tagIncest/TabooGive Me a Hand

Give Me a Hand


No one is underage, a bit of romance, a first time, incest, polyamory (thanks Scorpio44) and a wrap up at the end (where else?). A ute is a Utility vehicle US =Pickup. Many thanks to Hayley Rowe for sorting out my dialogue formatting.

Hi, I'm Mouse, full name Melanie Ursula Scanlon but at high school the "o" and "e" were added to give me the Mouse. Suited me, mouse coloured hair, mouse like tits – so tiny I've never worn a bra because I've got nothing to put in one. Glasses, 5 foot nothing, Goth-ish but not really, just a nothing type of person.

At high school the only subject I did well in was Computer Science, being able to shut off from the world suited me. I've got a younger brother Josh, one year younger and just as reclusive as me.

When I was 17 and had just left high school our parents were killed in an accident that paid out a fair bit in insurance. With both parents being only children we had no aunts, uncles or other family but the courts allowed us to live by ourselves with the help of a financial advisor. We sold up all our parents stuff and rented a downtown apartment.

I'd started doing websites and was starting to earn a bit of money doing something that kept me out of sight while Josh finished high school. He was another reclusive geek like me and he liked the idea of being able to work from home so he started on with the websites as well. With the insurance money we had four top line computers networked which allowed us to work on multiple projects at once.

After a year of this Josh decided that living in an apartment in the central city was just too noisy for him, he told me he felt threatened every time he had to go outside. A supermarket in the next block, a video rental downstairs and eight takeaway food places within 2 blocks just weren't enough to keep him. He wanted to be a real hermit in the hills and after four months of internet searching he found something that appealed. It seemed sudden that he wasn't there but I think he spent about six months getting set up before he left.

And so I was alone. We kept regular contact, especially since we were both working in the same field, Skype, and phone calls every couple of days. Not long calls, just touching base.

A new neighbour moved into the next apartment. Julie was the complete opposite to me, noisy, friendly, a real pain when I was trying to get work done. She often had 'friends' stay and the walls weren't thick enough to keep the noises out. My introduction to sex. Vicariously, through the wall. It made me think seriously about moving to be with Josh.

I'm pretty certain she drank a bit, actually make that a lot, not sure about drugs, not sure then, but am very sure now.

One night it was quiet at Julie's and I was getting a large website ready to upload when I heard knocking on Julie's door. No reply, so they came to mine. I opened the door on the security chain and just told them that I didn't know where Julie was. Next thing the door was smashed open, sending me flying across the room. Two rather large men came over and picked me up and sat me in a chair, a natural reaction – I pissed myself, which made them laugh.

"Right, you are going to tell us everything you know about Julie"

I babbled everything I knew which took less than a minute.

"The most important thing, you've left out. Where is she?"

All I could tell them was that I had no idea.

"Not good enough, I think we have to make you think a bit harder"

My bladder was empty, otherwise I would have pissed myself again.

They took hold of my hands and started doing something painful that caused me to pass out, thankfully.

Consciousness returned and I looked around to find myself in hospital. My hands felt sore as and when I tried to look at them I found bandages wrapped around both hands laid out flat.

"Ahh" I moaned in pain.

"Oh you're back with us" I looked up at a nurse, "I'll get the doctor"

I tried to take stock of myself and worked out that everything except my hands seemed ok.

The doctor came back with a woman who looked quite official.

"OK Melanie, apart from your hands everything is ok; the Fire Service got you out before any smoke inhalation. Now your hands were very badly crushed and we've had to do fourteen hours of reconstructive surgery, they look as though they will be fine BUT you must not try wiggling fingers or anything for at least four weeks. We can let you go home in a few days IF you have someone who can look after you. That summarizes where you are at, no doubt you will have lots of questions, but first this is Detective Sergeant Wilkes who would like to talk to you about what happened. After she's finished I'll give you an hour and then come back to answer your questions"

The Detective's first question was, "What can you remember?"

I explained about the men knocking next door and then coming to my apartment. Suddenly I realized "What were the Fire Service doing there?"

