Give Me Some Sugah, Daddy


"Where do you wanna go, daddy? Your choice."

"I was thinking the steakhouse down on Broadway. Does that sound to you, baby girl?"

"Sounds perfect, I can't wait."

Letting her go first down the stairs, he watched how her hips swayed and admired the way the dress fit against her body like a second skin. He kept seeing her spread eagle on her bed with that double-headed vibrator buried not only in that young, tight cunt but also in that unbelievably fine, generous ass of hers. The image was seared into his mind even if it was just the incestuous product of one too many jack-off sessions with his daughter as the star. Adjusting himself in his slacks, he followed her downstairs, collected his car keys from the kitchen counter and lead her out to the car, opening her door for her like always.

The restaurant wasn't all that far away and they chatted idly about random things as he drove. Occasionally looking over at her, he smiled when she laid her hand over his on the shifter like she used to do when she was younger, before he had taught her how to drive. Rolling to a stop at a red light, he looked at her as she lifted his hand from the gear shift and laid it in her lap after wrapping it both of her much smaller, softer hands.

"I love you, Daddy. You know that right?" She looked over at him and smiled a rare smile that nobody but he (and her mother, rest in peace) had ever got to see.

"I do, sweet pea and I love you, too; even when I have to punish you for some things."

"I know, I'll find a better way to cope. Maybe we could do stuff on the weekends together? Like we used to do when mom was alive?"

He could hear the strain of tears in her voice and nodded as he squeezed her hands nice and tight, his imaginations paused for the moment. "Of course we can, sweetheart. I'd love to."

Parking once they got to the steak house, he got out and rounded the front end of the car to open her door for her, the quick flash of smooth thigh he glimpsed making it hard to focus on anything else. Smiling to herself as she caught him staring down at her legs, she waited for him at the back end of the car so they could walk in together. They rarely went out anywhere fancy anymore so it was a special treat to go to Malias. When they entered, she stepped in front of her father with a smile and spoke to the hostess who kept gawking at him as if she wished he was on the menu.

"Table or booth?"

"Booth please. That one in the corner over there looks cozy enough."

"Right this way, then, miss."

They followed her and when they reached the table she sat down first and he slid in across from her even though the seat was shaped like a 'c'. Waving the girl off, they waited for their waitress and ordered, neither one noticing as the tension began to build between them. He kept fantasizing about fucking her over the edge of the table and she found it hard not to dance her stocking covered toes up the length of his calf teasingly.

Dinner gave them time to compose themselves quietly as they ate but as she finished, she excused herself to the bathroom and locked herself in one of the stalls. She was wound tighter than a top on Christmas day but she was more nervous than she realized. Texting Em, she slumped back against the toilet, trying so hard not to bury her hand between her thighs.

"What do I do?! We're at Malias."

"Do they still have table cloths?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Use those cute little toes of yours."

"What if he doesn't actually like it?"

"You'll just have to change his mind, then."

Tucking her phone back into her purse, she washed her hands and headed back out to him with a confident smile to mask her nervousness.

"Feel like dessert, sugar plum?"

"When don't I feel like dessert?" She laughed softly and he joined in ever as he caught their waitress's attention. Waiting until the woman was gone, she slipped one foot out of her shoe and gently rubbed it against his ankle. If he felt it, he didn't let it show so she steadily crept higher, caressing his leg softly through his trousers as she tried hr best not to let her intentions show on her face. Reaching his thigh finally, she smiled into her glass as she inched higher and slowly drifted to the right. Hiding her surprise when she encountered a very hard, very large erection, she massaged it gently with her toes and the ball of her foot just as the waitress set their desserts down in front of them. Hearing the gruffness in his voice as he thanked the girl, she took a bite of her pie and stifled a moan of frustration when he caught her foot in his hand and pushed it away.

"Stop it, Mya."

Pouting heavily, they lapsed into silence as they enjoyed their dessert. When they finished, he was glad that he was able to keep his thoughts on tamer things than his daughter so when they stood up after paying, his hard-on had practically vanished completely. This time when he held the car door for her while she sank into the seat, he saw a lot more than just thigh. She wasn't wearing any underwear! Turning away, he purposefully walked around the back end of the car to adjust himself, his erection had come back full force and throbbed against the suddenly bothersome trousers.

He tried to keep his eyes on the road but every time she shifted her legs he glanced at them out of the corner of his eye, the sight of her perfect, bald slit burned into his mind for good. As soon as they got home he locked himself in his room and proceeded to unleash load after load into the sexy panties he'd taken from his daughter's room. He couldn't help it! Every time he thought he had gotten it out of his system, the sight of her gorgeous little cunt would dance across his mind and his cock would jump to attention once more. After about the sixth load though (what? He's very virile.) he passed out face down in his pillow with the panties still wrapped loosely around his shaft.


When he shut himself in his room and refused to come back out for the rest of the night, she was close to giving up completely when an idea popped into her head. She'd already worn out all the batteries in all four of her toys and she was still horny. She had to do something or else she'd never get any sleep! At all!

