tagGay MaleGive It To Me, Now!

Give It To Me, Now!


Brad was in a home improvements superstore looking to buy a new shower head when a voice at his side cut into his thoughts.

'That's a real good model you got there.' the deep bass voice rumbled. 'It works for me every time.'

Brad looked up into the deepest blue eyes he had seen a long, time. The guy had jet black hair and pale skin and a rugged lived-in look accentuated by his carefully cultivated unshaven look. If it wasn't for the fact that Brad had seen him walking hand in hand with his wife, or girlfriend, a few minutes previously he would have though his dreamboat had arrived.

'Yeah?' was all Brad managed to say.

He wanted to kick himself. It sounded so lame and stupid.

'Yeah. Gives me a boner every time.' came the stranger's reply.

Brad gulped. Surely he couldn't have heard properly. It must have been his fantasy world taking over, distorting what the straight stud had said to him. But even as he stood there trying to decipher what had really been said and how to reply the stranger lowered his zipper and pulled out a fleshy uncut cock. Brad's eyes were out on stalks; his breathing grew labored as he drank in the beauty of that thick pork sword. He couldn't believe that someone would just take their cock out in public like that and anxiously glanced around to see if anyone could see them but the aisle was empty. As Brad stared the stranger peeled back his foreskin, revealing a rosy cockhead. None of this made any sense. Was he just being teased? Was it being offered to him? And what was he supposed do about it if it was? He could hardly give the guy a blowjob right there by the plumbing equipment, could he? And what about the man's wife?

'See anything you like?' the dark haired stranger drawled.

'What about your wife?' Brad asked.

'Oh she's over looking at light fittings; she'll be ages yet and I nut real quick when I'm getting blown by a guy.'

'You want me to....what, right here?' Brad's voice grew ever raspier as his throat dried up and his heart pounded in his ribcage.

'Yeah. It won't take but a minute or two.' came the reply. 'There aint many folk about today and I'll keep an eye out while you work.'

'How did you know...?' Brad asked.

'Buddy, you stared a hole straight through my jeans.' The stranger told him. 'Anyone that can undress me like that has got to be wanting it as bad as I want it right now. So, are you done with the talking yet?'

Brad went into zombie mode. He dropped to his knees in front of the stranger and let that fat cock fall into his mouth. The cock was slightly raunchy and Brad savored the sexy tang that slithered over his taste buds as he cleaned the underside of the hot dude's foreskin. His own cock was painfully crushed inside his jeans demanding attention that he could not provide. He could not believe that he was sucking off a dude right there in the aisle where anyone could walk by. But in that moment he knew that he was prepared to take his chances because that beautiful cock was now fully charged, stretching his lips and giving the most intense pleasure he had ever experienced. This would be the one memory that he took to the grave with him. He only wished that he could play with the stranger's nuts and stroke his thighs.

'Oooh yeah, that's it.' a voice floated down to him as if from afar.

A large pair of hands gently closed around his face and that thick hungry cock grew a little more insistent. Brad loved that sensitive cock crown every way he knew how and he could feel the precum leaking out of his own cock and soaking his underpants. Damn, this was so unfair! Why couldn't he have this hot man properly, away from the danger of being caught and carted off by security? The stranger started grinding his hips, forcing his rigid cock deeper into Brad's mouth. Brad could hear voices in the next aisle and started to feel really panicked and then suddenly there was an explosion of warm nut juice flooding his mouth. Brad swallowed every last drop as the stranger withdrew his cock and tucked it back in his jeans.

'See, I told you I don't take long when worked on by a pro.' The stranger said.

And then, with a naughty wink he was gone. Brad felt absolutely dazed. He still wasn't sure if the encounter had actually happened or if he had dreamt it up. But as he slid his tongue over his teeth they had that spunky after-feel. It was real enough. He decided that he would buy the showerhead after all as a way of rewarding the store for giving him such hot sex.

As he was leaving the store and walking to his vehicle one of the store's security men came up to him. Shit! Shit! Shit! Brad tried to figure out is he could run to his vehicle and get away from this mess.

