tagIncest/TabooGive in to Me

Give in to Me


There was a knock on my door around midnight last night. I was watching television and, well, honestly, I was fingering myself. I was home alone, which isn't entirely unusual. With a loud, "Shit!" I stood, rearranged my skirt, and answered the door.

"Hi Sarah." It was my Uncle Dillon, looking downtrodden.

"Dillon! What are you--? What's wrong?" I was concerned. He never came to my house, and he hardly ever got upset. He said nothing, he just reached out and pulled me close to him.

"I need you." He whispered in a hoarse voice.

"You, what?"

I was confused. Uncle Dillon and I had had a 'thing' awhile ago, but it pretty much ended in family shame. We hadn't even seen each other since the day my mother walked in on us in a very, awkward position.

Dillon cleared his throat and pushed me gently into my house, closing the door behind us. His eyes roamed over me, up to the top of my head down to my bare toes. I swear for a second his tongue darted onto his lips.

"I need you. I can't stop thinking about your warm body, or about the way your hands feel on my cock. It's driving me crazy. I have to have you again."

"Dillon, we can't. You know what happened, I can't risk it again. Mom won't even talk to me."

He put his hand on my face, caressing my cheek. "Don't send me away, Sarah. Please. I promise no one will find out. Please."

"Dillon, no. I can't. We can't. You know this."

He smiled at me, and shook his head. He was cute, I'll give him that, with his messy brown hair, pouty lip and pleading eyes. "I'm prepared to beg."

I shook my head at him and stared toward the door. My hand was on the door knob when Dillon reached around me, turning the lock with one quick flick of his hand. He grabbed my shoulders and turned me around to face him. His eyes flashed as he dropped to his knees.

"What are you doing?" I gasped, as his head disappeared under my skirt.

"I told you I'm prepared to beg." I tried to push his head away, but by doing so I was inadvertently undressing myself. Uncle Dillon's hands found my hips, and pulled down my panties. I jumped when his tongue first flicked across the lips of my pussy.

Uncle Dillon laughed into me as he noticed I was already wet. "What were you doing before I got here?" He asked, but didn't wait for an answer. His tongue was glazing over my pussy, slowly working it's way between the labia. Finally he hit the clitoris, and I cried out. He laughed again, and pressed his tongue firmly onto me.

Dillon continued to tease me, but his motions got faster as he moved deeper into my cunt. Soon I was panting, grasping the air all around me looking for something to lean against. I was ready to fall, when my uncle stood, picked me up, and carried me into my bedroom.

Gentle is not a word I'd use if describing Uncle Dillon, but gentle is what he was. He laid me down on my twin mattress so softly I barely felt the drop. His hands ran up my body, over my hips, grazing my breasts. They rested on my shoulders as he leaned over me to plant a kiss on my lips.

His lips pressed into mine, smooth at first, but soon more passionate. His tongue ran across my mouth, feeling its way inside until I couldn't resist and our tongues were roughly discovering each others mouths.

Uncle Dillon began to explore my body, his hands kneading my breasts. Part of me was dying to pull him closer, but part of me was screaming no. Twice I tried to tell him to stop, both times he shushed me. His hot mouth pulled at mine, luring me into a state of near bliss.

When he finally stopped kissing me was when I realized I was crying.

"Why are you crying, baby girl?" Dillon asked. His face wore concern, but something in his eyes suggested his mind was really elsewhere.

"This is wrong. I know it, but it feels rights. I'm confused, I'm lonely, and I'm frustrated. I missed you while we were apart, but, I don't think I can do this." I was controlling my tears now, only a few actually fell from my eyes.

"You can do this. You want to, I know you do." Dillon was stoking my cheek now, his eyes burning into mine. I reached up and kissed him, on the cheek. He nuzzled me, and laughed.

"You're cute." He said, his eyes twinkling. I laughed, and wiggled my body underneath him. He grinned, and took the hint. His hand went from the side of my face to under my shirt, and suddenly he was pulling it over my head.

"Purple? That's a new one. Pretty sexy though." Dillon cupped my breast as he complimented the bra I was wearing. He kissed the swell above the lacy fabric, making me sigh. With a grin, he pushed aside the cup and took a nipple into his mouth.