"We suspect the men were after some money from a drug deal, Julie has a bit of history in that area. When they couldn't find her and you had passed out they took everything of value and then torched the building"

"My computers are the only things of value I have"

She nodded sympathetically "Gone, I'm afraid. There's not much left of anything in your apartment. I hope you were insured."

"Yes, our financial advisor made sure we were fully covered."

"We? Do you have family? There were no signs of anyone else living there."

"Just my brother Josh, but he moved out about two years ago."

"OK, would you like me to contact him to come and get you?"

"Shit, he lives up north somewhere, speed-dial #1. Oh shit, did my phone survive."

"'fraid not, can you remember his number"


She pulled out her cell and called.

"Hello is this Josh? This is Detective Sergeant Wilkes of Wellington CID. Your sister has a need for a loving brother to help her for a month or so, are you up for it?"

"She's in Wellington Hospital, Ward 11 and should be able to be released in two or three days time, if she has someone to look after her."

"Her hands have been quite badly damaged and she is not to use them at all, so she needs someone who loves her enough to take total care for her."

"Good on you 'bro' would you like to talk to her?"

She held the phone to my ear while I wondered about this new word, my brother 'loved' me enough to look after me

"Hi Josh, my computers have been taken and my apartment got set on fire, I have nothing. I think I'll need some clothes, just the regular mouse sized stuff"

Josh said he'd be there tomorrow as he had to get someone to look after his animals while he drove down.

I lay back after the Detective left and thought about what no hands meant. Oh shit, he'd have to.... and even.... oh no, my periods due next week. Thinking about it made me realize that I needed a pee so I called the nurse over.

"I need to pee, can you help me?"

"Your hands are stabilised, so if you feel up to a little walk we can take you to the toilets?"

"That's probably a good idea, my butt feels like I've been sat down for a week"

I made it across the ward to the toilets with the nurse helping me. She asked me if I had someone coming to take me home so I told her about my brother. While she attended to wiping me she gave me some advice.

"If you want to make it easier for him to take care of you down here then you need this bush trimmed, pruned or better still, shaved."

I had never put anything that cut anywhere near my pubic hair and now the nurse was advising me to shave! It got worse.

"In fact the best thing might be get your brother to shave you, that gets all the embarrassment over at once."

Excuse me while I die.

She got me back to bed and then the doctor came back and we discussed what the surgery had done. I was amazed and wanted to start Googling for more info then I realized I wouldn't be Googling anything for a while, no hands and no computers. Depressed, I let another nurse feed me while she asked about my brother.

"Please, I'm trying very hard not to think about my brother and what he will need to do to take care of me."

"Is he handsome?"

"I, I, I don't know, He's a geek like me"

"What rulebook says geeks can't be handsome. If he's got your sort of body he could be quite hunky"

Good grief! Next she'd be asking me how big his thing is. What's it called? Oh yeah, penis. I couldn't believe I just thought about my brother and penis in the same sentence. This was getting too weird.

I drifted off to sleep still thinking disjointed thoughts about Josh, penises, shaving and the realization that my scorecard of Zeros in all aspects of sexual experience and knowledge was very likely to change. First boy to see my bits! First boy to touch my bits! Better watch out Mouse, you'll be looking up porn next.

Next morning I surfaced to find a familiar face looking at me. Looking tired but still familiar.

"Hey Josh, you got here quickly"

"My sister needs me, I drove through the night, what else could I do?"

I thought back to what the Detective had asked for – a brother that loves me.

The nurse came and helped me to the toilet to start the day

"He's handsome; he can wipe my pussy any day!"

"Hey – that's my brother you're talking about."

"In here we see all sorts and, quite frankly, he is a hunk, just look at him."

We got back to my bed and I looked at my brother. I was quite pasty from long hours inside at the computer but Josh actually had browned skin – he had a tan, heck, he looked like he had some muscles as well. What the heck had my brother been up to?

The nurses checked all my vital signs. When she took my temperature she said they could put it in my mouth today which made me think about where they had put it before!

The doctor came around about lunchtime and checked me over and told me I could go home tomorrow morning after Josh got briefed about what to do with me.

