tagErotic HorrorGirls of Big Bay

Girls of Big Bay


Matt entered the club in search drunken pleasure that night. He had broken up with his girlfriend because she wouldn't give into his carnal desires and now he sought out a woman who would please him and only him for the rest of his life. Fate it seemed was in his favor tonight. For after downing a few drinks a perusing the flesh to be seen a woman approached him from the end of the bar.

Tall and lithe she seemed to radiate raw power from her two purple eyes. Must have contacts he mused to himself. But damn if she wasn't sexy. The dress seemed to sway with the luscious swell of her hips, gathering just under the bust line to accentuate the sharp jut of her breasts. As she neared she licked her lips with a blood red tongue and smiled.

"Hello there, my name in Lyssandra. I was wondering if you happened to be a handyman," She purred.

"Why yes, I-I Am." he sputtered barely able to speak. For the lust in him was driving his loins to rigidity.

She drew her hands across his slowly fingering his palms. Matt shuddered to think what she could want with a handyman this time of night, but darn if he wasn't going to see this woman home.

"Well that is just fine, fine indeed. We shall leave at once!" She exclaimed.

And so they came to find themselves far in the Big Bay back country surrounded on a large estate by pristine forest land all around. "It was a Victorian house," matt mused to himself. "Three stories, probably built in the early 1800's when this land was settled."

"Welcome to my home, matt. I hope you shall find your experience here a pleasant one." she said with a slight emphasis on pleasant.

As they entered the house he noted how stifling it was.

"I take it your thermostat is broken, Ms. Lyssandra," Matt said.

"Oh, please call me Lyssa, dear," She asked. "And no it's my, plumbing that needs to be serviced. I need you to service me, I mean, the pipes right away." She ordered.

"Well, then please show me the way." He said.

She brought him upstairs to the master bedroom and began showing him the bathroom where the sink refused to have hot water. So he began to inspect under the sink fiddling with this and that until he more or less felt a presence above him.

She stood there, nude before him. A shining image of Aphrodite. Her auburn hair splayed over her shoulders, her breasts curving up into a cornucopia of flesh, the small triangular patch of hair above her sex.

She reaches down now; he unfrozen from his reverie noticed he was rock hard.

As he stands up his clothes fall off of his body like water. But that is no matter, not with this goddess in front of him. She gets down on her knees and licks his thighs. Slowly bringing her tongue to his full scrotum. Sucking in one side then the other, watching them ascend once more. He puts his hands into her hair loving the clean feel of it. Watching as she slowly licks up and down his raging shaft. His eyes closed in pleasure, he wonders if she will go all the way.

His eyes explode with stars as all at once his cock is bathed in warmth churning back and forth up and down. God, I can't hold on for long, he thinks. He opens his eyes to see her pear shaped breasts bouncing back and forth as she impales her head upon his cock. He closes them just in time to hear her say "I want all your seed in my body. Give me your cum. Give it all to me."

Hearing this was all he needed for encouragement. As her tongue slipped into the slit on his penis he came. Pushing her head all the way down onto him he pumped her throat full of cum as spurts and spurts came shooting out of him like molten fire. Still he came even more as he thought, surely I am emptied. But no he still pumped her head for the last few strokes as she licked him clean and swallowed the last.

"That's not all you want to do, is it?" She asked

"No, ma'am. I'd like to pump your pussy so full of cum that you'll have a hundred babies this year!" he panted.

"Very well you shall have my pussy," She conceded.

They made the way to her bed, so huge and velvety. Like death, he thought. As she lay upon her back and beckoned to him, he noted that again he was hard. If anything harder and bigger than before! He eased himself on top of her and she gently grasped his manhood to insert it into her. His cock's head poised at the entrance to her vault, he hesitated for a second. Gazing into her eyes until she made the move for him. Bouncing off her beautifully rounded ass she mounted him from below. He could resist no more. He pushed into her, feeling her tightness around him like a virgin. Her rippling heat milking him as he pumped her for all he was worth. He grabs her breasts and sucks upon the nipples. Semi-sweet fluid drips into his mouth. He looks at them and wonders how se can be nursing with a tight pussy like this. But he never stops pumping not when she writhes and screams.

Not until he is on the very brink of losing himself in the orgasm does he note the swelling of her belly and breast. Her eyes open glowing purple, and finding himself trapped inside her he continues his trip to oblivion. His cock humming he pushes deep inside her so deep no in fact the he can see his penis pushing from the inside of her swollen stomach. This is all he needs now, exploding, pushing, and a torrent of cum shoots from his engorged penis. Spilling out onto the bed soaking his legs. Another torrent even heavier follows, he can barely see anymore for the excruciating pleasure that comes with it. One last rush of his seed empties into her and he collapses on top of her. His penis feels something inside her. Something still strokes him while he lay inside her. Sucking on his penis, milking him still.

"Oh please don't stop now. Our babies are hungry, and now they need to eat." She pushes him off. Spreads her legs and screams in pleasure as she orgasms and cums herself.

Only her cum is filled with miniature versions of herself. As she gives birth the first standing tall in only moments. They each begin to impale themselves upon his penis, these dark, sexy, children of Big Bay.

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