He alternated between sucking the nipple and brushing the top of his tongue roughly over the peak. I was panting, I love when men play with my breasts. Dillon knows that. He loves to play. Soon he was unhooking my bra and releasing my soft breasts from their binding.

I watched him with glee as he squeezed, caressed, even spanked my attention starved boobs. My pussy was tingling, remembering the love it had received earlier. My hips bucked into him involuntarily, and his hands met the challenge. He grabbed my inner thigh and squeezed. He teased me by running his fingers softly around the skin just beside my pussy.

His mouth tugged suddenly on my nipple, I cried out and bucked. This caused his hand to land squarely over the mounds of my cunt. He began to press his fingers into me, feeling the wetness that had been building. He worked into my vagina, one finger, then two, then three. In and out they went, until I was consumed in a passionate fever.

I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I lay there on my bed, naked from the waist up, and Uncle Dillon reached up to kiss me. Not a kiss on the lips, or the cheek. He planted one kiss on each eyelid. I was so surprised. I've never know Uncle Dillon to show affection, or do anything that might be construed as gentle.

With his fingers still working in my vagina, my uncle laid gentle kisses up and down my neck and along my collarbone. His tongue darted out occasionally, leaving wet spots to cool sensually all over. He returned his attention to one of my nipples, making me sob my pleasure. Then, everything stopped. I didn't dare open my eyes.

I felt his weight lifting from the bed, and heard nothing but quiet. I waited and waited, but nothing happened. Worried he'd left me, I opened my eyes and looked around. I found him kneeling on the floor, his head between my legs.

Grinning devilishly he asked, "Want it?"

I nodded eagerly, like a child being offered their favorite ice cream. He used his hands to divide the lips of my pussy, and then he was there, breathing me in. His tongue began to lap at me wildly. I was so wet. The sensations coming from my pussy were amazing, I wanted it to go on forever, but the faster he licked me the closer I came to orgasm.

Suddenly, waves of my orgasm rushed over me, again and again my body tightened and released until I was crying with the joy of it. Dillon reached up to hold me until my sobbing stopped. Grateful, I looked for a way to repay him. Reading my mind, he began to undress.

His cock was swollen, harder than I'd ever seen. I knew he needed release, so I pulled myself out from under him and stood beside the bed. I commanded him to lay down, then settled my self between his legs. He started to laugh, looking at me with affection and anticipation.

I wrapped my lips around his dick, pulling it into my eager mouth, savoring the droplet of pre-cum that had formed on the tip. I took my time wetting his penis with my saliva, and when it was soaked to my satisfaction I withdrew. Taking in a deep breath, I formed my lips into a tight O and began to blow on his cock.

I blew until it was dry, all the while hearing his pants of pleasure, but never looking at him. Once Uncle Dillon's dick was completely dry, I lowered my mouth over it again. I swirled my tongue around the tip, then took his entire length into my mouth and down my throat. His hands grabbed the back of my head, holding me over him with his cock touching my throat. Soon I was gagging, my spit running down all over his balls.

Then he pulled me back by my hair and stared me in the eyes. "I need to fuck you, baby. I need to feel you holding me inside you. Let me in, Sarah."

I just nodded, laid myself out over the bed and spread my legs. He wasted no time, grabbing me by the ankles and pulling me to the edge of my bed. My feet were dangling, almost touching the floor, until my uncle lifted my legs and put my feet on his shoulders.

His cock-head was level with my vagina, and for a second he paused, as if thinking over the best way to enter his willing niece. Then suddenly he rammed into me, fast and hard. I felt myself splitting, his cock is so very large, larger than I'm used to, but the pain lasted only moments. Then I was squealing at every thrust, and panting in between.

His thrusts got harder and faster, until he was grunting his release. I felt his cum spewing into me as he pushed in deep on his final thrust. My pussy was throbbing, my mind was racing, hoping for more. But Uncle Dillon was spent. He laid down on the bed and pulled me to him. After awhile he fell asleep, soft snores penetrating the otherwise quite bedroom.

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