tagIncest/TabooGive Me Your Tongue

Give Me Your Tongue


It was Jo's birthday. It was also the third anniversary of her divorce. Jack had sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers to her hairdressing Salon. He had done it for the last three years. He was now twenty-six. He had been a lawyer for two years, and three weeks ago he had been offered a partnership in the firm where he worked. Today's bouquet was the biggest he had ever sent. They had arranged to go to Jo's favourite Italian restaurant. Jack had arranged a taxi to pick them up at seven from their apartment.

Jo was so happy with the flowers. She loved to have them in the Salon where everyone complimented on them. Jack had been an excellent support during her breakup and divorce. He had handled all the legal work and had done an excellent job. Jo had a monthly payment which rose yearly with inflation. The family house had been sold, and she had received fifty per cent of the value which enabled her to buy the apartment without a mortgage. He had also got all the Antique furniture, which had belonged to her mother from the house.

Jo was worried that Jack maybe could be gay as he never went out socially. He wasn't gay. From his first year at University, Jack had been having an affair with one of his lecturers who was married. He husband, who was now retired, was now at home and it was now difficult to meet for their hot rendezvous's. Jo also didn't socialise as she was busy with her work. Her best friend, May, who had been her friend from school and even her first lover. They visited each other and drank some wine usually resulting in a sleepover. May was a doctor and a widow. She had two grown daughters that now had left home.

Jo had grown very close to Jack. He was her life. She washed and cooked for him. She loved to come home and get a hug from him. Last Christmas he had given her a two hundred pound voucher for a lingerie shop. She had thanked him with a big hug and loved the lingerie that she had bought. But had never shown him what she had bought. She kept thinking that men liked to buy lingerie for their girlfriends because they wanted to see them in it. She had started to wear tighter fitting clothing around the house, but he had never changed how he treated her in the house. He always would compliment her on an outfit if he liked it. Tonight she would wear a risqué costume.

She had discussed it with May on many occasions. May had told her to say she had a sore back and could he massage. She even suggested that she should let him catch her masturbating, which she did on a daily basis. May had said that she should stop going to church on a Sunday as this gave a holier than thou impression which wasn't the case as Jo loved sex. May had told her that if an opportunity came along, she would be in bed with Jack in a jiff. She had also suggested asking Jack to do something for her in the house then seducing him. May had a healthy sex drive too.

Jo had put a lot of thought into tonight. She believed that she would get another lingerie voucher. She would hug and kiss him on the lips but no tongue. She had two bottles of Pol Roger, his favourite champagne, in the fridge. They would both be tipsy in the taxi home. She would hold and stroke his hand suggestively. They would sit on the sofa when they got home. She wanted to kiss and cuddle with him. She had wanted to do this for years, but she was so scared that he may reject her. She knew that her life would be empty without him.

Jack had a busy day at the office. He was now driving home. The lingerie shop was now doing risqué outfits for older women, and he liked how they looked. He took a five hundred pound voucher and the owner, who remembered him from Christmas, made the coupon for six hundred pounds. He was happy as this was a twenty per cent discount. He was home before Jo. He showered and trimmed the hair around his cock. With Gail, his lecturer, she shaved him every week. She hated hair in her mouth. She loved oral and had taught him how to give a woman pleasure orally.

His cock and balls were utterly smooth when he came out of the shower. He dressed in a Ralph Lauren shirt and chinos and a pair of Timberland Boat shoes. He was in the kitchen when Jo came home. She put her handbag on the kitchen table. They then hugged. He felt the weight of her massive breasts against his chest, but for the first time he felt her pussy pushing against his leg with a circular movement. He said, "Happy Birthday Jo, I hope that you have had a wonderful day. I am so looking forward to tonight."

They kissed on the lips but no tongue. He then gave her the voucher. She opened it and said, "So much, thank you so much. I see that they are selling some exciting outfits. I enjoy shopping there. I love the lingerie from there. I will wear some tonight, and if you want, then I will show it to you. You are the only guy in the world that I would say that too."

