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This is so embarrassing,I can't believe I'm telling this to total strangers.In fact I can't believe it happened at all.

My name is Suzie, 35 years old, married for 11 years to my wonderful husband and mother to two beautiful girls.

We are in my oldest friend Gill's house, having drinks to celebrate Sally's wedding, only a week away now. Sally is only 22, we have worked together since she was 17. Her sister Tamara is also there, a 26 year old raven haired beauty, she is stunning I must admit.

As the evening progressed and the alcohol flowed, the stories got wilder. I suppose it was Tamara's story of the girl she saw in a movie, who squirted. This had us all in fits of laughter until I opened my big mouth.

You see I have a good sex life with my husband, Terry, but I do feel the need to masturbate at least weekly. It's something I have always done since a teenager.

Well, I told the girls that sometimes when I'm really aroused I'm pretty certain that I squirt a little bit, at the very least I get soaking wet. Tamara first, then Gill insisted I show them. I told them I couldn't do it in front of them, I'm not a lesbian. Tamara said she had been with a girl in high school, kissed and fingered each other, but she isn't one either, it's just girls playing.

Before I knew it I was on the sofa with my skirt above my waist, my legs open and my fingers rubbing my pussy through my pants. There was some nervous chatter and I think all four of us had red faces, but gradually it went silent.

As my panties got damper the only sound was my breathing getting deeper. I saw Gill move her hand and a sudden jolt of electricity powered through my pussy as she touched my wet pants and pressed against my clit. Oh God, my oldest friend in the world pulled my pants aside and started softly rubbing my clit with her thumb.

Within seconds I felt the first shudder of a tiny orgasm, I was sure there would be more tonight.

Tamara knelt between my legs and hooked her fingers under my panties, I lifted my bottom off the seat and she slowly removed them. I got suddenly shy and kept my legs together.

Please don't stop, Tamara said as she put her hands on my knees and pulled them apart. Just the thought of these three beautiful women looking at me, with my dark brown triangle and clean shaved lips completely exposed. I have never felt so aroused but so ashamed and cheap at the same time.

With my fingers speeding up their assault on my pussy, I felt another hand come to help me. Tamara sitting next to me ran her hand up my inner thigh, when she reached the top I could feel myself push my pussy towards her, she didn't disappoint me.

Her long sensuous fingers began tracing up and down my lips, I involuntarily stopped it felt so good, I was encouraged to carry on. As I circled my clit with my fingers Gill took over, let me and with that she did things to my clit I thought couldn't be done.

Within seconds I could feel my orgasm coming, so could Tamara, she locked two fingers together and slowly entered me. With Gill massaging my clit with ever increasing speed and pressure, Tamara began to finger fuck me faster and faster I was never going to last long.

I shuddered and moaned and began to come, I could feel it was going to be a huge one. Suddenly it felt as I was passing out everything went woozy then came rushing back. I started to gush over Tamara's hand and she stopped, no I screamed keep going.

This was only the start. Tamara kept fucking me with her fingers and more and more come began to squirt from my pussy, but I still didn't think this was the end.

As I came down slightly, my pussy was starting to feel the pressure of Tamara's pounding, I asked her to stop. She pulled out of my soaking cunt lips but Gill kept going, don't stop I pleaded, I knew another orgasm was close.

I felt a mouth over mine, I was far too gone to consider my heterosexual status. As Tamara kissed me I returned her kiss with every inch of tongue I could. In my ear I could hear Gill talking, saying the most disgusting filthy things imaginable. I felt so cheap but so fucking horny.

As Gill rubbed my clit and whispered filth in my ear, I could feel it all begin again, only stronger. Don't stop I screamed, I suddenly felt myself spasm.

I felt as though I was getting a cramp in my stomach. As my orgasm hit I felt as if I was pissing myself but it wasn't piss. It was far deeper and stronger.

Oh fuck I heard, I tried to open my eyes between my convulsions, what greeted me was the most amazing sight. My come was squirting two maybe three meters away and there seemed pints of it, as Gill kept wanking my clit furiously I kept squirting across the room.

The last image I had was of sweet innocent Sally, kneeling on the floor before me,one hand squeezing her breast that was out, the other furiously rubbing her pussy and her face and hair soaked with my come.

As I came too I felt my oldest friend Gill softly kiss me and her hand gently stroking my pussy. Oh Gill, how did you know I like stroking myself softly afterwards. I don't know she said, it's just something I do as well.

Gills eye's closed and a sigh escaped, I looked down to see her legs wide open and young Sally on her knees licking at her pussy. I was almost shocked, until I saw Sally's sister behind her with three fingers knotted together and sliding in and out of her pussy.

I knew how that felt, Tamara was certainly a good finger fucker. Perhaps I should help out Tamara, it's OK. I know I'm not a lesbian, it's just girls play.

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