Summary: A straight man has an endowed houseguest come visit


Just a quick stroke story inspired by a passing remark.


I had just found out that a friend of Sarah's - my girlfriend - from school would be staying with us for a while. Arriving tonight, in fact. It was a bit frustrating that she hadn't asked, but we had a spare room so there wasn't much harm in it. I hadn't met the guy before - Adam was his name. I'd heard he was nice enough, but a bit of a blow-in. My biggest concern was that he would set up camp in our apartment and never leave.


A ringing doorbell heralded Adam's arrival. Sarah went to buzz him in and answer the door, excited to see her friend. The door swung open and Sarah stepped in to hug him.

"Hi Sar. Long time no see," a masculine voice called from the doorway.

"It's been ages. Come in. Come in. Meet my boyfriend, Tom." She gestured for Adam to enter and then pointed towards me. A shorter man, deeply tanned, with a surfer vibe to him walked in.

"Hi, I'm Adam." Adam greeted me with a smile and a fist bump, much to my confusion.

"Tom. Nice to meet you."

I wandered off to let the two school friends catch up on each other's lives. I took my time grabbing myself a glass of water before walking back over. To say they were in the middle of an odd conversation doesn't do it justice.

"-apparently, Katherine's friend is in need of some girth and I came to mind." Adam smirked and Sarah laughed loudly.

My first thought was to wonder how Katherine knew anything about his girth. My second thought, though, replacing the first, was the mental image of a big thick dick. I tried to shake it, but I couldn't. The thought of it stretching someone out was like a worm in my mind.

Self-consciously, I thought about my entirely average sized penis. Sarah didn't seem to mind, but like any red-blooded male, I'd always wished it was bigger.

My mind stuck on the thought of a girthy dick, my eyes tracked down to Adam's crotch. The bulge might have been noteworthy, but I couldn't tell. When I looked up, it seemed like Adam was giving him an odd look, but I couldn't be sure.

That's when all the weirdness started.

The next morning, I walked into the bathroom to find Adam finishing up with the toilet. He had clearly just finished pissing, as his dick hung out of his trousers. And boy was it a thick dick. He wasn't hard, but it was obvious why Katherine was applauding this attribute.

Adam looked up at me as I burst in, seemingly unconcerned with the intrusion. In fact, he simply shook his dick off, slowly, and looked me straight in the eye.

"Oh, my god. I'm so sorry. It was unlocked!" I was babbling with embarrassment. A part of me though was desperate to sneak a further look at what he was packing. However, I managed to resist.

"Don't worry about it. Could happen to anyone." Adam's words were calm.

I would've thought Adam had done enough to shake off his dick, but he appeared to be milking out the last drops. Slowly. Eventually, my self-control cracked and I took a quick peek at his downstairs region. The milking was clearly pleasurable because Adam's cock had flooded with blood, increasing noticeably in size and (somehow) thickness.

It took an embarrassingly long time, but eventually I managed a muttered apology and left the room. I couldn't bring myself to make eye contact with him.

Adam didn't mention it again, and I certainly never brought it up. But that certainly wasn't the last of it.

A few days later, I came home from work after a shit day in the office. All I wanted to do was have a quick shower and maybe a beer or two. As I walked through the house, I saw that neither Sarah nor Adam appeared to be home. Perfect for relaxing, I thought to myself.

I spent about 20 minutes in the shower, as I allowed the stresses of the day to wash off of my body. Sarah and I hadn't had sex since before Adam arrived, so I was pretty horny. I stood in the warm water and, as I began to relax, began playing with myself. Unexpectedly, my mind turned to Adam's thick dick and my own dick got real hard. I wasn't gay, but it also wasn't the first time I'd been turned on by a nice looking dick. But, really, who hasn't? At least, that's what I liked to tell myself.

I stroked myself for a while to thoughts of big thick dick; thoughts of me pleasuring big thick dick; even thoughts of big thick dick pleasuring me. In the end, I didn't finish; I got a bit self-conscious of how far I'd let this gay fantasy go. My erection eventually subsided and I hopped out of the shower and towelled myself dry.

