Giving In


He ran a hand over his shaven scalp as he entered his hotel room with a deep sigh. It had been a long day on set and all he wanted was a hot shower to ease the tension in his back. Going into the bathroom and stripping his clothes off; he turned the water on, testing it and adjusting the knob every so often before he stepped in, allowing the steamy water to stream over his head and cascade down his perfectly chiseled body.

His eyes closed, thinking back on the days events. They'd filmed the scene in which the lead character, Ritchie (Christian), comes over to Chris's (Vin) house to find a group of the brokers eating pizza, drinking beers and watching a football game. Chris had been sitting on the couch between Ben and Nicky. There was a bit of space on the couch between him and Nicky to allow Christian to sit comfortably on the floor in front of the couch; his head between Nicky's leg and his. He'd been very careful to keep the can in his hand over his groin for fear that one look at the younger man sitting in front of him would get his juices flowing all over again. He let out a sigh of frustration as he reached for the soap and began to lather up.

Okay so they'd almost kissed the other night while they partied after they wrapped it up for the day; big fucking deal. It was a drunken moment that had almost gotten out of hand. 'Almost' being the key word, he thought as he stepped into the water's passage again, rinsing the soap off of his almond skin. But still, the shorter man's firm body press against his own in a dark, empty alley had made him dizzy; and thinking about it was making him pant softly as his hands wiped the soap of his torso before reaching lower to where his muscle was slowly filling with blood. He wrapped a hand around himself, squeezing, willing it to stop when suddenly there was a harsh knock on the door. He groaned and turned, shutting the water off, before he reached for the fluffy over sized towel that hung on the rack and wrapped it loosely but firmly around his waist, not even bothering to dry himself off. The knock came again, this time harder and he stalked to the door two steps at a time.

"I'm coming!" he growled in his low baritone rasp before he reached the door, snapping the lock back and pulling it roughly open. His heart stopped when he saw that it was Christian. "What's up?" he asked nervously moving the door to cover his half naked body.

"Can I talk to you a second?" Christian asked taking a hesitant step forward. His tongue came out to lick at his lower lip before he nodded.

"Yeah, let me get some clothes on." He answered beginning to close the door only to be stopped by Christian's hand pushing against it, urging it open.

"This can't wait." He said, his blue eyes boring into Vin's brown ones. "Please. I'll just take a minute." He added.

"Okay" he sighed, pulling the door completely open allowing him to come into the room.

"Sorry I didn't mean to interrupt anything." Christian said turning to face him. "This is..." his voice trailed as his eyes lowered to Vin's naked upper half resting just above the towel. "important." He finished before cutting his eyes back up to look at the bigger man in the eyes again.

"It's okay, what's up?" he asked again, moving a little closer.

"I wanted to talk to you about...the other night." He began. Vin shrugged casually.

"What's there talk about? We were drunk, it was dark. Nothing happened." Christian nodded.

"Yeah you're right" he said stepping forward, looking up at Vin as he got closer and closer. "Nothing happened." His hand came up hesitantly and his fingers feathered Vin's bare chest. "I don't know why but I think I kinda wanted something to happen... I still do. What do you think that is?" he asked, his eyes following his fingertips as they danced over Vin's now heaving chest.

"I don't know." He breathed, his mouth hanging open slightly and his cock growing further causing a tent effect in the towel that still clung to his waist. A low growl came from his throat when Christian's fingers swept over his nipple and from the corner of his eyes he saw Christian's other hand go to his jean covered muscle, groping, stroking almost subtly. He took a breath and let his hand rest over Christian's, pushing it gently out of the way before he began to work his belt.

"Fuck" Christian muttered when he'd gotten his zipper undone, freeing his caged hard on and wrapped his strong hand around his thick veined cock. He looked up at the taller, buffer man and leaned up, counting on Vin to sense what he wanted since he couldn't quite reach the entire nine inches between them.

The corner of Vin's mouth quirked into a slight smile of amusement before he bent his head, meeting Christian's soft lips with his own, his tongue already pushing against the soft petals, begging for access. Christian opened his mouth, granting him entry and let a moan crawl into Vin's mouth when his tongue brushed against his, teasing, licking. His fingers went to the towel, whipping it off and letting it fall across the floor before his hand wrapped itself around his hardened meat. They stayed like this for several moments, kissing and stroking each other before Vin pulled back placing his free hand on Christian's chest.

"What? What's wrong?" Christian asked whimpering at the sudden loss of the hot, wet mouth on his.

