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Give Me a Ginger!


Women have had different opinions of what makes the ideal man. Some prefer the "tall, dark, and handsome" classic; others are attracted to everything from blond surfers types with athletic bodies to mature "silver foxes," offering the potential for stability, muscular bodybuilders, and eye-catching ethnic men, just to name a few.

Contrary to popular belief, there are some women also attracted to nerdy types and bald guys. We all have preferences, and that's okay.

Me? I love gingers. Deep auburn, gleaming copper, all-out flaming red, strawberry blond; it doesn't matter. Nothing gets me hot like a well-built, humorous, ambitious, intelligent ginger with a great smile, nice ass, and knows how to please women both in and out of bed.

My preference for gingers started I took a required class with Professor Gabriel Marlin in my senior year of college. Prior to meeting him, I casually hooked up with a few other guys, but none of them turned me on enough to warrant additional meetings.

Professor Marlin didn't fall in the category of faculty members considered "hot" by girls on campus. He must have owned a large collection of eyeglasses, since he wore a different pair each day, along with a plain gold wedding band and eccentric tastes in suit/tie combinations.

He was in his mid-thirties, tall - my best guess 6'1-6'2 - around 200 pounds with a nice build, thatch of wavy light auburn hair, and matching facial scruff. When Professor Marlin removed his jacket during class one afternoon, I bit my lip to prevent gasping at the sight of his perfect ass.

"What waste of a great body," one of my two roommates, Darla, said. "With that old man face, I bet the only way he and his wife fuck is when she gets drunk and puts a bag over his head."

"Mrs. Marlin's gorgeous," my other roommate Abby replied. "She could've done better, but I guess his family being rich helped."

Darla nodded in agreement. "Yeah, she does come across as a gold digger which may explain staying in the picture despite the way he looks."

I couldn't understand why they made fun of Professor Marlin; granted he wasn't movie star handsome with a slightly off-center, prominent nose, rarely showing teeth when he smiled, ears that stuck out a little, and what Darla described as "scary red hair," but he certainly wasn't homely from my point of view.

Maybe I was just drawn to guys with less conventional "cookie cutter" appearances. Many good-looking guys in my class put me off with arrogant attitudes, some plain stupid ("himbos" as Abby called them) and had no firm plans beyond more partying after college.

Both Professor Marlin and the class were difficult, but I sensed a kind and compassionate demeanor beneath his steel-tough surface when he'd flash an occasional smile in my direction or I'd catch him staring at my chest on the sly.

He liked me for some reason; perhaps because I was one of few students that showed up for class, completed projects, paid attention during lectures, and met assignment deadlines.

I still struggled, barely hanging on to a passing grade in spite of all my hard work. Failing my latest midterm made things worse, but I couldn't drop the class since it was required to receive my degree.

Things took a turn one afternoon when Darla relayed a message from the bathroom door's other side while I took a shower. "Holly, Old Man Marlin wants to see you at his office in about twenty minutes."

I jumped out the shower and grabbed a towel. "Shit! I barely got back from another class and now I have to drive back to campus."

"He sounded serious. You better hurry, girl."

I threw on clothes, not noticing what I wore. "Yeah, I'm already on the edge of altogether failing his class. I should ask to do extra credit."

"Old Man Marlin doesn't exactly have a record for giving anyone breaks."

"I can at least give it a shot. I don't have much left to lose."

"Good luck."

"Thanks. God knows I need it right now."


I hurried from the apartment and barely arrived on campus before realizing I'd forgotten to put on a bra in haste to make my meeting on time.

Returning home to change would've made me late, and Professor Marlin looked upon tardiness with disfavor. I had no choice but to remain braless and prayed no one else noticed, not an easy feat for women with larger breasts.

Professor Marlin's office door was ajar and I softly tapped on it. "You wanted to see me, sir?"

He looked up and nodded. "Holly, glad you got my message. Close and lock the door. Have a seat."

"One of my roommates said it was important."

"Yes, I'd like to discuss your recent grades. At least a C average has to be maintained in order to receive appropriate credit toward your degree."

"I know, and failing the midterm didn't help matters on my part."

He emerged from behind his desk and sat across from me. "It's refreshing when a student accepts responsibility for their actions. However, you could be placed on academic probation if the current trend continues. I'd like to help avoid that much as possible."

"Oh...thank you."

He placed a hand on my knee with a reassuring smile. "Holly, there would be no problem with me having another student placed on academic probation, but your situation doesn't come from lack of effort. I noticed you work hard, have perfect attendance in my class, and yet to miss an assignment deadline. What's wrong? Are you having conflicts with your roommates?"

"No, sir. Darla, Abby, and I get along great."

"Family problems?"

I shook my head. "My parents have been gone for years."

"Perhaps difficulty grasping the material?"

"I won't argue with that. I'm not stupid, just-"

"You're bright, Holly. Some people doing pick up on things quick as others. Now how can I help raise your average?"

"I could do extra credit work," I offered.

"Normally I don't offer that option, but glad to make an exception for you."

"Really? Thank you so much!"

"To be honest, you're a a sweet girl and I like you."

"Oh, Professor Marlin, I really-"

"Do you have a boyfriend, Holly?"

"No, but what does that have to do with my grade?"

With a movement that startled me, Professor Marlin pulled me onto his lap, one arm holding me in place, and ignored my question. "I found myself drawn to you since the first day of class."

"Wait! You're my professor and -"

His lips devoured mine before I could respond further, tongue prying open and exploring my mouth. He moved to my neck, collarbone, and ears while his spare hand slipped under my shirt and fondled one of my loose 36D breasts. While the kissing and wandering hands drove me wild, I had to stop Professor Marlin before things spun out of control.

