tagLoving WivesGite Ch. 01: Gite in Southern France

Gite Ch. 01: Gite in Southern France


This is my first submission, the Gite is real, the English characters are based on real people. The English village which will link this series is real. The events are fictitious.

They do use condoms. Like brushing teeth, they don't talk about it!




We are such a normal group of people, if you saw us in the pub, supermarket or hotel, you would not look at us twice. That's the point really. The two ladies, Beth and Denise were about forty, slimmer than they once were, since they had gone for diets and workouts. The breasts remained full. They were the ones who felt that diets didn't quite hit the right places. The men felt that some places were best left alone, except by them, of course. Men were about the same age, slightly older than the females.

We were in France on holiday, staying in a gite. These are usually farm buildings, or similar, converted in a rustic style. Very quaint and often on a farm, or in the countryside. This was our fifth time in a gite, we had two children each, who enjoyed them, and we all enjoyed the freedom of the places, the rural areas and the many small towns and villages. Our sons Stuart and Tom have stayed with us a few days, then gone on to a language school in Barcelona. The two daughters had not come with us this time.

This gite was a little different, in that it was in a row of buildings on the edge of a small town, not on a main road really, although the road did lead out of town, and opposite a restaurant - bar, the road was quite wide, so being near a restaurant was not an issue. The gite had an open plan downstairs room, with a large sitting - dining room, with an open fire, double doors to a shady courtyard at the rear. A short hall led to stairs to the upper floors. Large doors led from the hall to the sitting room. I suppose it could be gloomy in winter, but in the south of France in summer, the shade was a relief. Alongside the gite was a garage, which earlier seemed to have been a stable, the place had been an inn, dating from the 16th century. There was a passage on the far side of the garage, giving a second access to the courtyard.

On the first floor, were three large double bedrooms, and a large bathroom and shower room, on the top floor were two more large bedrooms and a shower room.

It was the last night of the men's stay. We had two weeks, the female side deciding to stay another week. We were flying back on the Thursday, back home for Friday; work on Monday. We are two couples who have been friends for over ten years, but apart from a few hints and allusions, no sexual play between us. We were sat having dinner in the house, finishing off some of the food and wine, when I (Andrew) asked my wife Beth if she was looking forward to a week of freedom, Denise my friend Colin's wife, joined in saying they were going to the beach and the local bar / restaurant and would surely be in luck. Then she poured scorn on the men's chances at finding someone female near home.

To my surprise, I detected some enthusiasm between the girls for looking out for some companionship. I tested the water, "So it's OK for us to look around, if we let you two find someone", I said.

Laughter followed from them, a little wine talking. My wife then took the lead and said that she had the right to flirt with a Frenchman after I had been flirting with Rachel at the last party at our house. Rachel is the rather attractive wife of a neighbour of ours whose husband lives a life of business, travel and golf. I denied flirting, just a discussion between friends. Then fixing me with a steely look, she said that she had seen us on a seat at the bottom of our garden with our heads together... "Shit!" I thought. "We were looking at bumble bees, a threatened species." I said. This provoked hilarity among the other three. Questions being asked about the size of stings, and whether she had any honey for me. Colin also caught it at this point with Denise asking him when he was next playing golf with Pat...

Apparently, this person has a "reputation". Colin denied any knowledge of reputations good or bad. The girls had us both trapped now. Then dug the knife deeper. "So why are you going back early, when you could have stayed with us?" asked Denise.

"Work," we both said. This brought shaking of heads from Beth and Denise.

"Well," said Denise, "this gives us the right to find two Frenchmen."

"Yes," said my wife, shaking her head at our naivety.

The conversation moved on, with a little relief from each of us, that perhaps we had come too far. We finished the wine and went to bed. In bed, I cuddled Beth, lying alongside each other. I began stroking her back and bum. She put her finger on the tip of my chin. "Are you going to get in touch with Rachel, when you get home?" she asked. I stiffened, not knowing what my response should be.

"Why, should I?" I replied.

"Yes", she said, "her husband will be away with golf or something and I know she feels neglected. She's thinking of leaving him, but keep it to yourself." She said.

"How do you know?"

She told me that they had been talking in the pub, just before we came away. "She's got the hots for you, you know..."

"What!" I said. "How do you know that?"