He poured them both a glass of Champagne. They toasted each other. She was smiling now. She said, "I love you in that outfit. The taxi is here in an hour. I need to shower and then apply my war paint. I will leave the door open as I will need a top-up of Champagne. I will only call when I am wearing the lingerie that I am wearing tonight."

She kissed him on the forehead then left the kitchen. Jack thought, could this be the night. He hoped so. She had shown more positive feelings than she had ever shown in her life. Wanting to show her lingerie. Leaving the bathroom door open and he had to go and top up her Champagne. He was hoping that it was the night. He had the feeling, for the first time in his life that it could happen.

She came out of the shower. She had worn a shower cap as she didn't want to waste her hair, which was perfect. She had shaved her pussy. She had used Jack's razor, as she always did and wondered whether one day he would be shaving her. When she was with May, they shaved each other. She had a push up crotchless red bodysuit which pushed her massive breasts up. She couldn't make up her mind if she should wear panties or not. She looked at her swollen vulva. She had a perfect slit. She decided no panties was the way to go.

She went into her bedroom and put on her self-supporting stockings. She then put on three-inch heels. She stood up and looked in the mirror. Her breasts looked terrific; her vulva looked awesome. Her legs looked marvellous. She put a chair at the side of her dressing table that would allow him to sit nearly facing her. She sat with her legs crossed. Then she slowly opened them revealing her vulva. She was now ready, how he reacted this evening would show if he had any interest. Her only other option would be to beg him to fuck her. He went to the door and said, "Darling, my glass is empty. Bring the bottle and your glass, and we can chat here."

She went back to her stool and sat down with her legs crossed. She took a deep breath. He heard her and was amazed that was the first time she had ever called him darling. He put the champagne with its wine cooler on a tray with his glass and went to her bedroom. He was amazed at how beautiful she looked. Her voluptuous body looked stunning. He put the tray on her dressing table. He topped up both of their glasses. She asked, "What do you think of my lingerie? I love it and feel so good when I wear it."

He replied, "I love it. You look stunning. I wanted you to have it so that you would feel good. If I may say so, you fill it splendidly."

She responded, "Darling, do you mind if I call you darling? Thank you for the compliment. I do my best to keep my figure in shape, and thankfully it has paid off."

He replied, "Not at all, I would love to address you in the same way. For years I have called you Jo. I would hate to be in the restaurant tonight and have to call you mum."

She responded, "What an honest answer. I love to call you darling. I want to call you other nice things too. You have been my greatest support over the last few years. I am your mother, and you are my son. I have the fantastic feeling that there is so much more there. I also feel that you are my best friend. I don't want anything to change that as it would break my heart."

He replied, "That will never happen. Whatever that may happen in life, you will always be my best friend. It's now ten to seven. We have a taxi coming in ten minutes. I look forward to seeing you dressed this evening knowing what you are wearing underneath."

She unfolded her legs and said, "That is the nicest thing that you can say to me. Please stay and watch me dress. I want you to feel comfortable around me. When that happens, I will be so happy."

He was amazed to see her beautiful swollen vulva. He couldn't believe she had gone this far. He realised that she was interested, but there were conditions. He then knew that she was insecure. He had to make her feel secure. He replied, "I also want you to be comfortable around me. If I have a sore back, then I would love you to massage it. If you have a sore leg, then I would massage it."

The taxi arrived. Jo was wearing a beautiful risqué outfit. He opened the taxi door for her. They sat close to each other on the back seat. He could feel her warmth. He couldn't believe that she had openly shown her beautiful pussy to him. Gail's was sweet but not as lovely as Jo's. He also felt comfortable that when she dressed, she didn't put on any panties. As he thought of her swollen vulva, he wondered if it would happen. Her doing what she did was a display of confidence in him.

Jo thought that she was glad that she had uncrossed her legs. His eyes had been fixed on it. She thought if hers was the first pussy he had ever seen? She wondered if he had ever French kissed? She must now try and get inside his head to find out how he ticked. They arrived at the restaurant and were shown to their table. Jack ordered a bottle of Champagne as they looked at the menu. The Champagne was served, he toasted her, he saw a look of love in her eyes.

