tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGiving In Ch. 01

Giving In Ch. 01


Chapter 1 -- A Sub Is Born

Ted Baldwin, a 20-year-old college student, just recently arrived home for the summer. He'd been your typical jock in high school, cocky and popular. He'd even been offered a couple of basketball scholarships before he broke his leg during his senior season. The leg didn't heal quite right, but you'd never know it by looking at him. He still spent a fair amount of his free time in the gym, either working out or shooting hoops.

Home for Ted was a middle-class suburb in the mid-west, which he shared with his widowed mother, Martha. For the next month, he also shared it with Denise Watkins, his mother's best friend. Mrs. Watkins, at 38 years of age, was quite attractive, with long, wavy brunette locks, a little bit of baby fat spread here and there about her body, and a nice, squeezable ass. But her nicest feature was her 36-C tits, not quite as firm as they once were, but still worth a second look. Or a third.

Denise was staying with the Baldwin's while she looked for a new place of her own. She'd tried to hang on to the home she'd shared with her husband until his untimely death 18 months ago, but it ultimately proved to be too much for one person to keep up

There was nothing awkward about the three of them living together for the month, at least not until Martha was called out of town suddenly for a weeklong business trip.

* * *

It was Wednesday afternoon. Denise Watkins had rewarded herself for having just landed a large new account for her firm by taking off a couple of hours early. She pulled into the Baldwin's driveway at about 3:30 and parked next to Ted's car. Entering the house through the front door, she set her purse down on the foyer table, kicked off her shoes and called out to Ted. There was no answer.

She made her way to the kitchen and called for him again, and again there was no response. She stood quietly for a moment and listened. She could hear music coming from the direction of Ted's bedroom. Not the music you'd expect someone of his age to be listening to, but more of a moody, new age type music that had a strangely hypnotic flow to it.

She headed down the hallway towards Ted's bedroom to tell him she was home. When she got there she found his door standing slightly ajar. "Ted," she called one more time, pushing the door open slowly. When there was still no answer, she got concerned and entered the room.

The lights in Ted's room were turned off and the window shade was drawn, leaving the room in an eerie glow, not quite light, but not quite dark. The hypnotic rhythms of the music quietly filled the room. And on the bed lay Ted, spread out on his back, naked, slowly stroking his massive erection in rhythm to the music.

Denise gasped quietly as she took a step backwards, bumping into the wall. She looked at the sight before her. Ted's eyes were closed as he continued to stroke himself, apparently oblivious to her presence.

She stood like a statue, rooted to the floor, knowing she should leave, yet unable to take her eyes off the sight before her, unable to look away from the beautiful young cock, or the naked young man it was attached to.

She watched as Ted began stroking himself with more urgency, arching his hips in harmony with his pounding fist. She could feel her own excitement building as she watched the sight before her.

She screamed at herself 'leave, leave now, before he sees you.' But she just stood there, riveted to the floor, unable to move as she struggled in vain to calm her own urges.

And then it was too late. With a sudden surge of hips against fist, Ted began to cum, spewing his semen all over his stomach. And as he came he opened his eyes and saw her standing there, staring at him. And with his eyes locked onto hers, he continued to cum.

Finally, Denise tore herself away and dashed from the room, slamming the bedroom door behind her. She found herself in the kitchen, unsure of what to do next; not knowing whether she should leave the house, go to her room, or go and apologize to Ted. As a result, she just stood there, confused, yet unable to deny the excitement that was coursing through her veins, and unable to get the picture of that young, rigid cock out of her mind.

The creaking noise of a door opening jerked her back to reality. Even so, she found her feet still riveted to the floor as she listened to the footsteps moving slowly down the hall. By the time Ted rounded the corner and entered the kitchen, wearing only his sweat pants, she was shaking like a leaf on a tree.

"Oh Ted, I'm so sorry I walked in on you. I called out, but you didn't answer. I was worried," she gushed. "I'm so sorry." But while she spoke, Ted locked his eyes on hers and moved slowly towards her.

