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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

Peter parked his car and tried to walk casually through the parking lot to his ground-floor apartment. Nobody was watching him, and he knew that, and nobody knew him well enough to notice that he was acting different, and he was probably acting weirder by trying to act all natural than he would have if he'd just run to his apartment, but he couldn't help it. He was nervous. He felt like he had a big neon sign over his head saying, "PERVERT". But he was also tense with anticipation.

Today was the day his Girl(tm) arrived.

To be honest, he probably didn't have anything to be ashamed about. It wasn't like he was the only one who had a Girl. He'd seen the little counter at the bottom of the website. "1,477,642 people have purchased a Girl(tm). Even if 0,000,000 of them will admit it." The ad campaigns were all over billboards, TV, the Internet, everywhere. "Girls(tm) Just Wanna Have Fun!" God knows how much they'd paid for the rights to use the song in their advertising.

But it was effective. At least, it was effective on Peter. He'd always been shy around women, even a little intimidated, and the idea of a robot woman who would be into whatever you were into, do whatever you wanted her to, obey any command...well, it was kinky, maybe even perverted, but it was also hot. And the company promised total discretion; they were kind of vague about the details, but they promised that absolutely nobody but nobody would see your Girl arriving. It'd just be there, waiting for you, in your house. Or apartment. Right there in the bedroom. Waiting for you...

Peter had a rock-hard erection by the time he opened his bedroom door.

Sure enough, the Girl was waiting for him. The blinds were drawn, and she sat on the bed, a perfectly-sculpted nude in midnight-blue, the exact color he'd requested. She didn't look human, but she wasn't supposed to. She was like a stylized person, all sleek curves and shiny highlights, the sort of thing you might get if you crossed a person with an iMac. Her nipples stood out like tiny domes, her pussy was an invitingly-padded socket, her face beautiful in an Art Deco sort of way. She looked at him with glowing golden eyes, and said, "Peter Rosenbaum?" in a clear, calm voice.

He just nodded, unable to speak. "Hello, Peter," she said, her tone shifting to a seductive purr. "I'm your Girl(tm). If you want to, you can give me a name, but you don't have to. I like being called whatever you want to call me. I like doing whatever you want to do to me. I'm built and programmed to give you pleasure. Doesn't that sound wonderful?"

Peter gulped. His cock had never been so hard in his life. "Yes," he whispered.

"Since this is the first time we're getting to know each other," Girl said, "I'd like to go through an orientation session. That's where I try out all sorts of different things, and see if you like to do them. Is there anywhere you need to be, any appointment you need to keep?"

"N-no." Peter was shaking, he was so excited. "It's Friday, I'm done with work, I...no, nowhere to be."

Girl smiled. "Good!" she said. "In that case, why don't you go ahead and sit down on the bed with me. You can touch me, if you'd like. I'll just monitor your body's reactions to see what it is you like to do most, so that I can learn the most effective ways of pleasing you in the future."

Peter sat down, putting a hand nervously on Girl's leg. He almost pulled it back when he felt her 'skin'...it wasn't metallic, like he'd expected, but some sort of soft plastic. It yielded slightly under his hand, and felt warm to the touch. He stroked his hand up and down her thigh, feeling the way that his hand slid smoothly across the almost-frictionless surface. "Do you like my legs?" Girl asked.

Peter nodded. "They're very pretty," he said, his voice unsteady.

Girl swung a leg up onto the bed, letting her artificial cunt gape wide. "Do you like my feet?" she asked.

Peter glanced over at the foot on the bed for a moment, but his gaze was drawn back to the inviting opening. "I, um...it's very nice, but..."

"It's alright, Peter," Girl said. "I can tell what it is that you're really interested in. You can touch it, if you'd like."

Peter reached a trembling hand over and pressed it against Girl's pussy. It felt even warmer than the rest of her, and he actually felt moisture. He stroked his finger a little against the opening, and was amazed to see her luminous eyes flash in a brief kaleidoscope of colors. "You don't have to feel nervous, Peter," she said. "You can relax. You can touch me wherever you want to."

