Gabe disappeared for a moment and came back with a suitcase full of clothes, as Mrs. Myers spread blankets out on the newly-made bed. Emily simply kissed him while her parents were distracted and quietly went upstairs, surprising him with how quiet she was being. He thanked Emily's parents for the night and waited until he heard their door close, then pulled out his smartphone and typed quickly:

Goodnight, babe.

Not another minute passed before she replied:

Hurry up.

Confused, he typed back, asking her what she meant.

Hurry what up?

Be very quiet and get over here. I'll wait.

He felt like they were in high school as he slowly and carefully made his way up the stairs, hoping like all hell her parents wouldn't catch him. He chuckled to himself in disbelief at how silly this all was, but nearly started sweating when he reached her door; he slowly turned the doorknob, hating how loud it sounded when the door finally opened. He nearly dove inside the room and again, slowly closed the door behind him. Turning towards the bed, he found Emily waiting for him, head in her right hand, supported on her elbow.

She waved him over and made room behind her in bed, waiting for him to take off his pants before finally lying down. He was right; she was just being quiet since she knew she'd go against her parents anyway.

"Emmy, are you sure they won't check downstairs or something? I really don't want to give your dad any reason to hate me."

"Trust me, once they go inside that room they won't leave until it's almost noon; they're old, we've got the advantage here. And my dad's always hated you, I just don't know why - it's gonna make things really difficult for Thanksgiving, but we're gonna have to go through with it anyway."

She turned and kissed him goodnight, all her thoughts on getting some sleep with him there when she felt a soft touch along her stomach.

"Gabe, I wanna sleep this time, really!"

"Yeah? Then why'd you call me over? I think you're just trying to play with my head, young lady."

"No, I didn't mean anything - can you just roll your r's again or something? Say some more Spanish things, anything that won't get me going."

"But I want you to feel like this - I'm doing this for you, so just be quiet and enjoy it."

He let his fingers dance their way down her belly, stopping at the waistband of her blue boy-shorts for just a second before they kept going. He cupped her mound with his whole hand, loving how hot she was down there, making his hand feel clammy after a few moments. She purred and slightly bent at the waist, a dull ache growing already; she nearly let out a moan when his fingers started moving again.

He took his middle finger and slid it along her lips, making sure his hand stayed cupping her as it moved. He took it out for only a second as he offered his finger to her, waiting for her tongue to make it wet enough before slipping it back down. She clenched her hand on his thigh as he slowly rubbed her, always in awe at how he could be so much better at something she'd done for years before meeting him.

He loved the way she tensed all over, knowing it was him making her feel like this; his hand on her, his lips at her neck now, watching her try not to make any noise. Every time they touched or kissed (or more), it always felt like it was their first time all over again. It was like they were getting to know each other again, discovering just a tiny piece they somehow overlooked every single time.

His lone finger made way to his palm, and slow circles became quick rubs as she became wet on her own now. They could hear the wet noises as his hand started moving just a little quicker, but still slow enough to not burn her out; nothing worse than too much too early and then not being able to go over. Her fists clenched around the bed sheet, making him have to lean over more to get a better angle. She closed her mouth and tried to hold off whatever noises made their way up her throat, her thighs tightening around his wrist in an effort to save her.

This just let him know she wanted more.

A lone gasp escaped her as she whispered his name, feeling that ache so much deeper, starting to tie itself around her inside, and finally loosening. When he felt her shudder, jerking forward and away from him, he pushed down slightly over her little hood, covering that tiny hard button, sending his finger off by itself to rub up and down her lips. With his left hand he covered hers, slipping his fingers through her own, kissing her jawline as she came down.

When the only noises left were his slow kisses on her, he moved his hand out and slid it up her chest, her juices staying on her skin. He leaned over even more and kissed it, his tongue tasting her on herself. Could warmth be a taste? Her skin tasted...warm, that fresh smell that she always seemed to have, almost like magic to him. She smiled and pulled his head away, fearing that he'd start tickling her and give them both away to the others. He went back to lying behind her, promising her to be good from now on.