"Nothing, I just think we need to move this to the bed." He breathed huskily into his ear, pushing him gently toward the bed in the center of the room. Christian allowed himself to be pushed back, toeing out of his shoes with his first two steps. Vin gave him a soft shove onto the bed, standing over him and licked his lips as he reached for his jeans and boxers in one grab and pulled them down. "Take that off too" he directed, gesturing at the T Shirt that Christian still wore. Christian didn't hesitate and ripped the shirt over his head, tossing it to the side as his eyes stayed fixed on Vin's naked body.

"Come here." He rasped, scooting back on the bed, urging the other man to follow him. Vin crawled onto the bed, hovering over Christian's body, their cocks mere inches away. He reached up and grabbed at the broad shoulder, trying to pull Vin on top of him but Vin held his position before his hips dipped letting his erection brush against the one underneath him. Christian's back arched at the contact and his eyes closed tightly, tongue snaking out to lick his bottom lip before his teeth bit down on it.

"Fuck" he spat as he looked on, Christian looked so sexy right now, eyes tightly shut, writhing underneath him as he worked his hips against him. He lowered his lips, tracing his mouth with tongue before he dropped his body against his, his hips rolling harder into him. Christian caught Vin's tongue gently with his teeth, pulling it playfully before bring his mouth up to crush against his with a loud moan. Vin's mouth trailed to his throat, sucking the pulse point at the base going lower onto his chest where he pulled his nipple into his mouth, sucking and biting it until it hardened before he repeated the act on the opposite nipple. "I wanna suck your cock" he whispered against his stomach eliciting an encouraging moan from the other man. His lips worked their way down to his throbbing meat that rested against his belly before he let his hot breath fan cross it's length making Christian arch towards the warm mouth hovered above his cock.

"Oh God, you fucking tease" he groaned, a half smile on his chiseled features. "Come on, V, put that shit in your mouth." He urged arching his hips again. Vin let a slow smile spread across his face before he let the head slip past his lips, tracing the slit with his tongue before he slowly sank down, taking him inch by inch. "Oh fuck yeah, that's it, suck my cock." He whispered huskily placing an encouraging hand behind Vin's shaved head, guiding him down gently, until he could feel his head touch the back of Vin's throat. Vin let out a growl sending the vibrations down Christian's length as he pulled back up slowly, sucking hard in the process until just the head rested between his lips. "Oh yeah, your mouth feels so good." Christian moaned pushing down gently on his head again. He slowly sucked in his length again, letting it brush the back of his throat and glided back up, picking up his pace after a few moments of the slow torture.

Christian looked down to watch as Vin's head bobbed in the center of his hips, moaning every time he took him down his throat. "Oh fuck, that's so fuckin' hot. Yeah, V, swallow that shit." Vin moaned at Christian's dirty words and sped up gagging a little before he pulled up, catching his breath, slobber linking his wet lips with the thick meat that still bobbed in front of him. "Oh God, do that again..." Christian begged before adding "choke on my cock. That sounded so good, do it again." He repeated, trying to guide Vin's head down again. He looked up at Christian, locking his eyes on him as he sank down on his length again letting it go down his throat and wiggling his head slightly before he gagged again and shot back up to catch his breath. Christian threw his head back with the sound and let out a growl from deep in his throat. "Fuck yeah." He moaned as Vin kept sucking harder and harder. Christian's eyes rolled to the back of his head as Vin kept sucking bringing him closer to the edge before giving him one final lick on the head. "OH FUCK!" Christian yelled, thrusting his hips against the warm, wet tongue.

"Mm." Vin groaned tucking his hands under Christian's knees and lifting him for better access to it, his tongue sought out. He flicked his tongue across it rapidly eliciting wild moans from the boy underneath him. He pulled back, easing Christian's legs back down onto the bed. "Turn around" he growled pushing himself to his knees on the bed. Christian obeyed him without hesitation and rolled onto his stomach, looking back at him with lust filled eyes. Vin immediately moved to straddle his legs. "I don't have any lube..." he said massaging the firm globes between his thighs, rubbing his glistening head against him. Christian arched towards the contact.