He asked how her day had been? She smiled and replied, "Busy, I was so happy when your flowers arrived, it is a beautiful bouquet. I had a woman, a makeup artist and beauty consultant, wanting to rent some space from me. I am not sure of her as a person; she is vulgar and classless. Her idea was good, but I wouldn't like to have her in the salon."

He said, "You should do it yourself then you have control. If she was asking you, then she knows there's potential. What services was she going to offer?"

She replied, "Normal makeup and cosmetics advice. Now a lot of women are looking for personal beauty treatments like manicures, waxing and as she called it pussy shaving. A lot of money can be made from this as the majority of women when they are having this done, want clitoris stimulation which can be fifty pounds for ten minutes work. No matter how good and correctly that I run my Salon, this is what my clients are looking for."

He said, "I don't think you want anything to do with this woman. I would set up a small survey form listing the services that you would like to provide. I would stress in the survey that you offer total discretion. In fact, I would use the word discreet in the title of the survey. Something like 'Survey for our Discreet Beauty Treatments' I believe that by doing this you will attract a lot of women who would want this services, but they want them discreetly. In the survey, I would ask if they were interested in 'A Personal Pleasure Product'? and 'A Personal Pleasure Lubricant?"

She replied, "Darling, you are right. What a wonderful idea. Discretion is the key, and that woman was not discreet. Will you help me with the Survey? Do you have a lot of experience in sex?"

After she had asked, she realised that she shouldn't have done it. She was impressed with what he had suggested. He said, "Not as much as I would have liked. I got a First Class Honours with Distinction degree in Law. In two years, I am a Partner in one of the largest Law Firms in the City. That's an achievement. I have kept myself to myself to achieve what I have achieved. Of course, I have needs and urges like everyone else. We studied a lot on Human Relations at University. I also have a vivid imagination and creative mind."

She thought what an excellent answer. She replied, "I'm so happy that I told you about that woman. I have known for a long time I must do something to bring the Salon into the twenty-first century. Women love to be pampered. The survey is a wonderful idea. I know at least twenty ladies in their seventies that would go for clitoris stimulation at least once a week. That's a lot of money."

They finished their meal, and their taxi arrived. The once again sat very close together. She held his hand and squeezed it gently. She then put her hand on his thigh and massaged his thigh muscle with her thumb. She whispered in his ear, "Do you need a massage?"

He didn't reply but lent over and kissed her on the lips. His tongue made a probing gesture, and the tip entered her mouth. She then made firm circular movements with her thumb on his thigh. The arrived at the house, and he paid the taxi driver. He told her to sit in the lounge, and he got fresh glasses and a new bottle of Champagne. She looked gorgeous as she sat on the sofa. He gave her her drink. They toasted each other again; she said, "Thank you for this wonderful evening, I have enjoyed it immensely. We must go out more often. I love cooking for you, but it's nicer to go out for meals and relax. We could even stay in and have takeaways."

She had taken her heels off and was sitting on her legs. He had been massaging her thigh, and his thumb was an inch above the top of her self-supporting stocking, her skin felt so soft. He lent over kissed her earlobe then her neck. He bent around and kissed her lips with the tip making short probing movements inside her mouth. On the third kiss, he brought his tongue out and said, "Give me your tongue."

She replied, "Sure, I was waiting for you to ask."

Both of them had a feeling of relief. They both felt their uncertainty and apprehension disappear. She then gave him the most passionate kiss he had ever had in his life. Her tongue probing deeply in his mouth. Both their hands were exploring the others bodies. One hand could not hold one of her massive breasts. Her hand found his enormous cock; she massaged it. She broke off from the kiss; he said, "Darling, I love you. All our free time I want to spend with you. You are an incredible kisser."

She smiled then said, "I'm so happy, this is, without a doubt, the best day of my life. I want you so bad. Let's get comfortable. I am going to make love to you tonight better and with more feeling than I have ever given anyone in my life. They both undressed. He was amazed at how beautiful her naked body was. She had an incredible figure. When she saw his massive cock for the first time, she said, "That's impressive and all that is for me."