Pulling one of his old t-shirts on over her curves, she snuck out of her room and down the hall to his, quietly turning the handle only to find that it was locked. That could only mean one thing; he'd been jerking off again and hadn't wanted her to walk in on him again. Going back to her room, she got her library card out of her purse and went back to his door. Shimmying the card into place between the door and the jamb, she wiggled it down a little at a time and grinned when it slid all the way in and the door opened a little. Laying the card on his dresser, she closed the door again and crept to his bed, shedding the nightshirt at the very last second. Slowly laying down beside him, she smiled and closed her eyes, getting comfortable once she saw how deeply asleep he was an drifting off to sleep, herself.


She actually woke up before him but continued to lay there comfortably. She wouldn't have been able to move anyways even if she wanted to, which she didn't. He had cuddled up nice and tight against her back during the night and she had awoken to the feel of one of his large hands squeezing her breast in his sleep while his equally huge cock had managed to spear between her thighs and laid pressed against her still slick folds. She was in Heaven. There was no way in Hell that she'd be moving anytime soon, away, that is.

Slowly, after a while, she began to rock her hips, squeezing her thighs together to keep him in place while her hand cupped his to press it tighter against her relatively small breast. Her dreams had been full of short scenes of them fucking like rabbits all over the house and even over the hood of his car in the garage, too. If she hadn't been horny the night before, she was now.

His dreams were much the same and even now he was fucking his little angle on the living room floor in the same exact position they were in, in reality, though he held her leg in the air as he pounded his hard cock into her young, nubile pussy. When she started rocking her hips back against him in reality and in the dream, he moaned and redoubled his efforts in the dream though his hips had begun to move in the real world, as well. Like always though, he woke up just as he was about to blow his load only to find his dream had been inspired by reality. Stopping abruptly, he moved to pull back just as Mya rocked her hips back into hi and in that moment the head of his rigid shaft speared into her cunt as easily as a hot knife glides through butter.

"Oh fuck...Daddy...Don't pull away, please. Please don't..." Looking over her shoulder at him, she reached up over it and cupped his cheek, pleading with him with her eyes as well as her soft, husky morning voice.

"We can't...t..this is wrong."

"But Daddy, it feels so good. I love you.... Fuck me, please. I need you, I want you...And I know you want me too. I heard you last said my name...please."

How was he supposed to say no to that? His perfect little angel was begging for him to fuck her and she was right, it did feel good, even if it was only the very tip of him hidden in the shallows of her cunt. For a moment he was torn and then she arched her hips back while at the same time clenching her hot little muscles around him and he was lost. Sliding his hand between her knees, he lifted her leg and slammed the rest of his cock into her as she rewarded him with a sharp scream of pleasure.

"Oh my fucking goddddddd! Yes! Fuck you're so big, Daddy!"

And he felt even bigger as her slick walls clenched tightly around him, her toes curling as he began surging into her with all the strength he could muster. Because he had masturbated so much the night before, he found himself lasting a lot longer than he thought he would, even when she orgasmed around him only a handful of minutes later. She couldn't help herself, the way he kept driving into her with such force quickly drove her to the edge over and over again until she finally let go and fell into oblivion around him.

Letting her leg down slowly, he pulled from her and smirked at the moan of loss that fell from her lips. Guiding her onto her knees, he knelt behind her and sank back into her with a deliberately slow, but viciously hard, pace. "Is this how you fucked the boy at the party angel baby? Hmm? Did he fuck as good as this?"

"Mmmmno. Fuck! He wasn't as big as you...fuckfuckfuckkkkkkkkkkk!" Crying out when he wrapped his hand up in her hair, he pulled her head back as she dug her nails into the bedsheet. "But Ember liked it...even went home with him. Oh fuck yessss! Fuck your little slut daddy! Harder, pleasssse..."

Instead of granting her request, he buried himself within her and stayed there as the revelation that she and Ember had slept with the guy at the same time, possibly, rocked his mind. "Did you girls fuck him at the same time?"

"Yes...Daddy, please."

"Did Ember eat you out?"


"Did you eat Ember out?"

"Yes..fuck! Daddy!"

He pulled out to the very tip and slammed back in as hard as he could. "Did you like it?"

"I only like it..mmmm, when I'm drunk.."

"Did you let him fuck this cute little ass of yours?"

"No daddy, nobody has."

"You sure about that, little girl?" He pressed the pad of his thumb against her asshole, rolling it from side to side slowly as he began to rock within her once more.

"Yes sir."

"Not even you?"

She bit her lip and moaned, tightening around him as he teased the dark star of flesh with his thumb, trying her damndest to rock her hips back against him. Feeling his grip tighten in her hair when she didn't answer immediately, she let out another moan, this one louder than the others. "I have.."

