tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGiving Her What She Wanted Ch. 02

Giving Her What She Wanted Ch. 02


They came at her all at once, none of them caring that she tied up and helpless. She was there to be fucked tonight and fuck her they would, in the dirtiest and worse way they could think of. They'd do things to her their girlfriends and wives would never dream of allowing.

She heard them surround her seconds before she felt fingers go to her wet cunt, stretching her before a hard cock was thrust completely into her as another pushed into her mouth. With the anal plug in her, the cock in her cunt felt impossibly huge.

They didn't give her time to adjust to them, just started thrusting, searching for their own pleasure.

Her crotch was so sensitive from the waxing, whipping and biting she could feel herself getting wetter as her body was used. The hair on the man fucking her tickling her already sensitive clit with each thrust causing her body to shudder with pleasure.

They were degrading her, making her enjoy it. Their hands pinching and pulling on her as she was moved back and forth between the two cocks. Luckily she was wet and it didn't hurt more than her pride after a few thrusts.

She felt her hands freed and tried to push the men away but her hands were grabbed and filled with cock. They guided her hands over them until she did what they wanted.

The cock in her mouth was thrusting hard and started to cum. She tried to swallow it all but some of it leaked out of the corner of her mouth.

"Slut!" She felt a flogger on her breasts and screamed as the cock pulled away from her mouth. "You don't waste cum!" One of them yelled as he whipped her five more times.

When the whipping was done another man thrust hard into her mouth. He held her still by her throat, uncaring of her comfort as he started thrusting.

The man in her cunt was slam fucking her now, pulling completely out of her before ripping into her cunt, making her burn, until he shot his load inside her.

Briefly she worried about getting pregnant. She'd never know who the father was. Then she felt another man between her legs and as he plunged his cock into her, all thoughts left her head.

He was larger than the last, his cock bent to where he rubbed against her g-spot hard. With in a few thrusts her body was jerking, cumming around his cock. The men laughed as she came, pulling and twisting her nipples harder. Her moans were too much for the man in her mouth and he shot his cum down her throat only to be replaced by another. He only lasted a few minutes in her mouth before he left his own deposit.

Again and again the men used her until each of them had cum inside her at least once. She had tried to count how many men were but it was impossible. Cum was dripping down her onto the table below and trails of cum ran down her cheek and chin.

After her first orgasm the others had come easier, harder. After each one she didn't think she'd be able to cum again and each time they proved her wrong. She didn't even try to move when they untied her nor did she see the camera in the corner recording it all.

She couldn't stand so they held her up, moving her over to the couch. They bent her over the arm rest, tying her legs to the couch legs. Her arms were tied behind her back as well, her elbows pulled together as close as they could go forcing her beast out further. Her sore nipples grazed the couch as she sobbed.

One of the men brought over the riding crop and the men took turns whipping her ass and thighs. They took great pleasure in whipping her inner thighs until she was crying.

Her ass was red by the time they were through with her and she cried out as a hand gently ran over her ass.

She struggled as she felt one of them pulled the butt plug out of her ass. She felt his thumbs holding her open as his thighs brushed the back of hers.

Oh god, he was going to fuck her in the ass.

She had never been fucked there and was terrified. She struggled, but hands held her down as one of them pushed the large head of his cock in her virgin ass.

Annie screamed, pain shooting up her back as he pushed harder into her.

He ignored her screams, the cock moving back and forth a little before grasping her hips and plunging the rest into her with one hard thrust.

Annie screamed again in pain, her ass clenching around him. He moaned as her muscles tightened around him, squeezing him hard.

She felt as if he'd ripped her in two. Her ass was on fire, the hair on his legs brushing against her welts, causing them to sting.

Then he started to move.

Annie cried out with each thrust, held down, forced to let him ravish her. Her abused nipples rubbed on the couch with each thrust, hurting even more.

Despite the pain she felt her cunt getting wetter, leaking down her thighs. Then she felt a finger on her clit then, flicking it in time to his thrusts. Despite the pain her hips started to move, wanting another orgasm, searching for it.

Feeling her thrusting back into him, he thrust faster.

At one time she had wanted this. Wanted to be used by men any way they wanted to use her, to be their play toy. But tonight wasn't about her desires, it was about what they wanted and she had no rites!

Her rapist kept a hold of her hips, drilling into her again and again. As she started to relax she started to enjoy the feeling of him tunneling her ass. Then one of the men grabbed her hair and pulled her up so he could sit under her.

Her mouth was lowered on to a hard cock. With out her hands she went completely down on it. After all the mouth fucking earlier, he went down her throat easily, even though he was as wide as the one in her ass.

In fact, none of them had been small. Each cock that had fucked her tonight and stretched her out, making her feel each curve, each vein as they fucked her.

The man she was sucking started moving her mouth up and down on him by her ponytail. Hands started rubbing her nipples as the two men fucked her from both ends. Every man had cum at least once so they could last a while.

The man in her mouth got up before he came and was replaced by another, and then another. It seemed they each were saving their cum to fill her ass but they didn't want to let her mouth go to waste either.

The ass fucker started thrusting harder into her, pulling out until only the head was into her before slamming fully into her. She started to shake, the anal fucking and clit stimulation to much for her. They freed her mouth, wanting to hear her cries as she came from the ass fucking.

When she came she clenched his cock, making him moan, thrusting harder until she felt the head swell deep in her bowls and shot six or seven shots of cum into her. He fell on her forcing himself deeper as a few more shots left him.

Slowly he pulled from her with a pop and moved to sit under her face.

"Clean me slut."

Annie didn't want to but tied as she was she couldn't stop him from lowering her mouth onto his cock. She tried to pull away when she tasted the mixture of his cum and her body but he jerked her down on him, filling her mouth even as another man filled her ass again with one thrust.

Crying, Annie did as he said, swallowing the mess. The man in her ass now was not as gentle as the first man had been and tunneled her hard until he came. He had her clean her too, which started a pattern.

Each man fucked her ass hard, some causing her to cum, others just fucking her raw. She cleaned each one afterward, her stomach turning. When they had all fucked her ass she was untied and placed on the floor. One of them knelt between her legs, fingering her gapping cunt and ass as she panted.

Her body was in pain from all the abuse and pleasure they had forced on her. She didn't know if she could take anymore.

"Look, they won't even close anymore." The man said placing three fingers in her cunt and then her ass.

"She's going to be pretty loose."

"I know how to fix that."

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