"Ted, please don't be mad," she said, backing away from him slowly as he continued his approach. She caught herself staring at his arms, at his young, muscular chest, and at his firm, six pack abs as she continued to retreat from his slow, steady approach.

He was maybe 10 feet away when she backed into the wall by the kitchen counter. When she looked at him again, what she saw made her gasp. What she saw was no longer her best friend's son, but a young man, a very handsome and well-built young man. And a young man who was looking at her in the same way a wild animal would look upon its prey.

"Ted," she gasped. "What are you doing?" But he ignored her as he closed the gap between them to 5 feet.

"Ted, please stop," she pleaded. But still he came on, not stopping until he was inches away from her.

"Please don't," Denise whispered. But there was no conviction in her voice, and they both knew it.

Ted placed the palms of his hands on the wall on either side of her head, and looked down at her. As Denise returned his gaze, he began lowering his mouth towards hers. As his lips inched closer to hers, she stood there, paralyzed, like a deer caught in an automobile's headlights.

And when his lips finally reached hers, she offered neither resistance nor encouragement. Instead, she stood there in wide-eyed shock, still not quite comprehending how she'd let events reach this stage.

Instinctively, like they had a mind of their own, her lips parted just enough to allow his tongue to enter. She felt his tongue searching for hers, and she felt her eyes beginning to close as her own tongue began to seek out his.

When he withdrew his lips she eased her eyes open. Her look was one of utter confusion, part of her knowing this was wrong and that she should leave before it was too late, and part of her desperately wanting to taste the forbidden fruit of his youth.

It became clear which side had prevailed when she closed her eyes, parted her lips, and waited.

She didn't have to wait long to feel the touch of his lips, to feel his tongue pressing its way into her mouth and beginning its passionate dance of lust with hers. She felt his hands grab her shoulders, massaging them from the base of her neck to the top of her arms.

But his hands didn't linger long on her shoulders, moving instead down her chest to her breasts and grabbing them firmly through her blouse and bra. She heard herself moaning into his lips as he squeezed her breasts, as he mashed them into her chest, all the while keeping her pinned to the wall.

He kept up his assault on her bosom for some time, firmly, even roughly manhandling her. And then, abruptly, he withdrew his hands from her breasts and, without releasing her lips from his, slid his fingers inside her blouse, grabbed hold of the material, and ripped it open.

The move was so sudden, so unexpected, that it startled Denise, causing her to open her eyes, gasp and jerk her lips away from his. But when she looked at him, she understood. It was quite simple, really. He was in control, and she was going to do whatever he demanded. Just the thought of surrendering herself completely to this young man was almost enough to make her cum.

He paused only long enough to let the reality of the situation sink in before moving his lips back towards hers. This time, however, she didn't just wait for him. This time she thrust herself at him, completely giving in to the power of her lust.

As they kissed, she felt his hand working on her blouse, slowing peeling away the tattered remnants of the once beautiful garment until it lay strewn across the floor.

After a moment he broke off the kiss and looked into her eyes. As she returned his gaze she felt his hands sliding between her back and the wall, easing towards the clasp of her bra as she stood there, neither helping nor hindering, allowing him do whatever he wanted, at whatever pace he chose.

Momentarily, the clasp was undone and the bra straps lay dangling at her sides, their cups no longer offering support to her mounds. As the two continued to look into each other's eyes, his hands found their way to the shoulder straps, eased them off her shoulders and cast the no longer wanted bra aside.

As she continued looking into his eyes, Denise felt neither regret nor remorse. In their place she felt only lust. Pure animal lust. And as she stood before this man nearly 20 years her junior -- both of them naked from the waist up -- she could think of only one thing. Sex. The harder, the better.

She stood there as his hands moved to the button that held her slacks up. With one quick move, the button was released and the zipper lowered. Wasting little time, he moved his hands to the sides of the slacks and began easing both the slacks and the panties they concealed over her hips and down her legs.