He pulled from the molten depths of her cunt and let go of her hair before caressing her back gently, all the way down to her perfect ass. "Go get your toys, baby girl. Daddy wants to watch you fuck yourself." Laying on his side, he watched as she worked her way to the edge of the bed and slowly stood, clinging to the footboard as she fought to catch her balance. Smirking as she walked to the door with a very pronounced sway of those luscious hips of hers, he lazily stroked his juice coated cock as he awaited her return.

Darting downstairs, she got the rechargeable batteries from the charger on the wall and went back up to her room to collect her toys before returning to his room. Laying them on the bed, she grabbed a pillow and set it against the footboard before climbing up and sitting back against it. Getting comfortable, she parted her legs and trailed her fingers over her slit.

"Which one do you want me to use first?"

Watching him stare down at the four toys and small bottle of strawberry flavored lube, he picked up the life-like vibrator and offered it to her with a mischievous smile. Now that she really to see how big his cock was up close, she realized it was just as long as the dildo but a little thicker, which she already loved. Deciding she was already wet enough, she played the tip along her slit, twirling it around her hyper-sensitive clit before pressing it between her lips until it slipped into her tight entrance. Working it in an inch at a time, when she finally buried it completely inside of her, he handed her the second one. Taking the g-spot stimulator from him, she grinned and switched it on, lightly brushing it across the bare skin of her mound before touching it to her clit. Moaning softly, she watched him idly stroke his cock before gripping the base of it as well as his balls firmly to hold off his orgasm.

Reaching over to her as she began to fuck herself with the vibrator, when her eyes fluttered shut he twisted the end of it and smirked when her hips jerked up at the feel of it being set on high right out of the gate. Her moans were music to his ears and only made it more difficult to keep his orgasm at bay as he stroked himself to the sight before him. She teased her clit almost mercilessly and was soon balancing on the edge of another climax, the knowledge that her dad was right there watching acting like fuel to the fire.

"Cum for daddy, sweetheart."

And then she was exploding; like a rocket into space, like firecrackers lit up in a huge pack. Moaning for him every second of her orgasmic journey, she couldn't pry her eyes open, not even when she felt the bed shift. Feeling the tip of his cockhead brushing against her lips, she immediately opened them wide and moaned as he began to feed her his seemingly massive cock. Swirling her tongue against every inch of rigid flesh she could reach, she enjoyed the sounds he began to make as she brought a hand up to cup and massage his balls, rolling them pleasurably in her hand as he vigorously fucked her mouth. This only lasted a few minutes of course, he wanted to feel that juicy pussy clutching at his rod once more before he blew the heavy load he could feel brewing in his balls. Pulling out of her mouth slowly, he groaned at the sight his eyes were met with and then again when she teased the groove in the head with a quick dart of her tongue.

"You like sucking cock, don't you butterfly?"

"I like sucking yours the most, daddy. It feels so good against my tongue...hmmmm I love the way you taste and feel."

"Good answer my pretty little cock-whore. On your knees, pretty baby."

Watching as she turned over onto her stomach, he stared appreciatively as she arched her hips up and began pulling her knees up until she was spread wide open for him once more. Picking up the two toys she'd been playing with, he turned them off for now but kept the life-like one in his hand for the moment. Guiding himself back into her tight sheath, he laid his free hand in the small of her back and pressed her back onto him with a moan from both of them. Digging his short nails into her supple skin, he started rocking his hips quite a bit faster than before, the feel of her muscles clutching at him hotly making it hard to hold onto his self control.

Reaching to the bed beside them, he picked up the bottle of lube and trailed a liberal dose along the length of the dildo, wanting to make sure it was slick enough that it wouldn't hurt her. Closing the bottle, he tossed it on the bed and pressed the end of the toy against the dark pink ring of flesh, twirling it in a slow, small circle as he did. Gasping at the feel of it knocking against her backdoor, Mya moaned and tried to relax but the feel of him fucking her with that thick cock of his was almost too much to bear. As it began to sink in past her sphincter, he found himself picking up the pace and the strength of his thrusts until he was pile-driving her without mercy.

Crying out as he sank the toy into her completely, she couldn't help but clench in reaction only to scream her pleasure to the world as he turned it on at full speed once more. Her scream seemed to last forever as another orgasm washed through her, her body writhing in complete and utter ecstasy beneath him. The sound of her scream and the sight of her strongest climax of the morning had him slamming every thick, hard inch into her stretched little cunt until it felt like she'd swallow it all and pull the rest of him in as well before he coated her insides with what felt like a gallon of his cum. Moaning as his hips twitched against the curve of her ass, he turned the toy off again and ground against her for another few minutes before falling to the bed beside her.

Looking over at her, he reached out and caressed her hair with a smile as she slowly fell out of the position and into his waiting arms. Hearing her murmur that she loved him, he wrapped her up tight in his arms and kissed her temple lovingly. "I love you, too Angel baby. From now on your sleeping in here with daddy, okay? You're daddy's little fuck doll, to do with as I see fit. Understood?"

She was almost asleep but she nodded, snuggled deeper into his arms and let out the most adorable little purr he'd ever heard. "Daddy's little...fuck doll...Mhmm.."

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