Giving In


This story is an account of what happened to me almost 10 years ago. It feels like a lifetime ago at this point but this is almost exactly how I remember it. I took a few liberties to try and make it a better read and changed the names but aside from that it is very accurate.

Key Characters

Amy: I am 25 years old, 5'5,115 pounds. My breasts are right between a large a cup and a small b cup. I have a nice round ass and fairly muscular legs. Guys have always found me very attractive. But I am far from your typical beauty queen, I have a very pretty face and perfect teeth but I have black hair, fair skin and dark brown eyes. I was working as a secretary for a mortgage company at the time of this story.

Carrie: Carrie is the best friend I have ever had; we have practically been sisters since we were ten years old. She is 25 years old, 5'8, 120 pounds. Her breasts are full c cups and her body is curvy and athletic. She is your typical beauty queen and guys have fawned over her since middle school. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and always seems to have perfectly tanned skin even in the winter. In fact she is pretty much perfect in every way; but she has never acted as if she is better than me or anyone else for that matter. Carrie is in medical sales.

Keith: Keith is 25 years old, 5'10, 180 pounds. He has a muscular build with dirty blonde hair and greens eyes. We have been dating for the last 4 years and live together in an apartment. Keith worked at a car dealership selling cars but recently lost his job and is collecting unemployment.

Craig: Craig is 26 years old, 6'0, 215 pounds. He is very muscular and handsome, he has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Craig gets around when it comes to women. He treats his girlfriend's poorly but his good looks and nice body make it easy for him to find a new one. However most of his relationships are very short lived since no woman will deal with his demeaning attitude for very long. He works construction.


In our high school there were two major cliques that did not get along at all. One consisted mostly of guys on the baseball team and the other consisted of guys from the football team, but there were plenty of guys in either click that did not play any sports. .The two groups never got along, there were always fights, and it got so bad that at one point the entire student body was brought into auditorium and reamed out by the principal. Carrie and I were friends with both groups but we were girls so the guys did not really care. Carrie hooked up with a few guys from both groups; she was certainly no slut but had her share of guys. I was never that type of girl though and never slept with a guy that was not my boyfriend, actually I'd only been with three men before this story took place.

Keith and Craig hated each other with a passion; they were bitter rivals and were always trying to outdo each other. Keith played baseball and Craig played football. They had gotten into fist fights on far more than one occasion, my poor Keith usually lost since he had a considerable size disadvantage. The guys that are still around still do not associate with the other group, but there is no real animosity between anyone anymore, with the exception of Keith and Craig their hatred still exists to this day.

Keith and I started hanging out a lot after high school, I really liked him, but at the same time Craig started really putting on the moves towards me. He was acting really sweat to me and that was way out of character for him, his good looks really helped his case too. I was stuck in a love triangle and it was very obvious to me that I was their latest competition. Craig and I ended up making out with some heavy petting but it never went any further than that, I remember that I found him extremely physically attractive. However, I felt no emotional attachment, plus he had a terrible reputation. In the end I chose Keith, we had great chemistry and a lot in common.

I loved Keith but the down side was that Carrie started dating a guy in the other clique. Keith was extremely adamant about me not hanging around those guys so I hardly got to spend any time with Carrie.


Keith had been laid off over 3 months ago, he was collecting unemployment but he was not even looking for another job. He spent all day playing video games and most nights drinking beers with his friends. I was working full time. I would not have minded but he was still not helping with any of the chores around the apartment. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, making the goddamn bed, you name it and he was not doing it. It was driving me nuts, I felt like I was drowning. Out of anger and a bit of rebelliousness I started spending some of my free time with Carrie. I was however neglecting to mention to Keith that a lot of the guys he hated were there too. The guys all knew I was dating Keith and never said anything remotely disrespectful about him. One Friday Carrie invited me to a pool party that one of her guy friends was throwing the next day. I declined, but when I woke up the next morning Keith was out playing soft and the mess he and his friends had left from the night before was infuriating. There was easily an hour worth of cleaning to do. I text Keith and told him I was going out with Carrie. I put on my black bikini bathing suit, it tied on the sides of the bottoms and on the back and around the neck of the top. I threw a tee-shirt and shorts on over top and called Carrie to find out the address. I grabbed my keys and was out the door. When I arrived it was a big house and there were easily 40 people there. There was loud music, barbequing, a hot tub, and people swimming in a very nice in ground pool.