She felt the garments fall until they bunched up around her knees. The look in his eyes told her to finish what he had started. She moved to comply, but with her back to the wall and him only inches in front of her, she found it difficult to shimmy the pants down the rest of the way without rubbing her breasts against his chest, and her pelvis against his concealed erection.

When her nakedness was complete, she saw the first hint of a smile on his face as his hands returned once again to her breasts, tugging on the erect nipples, flicking them roughly with his fingers, then squeezing the heaving mounds. While his right hand lingered on its newfound prize, his left hand slid slowly down her stomach to her flowing pussy, pausing only briefly to dally in her belly button.

He inserted his fingers easily into her wetness, exploring her womanhood while he kept her back pressed firmly against the wall. He watched her squirm as he toyed with her, hearing her moans of pleasure growing in intensity as she thrust herself wantonly against his hands. But before he allowed her orgasm to strike,he withdrew his fingers from her pussy and his hand from her tit.

Reaching behind her head, he grabbed hold of her wavy brunette locks, and pulled her body roughly against his own. He smiled at her as he held her firmly against his chest. But it was not like the smile one lover gives to another. It was more like the smile a superior gives to a subordinate -- or a master gives to a slave. And as she looked upon that smile, Denise felt her knees buckle slightly and her body shiver as a small orgasm washed over her.

She felt herself being thrust across the room to the center island -- a waist high counter, roughly 3' x 5' in size, that occupied the center of the kitchen floor.

"Bend over and put your elbows on the counter," Ted demanded. Mrs. Watkins complied instantly.

Ted surveyed his conquest slowly as she held her position a foot from the counter and bent at the waist with her elbows resting atop the island counter Her her breasts were hanging freely beneath her and her ass was on full display. He allowed his fingers to trail lightly over her back, her buttocks, and her thighs as he examined her. He dipped two fingers into her still dripping pussy, rotated them inside her, and withdrew them. He then moved closer to the counter and held his fingers before her face.

Denise looked briefly at the fingers in front of her, and then at Ted. Returning her gaze to his fingers, she leaned forward, took them into her mouth, and sucked them until she'd cleaned all of her juices from them. And then she looked back towards Ted, seeking his approval, only to be met by that same, controlling smile.

She watched Ted as he moved to the far end of the island and rummaged through one of the drawers. Ever since college, Denise's sexual activity had been limited to what would be considered "normal" sex. In college, there had been the occasional wild nights where things had gotten a little out of hand, but nothing since then. And never had she been in a dominant/submissive relationship. Yet when Denise saw Ted pull a long, wooden spatula from the drawer, she knew instinctively what was to come. And with that knowledge came fear. Fear of the pain he could inflict. Fear that he wouldn't stop.

But strangely enough, with that knowledge also came a level of excitement that she'd never experienced before. The excitement of surrendering herself completely to another. The excitement of allowing this young man to dominate her in ways that she was only now beginning to comprehend.

Slowly, he made his way back behind her. She made no move to escape.

Taking his position behind her, Ted ran the spatula gently over the naked body before him, starting near the shoulders, trailing down the back, over the buttocks, and down the thighs. He then ran the utensil up her stomach, slapping it lightly against her hanging breasts.

"You shouldn't have watched me masturbate," he said suddenly, breaking the silence.

"I'm sorry, Ted," Mrs. Watkins blurted out, instinctively raising her body and turning towards Ted. "I couldn't help . . ."

WHACK! Denise gasped at the fierceness of the unexpected blow to her buttocks. "Elbows back on the counter," Ted demanded harshly! Denise quickly returned to the appropriate position, biting her lower lip lightly to fight the stinging sensation emanating from her butt.

"From now on, you will only speak when you are spoken to," he explained. Do you understand?"

Denise nodded her head, still biting on her lower lip.

WHACK! Another blow landed on her cheeks. "I expect you to address me with "yes sirs" and "no sirs," Ted demanded. "Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," Denise responded, struggling to hold back the tears. "I'm sorry, sir."

"That's better," Ted responded with a gentleness that hadn't been present before. "But still, you were wrong to watch me masturbate, weren't you?" he prodded gently.