One of the nurses took Josh to go over everything that I would need – took them about two hours but they both came back with big smiles which had me wondering.

Josh and I talked about what I would need. He told me he had come past my apartment and everything was unrecoverable.

"I guess you need to get some new computers, new wardrobe, the works. I phoned the insurance earlier and they've sent an assessor over. They have my contact details so they will send everything through. Any ideas on what computers you would like?"

"I think at the moment I would need voice-activated, but it's not worth it just for a month or so"

"Do you have any urgent projects you are working on?"

"Just the website for Ellis Industries that I was working on when they broke in, fortunately it's saved in the Cloud."

I had had a hard drive failure a while back which got us both saving everything in multiple locations which meant my work would still be accessible.

"Right, well when we get home you can talk me through it and we'll get it finished."

The next morning I was restless, very restless, and very frightened. My brother was going to be touching me, touching me down there. The nurse took me to the toilet and made sure I was as empty as possible before the 5 hour trip back to Josh's.

Josh had bought me some shorts, a T shirt, and some sandals.

"No underwear?"

"The nurse suggested that looking after you would be easier without"

I thought about what else the nurse has suggested and cringed. We left the hospital in Josh's 4 door ute and headed north. We stopped after three hours and got snacks and a drink and stretch. Another hour and a half and the drinks decided they had been in long enough and I started squirming.

"Need a pit-stop sis?"

"Yeah, any ideas?'

"Yep, in five minutes we'll be stopping to do some shopping and the supermarket has one of those disabled toilets with lots of space."


Lots of space, hmm can he wander far away while I pee, I doubt it. Ah well. Got to start sometime.

We stopped at the supermarket and the toilet was roomy enough to have a party. Josh pulled down my shorts and helped me sit down, asked if I wanted my lips parted to pee!


He smiled.

Crunch time, he calmly got some toilet paper and gently wiped me just the way I would have. Pulled up my shorts and helped me out.

We wandered around the supermarket and Josh stocked up on a few essentials. In one particular aisle he asked me which brand of tampons I used and how many boxes I'd need.

"Better get two." I answered trying to keep as cool as he was.

Through checkout and back in the ute. I was thinking, that actually wasn't too bad.

Another half hour and we were getting into the hills, I'd never been to Josh's place so kept asking the age old question

"Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

Finally Josh turned off the back road into a pretty little valley and then into a driveway. While he got out to open the gate, I looked around. When he got back in and drove through the gate something caught my eye.

When he got back in I asked him about the sign, "Josh what does that sign mean 'Nudity is common inside this gate, if it offends then ring the bell before entering.'?"

"It means what it says, I usually work around here naked."

"But, but, but..."

"It's alright sis, you don't have to strip off right away.............tomorrow will do"

"Like hell!"

He laughing "Actually, I don't expect you to at all unless,... well the pool is strictly fabric-less so don't go swimming"

Oh my God.

We parked at the cottage, kind of small but really nice looking. Josh helped me out and collected all the shopping to take inside. He then gave me the 10 cent tour. It was immediately obvious that this two bedroom cottage had some serious computing power in the second bedroom. But that meant...

"Josh, where am I going to sleep? There's only one bed and there's no space in the other room"

"That is a problem, I have to admit. For the moment I'll sleep on the sofa while we work out something longer term."

By now I was feeling rather tired, so Josh put me to bed. While I slept he got everything put away and went for a swim. When I awoke and got up I was able to walk outside and got the shock of my life. My brother, my younger brother, was lying sunbathing – naked.

While my mouth tried to remember how to talk, my mind was thinking back to what the nurse had said about him being a hunk. I noted very well defined muscles all over, and my eyes widened at the long muscle at the top of his legs, what was it called again? Oh yes, penis.

"Um Josh. I'm sorry but I need your help, the food that went in needs to come out now."


"I need to shit, poo, whatever you want to call it."

"Oh, right. Come on then."

"I was thinking that if you were to go nude, then if we leave all the doors open you can pee by yourself and maybe shake dry like a guy. Of course poos still need a wipe."

