tagLoving WivesGite Ch. 03: Morning in the Gite

Gite Ch. 03: Morning in the Gite


The Village 03 -- Monday Morning in the Gite

MONDAY morning

Beth woke up, Denise was opening the curtains, singing happily.

"Please don't do that EVERY morning." said Beth grumpily, putting her head under the bedclothes.

"Tut, tut." said Denise happily, "Not so happy as were last night when Pierre was giving you a final shag!"

"It's all your fault!" said Beth, from under the clothes, "I went for a pee in the night, and heard you two at it, then when I got back to bed, I saw Pierre lying there and got ideas," she continued, after a pause, "all your fault. It would never have happened if you hadn't been doing it, AGAIN."

Beth turned over "Where's Pierre?" she asked, "What time is it?"

"Please pay attention, in between your current hobbies of drinking wine and shagging!" said Denise breezily. She continued, "The men told us last night that they had to go and sign some documents at the notary, to do with this company they are buying. Then they are meeting us for lunch, then they take us to their boat." She went on "It's nine am, and it's another sunny day."

"Yacht!" corrected Beth, sitting up.

"Tea?" asked Denise, holding out a mug.

"Thank you." said Beth "So what time did they go?"

"Just before eight," continued Denise, "We had a final shag about seven,"

"I missed out then." said Beth, in mock sadness.

"I bet you'll get your share on the yacht." replied Denise, "Now drink your tea," she continued, "we have to shower, have breakfast, pack clothes for the yacht, and dress for lunch."

"What clothes do we need?" asked Beth, "I haven't got a swimsuit here."

"Well," said Denise, "as Pierre told you, they swim naked. Jerome told me last night that once away from land they generally go about naked. They only dress if they go ashore for shopping or a meal."

"That's how they get an all-over tan, then." Said Beth. "No white bits."

"We can have an all-over tan by the end of the week." Said Denise.

"Better not get sunburnt nipples." said Beth with a laugh.

"Or worse, your clit." laughed Denise.

"I need a shower." said Beth, breaking the spell.

"Why not a bath?" Responded Denise, "Breakfast in the bath."

"OK," said Beth, "but don't spill the cornflakes."

Beth ran the bath, whilst Denise prepared the food and returned with a tray. She took a small table to the side of the bath and got in, sitting at one end. Beth got in the other end. They ate their cereals and juice quietly, each lost in thought.

They finished, and put the bowls back on the tray.

"Right," said Denise, "need to get washed." kneeling up, she said, "Kneel up, we can wash each other."

"I must admit I enjoy it, with you." Beth said, "It's fun being close to another person, even a woman."

They kneeled closed together and washed each other's breasts. "Breasts are nice." said Beth, "No wonder men always want to play with them."

"Yes," replied Denise, "I seemed to spend my teenage years fighting fumbling boys off, then when you wanted them to take your bra off, they took ages!" They both laughed at the memories.

Denise pulled Beth closer, "To wash your back." she said, quietly.

"I bet you say that to all the girls." replied Beth, softly, soaping her hands to wash Denise's back.

Beth rubbed her soapy breasts against Denise's, "Is that what you wanted?" she asked in a whisper.

Denise took her hand off Beth's back and pulled their heads together, opening her mouth on Beth's. Beth put her tongue deep in Denise's mouth. They rocked together, hands roaming, they opened their legs to get closer together. Gently, they broke apart. "Wow!" said Beth, "That was good." Then blushed.

Beth suddenly looked sad, she put her head in her hands. "What's the matter?" asked Denise.

"What am I doing?" asked Beth, "I have a perfectly good husband, and on a whim, I go and have sex with some random Frenchman. I should stop this now!"

Unbeknown to Beth, Denise saw her perfectly crafted plan coming adrift. "Look," said Denise gently, "we had a long talk last Tuesday, several long talks in fact. You felt that your life was in a rut, you were always fending Andrew off, and were worried that he would drift away from you. So, we decided that we all would have to have some excitement, not together, then we could explore how to make our lives better."

"Yes," said Beth, but I'm enjoying it..."

"Wasn't that the idea?" asked Denise.

"I agreed that sex with someone else would do us both good, me and Andrew, that is, but I didn't realise that I was going to enjoy it so much. I still love my husband and I'm sure this will help us, but..." she looked at Denise helplessly, "I enjoy it so much, I wonder if I should stop..."