"Yes sir," she answered. "I was wrong."

"And for that, you need to be punished."

Denise held her position, knowing a response from her was not wanted. The pain from the two blows was starting to subside, leaving just a small stinging sensation to remind her of them.

WHACK! WHACK! Denise cringed as the blows rained down upon her exposed ass, biting her lower lip and clenching her eyes closed.

WHACK! WHACK! This time the blows fell on the backs of her thighs, causing her to drop her head to the countertop. It took every ounce of self-control she could muster to stand there and take the punishment without screaming out.

But somewhere deep inside of her, she could feel an excitement building, feeding itself on the degradation she was going through.

WHACK! WHACK! The blows fell on her buttocks again, but this time, the pain was less intense, overpowered somehow by the excitement she was feeling.

WHACK! WHACK! The back of the thighs again. This time, however, it was all she could do to keep for screaming for more, as the excitement that grew from her humiliation completely consumed her.

And then the blows ceased. Denise held her position, gasping for breath between whimpers as she struggled to deal with the wide range of feelings she was dealing with, both physically and emotionally.

"Look at me!" Ted demanded suddenly.

Denise moved quickly to obey, lifting her head and turning towards his voice. And what she saw was Ted, in all of his glory, as naked as the day he was born. Her eyes were drawn immediately to his manhood, standing erect and proud, 8 inches of beautiful, young cock. Just the sight of it caused tremors of excitement to strike her pussy.

"You want it, don't you?" he asked.

She hesitated momentarily before answering. "Yes sir," she replied meekly.

"Oh no. You'll have to ask much nicer than that if you want me to fuck you," Ted responded. "In fact, you're going to have to beg me." He moved closer to her buttocks and began to gently caress what had just recently been the target of his attacks.

Mrs. Watkins moaned softly at the gentle caresses, forgetting, for the moment, the pain that had only recently overwhelmed her.

"Well?" Ted said, breaking her revelry.

"Please sir, "she stammered. "Please sir, I want you."

She gasped audibly as she felt his hand move from her cheeks to her pussy, and as she felt his fingers sliding into the folds of her womanhood. "Oh yes," she sighed, wiggling her ass towards his hand as the pleasure mounted. And as he continued to dig his fingers into her pussy, she could feel the excitement beginning to build deep within her.

"I can't stand it anymore," she burst out suddenly, a desperate edge in her voice. "Please fuck me. Stick your cock in my pussy and fuck me."

She felt his free hand grab hold of her tit and squeeze, as his other hand dove deeper yet into her pussy. She heard moans of pleasure, unaware that they were coming from her. "Please," she begged again.

"Are you ready to give yourself to me?" he asked, not letting up on his assault. "100%. Body and soul?"

"Yes," she gasped. "Yes, yes, yes! Anything! Just fuck me!"

With that, Ted removed his hands from her tits and cunt, slid behind her, and with one giant thrust, rammed his engorged cock deep inside of her.

Denise screamed as his cock entered her, erupting in orgasm almost immediately. She collapsed forward onto the island until her tits and tummy mashed against the island top, her thighs pressing against the sides of the island.

And as she lay there, defenseless, Ted pounded his meat into her, hard and deep. She felt more orgasms crash over her body, one after another until, mercifully, she felt him explode within her.

As the last of his cum flooded into her, she felt Ted collapse on top of her. They lay there for some time, a small mass of sweaty, exhausted humanity gasping for air.

Finally regaining some of her senses, Denise awakened to the feel of hands softly caressing her ass. "Mmmm," she moaned softly, still lying atop the island.

WHACK! WHACK! She jumped instantly to her feet as the unexpected pain engulfed her ass. Turning, she saw Ted in front of her, dressed once again in his sweatpants, a big grin on his face.

"I just thought I'd remind you who's in charge around here," he explained, unable to remove the grin from his face.

"Yes sir," Mrs. Watkins responded as a smile found its way to her lips. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

* * * * * * *

Thanks for reading. As always, I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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