tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGiving Her What She Wanted Ch. 03

Giving Her What She Wanted Ch. 03


"I know how to fix that." One of them said, moving towards her.

He fell on her, plunging his cock into her cunt roughly before rolling over to where she was on top of him.

She didn't move, couldn't. She didn't have the energy. She could barely feel him as wet as she was even though he was a descent size.

He didn't seem to mind and another one moved in behind her, sliding his cock into her stretched ass.

Annie howled. Her sore cunt and ass stretched around them as they fought for room in her body.

There wasn't enough room for another in her ass but her attackers didn't seem to care. He just kept pushing as the man in her cunt held her down, forcing her to take it.

With a final grunt she felt balls slap into her cunt where the other cock was stretching her wide. Slowly both men pulled out of her to plunge back in.

It was too much for Annie and she tried to fight them but they held her steady and she couldn't do anything but take it. Take it as they double fucked her, take it as the men around them cheered, calling her a whore, bitch and slut.

After a while the pain was replaced with pleasure and she started to move with them.

They changed then, one of them pulling out of her as the other plunged into her so she was never with out a cock buried deep in her.

The man holding her moved her hips like he wanted and when Annie caught on he released her only to grab her breast and squeeze them.

She was really starting to get into it when one of the men released her gag and Annie flexed her jaw, grateful. Then she felt fingers in her hair and yet another cock was forced in her mouth.

"Bite me bitch and I'll fuck you up so bad you'll never be able to fuck again." Annie nodded, fear flooding her as she opened her mouth and sucked. Her mouth was sore, but she was too scared not to do as he said.

She hadn't really been able to suck them before with the ring gag, but now she did until he started moaning and thrusting into her throat. The fear heightened her desire.

It made her sick, knowing she was being turned on even as they degraded her again and again. Her throat had been fucked so much it hurt, but not as much as her ass and cunt.

Then the men in her cunt and ass picked up their speed and cock in her mouth matched it. It was too much for Annie and her body shook with yet another orgasm that didn't end until each of the men thrust hard into her, filling her with more cum.

Even then as they pushed her off of them on to the floor she could feel her womb humming in pleasure.

The next two men felt it too when they filled her with cock and started to work her over. Her body was so sensitive she couldn't stop cumming. Each touch caused her to shiver and moan, her body completely under their control. Her mind didn't work anymore. All she wanted was more cock, more cum, and they gave it to her again and again. She was just thier cum receptacle now.

They didn't last long in her ass or cunt as they were tight as they fought for room in her small body.

Eventually there were just two left and they did last a long time. The other men went to get beer while the men fucked her. It was obvious they had done this before because they knew just what to do with her body.

When she was close to cumming they would stop, soothing her body until she had calmed down before moving inside of her again. They did this to her over and over until she was begging them to let her cum, promising them she'd do anything.

They held between them, their knees on the floor, facing each other. Her legs were wrapped around one of there waists, her arms rapped around the others neck forcing her breast high. Each of them were buried balls deep in her, slowly rocking her back and forth between them. Her clit brushed against one of their stomachs, sending shivers of heat through her.

Another man brushed her sweet matted hair back from her face. His hand moved down to her breast, pulling the nipple until her arms and legs tightened, pulling both men into her. They sensed her surrender as the third man played with her body.

"Harder." The man said seconds before he nipped her nipple with his teeth. She'd been bitten and played with so much, it hurt and she screamed, trying to get away and the men fucking her really went to work on her. Driving up into her so hard her world spun.

She threw her head back, unable to make a sound as she squeezed them so hard they both started cumming with her. Still they thrust up in her until she'd milked ever last drop of cum from them. Then they tossed her to the floor and got a beer.

She was exhausted. She had no idea how long they had been fucking her but her cunt and ass were sore as she lay on the floor panting. His thighs and ass were coated with cum.

She could hear them around her, laughing as they looked down at her. Could feel their cum running down her thighs and pooling in her stomach. She had swallowed so much that it was making her nauseous.

They had to be slowing down. She'd lost count bust she knew that each of them had cum at least three times, probably more. A man could only get it up so many times right.

She had no idea how much time had passed when one of them rolled her onto her back and spread her legs. Instead of fucking her again he cleaned her up, washing the cum from her body. Then another set of hands picked her up and set her down on top of another man in the recliner.

"Ready for another round?"

"No...please." He ignored her, reclining back some, forcing her to lean back on him. Each of her legs were grabbed and tied over the arm rests, exposing her cunt and ass to every man in the room. He lifted her a little bit and she felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to her ass.

Even though her ass was gapping from use she felt his huge cock stretching her even more in this position and tried to struggle. Her hands were quickly grabbed and tied behind the chair. Then he grasped her hips and plunged into her in one stroke.