I found Carrie and we played a few rounds of beer pong with some guys. Then we sat in the hot tub sipping beers. I was not crazy about drinking at 11am but it was great to party with Carrie again and I really needed to blow off some steam. We saw Craig walk around back to the party and Carrie told me I dodge a bullet by choosing Keith and that Craig was a real dirt ball.

I was feeling very drunk when Carrie ran inside to use the bathroom and I went to sign us up for another round of beer pong. I had not drank beer in almost a year and it was hitting me hard. As I was waiting I felt a hand rest on the small of my back. I turned around to see Craig standing behind me, he was shirtless and his muscular body and six pack abs looked like something out of a magazine, strong thick arms, broad round shoulder, his chest muscles were bigger than my boobs. He had always been muscular but he had put on a lot of muscle in the years since I last saw him. I stared as his body for too long and I began to blush knowing he noticed. He put his hands around my waist and pulled me in for a borderline inappropriate hug. I was turned on as his big hands slid around my lower back and my chest and stomach pressed against his hard muscular body, but I had a boyfriend and felt how touchy he was being was inappropriate. He hugged me for a bit too long and kissed me on the cheek; he moved back but kept his hands on my lower waist just above my hips. He asked me how I had been and I mumble that I was good. I felt a little annoyed that his hands were still on me but my eyes drifted down his muscular stomach and noticed that even the area just above his hips were muscular, I don't think there was an ounce of fat on his sexy body. My eyes went lower and looked at the bulge of his bathing suit, wondering if it was as big as the rest of him. He asked if I saw something I liked and I went beat red realizing that I had just checked out his package and he watched me do it.

I was so embarrassed, I just stood there speechless. My eyes shot around looking for an escape, I noticed Carrie sitting on her boyfriend's lap up on the deck, she was not coming back to save me. Craig asked me if I wanted a beer and I said yes; I was very drunk and did not need a beer but I was glad to not be stuck right in front of him with his hands on my waist.

I followed him into an opened door into the garage where there were two kegs in large buckets of ice. I planned on getting my beer then joining Carrie on the deck. It was dark in the garage but once my eyes adjusted it was not so bad. He asked me to grab two cups so I walked over to a work table in the corner with a stack of cups on it; I grabbed two red Dixie cups. When I turned around he was right behind me, I took a stepped back but bumped into the table, he stepped forward until his body was almost touching mine. He looked down at me and I just stared back up at him. He reached out and took the cups out of my hands and tossed them back onto the table, then lowered his hands to my hips. I placed my hands on his stomach to push him off of me but when I touched his rock hard abs I just kept my hands there lightly moving my fingers over the ridges on his stomach.

I knew it was wrong but he was so hot and I could feel the heat growing between my legs. Plus the alcohol was really effecting my otherwise good judgment. I broke eye contact looking down and told him we couldn't do this, still lightly feeling his amazing stomach. He brought one of his hands up under my chin and raised my head until I was looking at him again. The hand on my hip slid back onto my ass and pulled my hips toward him until we touched, I could feel a hard warm bulge in his bathing suit pressing into my waistline. He let the hand on my chin slide down my chest and he began to run his fingers just under the edge of my bathing suit top.

He was so hot and I really, really wanted him. But I could not cheat on Keith, least of all with Craig. Maybe Craig would not tell anyone. Maybe it could be our little secret. But he did have a terrible reputation. Then again I wanted to fuck him not date him. But we did not have protection. As I was going crazy in my head Craig put both hands on my hips and lifted me until my ass was resting on the edge of the table. His hips were now even with mine and he moved forward between my legs, I slowly spread my legs as he moved closer allowing his large bulge to press up against my now soaked cunt. As they touched I let out a small moan.

