tagLesbian SexGirlsex 101 - Azure's Conversion

Girlsex 101 - Azure's Conversion


Wow, I said to myself, you've come a long way, girl, in the past six months. I glanced over at the girl sleeping beside me in bed, at the long, shapely legs and the full, chocolate breasts that I had enjoyed so much over the past several hours. On the floor around the bed were scattered pieces of clothing - a pretty top here, a pair of shorts over there, and nearer the bed, a lacy bra and a pair of damp panties frantically stripped off and discarded in a lustful frenzy. Yeah, it had been a fun night. And to think that just six months ago I had never even been with a woman, had never experienced the exquisite pleasures of girl-girl sex. That had certainly changed!

Those six months had been quite a journey, turning my life virtually upside down, changing my attitude and my outlook about so many things. But it started even further back, a little over a year ago, I was working in a clerical job in a large company downtown, droning through the day, bored to death with nothing better in sight. I'd been there for almost six years and I just hated it, but I also needed the money, so what else could I do? Then one day providence stepped in. There was a big merger and the company announced that my whole department was being eliminated. Within three months I was out of work, with only the paltry severance that was given to someone with my low job and service level.

To make matters worse, I split with the guy I'd been living with for two years, eliminating the safety net of his income. Everything in my life seemed to be changing, so I decided to take a completely different direction in finding a job. No more big companies for me, and no more nine-to-five drudgery. I had waited tables a bit during my two years of college and there was no reason I couldn't do it again. Unfortunately, every restaurant I talked to wanted to start me as a hostess, and I just didn't think I could make it without a good level of tips. And then I found "The Club".

Okay, it wasn't a fine restaurant. It wasn't a restaurant at all. In fact, it was a "gentlemen's club" - a strip club! Not exactly what my mom and dad would choose for me, but hey, they offered me steady work and the manager assured me that the tips were good, and that most of the dancers even helped by "influencing" the customers to be generous. Besides, it sounded like fun - an adventure!

I soon discovered two things that were very different from my old job. First, the "dress code" was not quite the same. While at the office we had to look casual but business-like, at The Club, the theme was definitely sexy. Jake, the manager, told me to wear either a miniskirt or short shorts and a "revealing" top. He said it fit the club's "vibe" and besides, it would boost my tips. The other difference was my name. I knew that strippers used stage names, but I had no idea that the same rule applied to the waitresses. Jake said again that it fit the "theme" and that it was for my own protection: it seems that the patrons sometimes are as interested in the waitresses as they are the strippers. I was at a loss for a name, so Jake threw out a couple and in an instant I ceased being Angela and became "Azure", to match the color of my eyes.

The job was pretty much fun, actually, and kind of exciting. I felt just a little naughty walking around in my revealing little outfits, using my new name, while on stage a string of very attractive girls were taking their clothes off, pushing their boobies out and spreading their legs for the guys at the tip rail. The Club was a "nude" club, and every girl was expected to have everything off by the end of her third song. Then the cycle would start again with a new girl. There were usualy two stages going so there was always something nice to look at. I considered myself straight, but I had to admit to thoughts and fantasies about other girls in the past. Since all the girls at the club were very, very pretty, seeing them up there naked was definitely "interesting". And when I delivered drinks to the private lap dance area, well, that was even more interesting.

Jake was right - the tips were pretty darned good. I think the guys got used to tipping the dancers well all night, and that would carry over to tipping the waitresses just as well. Sometimes, of course, they wanted more than just drinks for their tip. Not sex or anything (not usually), but it seemed like everyone wanted to see the waitresses strip. Almost every night some guy would ask, either just to me or loud enough for the whole bar to hear, "Hey honey, when are you gonna get up on stage? I'd definitely pay to see that!"

I had certainly thought about it, and I was pretty sure I could do well. After years of childhood dance lessons, I knew I could handle the moves, and there's no denying I'm attractive. I am a fairly petite girl, five foot four, slim, kind of small on top, but with a nice shape overall. I am more often described as pretty than cute, with a "classic angular beauty". My fair skin and deep blue eyes contrast sharply with my dark, almost black hair, which cascades thickly down my back, almost down to what I've been told is my best physical asset - my "cute little butt". Yeah, I could definitely make some money if I wanted to, and I certainly could use the extra cash. But I still didn't have the nerve to get up there and take off all my clothes for a bunch of drunken, drooling men.