She sobbed, feeling as if she were being fucking in the ass for the first time again, stretched so much she felt as if she'd been ripped in two.

"Oh baby, we haven't given you a reason to cry, yet." Then they all laughed.

He rolled his hips, reaming her ass, stretching her sensitive tissues even more. He ignored her screams as he rapidly thrust into her a few times.

Two men started pinching her nipples as he thrust. Tied as she was she couldn't struggle. Then when they pulled away she felt two sharp bites of clamps on her nipples. Then she felt them put weights on them, making the biting even harder.

"Now you'll know what it means to be truly fucked." The man in her ass whispered in her ear, squeezing her breasts to get another scream out of her. "We've been fucking you for close to six hours and we've barely begun."

Six hours? No wonder she was so sore! Annie thought as another one step up in front of her and with out a word plunged his cock into her cunt. Her mouth fell open, no sound escaping as the two men ravaged her used body.

They each plunged into her fast, each filling her at the same time. They'd been fucking her two at a time for a while now. She didn't know if this hurt more because her tissues were so raw or because of the new position.

Annie moaned, crying as they filled her again. Then she gasped as one of them pulled the weights down, pulling on her sore nipples until she begged him to stop.

Her head was grabbed, forced back on her captures shoulders and a cock was plunged completely down her throat. He didn't want her to suck it; he was fucking her mouth just as hard and fast as the man fucking her cunt.

Other hands reached over and played with her breasts, pulling the nipple rings or slapping them. When they let them go, they would sway with the thrusts, pulling her nipples.

The man under her lifted her off of him a little so he could thrust harder and she screamed around the cock in her mouth. He seemed to last forever and she started to struggle as she felt faint.

"Ohhh. Do that again." The man in her mouth moaned so he did, over and over until with one last thrust he filled her with more cum.

The cock in her mouth pulled back a little and she took a deep breath. When he pulled out a trail of saliva came with him. She didn't even notice as the man in her cunt started going animalistic now, pounding into her so hard she thought she was going to pass out.

She felt him swell just before he started shooting his cum in her womb. The man under her groaned but continued his slow thrusts as the other stepped away.

She laid her head back, hoping they were done with her, knowing they weren't. Then she felt a few slaps to her abused cunt and gasped, sitting up as much as she could, forcing more of the huge cock further into her ass, causing her to scream again.

"Just wanted to make sure you were still with us." The man under her said as two more stepped up and plunged in to her free holes. That was all she was to these men, holes for their use and use her they did.

They acted like the men before them, fucking into her hard, hurting her, making her cum over and over.

But as this group fucked her she felt a hand reach down and start flicking her clit again.

"No... please..." She ripped her mouth off the cock and whimpered, fighting the orgasm his hand was driving her closer to. She had cum so much before she knew it would hurt if she did so again. She just wanted this to be over with but they had other ideas.

"I want you to cum on my cock." The one fucking her ass whispered as he bit her ear. One of his hands moved to her breast, rubbing the nipple lightly causing shots of pain and desire to shoot from her nipple to her cunt.

The other hand grabbed her throat and returned her head to his shoulder so her mouth could be fucked again. He held her like this as a cock filled her mouth until his balls rested on her nose.

As the men started to move, her capture rubbed his hand up and down her throat, masturbating the cock as it fucked her.

The cock in her cunt was getting ready to cum; she could feel it as it grew and started pounding into her even harder.

She screamed, crying around the cocks, but the men just laughed. The fingers on her clit moved faster and she could feel her womb tighten up, ready to climax.

Then they all stopped. Annie squirmed, held on the edge of release.

"Beg for it slut." The man behind her whispered. He wanted her to beg for them to rape her. She couldn't do it, shaking her head even as her holes tightened on them, trying to make them move.

His hand went to her clit, flicking it once and the man in front of her picked up the weights on her breasts before dropping them.

"Beg." He whispered again. She tried not to, she really did but he held her on the edge, making her go closer and closer until she couldn't take it anymore.


"What do you want?"

"Please fuck me." She whispered, moving her hips.

"Not good enough slut." He flicked her clit again and her body tensed but release didn't come.

"Oh god!" She screamed. "Fuck me! Use me, do what ever you want to me, just let me cum!"

They could feel her climax approaching too and all three of the men started plunging into her a the same time, faster and harder until she couldn't fight it anymore and her eyes flew open behind the goggles as her body shattered.

They pounded her threw it, yanking the nipple clamps off.

Her nipples felt like thousands of needles were poking them as blood flowed threw them again, making her orgasm go higher and higher before her entire body tensed and then convulsed harder than ever before. She twitched around their cocks, begging for them to stop, begging for it to never end.

She felt each of them fill her with cum, felt the swelling and the wetness and came again.

She felt two of them pull away and be replaced even as the world went black.

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