Walking out in just my towel, I figured I'd grab a beer now. I just had to go into the spare room - Adam's room - and grab some from the bar fridge in there. I opened the door and stepped inside and my eyes widened. Adam was laying down on the bed, masturbing. Masturbating a big fat cock. He looked right at me; I looked right at his cock.

Adam's dick was only about 7" long, hardly a monster, but it was thick as a coke can.

I stood there in shock as he continued to jerk himself off, staring me in the eye the entire time. My own penis formed a tent in the towel, but I was enjoying the show so much I hardly noticed.

Minutes went by and Adam's eyes never left me. Eventually, his body stiffened and he groaned loudly. His cock erupted, launching wads of cum up onto his chest. One, two, three; seven big jets. It was the biggest cumshot I'd ever seen. A lake of semen covered his torso. Fuck, it was hot.

Adam lay still for a moment. He gathered his breath and stood up. I stepped back as he walked towards me, but he continued past me. Well, almost. He paused to rub his thumb across my lips. His thumb was transporting a thick globule of cum, leaving it caught between my lips. I was frozen in shock. He walked off to the bathroom without another word. His cocking bobbing along still semi-hard.

I didn't want to, but I knew I couldn't stop myself. Once Adam was out of sight, my tongue darted out to scoop up the morsel of cum Adam had left for me. The taste exploded in my mouth. It was so salty, but also so delicious. I licked along both of my lips, desperate for another taste.

My revery was broken by the sound of keys in the front door. Shit, it was Sarah. I quickly raced to our bedroom and threw on my pajama pants. Mentally willing my rock-hard erection to die down. When she came in, I was in front of the TV watching watching an episode on Netflix. She was none the wiser, at least as long as Adam didn't say anything. Fuck. I hoped he kept his mouth shut.

"Did Adam tell you he's moving out? He got a place to live." Sarah said as she sat down to join me on the couch.

"Oh really? That's great" My internal reaction was somewhat more conflicted. On the one hand, with Adam out of the house, he would be unlikely to tell my secret. But on the other hand, I'd probably never see that sweet dick again, or taste more of his delicious cum. I tried to focus on Netflix because, honestly, this fascination with his cock was concerning me.

"Yep. He moves out tomorrow. So, what are we watching?"


Adam moved out the next day and I thought that was the end of it. I was wrong.

The next week, Sarah was away for work. I had the whole house to myself. So when the doorbell rang, I was confused. I had no idea who it could be. It wasn't like I'd ordered delivery or anything. I opened the door to find Adam standing there. A neutral expression on his face.

"Um, hi." I said. "What's up?"

"Not much. Just came past to grabbed my laptop charger that I left here. I messaged Sarah, but she said she's away all week and I should just drop by." Adam's words were innocent enough, but I thought I detected the hint of something hidden in his words. A cold sensation grew in my gut.

"Of course. Come in." I said, gesturing for him to enter.

"Thanks. I won't be long." He walked straight through to the spare room. I waited awkwardly by the door, but the minutes stretched on and he still hadn't reappeared. My stomach tied itself in knots, but I told myself I was overreacting. He probably just couldn't find the charger.

In the end, my curiosity got the better of me and I walked into the spare room to see what he was up to. My gut was right. Adam was standing in the middle of the room, stark naked, waiting for me. His thick, delicious-looking dick hung flaccid between his legs.

"Suck it, slut." His words barely registered through the fog in my mind.

"W-w-what? No way. What the fuck are you doing?" I thought I did pretty well to get my voice under control.

"Get on your knees now, faggot. I saw how you looked at it before. You watched me cum. I bet you even swallowed some." He stared me in the eye, and I froze. I couldn't lie to him. He would be able to tell. "That's what I thought. Did you enjoy swallowing my cum?"

I nodded mutely in reply. My eyes tracked slowly down Adam's lean body and came to rest on the cock dangling in front of me. I licked my lips. It was so thick.

"Do want some more?"

I nodded again.

"Then you know what to do. Submit and I'll give you your reward."

I swallowed nervously, took a deep breath, and crossed the intervening distance. I dropped to my knees in front of him. My submission clearly aroused Adam, because I watched his cock slowly throb and inflate with blood. I watched as it thickened obscenely.

"Closer, faggot. Become my cocksucker. You know you want it." The slurs caused me to pause, as I realised what I was about to do. But, I couldn't deny the thoughts of submission made my dick harden in my jeans.