My attitude started to change, however, about six months into my stint as a waitress. That's when the club hired a new dancer, one who took an obvious interest in me. Her name was Kristin, but on stage she was "Ashley", so that's how I always thought of her. In any case, she's the one that finally got me to trade in my serving tray for some six-inch platform heels. I seemed to be some kind of special project for her, and she was intent on getting me into stripping. Every time someone would make a comment about me dancing, Ashley would chime right in: "Yeah girl, you oughta do it. You'd bank!" As a matter of fact, she's the one who most often commented on my 'cute little rear end". She even gave me one of her dancing costumes and made me try it on in the dressing room, leading the other dancers in whistling and making googoo eyes at me once I did. I have to admit I was encouraged, though it took another month or so for me to actually take the big step. When I finally did, Ashley took me under her wing completely, showing me some moves, giving advice on how to hustle customers, even teaching me a few pole tricks when the club was closed. She was great.

Ashley has been dancing for several years, so she's an old pro compared to me, though at 24 she's actually several years younger than I am. She's a "dishwater" blonde (actually she prefers "dirty blonde", but that's just her sense of humor - she loves the double entente) and like me wears her hair fairly simple and straight, though hers only falls about six inches below her shoulders. She's cute, of course, and sexy (you don't last long as a stripper if you aren't!). Another petite girl, she is the exact same height as me and also slim, but definitely more voluptuous on top. Her 34Cs are twice the size of my wimpy little boobies. I envy them and love them at the same time.

Of course, it was obvious early on that Ashley was interested in me as more than just a waitress or a dancer. She's a very friendly person anyway, very nice, but she would always go way out of her way with me, always smiling and sweet-talking me. When I'd bring drinks to her or her customer of the moment she'd always make him give me an extra big tip. And she never failed to tell me how good I looked.

But things really heated up once I finally took the plunge and switched from waitressing to dancing. Once she saw me strip, all the way to nude, her interest became more obvious. Since we worked the same shifts, we spent more time together in the dressing room, giving her even more opportunity to flirt with me. She still smiled at me a lot, but it seemed to me that her smile was growing into more of a leer, and she never missed a chance to touch me. It would be just a light pat on my arm or leg, a gentle stroke of my neck or across my lips - enough to really get my attention.

Finally, about two weeks after I started dancing, she got really bold, walking up to me one night as we were getting ready and putting it right out there: "I sure hope you're into girls," she said, "'cause I really want to do you." The sultry heat of her whisper in my ear made me catch my breath, and I just looked at her for a second, my mouth open, not sure how to react. I'd had some guys approach me this way, but never a girl. Ashley smiled smugly, her right eyebrow rising in a "What do you think?" gesture. I stuttered out a response, "I... um... uh... I'm flattered, but... I don't think so." I said those words, but part of me inside was screaming "OH, YESSSSSS!", wanting desperately to try what I'd been thinking about off and on for years, especially in my time at The Club.

Ashley was not the least bit discouraged by my rejection. She just smiled a little smirk, playfully tweaked my nose, and said "Give it time, sweetie. You don't know what you're missing," Then she strolled away, making sure to wiggle her butt for me as she walked, clearly confident that she's get me eventually. as she left, I could feel the evidence of our brief encounter - a small but undeniable hint of moisture between my legs.

Of course, she didn't give up. Over the next couple weeks, Ashley kept up her campaign to get me, blatantly flirting with me every chance she got. If I was sitting with a customer, she'd come up and point out to him how pretty I was, sometimes even hinting that we had a thing going. I didn't mind and I played along. It was fun and kind of exciting, and it usually got the guy even hornier than he already was, which meant I could easily talk him into a few lap dances. A couple times Ashley even suggested a two-girl dance, hinting at some girl-girl action, but nobody bit on that one.

