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Giving Good Head


Giving Good Head, or How I Learn To Stop Worrying And Love The Cock.

I love cock. I just do. To me, there is nothing more exciting then making out a bit and suddenly feeling something hot and hard pressed against you. I love unzipping jeans and letting the monster spring up. I love touch, playing, poking, pulling, stroking, and most of all blowing a good hard cock. The following is just a short list of tips and tricks to try to get you to love cock like me.

Warming Up

When was the last time you gave your man the pleasure of head? Men go nuts love a good blow job for obvious reasons but there are things going on. Women are viewed as hard to make orgasm, men easy. A good man is thinking too much about making his partner happy first and puts himself second. Sometimes you just have to pamper him and make him feel special to show how much you love him. Sometimes you can throw him on the bed and do whatever you want with him to get out your frustrations.

Beat your man to the punch. Ask to give him head before he ever suggests it. Most head starts with a hand job, or a good rubbing while making out. My favorite time to give he is first thing in the morning. My man loves when I wake him up by blowing him, but always ask! The best time is just before he's falling asleep so he can dream all night about it and wake up to the reality of it.

Another great way to start it is to lick two fingers and rub him with the wetness. Even better is if you're wet, slip a finger or two in and rub that wetness on him. Cocks love four things: warm, tight, soft, and most of all wet.

Whether you're kneeling, laying down, sitting down or leaving over with him, you can always just lean over and kiss his cock. Soft little pecks on the head, on the shaft, on his balls, on his thigh. Nothing is more fun then giving his cock a little kiss and then pausing, waiting for him to beg me with his eyes just to keep going.

Getting to Work

There is no wrong way to give head. Trust me. Just think about what you like. Generally I start slowly, lightly. I kiss. I lick. I stroke. I gently wrap my lips around or stroke him across mine. Wet is very good, though I'm not a fan of spiting or just plan drooling, a wet mouth is usually enough to get him slick. When he's good and slick you can move fast on him, but wait, tease, drag it out.

Don't ever forget his balls. Some might think they look a bit odd, feel strange but give them a good squeeze while you pump your mouth up and down on him. Lick them or best of all, suck on them. It will make him crazy. Other great spots to concentrate on are the sides of the shaft near the base, just behind the head, and the outer edge of the head.

Don't be afraid of using a bit of teeth. I know they always say don't, but trust me. Ever so lightly run them down the sides of his shaft. Rub them over his little veins and bumps. It the change in texture that he'll enjoy as long as you are careful not to bite.

The best thing you can possibly do is look him in the eyes as you blow him. Most men are visual. That why they love porn. Smile for him. Lick your lips. If you've got long hair, throw it around. Whisper to him. Good eye contact will tell you what he really likes. Maybe you can even let him take a few pictures while you go down on him to save the image.

New Things to Try

A "True" Blow Job: Lick you man slick and wet all over. now pretend that your blowing on a candle, enough to make it flicker but not got out. Its a cool blast that will make him tingle.

Lip Smacking: Put as much of him in your mouth as is comfortable. Suck on him as hard as she can and slowly pull up. When you get to just his head, suck hard as you can and then pull off completely. Most men love the sound of the wet pop as much as the feeling.

A "Hummer": As you pump or bob your head on him, hum or moan. Do this especially load when he's filling your mouth. If you get a strong even sound you can feel like a vibrator.

The Slap: Some guys just go crazy for a slap across you tongue. The sound, the feeling can be amazing change. Ask first, or simply do this very lightly. Or even better, let him slap you with it.

Finish Him

Watch your man to know when he's close to cumming. Some men will want to get in a hand in to finish, don't be offended. Also, if he close, just keep up exactly what your doing. If you change angles of speeds it may feel to different and set him back a bit. Encourage him to tell you what he's going through.

A great way to get good speed is to wrap one hand a bit tight around the base of him, and just bucking hard on the rest. That allows you to cover his cock completely without having to deep throat. If you have problems taking him all in, like his PA tickles your throat like my man, just go slow and don't worry about gagging. It will happen, just pull off and collect yourself and try again. If it's too much take a break or let him play with you for a bit.

I'm a girl not only swallows but loves a good cum all over. If you don't like to swallow, let him cum on your neck or chest. It's a naughty secret to share between the two of you and will drive him nuts.

Remember to just have fun. Play. I say that a cock is the best toy to have the world.

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