"Well, I asked what her plans were, should she leave, and she said that she would like to find someone else, a little more reliable and homely. She said someone just like you..."

"Oh! So, I am sensible, domesticated and boring?"

"Well we had a few glasses of wine, and she said that if I ever wanted to let you go, she would give you a try out. I said I might rent you to her for a weekend." I replied that a weekend with Rachel would probably finish me off! Changing the subject, I asked her what she was going to do to this Frenchman she was going to find with Denise. "Oh!" She said, "Bring them back here and make mad passionate love to them."

Nuzzling her neck, I said "What will his name be?"

She thought for a moment "Jean." she said.

"Well how about you calling me Jean, and I will call you Rachel?"

She looked at me "We have never done, that have we? Pretended to make love to others?"

"No, Rachel," I said, running my free hand to her breast and rubbing her nipple.

Joining in she said, "Oh Jean, that feels so nice, so different to the way my husband does it."

She dropped her hand to my cock and stroked it. "Rachel that is so wonderful." I said, I ran my hand down between her legs. "Open your legs for me Rachel," I said.

She did saying "Jean, please rouse me. Ah! You are so large!"

We fondled each other for a while. With gentle cries of "Rachel", "Jean", "keep going", "just there", "oh!"

I rolled her onto her back, she spread her legs and said, "Oh Jean!"

I moved over her and said "Rachel, please guide me in." her hand reached down and held me as I pushed forward.

"Oh Jean, please come in slowly, you are so large," She said, and she rose her hips towards me.

I pushed slowly in, saying "Rachel, I want to take you slowly and enjoy every minute."

I pushed in and out slowly. She was crying "Jean, oh Jean! Faster! Faster!"

"Rachel, Rachel!" I was saying.

We exploded together. I lay a moment, then rolled off her and reached for tissues to clean up. I gave her one, "Thank you Jean", she said. We laughed together and went to sleep.


Next morning, I got up early and was packing for the flight, before breakfast. She lay in bed watching me. I said, "Did you enjoy last night?"

She laughed "Was that a practice run for Rachel?"

"Was that a practice run for you and Jean?"

She got out of bed naked, came over and embraced me. "Do you want to?" She said.

"Do YOU want to?" I replied.

"Only the once." she said.

"Once? All week surely?" I replied.

"What I meant was, this time and never again. No recriminations." She said, firmly.

"OK, that's a deal." We shook hands formally.

Denise drove us to the airport. Colin sat alongside her. I sat in the back with Beth.

"So, are you going to ring Rachel when you get back?" she said quietly to me.

"Are you going to find a Frenchman?" I said.

She poked me in the ribs. "We are past playing games, ring Rachel and invite her out for a meal. If she has any doubts, tell her to call me on my mobile."

I looked at her, "Get her to call me, I'll give her the go ahead." she said.

Denise picked up some of this. "Beth did you sort out with Andrew our task for the week of finding two handsome Frenchmen and shagging them silly?"

Denise was a bit more shall we say, worldly wise and outward going than my wife, who had never had had sex with anyone but me.

I decided not to comment and see what would happen. Beth said, "Yes, all sorted, he's going back to ask my friend Rachel out for a meal and whatever."

Denise said good, "Colin is going to ask Pat to play around..." giggles from both girls.

"At golf." said Colin, nobly. More giggles.

"So, have you chosen your Frenchmen yet?" I asked.

"No, they have not," said Colin, "but they have got a table booked in the restaurant over the road for tonight."


On the flight, I said to Colin "What caused all this finding Frenchmen and giving us a free hand?"

"It came out last night in bed," he said, "suddenly we got into discussing my golf partner, then her finding a Frenchman."

"Much like our conversation, are we are being set up?"

"Yes, I think so,", said Colin, "have you noticed that they have been having quiet conversations these past few days, a bit furtive." I suddenly realised they had.


So, we landed in England and went our own ways. We live about a hundred miles apart. We promised to keep in touch until the girls returned.

I got home and wondered what to do. Was this a test? If I rang Rachel would she ring Beth and release the gods of war? Cannot be, I thought, she specifically told me to tell Rachel to call her if she had any doubts. So, I picked up the phone and rang Rachel's house.

A female voice answered "Hullo?"

"It's me, Andrew." I responded.

