Give Me the Man Pt. 03

byAlex De Kok©

She jumped as his tongue flicked over her clitoris and he murmured a wordless apology, letting his tongue run down her slit again, enjoying the salty-sweet flavour as her juices flowed to welcome him. Running his tongue up again, he stiffened it, pointed it, and pushed into her, parting her lower lips, feeling her animal heat on his tongue. Her juices were flowing freely and he savoured her flavour, licking, tasting, swallowing. He flattened his tongue and swept it up the full length of her sex. She moaned, her fingers tightening in his hair. She was breathing faster now, a wordless moan in her throat as his tongue lapped her. He let his tongue flick lightly over her clitoris and she gasped, her fingers tightening in his hair.

His rhythm changed, becoming erratic, his tongue and lips all over, kissing her upper thigh, her lower belly, his tongue touching her clitoris, parting her labia, piercing her, stroking her, caressing her, bringing her closer and closer to climax. She was panting now, and as his tongue flicked her clitoris she gasped and her belly rippled. He did it again and she moaned deep in her throat, tight, muffled, then gasped again as he took her clitoris between his lips, her whole body trembling as she gave herself over to her climax. He licked at her, flicking his tongue over her sex and she quivered each time he did, but she was coming down from her high now and she tugged at him, urging him over her, her fingers groping for his hardness, guiding it into the heat and wetness of her core, her hands going to his back, her heels coming up, urging him into her, gasping as his balls touched her ass and he probed her depths.

He began to push into her, urgent, hard, his own desire lifted by her climax, plunging into the very root of her, her gasping breath counterpoint to his own. He was getting closer, closer, the excitement building in him until with a wordless moan of pure male triumph he thrust into her as his prick jetted his seed into her depths, another climax hitting her at the force of his coming.

Slowly, gradually, the lovers came down from their high. Alna's hair was plastered to her head in the warmth of the summer night. She put one hand to it and made a face as she touched her head. She smiled ruefully at Ardan as he held himself on elbows and knees so as not to crush her.

"I must change my planned hairstyle for tonight, I fear, dear Ardan," she said lightly.

He smiled at her. "I would apologise, but I think you enjoyed it."

"Goddess, yes! I truly envy my daughter this night."

"You were first," Ardan smiled.

"Yes, but only this once. Once a Hinazi maiden gives her virginity to a man, she has first claim on him - in Hinazi territory - until he marries or she relinquishes that right. Best ease off, my dear. I must go and prepare for the meal. I suggest a quick bath for you, too. I'll send someone to collect you. Don't worry, for there will be time for your bath."

As Ardan eased himself from her, she stood, a wry look on her face as she felt a trickle on her leg. She grabbed her robe and Ardan idly admired her form, her full breasts, her trim figure, as she quickly donned it. She blew him a kiss and almost ran out of the room. Ardan laughed at the closing door and took himself off for his bath.

It seemed that he had barely donned shirt and breeches, polished boots gleaming, when there was a knock at his door. "Yes? Who is it?"

The door opened and a man stepped through. Middle years, unmistakably a soldier just by the way he held himself, Ardan thought. The stranger nodded politely. "Allow me to introduce myself, Fro Tearo. I am Porl Velik, Captain of the Lady Alna's guard. She sent me to fetch you to dinner. Before we go, I would like to thank you most sincerely on behalf not only of myself but of everyone here, for your actions in saving Fra Asolan and her daughter."

"I did only what any right-minded man would do," protested Ardan.

Velik smiled. "Perhaps so," he said, "but the fact remains that you were there and you did it. I say again, my thanks." He held out his hand and Ardan took it, firm, steady.

Velik nodded as he released Ardan's hand. "You are ready?"

"As much as I will ever be. Lead the way."

The dining room of the Asolan household was large, and there were about thirty guests sitting to dinner. Ardan was escorted by Velik to the guest of honour seat at Alna's right hand. Leara sat at her left, her eyes avoiding his as he took his seat. Velik seated himself at Leara's left. Alna stood.