'Excuse me, could I have a word?' the security man asked. Brad was quaking with fear but even in that moment his eyes still roamed over the big guy's body taking in the way that he filled out his pants.

'That was some blowjob you gave back there' the guy said. 'I was wondering...do you think...well, maybe you could help me out?'

Brad couldn't believe what he was hearing. He relaxed and took another good look at the handsome fucker, who he judged to be in his mid thirties. Brad loved the long, dark hair on the security man's strong, swarthy arms and his full, sexy red lips. He had the beginnings of a tight beer gut and Brad almost asked him to turn around because he just knew that there would one hot big bear butt back there.

'You saw?' he asked.

'Every little detail.' the man said. 'Fortunately I was alone in the control room at the time. Usually there are two of us in there and if my colleague hadn't been taking a dump I would have had to bust your ass.'

'It's not the kind of thing I would ordinarily do,' Brad told him 'but this guy he came up to me and...well, I just couldn't resist.'

'I don't pop as quickly as he does so maybe we could go back to my place, have some beer and pizza and you can work your magic on me.' the stranger suggested.

'You're not married, are you?' Brad asked.

'Used to be until I discovered that I liked getting sex off men more.' came the reply.

When Brad went round to the stranger's house an hour later he wondered if the man had lied to him about not being married because there sure as hell looked like there was a feminine touch about the place. There was even a photograph of the man and a pretty woman on the wall.

'Are you sure you're not married?' Brad asked.

'Okay. So I lied. She's at work. Our shifts clash and we don't often get to have much fun that way anymore. So be a good bud and help me out, huh?'

'The thing is, I so horned right now.' Brad told him. 'I want to be with you properly.'

'Me too.' came the reply.

And then the big guy took Brad in his arms and kissed him and Brad just melted into surrender. The older man's aftershave competed with the muskier scent of a hairy hunk at the end of his shift and in the grip of lust. Brad's hands dived down his back and onto that meaty butt trussed up tight in his close fitting pants. He grabbed huge handfuls of butt flesh and ground his hard cock up against the stranger's throbbing tool. On and on that hot tongue dueled with his as the older man's large hands fondled his little bubble butt. If he had any doubt that he would be allowed full access to this sexy man they soon faded away.

It was Brad who broke of the kiss to start undressing his hot husky hunk. His hands trembled as he undid the sexy bear's buttons to reveal a jungle of dark fur all over his chest and down over his belly. His nipples were extraordinarily large and a deep, deep red color. Brad went into a feeding frenzy as he chomped down on those juicy little love toys while one hand went back to have another feel of that firm butt that would soon be his. His lust was off the scale and his cock grew ever more insistent; this time it was determined to be in on the action. Reluctantly Brad came off of those sexy man tits and quickly stripped out of all his clothes.

'Wow.' his hairy bear said when he caught sight of Brad's big, curved cock.

The burly hunk took Brad's cock in his left hand while his right hand cupped a handful of Brad's peachy ass.

'I'm not sure which I want more.' the stranger said in a voice that was distorted with lust.

'Why choose when you can have both?' Brad asked.

Why indeed. The big bear went down on his knees and Brad watched as his cock disappeared into that hungry mouth. He was surprised at how skilled the guy was and reassured by the way the man's fingers kept dipping into his crack and ruffling his fuck truffle. The thought of being penetrated by this potent alpha male almost made Brad dizzy. As much as he loved being blown by this stud he couldn't wait for the real thing. He pulled the older man to his feet, pushed his arms up above his head and started licking his armpits.

'Oooh man! Nobody ever did that to me before!' the guy groaned.

Brad now turned his attention once more to the big, red nipples that jutted out of a tangle of dense fur. The hungry stud moaned and groaned as Brad's experienced tongue and lips worshipped those sensitive nubs before kissing down his belly and dipping into his belly button.