"Shake dry! I can't wiggle my ass fast enough to shake dry. Sorry bro, but I can't get away from you that easily."

He was so professional, just like the nurses. I actually felt quite comfortable with him wiping my ass.

He made dinner and fed me then he took me on a short tour outside. He has 62 acres with around 40 acres of native forest onto the hill behind the house. A neat orchard was a few years from production but still seemed impressive. A hundred sheep, 4 milking cows, 6 sows with 30 piglets, and 2 dozen chickens. My brother was a farmer!

"I spend about 4 hours a day on the computers, still doing websites, about 2 hours doing what I need to do on the farm, and the rest of my time is doing what I want to do, things like lazing by the pool, helping the neighbours, etc. I'm still developing the place and exploring in the forest, it's so peaceful. Even if there are no Chinese takeaways or Pizza parlours for 30 miles I like it!"

"AARRRRRGGGGHHHH!" I jokingly screamed in frustration, "I need streets, buildings, what do they call it,... agoraphobia. Actually no, it's not that bad but it will take me time to get used to it."

It was an early night for me with a few pain-killers to help me sleep. I decided I would be ok sleeping in a t shirt and light shorts and Josh helped me change. He saw my nakedness and didn't make any comment. He said me he would be quite ok on the big sofa.

I woke up gradually to the sound of something strange, what were those noises, ah yes... birds.

I eased out of bed and needed to pee. I couldn't find Josh and started calling for him and when he came trotting over I was quite surprised to see him with fresh milk and eggs. Down with my shorts, pee, wipe, back up. That felt better. Now for breakfast. Bacon, eggs, bread, all so fresh it was different to any previous experience.

After breakfast Josh logged on to the computers and was able to access my work. I talked him through what was still to be done then he uploaded it, tested it and emailed my client that it was live. He explained that I was out of action for at least a month but that any urgent work could still be done. We went through my emails and answered them all with the same message that urgent work could still be done but somewhat slower.

Lunch was more fresh food from the gardens – a salad! I'd heard about these things but never really tried them. Nice. I'd taught Josh about websites now he was teaching me about good food. I was starting to get the idea that his farm lifestyle might have some advantages. He was so gentle and practical in all his caring for me. I went for another nap after lunch and when I awoke I could hear laughter and splashing from outside. I cautiously walked out to find Josh in the pool with two girls. One of them, topless!, saw me first and yelled.

"Hi Melanie, I'm Roz. Welcome to Hicksville. Josh has told us a lot about you and we're here to help."

The other girl spun around from where she was sitting on Josh's shoulders and promptly fell into the water head first displaying a completely fabric free rear end. My mouth dropped open as she and Roz came over to the steps and climbed out, they were both 'fabric-free' and obviously spent much time like that judging by the well tanned skin on display. Not all that was on display, they both had no pubic hair!

I needed to sit down so did on one of the loungers. Whoops, that put me looking straight at their... their... you know whats.

Josh climbed out and introduced Roz and her twin sister Jacqui.

"They're regulars in the pool, they live next door and their dad has been a big help to me getting this place set up."

Roz went on, "We're both studying farm management at the agricultural university and it's really interesting and educational to work with Josh on his place as he sets it up from bare land."

My face must have revealed that I was somewhat over-whelmed by their enthusiasm as well as the close proximity of their naked bodies. They all lay down around me and quietened down. Josh went on

"These two crazies finished exams yesterday and came home last night. They are back for the two month summer holidays and they don't have a pool at home, so here they are. Likely to be regular visitors, if you're ok with that?"

Roz explained, "Josh told us how you both lived in the city, if it helps you adjust we'll take it real easy, but with no hands we are quite prepared to help you in any way you need."

I started to cry, I'd never had a friend and now these two made me feel very welcome.

Josh just held me close while the girls took one leg each and gently rubbed my feet.

"I need to pee."

Roz offered to help but I asked her to wait till next time. Josh helped me clean up after a pee and poo. I was starting to feel comfortable around him. We went back out and I just laid back on the lounger while Josh and the girls played in the pool. They all seemed so happy and relaxed.

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