"I don't care..." Christian answered through clenched teeth, passion and want clear in his tone. Vin leaned down, tracing the contours of his ear before pulling his lobe between his teeth. He kissed Christian's cheek tenderly, kissed his back, moving lower to his toned ass, parting the cheeks with his hands before leaning in, applying his tongue to the opening of Christian's tight body. He licked slowly, making sure to use plenty of saliva before he wet his finger in his mouth and pushed against the hole, feeling the muscles resist at first and then give way as Christian forced himself to relax. Slowly he drew the finger back and plunged it back in slowly, giving time for Christian to adjust to the invasion. A few thrusts of his finger later he felt Christian push back against him and added a finger, dropping a bit of saliva down to lubricate the area more. Christian grunted as the second finger sunk into him, feeling his ass stretch. Vin's fingers twisted slowly and probed, once again, after a few pumps, Christian was thrusting back into his invading fingers, wanting more. "I'm ready for Christ-sake, fuck me already" He growled, pushing back hard against his fingers for emphasis.

"Alright." Vin whispered retracting his fingers before positioning Christian on his hands and knees and then positioning himself at his entrance. "You ready?" he asked, rubbing his back lovingly.

"Yes, God damn it, just do it." he spat back. Vin pushed forward, letting the tip of his erection sink into Christian, stopping when it disappeared inside him, again giving him time to adjust. Christian whimpered at the intruding thickness and Vin passed another comforting stroke across his back before he pushed more of himself inside the taut body beneath him, loving the way Christian's ass clenched and relaxed around him. He paused again; reaching underneath them to give Christian's hard on a soft tug before he pushed the rest of his cock into him. Christian groaned, eyes tightly shut, teeth biting down on his lower lip until he tasted blood. Vin moaned, his lips pressed against Christian's back, reveling in the way his body griped him so tightly.

"God, you're tight." He whispered, dropping another kiss on Christian's back.

"No shit, Captain Obviouso." He shot back with a chuckle. Vin laughed against his shoulder and stroked him slowly, not wanting this to end too quickly. "You gonna move or what?" He asked after a long pause.

"Yeah" Vin replied, straightening his posture before he pulled out until just his tip remain embedded inside Christian.

"Oh fuck..." Christian groaned feeling his muscles retreat before Vin pushed in and they stretched again to accommodate his thick member. Vin made sure to thrust slowly, not wanting to hurt him as much as possible, while still rubbing Christian's back tenderly. His eyes closed and his hips sped up a bit, still being careful not to hurt him. Soon Christian was thrusting back into him and he took it as encouragement to speed up and add some gusto to the movements. "Oh yeah..." he heard Christian mutter before he added "Harder, V, I said fuck me." Vin grunted and leaned down again to jerk Christian's hard cock as he pounded into his body relentlessly, his angle causing his meat to hit Christian's 'sweet spot' with each thrust. "OH FUCK YEAH, RIGHT FUCKIN' THERE, DON'T STOP!" Christian yelped, panting heavily as Vin ravaged his ass and tugged his hard on in time to his movements.

"UGGGHH" Vin groaned into Christian's ear as he felt his balls tightening. "I'm gonna cum" he whispered to him as he panted and thrust wildly, wanting to bring Christian to the edge with him.

"Ooohhhh... Fuck, me too..." Christian moaned in return, turning his head, wanting to feel Vin's hot mouth on his as he worked both their bodies towards a climax. Vin obliged his silent request and crushed Christian's mouth with his own before his last thrust ended in his seed shooting into him. With a long grunt against Vin's lips and a few more strokes, Christian's cock expanded a fraction of an inch before his cum shot in squirts all over Vin's hand and the bed sheets beneath them.

Vin slowed his thrusts as they both climbed down from their orgasms and their kiss broke softly. He slowly pulled out of Christian's body, and laid himself down on the bed next to him. Both of their chests heaving, bodies glistened with sweat. Vin looked down at his hand before bringing it up to his mouth and licking the sweet cum off of his fingers; Christian watching him from his collapsed position next to him. After his hand was clean of the cum, he turned his head to look at Christian who was still lying on his stomach, looking at him intently. Letting a slow smile spread across his face, he leaned in towards Christian and kissed him softly, letting him taste himself on his tongue. Pulling back he brushed a lock of hair back from Christian's sweaty forehead.

"So Ritchie likes to get fucked up the ass by Chris?" he asked jokingly referring to their characters from the movie they were shooting. Christian laughed softly and nodded before adding.

"And Chris likes to suck Ritchie's cock." Vin roared a laugh, sending a shiver down Christian's spine. "I think the Yankee game is on." He said after a few moments. Vin smiled and looked at the clock on the bedside table.

"Yeah, they should be starting the second inning." He answered, reaching for the remote. "You need some help?" he asked as he looked back at Christian who was struggling to push himself up to a comfortable position to be able to see the TV screen.

"Fuck you." He spat with a smile. Vin let out another low rumble of a laughter as the two friends laid back and watched the ball game.

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