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Girls on the Run


Misty and Janet hadn't known each other long. They were both married with children, but had been separated from thier family. It was too dangerous to look for them, so they kept together. They didn't talk to anyone, they were too afraid.

They stopped on a side street, they had planned to slip into the store. They had to get a few things them needed and try to get away without being noticed. Approaching the store, Janet was afraid. She began to shake and Misty couldn't get her to stop.

Before they knew what was happening, they realized someone had noticed them. People were pointing and staring. Misty grabbed Janet by the hand and pulled her back toward the car. When they got to where it should be, it was gone. Leaving the keys inside for a hasty get away had been the plan, now they were stranded.

Ducking into an alley, they ran. Too afraid to stop or look back, they kept running. When they had gotten a few blocks away, Misty directed Janet to an old abandoned house. It was set back away from the other homes and the downstairs was boarded up.

They ran to the back where there was a board leading to an upstairs porch. Misty scurried up pulling Janet behind her. When they were safely up on the porch, Misty pulled the board up too. She rested it over the railings incase they needed an escape.

They pushed the heavy door closed behind them and turned the old locks. They were safely inside. Wandering through the old house, they found food and blankets they could use for the night.

When they heard sounds outside, they quietly neared the windows. The men who had taken the husbands and children were scattering through the street. The women knelt together, huddled under the window. Two men went to the porch downstairs, but couldn't find access to the house.

After the men were safely down the street, the women explored the house. The large home had been abandoned many years before. Judging from the newer blankets and food, someone had been here recently. Maybe that's why the board had been leaned there.

The room next to the one they had huddled in while hiding was a safe room. The windows were boarded up completely so it was very dark. The rest of the upstairs was bare and dusty.

They wandered downstairs to see what else they could find. In the kitchen, they found more food, candles and matches. In the living area, they found old magazines and pillows from the old couch in the middle of the floor.

They made a pile near the stairs of thier treasures. They found extra blankets and women's clothing in a hall closet. The women were shocked at the sexy items in the closet. Lingerie, flowing gowns and flirty tops.

When they got back upstairs, they set up the safe room. They made themselves a bed in the center of the room with the pillows from the couch and all the blankets they had found. Misty settled onto the make shift bed and flipped through one of the magazines.

"This looks interesting," she said pointing to the photos in front of her. Two women were wearing lacy nighties and touching each other in places Janet had never thought a women should touch on another woman.

"I don't know, it looks taboo," she replied.

"Oh Janet, your husband is missing. Can you honestly say you aren't horny as hell?"

"So what? I can wait. I don't need a woman to do the job for me," Janet declared.

Misty dropped it, but the next day she suggested trying on some of the outfits downstairs. Janet agreed, to pass the time. They went back downstairs and hauled up some of the cutest things.

After trying on gowns and flirty tops, Misty came out wearing a tiny red flowing baby doll teddy and matching red pantys. She looked fabulous. Like it was meant for her.

Janet's mouth dropped. Misty's figured looked amazing in that outfit.

"Try something sexy on girl, we need some fun around here," Misty directed her.

Janet tried on a small plaid skirt and red push up bra. She flounced around, barely covered. When she bent over the makeshift stool they had been using to sit on, Misty lifted her skirt and slapped her on her bare ass.

Janet's eyes widened, she was sure she wouldn't get into this. Misty knelt by her still lifting her skirt. She slapped her again and spread her ass cheeks. Her pussy was exposed to her new found friend.

Without another word, Misty slipped her face between Janet's legs and began to devour her pussy. Lapping at her clit and slipping a finger into her wet cunt. Janet moaned, she liked this.

She turned to sit on the edge of the bucket, opening her legs wider for the mouth of the hungry female before her. Misty's fingers explored her bare pussy. Touching her clit, rubbing her, fucking her with her tongue and fingers. Before she could stop, she came.

Her moans were so loud, Misty clamped a hand down over her mouth. She again nibbled her clit, savoring the sweet taste.

When she finished, she pulled Janet to her feet. They entered the safe room, slipping off the sexy bits of clothes they had on.

Once completely naked, both girls kneeled on the makeshift bed. Janet was still new at this, so she let Misty lead her. Misty cupped her large tits, one in each hand. She licked a nipple, then sucked it.

Once both nipples were hard, she focused her fingers back on Janet's now sopping wet pussy. Janet took her turn teasing each of Misty's nipples.

When Janet slipped her fingers down to Misty's cunt, she felt a tangle of hair. Misty's unshaved pussy was wet too. She rubbed over the swollen clit with her fingertips before slipped a finger, then two inside.

Misty rocked back and forth on Janet's hand. Janet used her thumb to rub Misty's clit until she was close to cumming. When Janet had her to the edge of ecstacy, Misty lowered her face again Janet's neck. She began kissing softly, then gently sucking before biting down. She was creating a love bite on Janet as she came.

Her orgasm rocked her body. She shook, squirmed and sucked on Janet. When she was finished, Janet's hand was soaked.

Once they finished, both women lay side by side, face to pussy. Tasting and teasing each other over and over. Janet had found something she enjoyed out of all this craziness.

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