"Night, Emily..."

"...night, Gabe."


Gabe was rubbing shampoo on his hair, remembering the night before, up to waking up early and going back to the couch. He hadn't really been able to sleep, so he decided he might as well get his shower over with before the others needed the room; he did not feel like battling the other three women he was sharing the bathroom with.

Just as he was about to turn off the water and dry off, the door opened, almost making him let out a yelp (but a manly yelp at that). Before he could stick his head out the side of the curtain and yell out, he saw Emily stripping off in front of him.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?! Are you trying to get us caught or something?"

Emily just rolled her eyes at him and lifted off her shirt, giving him a view of his favorite bra of hers; it was yellow with wild colors all over it. She actually stood there and let him look at her, turning side to side before breaking out in laughter and taking it off. She made him scooch over and give her room, instantly taking over the entire stall - this was her bathroom now, and he was simply standing in it.

He watched quietly as she squirted some of her own shampoo into her hand, the smell of fruits and oils making him breathe her in deeply. She turned her back to him knowing what their morning routine was: he reached over for the soap and began massaging the foam into her, his hands slipping and sliding into whatever part of her they could reach. Sure, he was always spent more than enough time in a few places, but she never complained, letting him wash her body while she focused on her long hair. She ducked under the water again and rinsed it off, turning to him but pouting when she saw he was already done.

"I was about to dry off when you came in", he explained as he used his hands to remove some of the foam still on her. He grinned at her and lowered his hands, making her blush after last night.

"Oh no, you already tried that already - I think I'm clean enough for the day, don't you?"

"I don't know", he remarked, going down to his knees, "I think I should make sure before we get out."

She turned off the water as he licked his way up her thigh, the feeling of his tongue in such a place bringing that familiar dull sensation back. She rested a foot on the edge of the tub, opening her legs for him and making things easier for them both. He put his hand on either leg and went down on her, sticking out his tongue and flicking it back and forth over her clit. She seemed to think it was too much because she put her hand on his head and pushed him away a little, so he calmed down and aimed a little lower.

His tongue slid down between her lips, drawing a gasp from her as he barely touched her center, the tip of his tongue quickly dipping into and out of her. He put his whole mouth on her after his tongue tired, using his lips to touch more of her; she smiled and sighed contentedly as he feasted on her. The small wisp of dark hair on her tickled his nostrils while he sucked her outside lips into his mouth, passing his tongue while holding them between his lips. He kneaded her ass while he sucked and licked her, loving how the tone of her legs made way to such soft flesh.

She held onto the curtain bar with one hand while the other still gripped his hair, pushing him into her now. He kept moving his tongue in and out of her until he felt her legs tense, a few drops from within her falling onto his face while she came. He drank her in while she finished, standing up and kissing her as a few of the last shocks made their way out of her system.

Holding him by the waist, she kissed her way down his chest, his erection now bobbing up and down in anticipation; she gripped him at the base and lifted it as his turn came. She ran her tongue up the soft skin under his shaft, feeling his entire body shake already. She thought his reaction was odd, considering this wasn't exactly a rare act between them, but shook the thought away and kept going.

Gabe stifled a groan as she covered the tip with just her lips, letting her tongue slide between them and bathe its head. She took him out and was about to do it again when a voice pulled them back to reality.

"Whoever's in there, can you please hurry up? You're not the only one who needs to shower!"

They looked at each other and dried themselves off quickly as footsteps faded away, Emily nearly slipping on the floor since they'd thrown water everywhere. She wrapped a towel around herself and covered her hair with another, gratefully slipping back to her room as no one else saw her. Gabe stayed behind and shaved as quickly as possible, worried that whoever it was might let it slip that they'd taken a shower together.

Emily waited quietly on her bed, still wrapped in towels when the door opened and in walked Vanessa.

"Gabe's in the shower?", she asked, raising her eyebrows at her twin.

"Yeah, I'm waiting for him to be done so I can get ready."

"Your hair's wet - were you in there with him?"

"You should shut up now, Nessie."

"Oh come on, you two were going at it last night; can't you two just get through a couple hours before fucking?"

