tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGiving Her What She Wanted Ch. 01

Giving Her What She Wanted Ch. 01


Annie woke up and moaned. Her head hurt a little and she wondered why.

Turning her head she saw a man sitting on a couch next to her. He was naked except for the ski mask on his head. His green eyes studying her.

She tried to sit up and realized she was tied spread eagle to the coffee table. She looked down and realized she was naked as well.

"What is going on?" The man stood up, moving closer to her. She got a good look at him and swallowed in fear. God he was big. He had to be a foot taller than her five foot three frame and at least 100 pounds heavier. He was muscular, strong enough to do what ever he'd wanted to her which caused a jolt of fear to run through her. Then she looked down and saw he was hard. He had to be at least 10 inches long and three inches wide.

She knew he was going to rape her and there was nothing she could do about it.

He leaned down, brushing her hair back from her face.

"What..." His finger covered her mouth stopping her.

When she tried to talk again he quickly put a ball gag in her mouth, tying it behind her head. He stood up then, moving between her spread legs.

She tried to beg him to stop through the gag but he ignored her.

She watched as he reached under the coffee table, pulling things out she still couldn't see. She tried to move her arms and legs, testing her bounds. She wasn't going anywhere.

Panting in fear she watched him. He was holding a small tub and she watched as he stuck a wooden tongue into it. Her eyes grew big and she shook her head rapidly as she realized he was holding wax and he started to put it on her crotch.

It felt warm against her and she tried to move away from him. He ignored her still, placing a piece of cloth over the wax before moving to the next side and repeating the process. Once it was dry he looked into her eyes and yanked the first piece off.

She threw her head back and screamed around her gag as her hair was ripped from her crotch. He waited for her to calm down, lightly rubbing the hairless area before pulling the next one off.

She screamed again, panting at the pain as his hand slowly moved over her bar areas.

She just had a little area left and he waxed that as well. A few stray hairs were left and he plucked them out one by one, watching her cry as he did so. When he was done he washed her, removing the last pieces of wax.

Her freshly waxed skin was so sensitive she couldn't hold back the moan and she saw him smile behind the ski mask. He moved up to kneel by her head, pulling her hair back into a pony tail. Then he stared into her eyes as he moved to put a pair of swimmers goggles over them.

They completely blinded her and she screamed behind her gag, thrashing against her bounds.

She felt him move back between her legs, separating her cunt lips and his tongue on her clit. Closing her eyes she moaned in pleasure. How could she be turned on by this? This was rape, wasn't it? Still it had been six months since anyone but her had touched her down there and even though she was terrified she was enjoying what he was doing.

He pushed one finger into her, fucking her with it as he sucked on her clit until she moaned. Then she felt a riding crop come down on her left breast. At the same time he turned his head and bit her inner thigh. She screamed in pain and pleasure as he repeated the action, lulling her in to pleasure before biting her right breast and thigh.

He whipped her several more times between sucking on her clit, biting her body. Then he entered another finger into her.

Her body moved, begging him to let her cum. She needed to cum!

She was thinking that maybe this wouldn't be so bad when she felt a riding crop lash down on her stomach. Then he placed a finger at the opening of her ass, pushing it into her, moving it in and out her before adding another one.

Her back arched and she screamed again, the pain mixed with the pleasure he was forcing on her. Then she felt his fingers, wetter than before, entering her ass. He moved them, lubing her up before she felt something else at the entrance of her ass. It was wider and he teased her opening with it, barely pushing it in before pulling it out.

He pushed it into her and she felt it widen with every inch. She gasped, feeling her ass stretching as more and more of it entered her. She started gasping again and he shoved hard, forcing more of it into her.

She squealed, her body thrashing, trying to get away from him. He just twisted the tip as he pushed the rest of it in her hard. She felt her ass closed around the end of the plug and he patted it. She jolted, feeling the jolt deep in her bowls as she tried to get used to her ass stretching.

Then she felt him move and came up to her head again.

He pulled her to the end of the table to where her head was hanging off and pulled the ball gag out. Before she could close her mouth he replaced it with a ring gag, tying it tight.

Then she felt his cock enter her mouth through the gag. Felt the head filling her mouth, stretching her wide as he continued to push into her until he reached her throat.

He was too big, there was no way she would be able to deep throat him. He seemed to have other ideas though and pushed more of himself into her, thrusting.

She gagged but he ignored it and with each thrust pushed a little more into her. He actually went down her throat, blocking off her air with his thrusts and she prayed he'd run out of cock soon.

Her throat struggled to admit him, squeezing around him as she tried to swallow him. She heard him moan, his hands tightening on her head before he thrust a little harder into her. She squealed around his cock, drawing another moan out of him.

After that he thrust harder, forcing her to take him again and again until his balls touched her nose. She could feel his cock stretching her throat and he ran his hands over her throat until she started to struggle. He pulled back, letting her take a breath before pushing back into her.

He did this several times until she stopped gagging, until she only concentrated on breathing. Her throat was raw but he didn't care. He leaned forward and bit her nipple, three of his fingers thrusting into her cunt as he started fucking her mouth hard. His thrusts made her head hit the side of the coffee table as he bit her other nipple. He sucked her hard, pain and pleasure filling her.

She could feel herself getting wetter and whimpered. She didn't want to get turned on by this. This stranger was raping her, forcing her to do things she'd never done before.

She tried to turn her head, to remove him from her mouth. It only caused him to push harder into her, holding her head to the coffee table with his hips as he leaned up, cutting off her air supply.

She didn't know the whipping was going to continue until she felt a slap on her clit. Her body arched and she screamed around his cock causing him to moan. He seemed to like that and started hitting her as he resumed thrusting into her.

He was moving so fast now she could hardly breathe. Her body betraying her, she felt her orgasm building.

With one hand he ran his hands over the welts forming on her body as he whipped her harder with the other.

Her inner thighs, clit and breasts were on fire. Her cunt begging for cock as the cock in her mouth fucked her harder.

Her body moving, searching for relief and he bent down to bite her clit. Instantly she cam, screaming around his cock, allowing him to go deeper as he continued to bite her to orgasm.

Her body jerked, lost in pleasure even as her body screamed for air. When he finally sat up and allowed her to breathe she relaxed, blinking away the black dots. Her reprieved didn't last for long.

His hands circled her throat, squeezing around his cock as he started fucking her mouth hard. She tried to fight him but couldn't bound as she was. He let her breathe, just barely, as he started moaning. Then she felt him swell even more in her throat before with one last plunge he started shooting cum down her throat.

"Swallow it bitch."

Annie had to swallow it or choke to death. It was hard to swallow with him filling her throat. He seemed to enjoy her struggles, moaning as with each swallow her throat tightened on him.

He pulled out, forcing her to suck him clean before pulling away. Annie lay there panting, recovering from the best orgasm she'd ever had, at the hands of a rapist no less, when she heard him pick up the phone.

"Come on in, she's ready."

She wondered what he was talking about when she heard a door open and several sets of foot steps. No! More of them! She started to struggle against her bindings again, praying she could get away.

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