He began to grind his hips into me and I closed my eyes as I slid my hand down to the sides of his waist until I felt the top of his bathing suit. I wanted to slide his shorts down but part of me felt like this might just be a way for him to hurt Keith. I ran my fingers along the top of his bathing suit until my hands met under his belly button. I was so conflicted. I slid my fingers down his waist band, but I did not push them down I just held on. He moved his hands to the sides of my bottoms and pulled the strings, untying them. They back fell down revealing my ass but the front was sandwiched between my cunt and the now massive bulge in his pants. He took a step back and my bottoms fell down in the front revealing my bald wet cunt. He moved his hands to his shorts and lowered them until his thick cock sprung out. His cock was fairly bigger then Keith's and thick and veiny, it was shaved balled. He slowly moved closer. I moved my hands to the front of his hips and pushed him away gently, and certainly not enough to stop him from moving closer. I had to stop this now before it was too late. My mind wanted to stop this but my body wanted it so badly. I watched his cock get closer and closer, it was an inch away when I told him to wait. I pressed firmly on his hips stopping him from getting closer. I told him we needed to stop and couldn't do this. But he kept pushing and my will was weakening. I stopped pushing and his thick warm cock made contact, my mouth dropped open. He rubbed his cock down my wet slit and I let out a loud moan as he found my opening. I looked at him and he gave me an arrogant smile. I wiggled my hips and whimpered practically begging for it.

He put one hand on my ass and his other hand slowly aimed his cock as the tip of his head began to push in between my cunt lips. I shut my eyes and bit my lip, eager with anticipation. Just then three guys walked into the garage. I immediately snapped back to reality, and wondered what the fuck I was doing. I pushed him back and started tying my bottoms, by the time they noticed us I had one side tied and was working on the other side.

Craig slid his cock back in his shorts then turned around and yelled at them to get the fuck out. They hurriedly left. By the time the last one walked out I was half way to the door. Craig grabbed my hips from behind and stopped me from walking; he ground his bulge into my ass and kissed my neck. I told him that I could not believe that almost happened and that it was a mistake. I tried to pull away but he slid one hand around my hips and down between my legs, he rubbed his finger along my slit and I moaned and laid my head back on his shoulder. I hesitantly spread my legs slightly and he began to rub feverishly and I felt a chill go up my spine and my knees felt weak. He kept going and I slid my hand back and rubbed the bulge in his pant.

He removed his hand from my crotch, grabbed my had and practically drug me to the door leading inside, once inside we turned right and walked into a pretty large bathroom, he closed and locked the door. I regained some composure and decided this needed to stop. As he approached me I placed my hand on his chest holding him away and told him we really could not do this. He just looked at me then slid his bathing suit down and off. I just stood there looking at his cock. He told me to go ahead and leave if I did not want this to happen, that the door was right there and he would not stop me. I wanted to storm out of the bathroom but my feet did not move.

Still almost at arm's length away he reached over and pulled the strings on my bottoms untying them; they fell to the floor. He walked around behind me, still not touching me, and untied both ties on my top. I was completely naked. Normally I would have been so embarrassed to be naked in front of anyone other than Keith but I was very drunk and very horny. He walked over to the counter and leaned back casually, his large erection pointing straight out, I could not take my eyes off of it. I just stood there as if not moving was the last bit of protest I had left in me. He told me to "come here," in a calm and cool manner.

He had won and he knew it. I slowly walked over and stood directly in front of him. I stared at his cock; I did not want to make eye contact, as I felt too defeated to look him in the eyes. He just stood there leaning against the counter, I looked up at his face for some instruction but he was staring down between my legs. Up until now he was making all the moves but now that he had me he was making me put forth some effort. I reached out with both hands and grabbed his cock; he let out a sigh when I wrapped both hands around it. It was warm and thick, I wanted it inside me. I moved closer and his cock made contact with my belly as I began to jerk him with both hands. He pulled away and walked over to the toilet as I was forced to release my grip. He put the lid down then sat down. He leaned back slightly put his hands behind his head and let out a sigh as if he was relaxing. He looked at me then gestured with his eyes down toward his cock. I walked over and straddled him he placed both hands on my ass, I placed one hand on his shoulder and with the other hand I reached down and aimed his fat cock as I lowered myself down onto him.