The flirting went on for several weeks before finally coming to a head one Tuesday night. We were both working the early shift, scheduled to get off at ten. Ashley was being particularly bold, both in the dressing room and on the floor. While we were getting ready she told me how hot I looked. Then, standing right in front of me, she twisted her nipples and asked me if I thought they stuck out enough. She was clearly trying to gauge my reaction, but I just gave her a noncommittal "Yeah.". Later, on the floor, each time she'd pass me she made a point of teasing me, touching me in the most intimate ways. She'd breathe a husky "Hi" in my ear while her hand would run up and down the back of my bare thigh or her finger would draw a line lightly down between my breasts. One time she actually goosed me as she went by. You can get away with these things in a strip bar, and of course the customers love it.

And then there were the words. All night, she'd whisper dirty things in my ear, telling my on her way to the stage that she was going to spread her kitty just for me, or how she got so wet watching me dance, or how she just knew I tasted great. And each time she'd rub herself against me, subtly, just enough to let me feel her soft warmth against my skin. I have to admit, after a couple hours of this, I was pretty horny.

It was toward the end of our shift when she finally got to me. The place was really dead, and the few customers that were there weren't paying much attention to the dancers, but we still had to go on, two more dances each. Ashley was on stage just before me, with a single seriously-drunk guy the only person at the tip rail. I was sitting at the bar, sipping another drink, getting more and more tipsy, and could see that she was focusing all her attention at me. Her sultry eyes were locked on mine as she twirled and spread, exposing hers pink flesh for all to see, but really just for me. When she finally finished, she left stage quickly, passing by me on her way to the dressing room, making sure to place one last caress on my upper thigh as she went by. It drove a shiver up my spine.

I was up next, and I did a pretty uninspired set, going through the motions, happy to end the night and get off stage with a couple of bucks from the drunk guy. I didn't bother to dress when I left stage. It was the end of the night and kind of warm and besides, sometimes I just like to leave my clothes off as I walk back to the dressing room. There's something liberating and empowering about walking around totally naked in a public place, knowing everyone is looking at you, doing something your mother would never approve of.

Of course I was still naked when I pushed open the dressing room door and strode through. Suddenly, as it closed behind me, I heard a voice say "I think it's time we did something about this," and felt two hands on my shoulders. I was spun around and found myself face to face with Ashley, who engulfed me in a hot, passionate embrace. I was immediately aware that Ashley was just as naked as I was! Her mouth just devoured mine as her full breasts pressed lushly into my own, her erect nipples rubbing delightfully over mine as she squirmed her bare flesh against me. There were other dancers in the room and they whooped it up as Ashley molested me. Her hands gripped hard at my waist, pulling me into her, then moved all over me, caressing my back, my cheek, tracing a maddening trail down over my bare ass. I felt an electric surge from my chest down between my legs and I knew I was getting wet. Without even thinking I grabbed her hips and returned her kisses, whimpering with excitement as she continued to stimulate me. I heard more whoops from the onlookers and was a little embarrassed, but I really didn't care. I'd kissed girls before, but never like this, never in the nude, and my overwhelming impression at that moment was "SOFT!!!" I never imagined how wonderful another girl would feel against me, like a sea of silky softness running over my whole body. Damn, I thought, no wonder the guys go apeshit over us.

At last Ashley broke the kiss, pulling back just an inch or so, her eyes staring wildly into my own as she looked for a response. Her nostrils flared and her breath was short and choppy, and it was obvious she was very aroused. In a husky whisper, between panting breaths she uttered a simple "Well?" I looked intently into her eyes for a second and then answered by grabbing her face and kissing her even more passionately than she had just kissed me. My hands trailed up and down her back and then one came around to cup her full, incredibly soft breast while the other moved behind, squeezing her left butt cheek, pulling her harder into me. She gave out a little cry, half surprise and half wanton lust, and raised her right leg up and around my hip. As she opened herself up, my fingers sensed the warmth between her cheeks and I could feel her fluids coating my upper thigh. It aroused me more than I thought possible. We continued to ravish each other there in the middle of the room, moaning shamelessly, making out, completely naked in front of the three other dancers, until we finally came up for air.

There was complete silence in the room, except for our labored breathing. The other girls just stared, somewhat shocked and, I'm sure, at least a little turned on, until finally, one of them blurted out "Whew! Somebody's gettin' some pussy tonight!" and the whole room erupted in laughter.

