, pulling it out and dropping it to the side. She also helped Ashley shirk her blouse off onto the floor. As she did this, Beth succeeded in undoing the Ashley's skirt, and pulled that to the floor too, dragging with them Ashley's little yellow panties down around her ankles. Reaching up, she grasped both of Ashley's hands and stood up.

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