"Oh my god you perv, were you listening at the door us or something?"

"Please, I think I know what a woman moaning sounds like. I'm just saying, you weren't as quiet as you think you were, and I had to explain to poor Susan that no, Gabe wasn't hurting Emily."

Emily let out a deep sigh and crossed her arms, trying not to let her anger show again; Vanessa noticed and sat down next to her, knowing when her sister wasn't in the mood for jokes. "I don't get it", wondered Emily, "I mean, we're obviously the same age, but you can go ahead and spend the night with Susan and Dad doesn't bat an eye."

"But Gabe stayed the night here, so..."

"That's not the point - I'm annoyed that Dad just wants to pretend we don't live together or something."

"Yeah well, I don't envy you there; we met Susan and Gabe at the same time, but maybe they just haven't gotten to know him as well as they got to know Susan. Susan and Mom are not like Gabe and Dad, remember that."

Vanessa got up and kissed her sister on the forehead, closing the door behind her. Just a second later, Gabe walked in with a pained expression on his face. "I think I might be sick", he remarked, holding a hand to his midsection as he was nearly bent over in pain. She quickly got up and went to him, helping him sit down on the bed; she got some pillows together behind him and rested his head on them.

"What happened? You were fine a few minutes ago."

"I don't know, but it hurts like hell...think it might be something I ate yesterday?"

"No, I don't think so...hmm, let's go downstairs, maybe you're just hungry since we skipped dinner yesterday."

She dressed quickly and waited for him to be done, since he was doing everything slowly; they walked down the stairs hand in hand and met everyone down at the kitchen table.

"Hey you two!", greeted Mrs. Myers, a plate of omelets and bacon in each hand as she walked over to the table. They joined the group and talked about their plans for the day, agreeing to do their Christmas shopping so that they would only have to worry about Thanksgiving dinner the next day.

Gabe let out another low groan, getting Emily to think about what was bothering him so much. Everyone else had already gotten up, putting on their coats and gloves, when Emily told them she and Gabe would go in a separate car.

"Mom, I don't think Gabe is feeling very well; I'll go get him something to take, but you guys go ahead, we'll catch up later." Her mom didn't seem very convinced, but one look at Gabe let her know she was telling the truth; the poor guy looked like he'd been kicked in the stomach.

Emily helped him up the stairs, trying to see what the hell was making him feel like this. She told him to look in the medicine cabinet while she checked the one downstairs, but she seemed to have realized something when she'd left his side.

"Oh, I'm such an idiot! Babe, I think I figured out what it is...but you're gonna have to come down here again."

Gabe rolled his eyes and made his way downstairs, trying to ignore the throbbing ache.

"Emmy, I don't think it's my stomach...I think it might be a little lower than that", he told her, embarrassed now that he realized what it could be.

"I know - when was the last time know?"

It seemed she'd reached the same conclusion he did.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

She couldn't answer him because she was bent over on the floor, laughing her ass off at him.

"Emily, I'm in horrible pain, possibly with internal bleeding or something, and you're laughing at me?"

She wiped tears from her eyes and shook her head at him, having to restart what she had to say because she was laughing so much.

"You-you have blue-I GAVE YOU BLUE BALLS!", she managed to gasp out, completely ignoring the unimpressed face he had on. She got up after a few minutes and kissed him, trying to make up for what had happened. "I'm sorry, it's just...when was the last time you actually came, babe?"

He thought back to this morning, when they were interrupted right as she was going down on him....then when they were in bed that night, he only pleasured her...and then earlier that day, they'd fallen asleep. Even going back to before they'd arrived (looking back, they'd had too many encounters since getting here), he couldn't even remembering when they'd made love, what with getting everything ready and running around for last-minute errands...

He looked down at her and shrugged, which made her noticeably sad. She crossed her arms around his neck, bringing his face down to hers and kissing him at length; when they parted, she put her head on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry I've been so selfish, I didn't realize I'd been teasing you so much...but, we have plenty of time right now to fix that, so here-" She walked over to the couch and laid her stomach down on the armrest, standing on the floor to the side of the couch while holding herself up by her elbows. She reached back, lifted her short, black skirt, and pulled her panties to the side, looking back at him expectantly; he simply stood there looking at her.