Suddenly Brad was overcome by the desire to have this man's cock inside him. He just about yanked the burly bear's pants down to his ankles. Now Brad pressed his face up against the man's underpants and inhaled the scent of his big bull balls through the almost threadbare cotton. Off to the left lay the outline of one incredibly thick, deliciously hard cock. Now he hooked his thumbs into the waistband and lowered those overstrained underpants. An absolute beauty of a cock sprang free and bobbed in front of his face. It was a reddish-brown color and grew out of a huge bush of jet black pubes that contrasted with the creamy pale skin of the parts of him that had never seen the sun. Those massive man eggs sat close to his body and were silky smooth as Brad caressed and then licked them.

To Brad's surprise the big man turned around and pressed his pale, fat butt into his face. Brad soon found the treasure buried deep in that fleshy valley and the sounds that filled the room let Brad know that he was doing something right. The musk of the little man pit swirled through Brad's nostrils and into his brain. Nothing in the world mattered except that he lick and tongue probe that hungry little slut-hole. The big guy reached back and held his fleshy cheeks apart, freeing up Brad's hands to stroke his big, furry thighs and tease those big, overloaded spunk bags. The security man bellowed like a wounded beast as his senses went into over load.

'Ooh fuck my big ass!' he growled.

Brad quickly fished his bottle of lube out of his pocket that he had retrieved from the glove compartment when he parked outside the big bear's house. Now he gently rubbed a gloop of stuff over that red pucker that already glistened with his spit. It was just the most inviting sight in the world. But sadly the big assed dude changed his mind as Brad's finger invaded his virgin hole.

'Shit! That's hurts more than I thought it would.' he complained.

Brad was too far gone to waste any time trying to get the tight ass to open up for him. He quickly lubed his own asshole and then got down on his knees and took his lover's wilted cock in his hand. Even soft it had an incredibly impressive girth to it.

'Sorry.' The big guy apologized.

'Ssssh.' was Brad's only reply before his mouth closed over that juicy member.

That beautiful cock was soon rampant once more and Brad lost no time in impaling himself on it. That first feel of hard, hungry cock sliding into his even hungrier butthole sent a shiver of delight through Brad's whole body. He was filled to perfection and as he bent over the back of the sofa he surrendered his ass to the older man to use as he pleased.

'Oh Roger! You have hit the jackpot!' the big man called out.

'I think Brad has too.' Brad called out.

They both laughed as they realized that they bad both lied about their real names. And then they had more serious work to do. Roger took hold of Brad's slender hips and started fucking him real slowly while enjoying the sight of his cock sliding into that peachy little ass. Brad's soft sighs were really turning him on; he knew that he was doing a good job and he just wanted to pleasure the both of them as best he could. That slow rhythmic stroking was really getting to Brad's cock and it soon was straining and leaking precum as it desperately tried to get its owner's attention. When Brad got done pinching his tiny nipples his right hand dropped down to his big, curved dick. He just about shot his bolt as he smeared his precum over his overheated cock head.

The minutes ticked by. Roger pulled his cock all the way out of Brad's ass and then slowly slipped back in. The groan that trembled on the air was so fucking horny that Roger almost lost it then. He pulled out again and felt the fresh joy of that sexy slide into a lubed up chute. The warmth of younger man's innards enveloped his probing cock, welcoming it back in from the cold. And then he felt it; it was if a satin clad hand inside Brad's ass had reached out and gripped his cock. He thought he must be imagining it but then it came again, and again, and again. He cried out in joy, surprise and delight as he realized that he was being manipulated by an expert.

Brad was really milking the older man's cock now, clamping down on it something fierce as his own hand flew over his swollen dick. He was close, so very close and he didn't want to wait for Roger. He could feel his balls grow restless and the pinprick behind his eyelids that told him he was at the point of no return. Suddenly Roger pulled all the way out of his ass and slammed back into him and let loose of volley of curses that were matched only by the geyser of spunk that he sent shooting up into Brad's ass. Brad saw stars as his cock exploded in his bands spraying his jizz all over Roger's sofa.

Roger stayed hard for ages afterwards and gently fucked Brad's spunked up ass until at last his big cock softened and slipped out of Brad's ass with a loud plop that made them both laugh. The moment was over; Brad quickly dressed while Roger asked if he knew how to clean up the evidence of their naughty encounter that soiled his sofa.

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