"I'm not a f-f. That is, um, I don't suck cock."

"Yet." Adam corrected. "You don't suck cock, yet." As he spoke, he grabbed a handful of my hair roughly. He jerked me towards him, smushing my lips against his chunky man-meat. It was so warm. As soon as my lips touched his shaft, I moaned in lust. I succumbed. My mouth parted and I began kissing up and down its length.

Adam didn't let go of my hair. He used it to drag me up and down, my lips and tongue pleasuring his shaft as it continued to harden. After 30 seconds of worshipping his cock, he pushed me away. I could see his cock was now almost fully erect.

"Start sucking."

I didn't resist this time. Giddy with nervous anticipation, I slipped the angry red head into my mouth. I was rewarded with a spurt of salty pre-cum, and I moaned like a slut. I swirled it around my mouth before swallowing it.

"Yes, good. Now take me deeper." I looked up at Adam, his cock still in my mouth, and his words of encouragement in my ears. I looked him in the eyes and began to inch my lips forward, welcoming more of his girth into my mouth. My lips were stretched to their limit.

"Good work, cock-slut. Now for the main course." Adam grabbed my head between his hands and began to force it down towards his balls. I gagged immediately, totally unprepared for a big dick trying to penetrate my throat. But, Adam didn't let up. With short, rapid, thrusts, he rammed the tip of his cock into the back of my throat relentlessly. Then, he pushed it as deep as I could take it, and held it there. Violently retching, unable to breathe, it was only with great restraint that I kept my lunch down. Thick ropes of spit escaped my mouth and slopped down his shaft.

Eventually, Adam let go. I fell to the ground, my stomach was doing backflips and my lungs burned. It was a full minute before I felt recovered enough to look up at my tormentor. He stood over me, stroking his fearsome looking dick. Its length was slathered in my spit. It was horribly engorged. He didn't say a word; he just pointed at the ground in front of him. I knew what he wanted.

I retook my submissive position, and took Adam's fat dick back in my mouth. He seemed comfortable allowing me to control the pace this time. I slurped on the head for a while, working up the nerve to take it deeper. I took a calming breath and then pushed myself forward as far as my throat could handle it. Mild gagging aside, it was a success. I couldn't come close to deepthroating him, but given his girth, who could blame me?

My mouth was full of cock and I was loving it. I flooded my mouth with saliva and sucked hard on his thick shaft, and my tongue fluttered along the base of it. Over the next ten minutes, it got harder and harder. My jaw began to get sore and I wondered if he would ever come. With a loud groan, my wait was over.

"Fuck yes. Get ready, slut. Get ready for your reward."

The thick, delicious, cock in my mouth reached peak hardness before it vomited out a thick load of cum. It was salty on my tongue, but not entirely unpleasant.

Adam sprayed two shots in my mouth before he pulled out and proceeded to cover my face. With unfortunate precision, he launched two ropes of cum straight into my eyes. It stung, a lot, and I closed my eyes in pain. The gooey fluid burning as I squinted. A few more soft wet impacts on my face, and I knew he was done. I knelt there on my knees with my face painted and a mouth full of cum, relishing the feeling of being his submissive suck-slut.

"Open your mouth." I stuck my tongue out and showed him my mouthful of cum. "Now, swallow." I swallowed like a good slut, and felt the thick viscous fluid go down my throat. "Good work. Now, smile for the camera."

I stiffened in shock. Horror filled me to my core at his words. I tried in vain to open my eyes, to confirm the truth of the betrayal, but his virile semen had properly gummed them up. I desperately scraped the fluids away, and managed to look up at him.

Adam stood there, grinning, an iphone in his hands. His finger was tapped away at the screen, taking photo after photo of my shame. It was true, I thought, sick to my stomach. I wondered if he would show Sarah. She'd leave me in an instant if he did.

"Don't worry, my little cocksucker. You follow my every command and these photos will never see the light of day. Now, clean my dick off." I did as I was told, resigned to my role.

With a sinking feeling, I wondered what was in store for me now.

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i loved it too

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Let your girlfriends buddy stay over

Let your girlfriend have a buddy stay over and treat him right, suck his dick and eats his cum , now that’s a host that goes out of his way to please

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