I was so wet that the head slipped right in. I placed both hands on his massive shoulders as I began to slide down his cock. I moaned as is stretched its way in, it felt amazing and I could feel tingles of pleasure growing as he went deeper and deeper. I thought he was all the way in but he pulled my hips down further until I had my full weight on his lap. Nothing had ever been that deep inside me before and it felt strange, but in a good way. His mouth found my nipple and I started slowly grinding on his cock. His hands were on my hips forcefully trying to quicken my pace, I went with it and soon I was riding him like an animal. He used his hands to guide my hips and soon I was rising up and letting gravity slam me back down. The room was filled with the sound of skin slapping and my moaning.

This went on for at least ten minutes. One of his hands was holding my breast trying in vain to align my nipple with his mouth as I bounced on his cock, his other hand was around my ass and he had a finger pressing on my ass hole. I was nearing an orgasm but the pain in my legs was really distracting me.

I suddenly stopped and climbed off, he looked confused until I walked over and bent over the counter. He lept up, got behind me, and wasted no time inserting his thick cock. He gave my ass a smack and we both laughed. There was a mirror directly in front of us now and it turned me on incredibly to see the look on his face and his muscular body as he fucked me from behind. He grabbed roughly onto my ass cheeks then began thrusting into me. I could feel my orgasm rising almost immediately.

His hands were alternating between my tits and ass as he pounded my cunt. I was about to cum and began slamming back to meet his thrusts. He reached his hand around and stuck his thumb in my mouth, I did not think much about it I just sucked it but then he pulled it out and placed it on my ass hole. I had never had anything in my ass so I was nervous but as he pressed in my ass seemed to suck it in and he held his big thumb in there as he fucked me.

It sent me over the edge and I had an amazing orgasm, it nearly brought me to tears as my body was over whelmed with pleasure, my body spasmed, and my every breath came out as a moan. It lasted for almost a full minute before I started coming down. It was by far the greatest orgasm of my life. In a voice that I can only describe as laughing and moaning at the same time I told him something along the lines of how amazing that just was. He must have liked what I said because he got a big smile on his face and picked up his pace.

I was still getting occasional waves of pleasure through my body when I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess, my breast were hanging and flying back and forth with every thrust, my eyebrows were down as if angry and tightened with every thrust, and my mouth hung wide opened. Watching myself sent my mind back to reality for a moment and I felt really bad that I let this happen. Poor Keith, this would break his heart; I wondered why I did this. I looked back at Craig, he had a hand on the center of my back pushing down so my back was arched, his other hand was fondling my breast, and he was still pounding away. He smiled arrogantly when he saw me looking at him. He was such a jerk, why the hell did I let him fuck me.

Then I looked down at his stomach as it tensed with every thrust. His round shoulders, and strong arms. Those big strong hands as they touched my soft flesh. I felt pleasure building up again between my legs. Craig's thrusts began to slow and I wiggled my ass and made a whimper of disapproval. I made a pouty face and looked at him in the mirror. He slid his cock out; I raised my ass up and made a more demanding whimper.

He smiled at me and told me to lay on the floor, he said he wanted to look at my pretty face while we fucked. I do not know why but I thought that was sweet at the time. I lay down on the floor. It was freezing cold on my bare ass and back. He knelt down in front of me and I spread my legs wide for him. His cock looked wet and shiny. He leaned over me and looked me in the eyes as I reached down and positioned his cock. He leaned down and kissed me, our tongues met and I realized that we had been fucking for almost 45 minutes but this was the first time we kissed. Something about that just turned me on so much.

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