He then got her into a position that they could sixty-nine, he knew that he was good at it as Gail had taught him so much about oral. She was now giving him an incredible blow job. She was taking his full length in her mouth. He was amazed at the size of her clitoris. It was enormous. When he opened her cunt lips, it just popped out. He down on it, as he ringed his tongue around it got harder. He started to suck it as he finger fucked her hot wet pussy.

They soon had their rhythms going. He was now fisting her with four fingers, she loved it as she pushed her cunt against his mouth. Her cunt juice was delicious. It was sweet. He was fisting her now. She was wet but still tight. She was a gripper, and she had strong cunt muscles. They kept sucking each other for the next ten minutes then Jo said, "Darling, I am ready for you. Is it possible for me to go on top? I'm a little concerned about the size of your gigantic cock. I can control the ride better if I can be on top. I know one thing and that I can guarantee."

She then squatted over him, stroking his bulbous tip against her hard clitoris. She then centred his tip in the middle of her cunt. She pushed down, and with that push, his whole cock disappeared into her cunt. She said, "Darling, that is incredible, it feels so good, I am starting to feel so comfortable with this magnificent cock. Now enjoy, I want to get a good rhythm going."

She started using an up and down with a circular motion. She was pushing up and down from her feet that were on the floor. She soon had a powerful rhythm going. She was gripping at the base and then the crown of his cock. He was rubbing her clit as she rode him. They were looking at each other lovingly as she pounded his hard cock. Twenty minutes later they both climaxed simultaneously. She shook and trembled as she came. He had exploded inside with a powerful squirting orgasm.

She bent over and kissed him with affection; she said, "Darling, I loved that, and I know that it will get better as we get to know each other. I like to swear and talk dirty during sex, is that OK with you? I must tell you that was the best fuck of life. My cunt is tingling."

He replied, "Darling, and you are my darling, I am comfortable with it. I like to talk dirty too. Talking dirty can be so profound, one or two words can say and mean so much. I enjoyed it too; you gave me a wonderful ride."

The sat on the sofa chatting and sipping the Champagne. It was so relaxed. She said, "I loved the oral you gave me. I love oral, giving and receiving. That was the best oral that I have ever had. You're very good at it. May I ask where you learned to be so good?"

He replied, "I will be honest with you, and I want you to be honest with me. I was on the University Debating Team. I got friendly with a Lecturer who was involved in it. Her husband was older than her. She wasn't getting anything at home. We started an affair, but that's finished now as her husband is now retired. We used her house for our meetings. She taught me everything. I was physically attracted to her, and that was all. I haven't seen her for over a year."

She said, "Thanks for your honesty. I will always be honest with you; I don't think that I could be capable of lying to you. For the last ten years, my only physical sex has been with May. That's why we have sleepovers. I tried online, but there are so many liars there. Are you comfortable with me still seeing May?"

He replied, "No problem, I like May a lot. She has been a great friend to both of us. I thought that you in the survey that you could offer discreet Medical Services. That gives your Salon a massive advantage. To be honest, I used to masturbate thinking about May."

She said, "What a fantastic idea. That would go well and give the Salon a lot of credibility. We must work on the survey. That could change the business. May thinks of you when she plays with her cunt. She has been doing it for years and still does today. Once we are settled, we can invite her for a threesome. I am comfortable with that. Would you be comfortable with it?"

He replied, "Darling, my fantasy all my life has been to have you and May in a threesome. Of course, I am comfortable with it."

She laughed then said, "Let's spend time together and we will invite her over next week. She will be so excited. I will be honest with you, my fantasy was to have you and May in a threesome. Sexually, you won't need another woman as both May and I love you. I am so happy."

They made intensive love for the next two hours. He discovered that she loved anal and was very good at it. Her favourite position was doggy style. They both were so happy. When they got to Jo's bed they were both asleep in five minutes.

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There is no way a lawyer would possibly speak so poorly. The conclusion that I came to is that you are not very old, say maybe in your early teens. You need to learn how to write complete thoughts in moremore...

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I'm confused, but I've come up with three possibilities: First, you're tripping. Second, English is NOT your first language.

Or Third, there are actually SEVERAL different people writing this story but none of them can see what the others have written.

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He was fisting her and during sex she wanted to be on top because of concern of his cock size. His dick is bigger than his fist? Quit reading after that

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