"My friends. We have with us tonight a young man to whom this household owes a great debt. To him, my daughter and I owe our lives. Were it not for he, I fear that tonight instead of acknowledging his actions, you would be grieving for my daughter and me." She turned to Ardan and raised her glass. "I present to you, Ardan, m'Gerlan, House Tearo, my honoured guest."

As one the assembled host rose to toast Ardan. About to take to his own feet, he stopped at Alna's gentle shake of the head. As the assembled guests again took their seats, Ardan rose.

"The lady Alna gives me too much credit. I merely took the action any one of you would have taken in the circumstances."

"Aye, laddie, maybe so." The speaker was Porl Velik,. "But you were there. We weren't. I salute you." And he did, standing and raising his glass in tribute. The accompanying applause from the other guests startled Ardan and he could feel his cheeks burning. Alna took pity on him and signalled to someone at the doorway. Next moment, the staff began to serve the meal. While the assembled host busied themselves with the meal, Ardan found his conversation divided equally between Alna at his left and another woman at his right, who turned out to be Alna's younger sister, Elliana.

"I thank you for saving my sister," she said to him at one point. "This town needs her."

"Why so?" he asked, intrigued.

Elliana smiled. "Her late husband united feuding factions within the Hinazi. She inherited his mantle and wears it well."

"I see." Ardan turned. The meal was finished now and the dishes were being cleared away. The guests sat back, relaxed. As soon as the dishes were gone and wine and sweetmeats laid out, Alna stood again. The hubbub of conversation died.

"My friends," said Alna, "there is one more pleasant task that I must perform tonight." She paused for a moment, smiling. "Our traditions say that when someone does the Hinazi people a great service, that person should be honoured, 'table and bed'. Ardan Tearo has rendered our people such a service, and to him I offer that hospitality, 'table and bed'. My daughter Leara has asked for the honour of being Ardan's companion and I have agreed to her wish." She turned to Ardan. "Do you accept?"

He rose, surveying the assembled guests. They were silent, waiting, expectant. He turned to Alna and bowed, turned to Leara and bowed again, noting idly that there was a high spot of colour on her cheeks. "With all my heart," he said, and sat again, to loud applause from the guests.

Alna leaned across to him. "That took a few of them by surprise," she said quietly, with a smile.

"A pleasant surprise, I hope."

"I think so. We haven't honoured anyone this way since I was Lea's age."

"I am doubly honoured, in that case. I thought, from my reading, that it was more frequent."

Alna smiled again. "I hope Leara enjoys herself in your bed as much as I did," she said quietly.

"Goddess, I sincerely trust that I do not make an idiot of myself. Alna, I have never made love to a virgin. What must I do?"

His hostess laughed softly, shaking her head. She touched his arm. "Ardan, my dear, just be as gentle and loving as you were with me and my daughter will be well pleased with you."


"Truly, my dear." Alna glanced around. "I think it time we let you and Lea go." She stood and clapped her hands. The guests quietened expectantly. "My friends," she said. "I think it is time our honoured guest and his companion were allowed to retire. Ardan, Leara, go with love. May the Goddess bless you."

Ardan stood and Alna signalled him to stand beside her. Leara was at her other side and Alna took Leara's hand, took Ardan's hand, and put Leara's hand in Ardan's. "Go, my children. Enjoy yourselves," she said quietly. Ardan led Leara from the room to murmurs of approval and encouragement from the guests, and a wink from Elliana.

In his room, Ardan was surprised to note that his own clothing had been joined by other garments that could only be Leara's. He turned to her in surprise. "I thought that this was a single occasion?"

Leara smiled, shaking her head. "No, you have been honoured 'table and bed'. This means that whenever you return to Hinazi lands, you have the right to expect to be fed, and for your bed to be warmed. While I remain unwed, it is expected that I perform that role."

"I hadn't realised. Do you mind? I would hate to think you were doing something you didn't want to do."

"Ardan, remember what Mama said. I asked for this." Leara smiled. "Aren't you going to undress me?" She was wearing a loose gown, tied at the shoulders with simple ribbons, draped, her nipples now raising intriguing accents in the light material. A sash gathered the material at her waist. The gown ended just before her light indoor slippers. Appalled to find his hand shaking, Ardan reached out and pulled her sash loose. He took the sash and draped it over a chair behind him. Leara's gown now hung straight down from her breasts, her neat bottom counterpoint at her rear. He took her hands and drew her to him.