Peter nodded, and put his other hand on her breasts. They yielded to his touch as well, and the nipples, when he touched them, had a slightly different texture, more like rubber than like plastic, and with a slightly bumpy surface to them. Girl's eyes flashed again as he rubbed her nipples, sparking briefly through blue and green and purple before settling back into their golden glow. "I'm going to take your clothes off now, Peter," Girl said, as she reached over and began to undo the buttons of his shirt. "I can tell that you want that."

Peter just nodded. He didn't trust his own voice anymore. Girl untied his tie, undid his buttons, removed his shirt, and he felt her hands on his chest. He let out a little gasp as Girl rubbed his own nipples. "You liked that, too, didn't you, Peter?" she asked. He nodded quickly. "I don't think you even knew that your nipples felt good like that, did you?" Peter shook his head, still playing with her nipples. Every time he tweaked them, Girl's eyes changed color in a different way. It was almost like a game, finding out how different speeds, different pressures, created a different light show.

Girl unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his fly. He lifted himself off the bed a little as she pulled his pants and his boxers down, and then he felt her hand on his cock, and he practically moaned. She was sliding her hand up and down the shaft, and he felt the 'skin' of her hand actually exuding some sort of lubricant, something that made it slick and wet and oh, so good. Her touch felt perfect, firm but gentle, better than anything he'd ever made himself feel, he just needed to--

Girl paused, her hand held perfectly still. Peter let out a long, panting breath, his balls absolutely aching. "Ooh, Peter," she said, still in that same purring voice. "I think you enjoy being teased. I can tell by your breathing, you like it when I don't let you cum right away. Did you know that about yourself, Peter?"

"...no..." Peter said. Part of him wanted to thrust himself up, pump his hips to get more sensation on his cock, to finish himself off, but Girl was right. That exquisite sensation of being almost ready to cum, of that delicious heat in his cock and balls, it did feel good. He'd never have had the self-discipline to stop when he got that close, but Girl could tell he wanted to draw this out longer.

"See, Peter? I know exactly what makes you feel good, exactly what gives you pleasure." She gently pushed him back onto the bed, and straddled his hips. "Sometimes, I'll find out things that give you pleasure, things that you might not have known felt good to you." She slid down onto him, her pussy a warm, wet, gripping, soft enclosure that perfectly fit around his cock. With every motion of his cock in her pussy, her eyes flashed and sparkled in myriad colors, and Peter felt like his own eyes must be glowing with pleasure as well. "Sometimes, there will be things that you might have thought wouldn't be pleasant, but I can tell that you secretly enjoy them, Peter." She could sense it every time he was close to cumming, and she froze up, just clenching that inhumanly perfect pussy around him, keeping him just on the edge, panting and writhing underneath her. "Soon, you'll learn that if you just trust me, if you let me guide your pleasure, you'll find sensations so wonderful you never even imagined them." Her midnight-blue fingers were tweaking and pinching his nipples, and he let out a keening whimper. "Doesn't that sound wonderful, Peter?"

"Wonderful..." Everything seemed wonderful right now, the feel of her pussy, the sound of her voice, the beautiful colors in her eyes...even the smell of the lubricant was wonderful, as it dripped out of her pussy onto his crotch, saturating his balls with its delicate strawberry scent. It was all so perfect, and suddenly he was over the edge and she was letting him cum, and he just felt it shooting up inside her so hard, the hardest he'd ever cum in his life, it felt like the orgasm was going on forever, now...

Girl eased up off of him. "Good, Peter, very very good. And I know you think that you're spent right now, but I can tell your body is capable of much more pleasure than that. Roll over, Peter."

Peter rolled onto his stomach. "Very good, Peter!" Girl said. She put a hand onto his buttocks, and began to caress them. "You're finding that it feels good to listen to me, aren't you? I know what feels good to you, and I tell you what I've learned, and you can just listen to what I say and find that it feels good to do. Isn't that right, Peter?"