I think I blushed a little but we all knew she was right. I leaned in close to Ashley and confirmed it. "Yeah, you're definitely getting some tonight!", I said softly, quietly laughing as she broke into a huge, satisfied smile. She had finally gotten her girl.

The rest of my shift seemed to go on forever. I was so fucking horny and all I could think about was Ashley. I really didn't feel like dealing with any customers, so I stayed in the dressing room until I heard the call "Azure, get ready," over the PA, telling me that my last stage dance was coming up.

I grabbed a quick drink at the bar and downed most of it while the last song of the current girl's set droned on. Then it finally ended and it was my time on stage again. As I stepped up, I noticed Ashley sitting at the bar. She had already danced her last set and could have gone home, but of course she was waiting for me. She sat there, watching me intently as I walked to the stage, smiling like the cat that ate the canary. Everyone else would enjoy a look, but she knew she had me for much more. I felt a little twinge between my legs and decided to direct all my energy toward her.

The irony was that it was one of the best, one of the hottest sets I ever did. Seeing Ashley there, I felt so turned on and I let it show, running my hands sensually all over myself and opening my legs wide for everyone, but mostly for her, taking it all in with that secret little smile. I wasn't just dancing for money, pretending to feel sexy. This time I really was feeling sexy. In fact, I felt myself getting physically aroused, something that would never normally happen and something I would never want to happen in stage. A couple guys, sensing a good show, came down to the tip bar, and I know they got an eyeful of hot, wet pussy. I had to laugh at how many tips I got at the end of such a dead night. I'm sure I could have sold a few private dances, but I wasn't about to put off what I was anticipating with Ashley. I wonder if any of those guys knew it was her that was making me wet.

Once my set was over, I was free to go. I put my flimsy costume back on and returned to the dressing room, where I found Ashley waiting again. And again she grabbed me and laid a hot, sloppy kiss on me, then pulled away to gasp, "Oh god, you are so fucking hot!" and pounced on me again. My arousal level immediately skyrocketed, but before we got too far someone admonished us to "Get a room, ladies," and we cooled it down for the time being.

In fact, we got into street clothes, gathered our stuff as quickly as possible, and then stopped in the restroom, where we started going at it again, kissing like madwomen, hands and mouths feverishly busy, little whimpers of passion filling the room. Before I knew it, Ashley's hand was down the back of my pants, tracing over my asscrack, reaching down till her fingertip just poked inside my slit. I let out a little cry and squeezed her tight as I felt her edge in a little more. "Mmmmm," she whispered, "you are sooooooo wet. Mmmmm." After a couple minutes of this, Ashley broke off and between gasping breaths, asked, "You live close?" When I told her I lived a half mile away, she quickly decided, "Your place!" then added "I'm gonna fuck you so good!" and we were off to our cars.

I could barely focus on driving as I navigated my way home. Every block or so I'd check my mirror to make sure Ashley was still behind me. I guess some irrational part of me thought she might suddenly disappear, that this was all just a cruel joke. I couldn't believe I was finally going to do this.

Of course, it was no joke. We got to my place and did our best to keep our cool as we walked through the parking lot to my apartment door. I fumbled briefly with the key but finally got the door open and we scrambled inside. At that point, I was ready to pounce on her and move into high gear, but Ashley went slower, just rubbing herself against me, her hands cradling my head, fingers up into my hair, her mouth barely opening as she kissed my cheeks, my eyes, and then my lips. I was dying for more, but she didn't give it, not yet. I just closed my eyes and surrendered to those wonderful feelings.

She took my upper lip gently into her mouth, an almost imperceptible draw, then ran her tongue over its surface, continuing to tease and stimulate me. At last her mouth opened over mine and her tongue moved inside. I felt an electric thrill through my body as her tongue played slickly with mine, rolling lightly over it, then extending its search to cover my lips and teeth. My own tongue moved forward and I moaned urgently into her mouth, losing my inhibitions quickly as my passion rose, my arms gripping her frantically, reveling in the feel of her soft body pressed against my own.

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