Denise looked at Beth, "Do you think that you are the only one who has ever had these concerns?" she said quietly.

"What do you mean?" asked Beth.

"I have slept with others, and so has Colin." Replied Denise.

"Before you were married." Said Beth, puzzled.

Denise paused, tilted her head and looked at Beth, "Not exactly" said Denise, "we both did, before we were married, as I have told you, but we have also slept with others after we were married, and so have some of our friends."

"You've had affairs, but you both knew?" asked Beth, astounded.

"Not exactly affairs." Said Denise, pausing.

"So, what were they?" asked Beth, naively.

"Well," began Denise, wondering how much to tell Beth, "we have not had affairs, but we have slept with others." Denise paused, and held her hand up to stop Beth as Beth began to speak. "We have swapped partners and had sex with the other's partner."

"Who?" asked Beth, "do I know them?"

Dense was silent, and Beth, sensibly, waited for her, "You must promise never to tell, but it's Tim and Jean, and now also another couple."

"But I know them well, and never guessed, they never gave any hint, in fact Jean has spoken out like me about people who have affairs and ruin their lives." Said Beth, "How did this start?"

"Tim and Jean have a cottage in Wales, as you may know," Beth nodded, "and we had a weekend there, just over a year ago. We had a meal, Saturday night, and lots of drink. We were flirting with each other's partner, and talk got a little sexy, positions, where, in front of the fire, showers and baths together, outdoors, how many before marriage, and so on. Then Jean and I went in the kitchen to get more drink. Jean suggested surprising our husbands by going and sitting with each other's husband and see what happens."

"I asked Jean what we should do, and she said, 'Just give them one kiss, and see what happens'. We didn't speak about actually swapping and having sex, but I wondered what would happen, I was quite excited."

"So, what happened," asked Beth, amazed. "tell me all the story."

Denise continued, "So we went back to the sitting area, we were sat on settees, opposite each other, in front of the log fire. Jean turned the lights off, so we just had the fire and some candles. The men thought to themselves that it was just going to get romantic. We put the drinks down and sat down with each other's husband. There was lots of giggling, and I felt like I did when I was sixteen, with a boy. Nervous, not knowing what was to happen; wanting to kiss him, but not wanting to make the first move. Waiting for the boy to make the first move, and knowing that he's going through the same trauma. I decided to make a move, I leant over and kissed Tim, and Jean did the same to Colin. The men were obviously surprised, and it then developed into a long snogging session." Denise continued.

"I felt Tim's hand creeping from my waist upwards, I knew it was heading for my breast, I looked over at Jean, Colin's hand was already up her blouse and stroking her breast, she saw me looking and winked at me! She began unbuttoning Colin's shirt. So, then Tim's hand got to my breast and it was my turn to get fondled. I joined in the spirit of it and began encouraging Tim, telling him how nice it felt, and he was telling me what nice breasts I had, and how long he'd fancied me. I told him to unclip my bra and have a proper feel, I suddenly realised how far we were going, and stopped, looking at Jean and Colin, Colin had got Jean's blouse off and was really going for it, running his hands all over her." Denise paused.

"Jean must have realised my concern and said, 'Are we all ok with this?'. We all stopped and pulled away from each other, embarrassed. Jean carried on, laughing, 'I didn't mean you all to stop, but I'm happy to carry on with this. We can swap for the night and talk about it in the morning.' I looked at Colin and nodded. He said, 'We're fine until the morning.' So, Tim and Jean turned back to us and started again, my blouse came off, and I joined in the fun, running my hand down from his shoulder, saying 'Do you know where this hand's going?' He shook his head and I said 'nowhere' and put my other hand on his cock. He nearly jumped out of his skin." Denise paused.

"Go on," said Beth, "all the details."

"He was hard," said Denise, "as you might expect, So I was stroking his cock through his trousers and I was saying sexy thinks to him like 'Where do you want to put that?' he took the hint and ran his hand up my leg to my pants, pulled the crotch aside and put his fingers on my pussy, very damp pussy, and said 'Just there!' I responded by undoing his belt and unzipping his trousers, putting my hand in his pants and finding his bare cock. He pulled my pants down and got full access, I parted my legs to let him get there. He played with me, putting his fingers up my hole and playing with my clit, I was almost bouncing on the settee with the feelings. I got hold of his trousers and pulled them down. I felt him pushing me back and he was moving over me, his cock getting near my slit. I was pulling his cock end towards me, encouraging him. I looked over at the others, they were stood up, removing each other's last clothes."