I pulled back a little. "What about your wife?"

"I still wear my ring because I don't want our impending divorce to be common knowledge."

"I'm sorry about your marriage ending, sir."

"I'm not; she and I hadn't slept together in a year before we finally separated. Now stop with the 'Professor Marlin' and 'sir' things." He nuzzled my neck. "Call me Gabriel."

"Yes...Gabriel." Now fully aroused, I undid his tie and removed his shirt. "Now that we're on a first-name basis, perhaps you'd like to feel more comfortable."

He helped pull off my T-shirt and approvingly eyed my naked breasts while his hands slid over them. "Very nice. So soft and natural."

"I know you like them," I replied. "I've seen you staring at them off and on in class."

"They're hard to miss, honey."

I could feel the early stages of Gabriel's erection as he licked, sucked, and squeezed my tits while my own hands wandered through his radiant hair. He lightly bit a nipple, causing me to yelp.

"Are you okay?" he asked in a low voice.

"Yeah...they're just a little-"

"Sensitive? I'm sorry, honey." He kissed my breast. "I would never hurt you, least not intentionally."

I continued stroking his hair. "Thank you."

"Holly...have you ever...uh...?" He pointed to the bulge in his pants.

"Given someone a blow job?"

"Crude way to put it, but yes."

"Yeah, a few times."

"Perhaps you'd like...?"

I nodded, knelt between Gabriel's thighs and seductively removed his pants, exposing his now fully erect cock, which was at least eight inches and thick.

I sucked the tip, licked up and down his shaft, and then took down much of him as possible. He groaned as my head bobbed with a steady rhythm.

Gabriel threw back his head, his moans a little louder. "Oh, that's good...so good. I don't care what anyone says, this is the true way to a man's heart."

I teased each of his balls with my tongue. "Mmmmm...seeing you turned on is so sexy."

"My wife never liked giving or receiving oral, at least not with me."

"She has no idea what she missed," I replied before taking his cock back into my mouth.

My eyes fixated on Gabriel's deep blue ones as he placed his hands on both sides of my head and fucked my mouth while I massaged his balls. I'd taken in most of his entire length before starting to choke a little.

I normally didn't gag while giving blow jobs, but was not accustomed to someone well-endowed as Gabriel receiving one of my favorite kinds.

The sound startled him long enough to immediately stop thrusting and pulled out of my mouth. "Easy, honey; you're not auditioning for a pornographic film."

"Sorry," I said. "That normally doesn't happen."

He pulled me to my feet. "I've had enough anyway. You're the one who should be getting pleasured."

Gabriel positioned me in his lap, licking and sucking my neck as his hand slipped into my shorts. "Mmmm...shaved smooth, just how I love a woman."

He slowly slid two fingers into my pussy. "Feel nice?"

I could only moan and squirm in response.

He laid me on top of his desk, yanked off my shorts. and resumed fingering me. "So wet...your pussy is so wet."

Gabriel began licking and kissing down my body and lifted my hips to meet his mouth. He licked up and down my slit while two fingers pumped in and out of both my holes.

The sensations of gentle, delicate flicks of his tongue working my clit and the entire perimeter of my pussy while finger fucking me made me lose count of how many orgasms I actually had.

His eyes lit up as he gave me a warm smile after I came one more time. "I don't need to ask if you enjoyed that."

"Yes. I never had someone who knew what they were doing."

Gabriel planted a few soft kisses my belly and helped me off the desk. He sat in a nearby chair and pulled me down sideways on his lap, turned my face to his, his tongue entering my mouth to search for the wetness and passion of mine.

We kissed hungrily for several minutes before I guided the tip of his cock inside my pussy, lowering myself until he was completely inside me.

My hips gyrated with each of Gabriel's upward thrusts as I pressed my clit against the flesh just above his cock. His hands gently squeezed my breasts while pushing his hips upward to meet my downward thrusts, embedding his cock deeper inside me each time.

He gently bit my neck."You're mine, honey. Mine."

"Yes, yours...all yours." I grabbed a handful of his hair and increased my bouncing. "Fuck me, Gabriel...fuck me."

He pulled my face closer to his for another passionate kiss and carried me back to the desk, wasting no time entering me again. I loved how he fucked me with a hard, steady pace, our eyes fixated on one another while he slammed his body against mine.

Gabriel lifted my legs, placed them on his shoulders, and pushed deeper inside me, turned on by the sight of me rubbing my clit while he pushed deeper into my pussy.

"God, honey, I never had anyone exciting as you," he said breathlessly.

"Your wife never fucked you like this?" I asked.

He appeared in a trance in responding. "Tina...so cold in bed...didn't like sex much. I either had to pull out or use a condom the rare times we did it...she never wanted me to come in her...you're so beautiful, Holly. I've wanted you for a long time."

"Gabriel," I moaned. "You feel so good...so good...I'm going to come!"

My pussy contracted, tightening against his cock, our moans grew louder, and the speed of our respective thrusts increased. I sensed that Gabriel was close to his own orgasm, clenching his teeth and slowed his movements to lengthen the moment.

Unable to control himself any longer, Gabriel bit my neck and again increased his thrusts moments before coming in me. I never thought sex with an older man could be so delightful considering past experiences with guys my own age.

He helped me off the desk when we finished, sat on a chair, pulled me into his lap, and gave me a quick kiss. "Thank you, Holly. That was incredible."

"Does today count as extra credit for your class?" I teasingly asked.

He laughed. "No, I'm thinking more like your entire grade."

"Really?" Sex never crossed my mind when I suggested extra credit, but why complain? I was getting the required average for my degree!

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