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Give Me a Baby


Robin's mother screamed in pain, again and again as her baby sister begin her passage of birth. The doctor had not arrived yet to administer the pain medicine that would bring some peace to the passage. Robin, age five, had been sent to her room by her father. She lay on her bed, not understanding, sobbing.

During the next year, she would awake in a sweat, with the echo of that dreadful night. Time passed. Most of her childhood dimmed.

When a senior in high school she begin dating Bob Austin. Their love deepened. They both attended the same business college. It was understood that the summer after they graduated, they would marry.

Bob, who was one of six children, loved the hub bub of a large family. He often spoke of starting a family. Robin would smile as though in agreement, but she would later sit pondering if she was up to facing that thing... Birth of a child, that scared her so.

Their first year of college, Bob begin to press her more and more for sex. She loved him dearly. Deciding that to deny him further would expose her inner problems to him, she went on birth control pills and committed herself to letting him have his way with her.

It was a warm summer night in June. They had joined a group for a "keg" field party. Everyone was drinking heavily. Robin seemed to not be affected by the beer, so she drank some gin and tonic. Her fears seemed to subside as she passed into a drunken state. She took the gin bottle and took several swigs. Peace.

Both staggering, Bob got her into his car. Not wanting to drive far, he went to his parents camp on the lake shore. Robin did not resist as he lay her on the bed, nor when he begin to remove her clothes.

He had waited a long time for this. Being drunk, he had no need for quick relief, so he begin to feel the smooth warm surfaces of his woman. In his mind, he pictured his cock finally penetrating her. His imagination savored every moment, as his hands traveled the curves of her fanny, the sides of her hips, and then the softness of her breasts.

She had not shaved her bush for months, she it went from leg to leg, and extended up and down for at least ten inches. He was yet to see the slit, but there was time. Robin, for her part, had receded into her own mind. It was her defense from the fear. She had kept her eyes closed the whole time, and had no intention of opening them until this was finished.

Sexually, Bob knew little of vaginal foreplay, so when his cock got hard he slid onto Robin and fumbled to find a place to put it. After several tries, he slid back and with his finger finally found the slit. He again slid on to her. He put his cock in the area of the slit and pushed. It was not at the entrance of her tunnel, so he failed again. Probing with his finger, he found the opening. Now frustrated, he shoved his cock in, hard.

Robin's fears were confirmed. A sharp pain shocked her. Bob, on the other hand, thought that things were going splendidly. The velvet lining of Robin's cunt gave him all the sensations he had dreamed about. He pumped madly on, shooting his load in short order. In a few minutes he fucked her again. It was better for both of them. Bob pumped his man hood into her a third time. This was great stuff. Boy, he was going to like this married stuff, when he could have this every night. Wow.

From then on, Robin could keep him at bay on weekdays, but she accepted that he would want to have her several times on Saturday and Sunday. She made sure that she was drunk.

Marriage changed thing for Robin. She finally conditioned Bob to having sex Tuesday and Thursday night. She would get ready by taking aspirin and drinking vodka, so that Bob could not detect her covering drunkenness. Weekends, she got openly drunk in the evening, so that he could have her several times. The routine was always the same. She would go to the bedroom, take off her clothes, close the curtains, and lie naked in the totally dark room, with her eyes closed. Bob, would open the door, gaze at her lovely form long enough to savor the sight, and get his manhood up. Then, he would enter to pleasure them both. And pleasure, it was, even for Robin, who now would experience an orgasm, most of the time.

Bob was impatient for her to get pregnant. The subject came up more and more. Finally, she knew that she had to go ahead with the most scary thing; the center of her fears. At home, alone, she would shake as she pictured the penis pumping the seed into her. Without her beloved pills, it would grow a baby. Then, there would be no turning back. She decided that if she was to get pregnant, it would be in September, so that the baby would come in April.

Saturday morning at 10:00 Am Robin felt a sharp pain. Her temperature confirmed that she had ovulated. Today. It was to happen today. The day sperm had to meet her egg. Tonight was the party at the Johnson's. There would be at least twenty couples. Robin planed to get very drunk so she could endure the act that would change her life forever.

Ted and Betsy, Jim and Susan, Bill and Kay: all her good friends were there. Robin relaxed and enjoyed the dances. Bill told some funny jokes. It was all so comfortable. 11:00 PM chimes sang from the clock reminding her that there was "something" else that she would have to attend to. She poured herself a full glass of straight vodka. It was smooth going down, and would shortly prepare her to accept her insemination.

She expected to leave the party shortly after 11:00. When she checked on Bob, he was in a conversation with the other men in the basement. A ball game was in progress on the TV. Damn. Bob had no knowledge of her plan. Using the railing, she returned to the first floor. Her vision was getting bleary, so she went to the second floor and found a bedroom.

As she entered the bathroom, and started to sit to pee, she squirted on her own panties, so she removed them. She almost fell off the toilet. Staggering, and using the wall as a brace, she made it to the bed. Wanting the peace of darkness, she flipped the light switch and lay back the bed. As she pushed back onto the bed, she did not notice that her dress had rode up to the center of her stomach, exposing her bush. Retreating into her mind, she became unaware of where she was, as the vodka quelled all her fears.

The door opened. The light from the hall passing through the doorway caused a pale shadow on her eye lids. After a few seconds, there was complete darkness again when the door was closed.

Hands touched her feet, moving them apart. A hand felt up the inside of her leg, ever so softly. A movement of the bed betrayed the person that had climbed on. Two hands separated her knees, and then a finger probed her bush gently, ever so gently, till it slid into her crack and traced the opening into her pussy.

A mouth found her clitoris. The movement of the tongue was slow, and just stirred her to thrust her hips at it. For Robin, it was like a dream. Was it real? There was movement and her dream became real, as the weight of a man lowered himself on to her. A hand placed a cock at her opening, and it was slid into her.

She gently shook her head. She wanted to cry out that she was not ready for a baby, but her resolve won out, so she retreated into her mind as the man had his way with her.

His pace picked up and now the bed creaked as he plunged his manhood its full length into her pussy to the end of her cervix, again and again. His breathing deepened from the effort, and then his girth thickened. Ahh, ahh, ahh, he moaned as she felt the warming of her insides as his sperm was sprayed onto the end of her cervix.

He lay on her, not moving for a few moments. Robin, dozed. Hard again, he again begin to fuck her fast and hard. Robin could feel her orgasm beginning. The woman in her responded, conquered her fear, and she moaned out, as she spread her legs as far as she could; "Give me a baby!" The man went wild. Grabbing her ass, he was pounding into her, They both cum just as their energy ran out.

She lay there with the father of her child, to be, laying on her. It was suddenly very quiet. He lay on her without moving for a minute. He got up. She could hear him zipping up his pants. The door opened. She looked up as he passed through the doorway into the hall and then closed the door.

She sat up screaming. It was not Bob!

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