"Are you two back from France?" she said, "I thought Beth told me she was gone for three weeks, not two?"

"I'm back now, only two weeks for the workers!"

"Are you and your husband doing anything tonight?" I asked.

"He's in Portugal playing golf, then going to Italy for a meeting." the words 'golf' and 'meeting' were emphasised by her.

"Well, since we are both free, why don't we meet up for a meal tonight?" I asked, more hopeful.

"Does your wife know about you asking me out for a meal?" Rachel asked in a surprised tone.

"Yes," I said, "In fact, she said you could ring her about it."

"Might do that," she replied, "I'll book somewhere and call you back."

I found out later that the words 'might do that' in those circumstances, means a delay of less than ten seconds! Rachel rang back later and gave me the details of an Italian restaurant in a nearby village. Less chance of being spotted by friends, I thought. I picked her up in my car later.

We had a very pleasant meal, two bottles of wine and nice conversation. Rachel seemed to appreciate the company. At the end of the meal she suddenly said, "Let's get a taxi back and you can come to my place for a cognac, we'll sort the car out in the morning." Who would refuse? I wondered what Beth was doing in France. I looked at my watch. 10pm here, 11 pm in France. If she was going to find someone, she would have done by now. Not the time to ring her mobile phone! We got back to Rachel's place, I paid the taxi and followed her inside. She took my coat, turned to me, shivered and said, "It's cold, let's light a fire."

We went in the lounge, there was a log fire laid, but not lit. She pointed to some matches and asked me to light the fire. She went off 'to sort a few things'. Once the flames caught, I turned out the main light, just leaving a small light, and the fire. I then sat down on the settee in front of the fire, waiting for her. She reappeared after a few minutes, carrying two large glasses of cognac. She placed each on a small table, each side of the settee. She smiled at me, looked at the main light that I had turned off, went to the small table light and turned that off also.

"Cheers." we said to each other.

"I have put the heating on." she said.

"Much colder here than France." I said. We drank our cognac slowly.

"Stop worrying about your wife, my husband will not be worrying about me!" She said, looking at me over her cognac. I put my right arm around her, drew her to me and kissed her. She kissed me back and opened her lips. Our tongues touched. I put my left hand on her cheek and gently stroked her. My hand dropped to her shoulder, she opened her eyes and smiled. I lowered my hand slowly down to her breast, slowly, slowly. There was no bra, but she was wearing one earlier... I looked at her, and then looked at her breast, as my fingers fondled it.

She put her arms around my neck, pulling me to her. "I took it off while you were lighting the fire. I only put my blouse back on because of the cold. I meant to put the heating on, as I went out, but forgot." She said quietly. I leant back and used both hands to unbutton her blouse. Putting my hand inside and fondling her breast, her nipple, she moaned softly. "I rang Beth earlier." she suddenly said. My hand stiffened on her breast. "Ow!" she said.

"Sorry," I said, "you could have told me at a more appropriate time!"

"I hope you haven't left me with bruises to explain." she said laughing.

"Let me look for you." I said, reaching forward again.

She pressed her palm against my chest, "Don't you want to know what Beth said?" She asked.

"er, yes." I said, my mind racing. Was this part of a test? It seems it was a strange conversation. Beth had told Rachel that Beth and Denise were going to a restaurant, in the French village, in the hope of meeting some handsome Frenchmen, and although not said directly, left Rachel with the distinct impression that she was free to go with me.

"They are both leaving their wedding rings off, to signal their availability." Rachel said. She held up her left palm, hers was missing also. She stared at my left hand. I took my wedding ring off, and placed it on the small table where the cognac glasses were in front of us. "Good boy, or rather naughty boy." She said, leaning towards me again and putting my hand back on her breast, opening her mouth for a kiss. She unbuttoned my shirt one handed, and pulled it off me, I removed her blouse. We were half naked in the firelight. She lay back on the settee, I lay alongside her. Our hands roamed on each other's bodies. I ran mine from her knee upwards, she looked at me. I looked at her and kept going, slowly but carefully. I raised her skirt slightly to allow my fingers to move up. She smiled and dropped her hand slowly from my thigh to my cock and gripped it a little through my trousers and stroked me. My fingers were nearly at the target.