"Come on, we don't have all day - just stick it in, Gabe."

"Wha-stick it in? That's it?! That's the best you can come up with, that's how you're gonna seduce me?..."

"Pshh, I'm a woman, I don't even need to seduce you, honey", she answered, shaking her backside at him. He shook his head and started taking off his jeans where he stood.

"Okay, we are so gonna talk about what you just said...after we finish doing whatever this is."

"Oh no", she talked back, shaking her index finger at him, seeing him begin to kneel again, "you are not gonna do that again. This is for you now, so don't worry about making me feel good and just worry about yourself right now." To add to her point, she put her head back down on the couch and lifted her butt up in the air, almost as if she were presenting herself to him. "C'mon, otherwise my family will find another way to ruin this for us."

Gabe pulled down his boxers and stepped out of them, standing right behind her center; she reached under herself and took hold of him, lining him up. She still held him as he pushed forward, feeling him finally enter since at least a week before. Her moan continued for as long as his first stroke took him inside her, not stopping until he was all the way in.

"Ooohh fuck, babe...just stay like that for awhile, okay?"

He nodded, time having robbed him off whatever tolerance he'd learned as a lover; he was already feeling the knot at the base begin to harden. By the time she nodded back, it'd subsided somewhat, but he knew he wasn't going to be able to do much for her, even if she wasn't looking for it.

He slid back out until just the head remained inside, the walls inside her pushing his foreskin back over his shaft; he plunged back in and felt the loose skin be pulled back again. Whatever ache he'd felt around there almost immediately disappeared, proving what his situation seemed to be; he just couldn't believe he actually felt that after only worrying about it once before in his life, when he'd just started puberty.

She was bracing herself against the couch, bent lewdly over the armrest as he went in and out of her, the only sounds in the room those of their skin slapping together. He quickened his pace, almost pounding into her from behind now. She moaned again at how odd it felt to simply jump into it; he always preferred at least some foreplay before making love, which is also why they kept being interrupted before she could even start to please him.

She felt his hand on the side of her face, softly pulling her up to his own, and she got up and put her lips to his; despite kissing her, he still didn't miss a beat, still grabbing her by the hips, pulling her back as he pushed forward into her. She could hear his breath become desperately ragged, knowing he was finally close to cumming.

When she heard the couch creak, she looked sideways to see he'd also gotten up on the armrest, resting both his knees to either side of her and simply moving his hips back and forth. One hand was on the back of the couch, holding him up, while the other was on the small of her back, keeping them both aligned. He was now above her as well as behind her, and this new angle meant he could fuck even deeper into her, his balls smacking against her thighs as he went faster than ever before. Each stroke went all the way in and then back out before she could even count, shutting her eyes and losing herself to him, to something they hadn't enjoyed in far too long.

She finally felt him grow to as big as he could be, his quick pace slowing almost instantly to just one or two hard, slow, deep penetrations, feeling his warmth spread inside her as he pushed all the way in. He stayed completely inside her, catching his breath while he released everything he'd been holding back in into her; he put his feet back on the floor, still not wanting to slip out of her. He fell down onto her back, kissing his way up her back, tasting the sweat forming on her skin. Just when she thought he would slip out, he pulled back slightly and pushed back in, trying to get pleasure from their high for as long as they were still on it.

He finally moved out of her and let out a deep sigh, feeling a calmness in him he hadn't felt in days. As she turned around, he saw she was gasping too, a wild look in her eyes from what had just happened; she grabbed him by his collar and crushed her lips to his, drawing blood from their collision but not even caring in the moment. They pulled away and looked around them, at his clothes on the floor, the sofa moved a few feet off to one side, the armrest shining with her sweat. She looked down and noticed his cum starting to drip from inside her, making her cover herself and walk quickly to the guest bathroom nearby. He decided he might as well start getting dressed while she cleaned up.

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