Denise drew breath, "As they sat down again, Jean looked at me and suggested that we took my bedroom, and she would take Colin to hers. We stood up and like them, flung each other's clothes off, I took Tim's hand and led him to my bedroom, as we started up the stairs, I turned to look at them, and heard their moans as Colin penetrated her, and saw them working together as they began shagging. I led Tim up the stairs and into our bedroom. We turned to each other and had a final snog, we put our hands on each other's bums, pulling each other together hard, showing what we wanted. I could feel his hardness against me. I walked over to the bed, pulled the clothes off it, and lay down, and spread my legs, holding my hands out to him, as he climbed on top of me. I got hold of his cock and guided him in, encouraging him."

"As he went in, past my fingers, I was saying, 'slow, slow, let me feel you go in all the way,' he started shagging me slowly and I was writhing around under him, enjoying the shag and encouraging him, he was telling me what he was feeling. We carried on, going faster and faster, until I orgasmed, and he followed. It was a good shag. Afterwards we rolled away from each other and fell asleep, well a drunken stupor really."

"In the morning, I woke up, Tim was still asleep, so I went for a pee, then wrapped a towel around me and went to find the others, down stairs. They were sat at the table, drinking coffee, just like a couple, not touching each other, but close. I burst into tears."

Denise explained that she was upset because she thought she had given her husband away, had only done it because she was drunk, didn't know what to say to her husband or Tim. She was devastated. Jean came to her, comforting her and sat her down next to Colin, poured her some coffee.

Jean talked to Denise and reassured her, explain that like the first time, something like swapping partners could be a powerful experience. Jean, Denise and Colin spend a while taking about it, and by the time that Tim joined them, Denise had recovered. "Jean apologised to us," Denise carried on talking, "because they, Jean and Tim had planned the swap, and rather than telling me and Colin what they intended, just set it up and let it happen. Jean realised that it had been a mistake, not the swap, but the way they let it happen. a lesson for the future, we later agreed. I asked if that was the end of it. The others looked at each other, Jean said that was up to me and Colin. So, they left us to talk together. We had a long talk, Colin was reluctant to say that he wanted to carry on, because he didn't want to pressure me, so I actually had to persuade him! So, we called them back and told them we were OK with carrying on."

"So, what happened then?" asked Beth.

"We had some breakfast, then I said I needed a shower, Tim asked if he could join me, which caused the others to laugh, then they decided to have one together as well." "Anyway, we went to the main bathroom and decided to have a bath, the other two went back to the shower in their room. We ran the bath, I was a little nervous at first, but soon got back into the spirit of it, and we had a nice sexy bath. Then we dried off and went back to the bedroom. I asked Tim what we were going to do, and he said nothing, just put his arms around me and gave me a good snog. I guessed what he wanted and broke away and I went to lie on the bed."

"He came and lay alongside me and we had a jolly old time playing with each other, then I rolled on to my back and pulled him across me, so he got himself in position between my legs, put his cock in me and shagged me again. Afterwards, we lay there for a while, then got up to find the others, they were dressed and down stairs, we got dressed as well and we walked to the local pub for lunch. While we were there Jean told us that they had swapped with some friends years ago and enjoyed it, then they had children and dropped swapping. Now their children had grown up they were looking to restart swapping."

"They were thinking of getting three or four couples into a group. We were the third couple."

"Who are the others?" asked Beth.

"Ian and Patricia, you remember they used to live near us." Beth remembered.

"He's nice," said Beth.

"He likes you too, it was his idea to bring you into the group, he says that he fancies you. We were friends with you and agreed, except as we were close friends with you, and knew you well, we didn't think that it was going to be easy."

Beth realised what was going on, "So when did you decide to bring us in?" she asked. Denise realised that truth was the only way, "We started swapping with Ian and Patricia as well, about two months ago, I was taking with Patricia one day and she came out and asked me if we'd ever swapped. I said yes but said I couldn't give them any details. Patricia said that Jean had told her to have a word with me. I knew that Jean was going to ask them, so realised that secrecy was pointless. I told her that we'd been swapping with Jean and Tim for nearly a year."