She put her hand on my face and stroked me slowly. My fingers touched pubic hair... "No knickers, either." she said and parted her legs as best she could. She unzipped my trousers and reached in. Her fingers were cool. I played with her lips and her clit. Gentle moans came from her. She pushed me off her, gently. "Stand up." she said, quietly.

We did so, a little dizzy from the wine and cognac. We embraced, the touch of naked flesh a delight. I undid her skirt, fumbling as I did so. She looked me in the eyes, unfastened my trousers and pushed them to the floor. She knelt, lowered my underpants. My cock sprang out, she gave me a quick, gentle kiss on the end and stood up. She embraced me and kissed me with her wet lips, wet from me. She lay on the settee again, on her side. I joined her.

"I bet there are two words of French your wife is learning tonight," she said, I looked at her puzzled. Beth's French was like mine, adequate but not good. "Soixante-neuf." she said, "sixty-nine".

"er, she does not go for oral sex with me, but enjoys it on her" I said.

"So, there she is with this sexy Frenchman, and he says 'soixante-neuf?', I'll bet she will go for it. We will see when I debrief her when she gets back." She stood up, pushed me onto my back and lay down on me, the opposite way to me. She licked the end of my cock and closed her lips on the end, then smoothly pushed her lips down. I pulled her thighs over me and parted her legs, exposing her. Her knees were either side of my head. I moved my head until my lips touched her vulva. My tongue rubbed her clit, we both began moaning.

"This is wonderful." I said.

"It's rude to talk with your mouth full." she replied. Her head bobbing up and down at the end of my cock.

She moaned as I kissed licked and sucked, I played my finger round her ass hole, she moaned more. I pushed another finger inside her vagina, then two fingers, more moans, I felt myself about to cum... "Stop! Stop!" I said, "I want to cum inside your cunt."

She rolled off me, went to the other end of the long settee and sat back with her legs splayed, "Fuck me now!" She said. I knelt between her legs, pointing my cock at her vagina with my fingers, and pushed in until our bones met. We moved our hips to adjust ourselves, then I came out, and in, out and in. "In, in in." I chanted as I went in, she joined my chorus "In, in, in." we chanted. I pushed faster and deeper. She matched my rhythm. I came, gloriously, she spasmed around my cock, shouting "Yes, yes, yes!" to my grunts as I spurted inside her.

I rolled off her and sat panting. "Made a mess of your settee." I said.

"That's why I put a loose cover over it before you picked me up." she said. "Men never notice these things."

The rest is told by Beth...



Back in France, Beth and Denise were sat around relaxing after their drive to the airport. Drank a couple of glasses of wine, just happy. Beth's mobile phone rang. She picked it up, "Don't recognise the number?" she said.

"Uh, hi Rachel!" She said, raising her eyebrows at Denise, who raised her glass and winked wickedly. "Did he?" a long pause, "Oh yes well, I told him that as they had abandoned us here in France that we were going to find some French male companionship!" another pause, "Good, well that's ok by me, just send him back happy and in one piece!" a pause, "And you, have fun."

"That was Rachel checking up. Andrew has rung her and asked her out for a meal. She will be asking him back to her place for coffee. Fine. So that's us clear for the night." Beth finished off her wine in one swig. "Look, it's 3pm, I'm going for a snooze before we go out. What time did you book the table for?"

"7pm." said Denise."

"OK, then we can go over at 6:30 or slightly earlier for a drink." Said Beth.

Both went upstairs.


About 5 pm they met downstairs. Denise said to Beth, "Have you changed the sheets on your bed? "Yes", said Beth," they are in the wash bin."

"Good," said Denise "I will set the washing machine off, then we can dry them and have fresh sheets tomorrow."

"The sheets will not get dirty overnight" said Beth, with a puzzled look on her face.

"They will if I have anything to do with it." said Denise.

Light dawned inside Beth. "Oh yes." she said.

Denise went off to have a quick shower and apply her make up. When she came out she saw Beth in her room, drying her hair, sitting naked. Knowing that Beth never used much make up, she said "Do you want me to help you apply your make up?"

Beth said "Yes please. I've never been much good at that, or needed to!" Not the way to get yourself laid, thought Denise.

Denise worked on her face, quickly and expertly. Beth looked at herself in the mirror, naked. "Don't you think I look a bit tarty", she asked.

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