"Do you realise I've never even kissed you and you're all ready to sacrifice your virginity to me?"

Leara raised her arms and laced her fingers together behind his head. "So kiss me," she whispered.

He bent to her as she raised her lips to his. Tall as she was, their mututal journey was short. Her lips were soft, warm, and he could feel a slight tremble in her. She's as nervous as I am, he thought. There was promise in her kiss and as it went on her lips softened even more, parting to let his tongue play with hers, hardening as her mouth worked against his and a fire took them, lifting them. Her hands were tight on him and he held her tight against him, his erection thickening in his breeches, working against her until suddenly she broke away, surprise in her eyes. Slowly she reached out, lightly touching the bulge in his breeches.

She giggled. "I've never felt that happen before, but then, I've never been kissed like that before, either." She moved back into his arms, her lips again ready for him, open now, hot, swollen, the kiss taking them both and lifting them. Again Leara broke the kiss but this time she took his hands and put them to the ties on her shoulders, her eyes fixed on his, warm, inviting, a smoulder in their green depths, colour high in her cheeks. "Pull," she whispered.

He did, and the gown fell in a soundless crash about her feet. She stood proudly, chin up, her arms by her sides. She was lovely. High, firm breasts, pointed, rosy nipples erect in puffy areolae. Her pubic hair was like her mother's, darker blonde than on her head. Slender legs, flat belly, gorgeous.

"Do I please you?" she asked, in a whisper.

"Leara, you are truly lovely." Ardan reached out slowly, giving her time to move if she wanted to, and gently cupped her breast, his thumb lightly caressing her nipple. Her eyes closed and she shivered. He dropped his hand and bent, scooping her up and carrying her to the bed. He laid her down carefully and she lay there, her eyes smoky in the candle-light.

"You need to undress, Ardan," she said with a teasing smile. "Else your prick might get hurt trying to burst through your breeches."

He laughed, sitting on the edge of the bed. "We'd better not risk that, had we?" he said over his shoulder as he bent to remove his boots. He stood, unfastening his breeches, then pushed them down and off. He pulled his shirt off over his head and heard her gasp as he did so. Her eyes were fixed on his erection and as he stood he flexed it. She giggled. A good sign, he thought. He lay down beside her and took her in his arms, kissing her again, cupping her breast, stroking and kissing her nipple. He felt her hand touch him, soft, timid.

"Remember your lesson," he murmured.

"My lesson?" she said, a puzzled look on her lovely face.

"Doctor Chela, in Jalx."

"Oh! Yes. Of course." She frowned. "How did you know about Doctor Chela?"

"She told me she tells all of the girls how to handle a man's tool, so that they can please and be pleased," he said, thinking that he had nearly made a stupid mistake in almost revealing something he had been told in confidence.

Leara laughed. "She does, too, but I asked her for extra advice."

"You did? What would that be?" he said, hoping.

"How to use my mouth," Leara murmured, flushing, but there was an imp lurking in her eyes.

Staring at Leara, a thrill running through his rising desire, just at her words, Ardan was virtually thrown from the bed by a sudden explosion outside. Shocked, he and Leara stared at each other. Ardan leapt to his feet and dashed to the window, followed closely by Leara. Blessing the fact that the major moon was near full and its sister half-full, they tried to see what was happening. Outside the wall, a dying glow seemed to indicate where the explosion had occurred but Ardan was confused. There had been nothing there to explode!

* * * * *

That's it for the moment, folks. I was wondering where to end this part, when I remembered the words of 'Babylon 5' creator, J Michael Straczynski – 'When in doubt, blow something up!' So I did. Lousy timing from Ardan and Lea's point of view, of course ... but there will be more to come. I'll try not to take so long before submitting the next part.

Feedback welcome, as always, but if you ask a question, give me an address to reply to. It gets frustrating for both of us if you don't.

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