Her hand just felt so wonderful on his ass, and his whole body just felt so wonderful in the afterglow that he just said, "Yes," without even thinking about it too much.

"Very good, Peter," Girl said. She gave him a tiny pat on the ass. "Peter!" she said, in a mock-shocked tone. "I felt your pulse rate jump at that! You actually liked being spanked, didn't you?"

Peter wasn't sure if he'd exactly liked it, or whether he'd just been startled by it, but Girl's sensors seemed to have an uncannily accurate glimpse into his subconscious fantasies. "I...yes?" he said, uncertainly.

Girl smacked her hand down a little harder the next time, and soon she'd settled into a rhythm of light swats. "Oh, yes, I can tell this is turning you on, Peter. You enjoy this, it's getting your cock hard again already, having a Girl(tm) discipline you, having a Girl(tm) take the controlling role...it's alright, Peter. That's a perfectly healthy, perfectly natural thing to enjoy. You can just relax, and enjoy that sensation. You know I'm right, because I'm just telling you what your body secretly wants me to do to you."

Peter couldn't concentrate, it felt like his whole body was drowning in a mixture of pleasure and pain. It hurt, but somehow the pain just seemed overwhelmed by a lazy, sexual heat, and he felt himself grinding against the mattress, as his cock began to stiffen again. He felt Girl's other hand caressing his balls, working the remaining lubricant into the skin, sliding her fingers slowly back up towards his ass, and then...

Peter gasped as he felt one finger, slick with self-generated lubricant, slide into his asshole. Girl pushed it into his ass just a little bit further, saying, "Yes, you like this, too, don't you, Peter? You like everything I do to you, because everything I do just feels so good right now. Everything I tell you leads to pleasure, everything I do to you leads to pleasure, I know how to make you happy," and suddenly her finger was buzzing like a little vibrator inside him, and he just gasped, the stimulation overloading his brain, "so just let go and let me take charge, because I will make you happy."

Peter let out a moan, but he intended it as a "yes," and she must have realized, because she let up on the spanking and pulled him up onto his hands and knees. She moved around behind him, and he heard a soft whirr, and suddenly he felt something press up against his ass, and then it was sliding inside of him, and he looked back to see Girl thrust into him with...unnnh...with a dildo that had extended from a concealed hatch in her crotch, and...ohhh...and she was pumping into him, and suddenly it was buzzing, slow at first, then faster, and every time her crotch collided with his ass, it set off sparks of sensation on his still-tender buttocks, and then she was reaching around and stroking his cock, lubing it up with that wonderful hand, so controlled, so precise, and she was saying something more, something about guiding his pleasure and controlling his pleasure and taking charge and how good it would feel and it did feel good, it felt so good, it all felt so good, everything felt so good and he was cumming again, cumming and cumming and cumming and spurting onto the bedclothes and spraying out his cum for his Girl, just like she told him to, and it all felt so fucking good...

Peter slumped forward onto the bed, not even caring that he was lying in a pool of his own semen.


Girl waited until Peter's breathing had slowed, and his brain patterns showed that he'd moved from trance into a natural sleep. Then she walked over to the wall, plugged herself into the cable modem, and sent her first report.

"This is Girl(tm) 00001477643, reporting. Subject Peter Rosenbaum has responded extremely well to initial pleasure conditioning, and indicates a high level of suggestibility and pliability. I am downloading full sensory indices of the initial encounter, along with a recommendation to accelerate to intense conditioning immediately. I will be able to condition the subject continuously over the next three days, and expect him to be fully responsive to commands and ready for deep programming before he returns to his workplace." A further pulse of data indicated acceptance of the plan, and Girl disconnected.

Girls(tm) Just Wanna Have Fun, she 'thought' as she looked over at Peter's slumbering, blissed out form. But nobody ever asked exactly what it is that we consider "fun"...


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