"So, Patricia came clean and told me that they both wanted to swap with us, as well as Jean and Tim, but we were first, because Jean and Tim were overseas on business for a month. I went home and discussed it with Colin and we decided to give it a go. They invited us round for dinner, we had a nice meal, then sat with each other's partner, after a bit of kissing, Patricia told Ian to take me off to bed and she would take Colin, just like that."

"So, we went to separate rooms, snogged, stripped each other, got into bed and made love. We all enjoyed it, stayed overnight, and next morning decided to get together every few weeks. We told them about Jean and Tim and we had a joint session the six of us a few weeks ago. After that swap, we decided to expand the group. After a discussion, we decided that we should approach you two. Mainly because the men fancied you and the girls also liked Andrew."

"Fancied me!" said Beth, surprised.

"Yes, you," said Denise with a laugh. "I was given the task of bringing you in, since we thought Andrew would be a push over. I wondered how to approach it, then you came out last Tuesday with your concern that you'd never had sex with anyone but Andrew, and wanted to try it, bucket list you said. So, I went along with your 'finding a Frenchman' tack, because, if it didn't work I still had plan B, swap with us, then the others."

"It worked spectacularly. But it's time to tell you why I wanted you to go along with it. So, you are invited to a weekend in Wales!" said Denise, "You can use your new-found skills."

"Beth," said Denise quietly, "there is another reason why I wanted you in the group."

"What's that," asked Beth.

"Well I like girls and boys, I only realised recently."

Beth looked at her, "What?" she said.

"I'm not a lesbian, I guess I might be bi, I've realised that I like being with girls, sexy close, that is. And I fancied Andrew, like Jean did, but I also fancied you."

Beth was stunned, "So we were seduced into this." She said.

"Yes," said Denise, "sorry about that. If this hadn't happened, then we would have found another way."

Beth looked at Denise, "You bastard!" she said, to Denise's surprise and shock. To Denise's further surprise, Beth lent forward, embraced Denise and kissed her hard, pulled back from the kiss and said, "But I'm glad you did! Now I know how a girl feels, who's been seduced by a man, didn't want it, didn't expect it, but when it starts to happen, she just gets taken in."


Beth said, "I've not just been talking to you, about these, sexual things, Denise." "Who else have you spoken to?" asked Denise, "Does half the village know?" "Well it was one of my friends, we had a wine together round at her house, one night recently when our husbands were away." Responded Beth. "Well, I got around to asking my friend if she'd been seduced when she was young, gone out for an evening with a boy, then had sex, because he led her on. I'd told her that I'd not had sex until I was married, and just wondered what her experience was, I knew she'd lived with a guy before she met her husband. My friend laughed and said she'd tell me the story of her first time."

"She had a steady boyfriend, had him for a year or so, going nicely, she was eighteen and a half, been on the pill since her eighteenth birthday, because her aunt, she thinks prompted by her mum, had suggested her going on the pill 'you never know, party, too much wine, bonking, pregnancy. One little pill a day stops it, and a condom of course.'"

"So, her parents were going away for the weekend, she was home 'studying' and she invited her boyfriend round for a meal. And to watch a video. As she said to me, she didn't realise the signals she was giving out: steady girlfriend; parents away; meal; video. He turns up with champagne, wine and flowers. She didn't recognise those signals either. She thought she was experienced and worldly wise, as she said to me, her body was aware of the signals and just forgot to tell her brain what body's plans were!"

"Anyway, she took him in, flowers in vase, snog, breast feel, the usual. Both sit on the settee, video, champagne. She lights candles, turns the lights off. They watched the video for a while, sat together, drinking champagne, then wine, she was getting a bit tipsy, couldn't concentrate on the film, a little cold, so she told him to turn the tv off, put some music while she lit the fire. As she said to me, that's a signal you want to keep warm, when your clothes are taken off! She was a virgin, but they both been nearly all the way with each other, not all clothes off, but a general feel up and arousal on both sides. He knew she didn't want sex 'yet', but without defining what 'yet' meant. He put on some soft and gentle music on, she still didn't realise, even told him what a good choice it was."

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